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Sigyn !
 Posted: 1 Mar 2017, 05:30 PM

Breaking News !
We interrupt this radio dramatisation of The Tales of Beedle the Bard to bring you this exciting news bulletin.

A spokesperson from the foreign affairs department of the Ministry of Magic has just announced that thanks to the success of the famous integration system between the three European schools, further steps are being taken to seemingly combine the three major Ministries of wizarding Europe.

"These plans have been in the works for quite some time now," the unnamed official stated just moments ago in the atrium of the U.K. Ministry of Magic. "Wizarding society is becoming more and more global as travel and communication continues to grow easier, and there is a lot to be gained by embracing this shift. The integration of the three schools has been nothing but a roaring success, and off the back of this we want to push the Ministry of Magic that way itself. With the unrest across the continent at the moment following Britain's withdrawal from the muggle EU, it seems about time we take the next step in cementing our own future as one combined nation of wizards spread across a multitude of independent countries."

The spokesperson went on to discuss the steps in which this will be achieved. Few details have been released so far, but it appears the first step will be to elect a European Minister of Magic to chair this new European Ministry. Since this position is brand new and will require a new set of skills, this role is open to all candidates over the age of 16, regardless of their background or experience. Potential candidates are requested to send their application to their local Ministry of Magic branch, and further details about campaigns and voting systems will be released in the near future. There is no news yet on what duties will be retained at local Ministries and which will transfer to the new European Ministry, but we will bring you updates as soon as we hear them.

We now return you to The Tales of Beedle the Bard.
Sigyn !
 Posted: 2 Mar 2017, 04:37 PM

The European Ministry
Did you hear the news?

A brand new European Ministry of Magic is being formed. And they're looking for a new Minister to lead it.

Sounds like there's going to be a lot of political happenings afoot then! If an entire European Ministry of Magic is being build from scratch, you can imagine that might cause a bit of unrest in the meantime. It'll be a long process of course, with many multiple steps along the way, but they've decided to start by getting a leader in place. Makes sense, right? Then said Minister can decide where to go from there.

That's where you guys come in of course - this is the most prestigious position to open up in the wizarding world, and the Ministry have even issued a statement saying no specific background is needed for the role. A brave choice; the idea was that a new Ministry required a new start, a clean state, and so political experience may not actually be a benefit. That might come back to bite them when they see the sort of people lining up, but for now, it means anyone over 16 can technically apply for the role. The only other requirement is the candidate needs to have lived in Europe for at least three years to be able to run. They don't need to have European citizenship, they just need proof of address for that time, that's all.

So do you have a character on site already that might fancy it? Put them forwards! But... well, we sprung this on you pretty fast, didn't we? Maybe you have a character in mind but it would take weeks to craft them out perfectly and we've just not given you long enough. Or maybe you have the perfect idea for a terrible and hilarious candidate, who you'd love to play around with in this plot, but you have no idea how to keep them around on site outside of all this politics. Well, we have a great idea for that too!

For this plot, we are allowing what I like to call pop-up characters. You will be able to fill out a short application template to create a character designed entirely for the purposes of this plot. You will not need to fill out claims for these characters - although do try not to overlap canons and face claims that have been used already because we won't be overly strict with this. If the character gets elected as the EU Minister you must convert their app into a full character, but all other candidates have the option to be converted to full characters or discarded at the end of the event in a few months time. Another important note, you can make as many candidate characters as you like, either pop-up or current.

Temporary characters can be made as candidates for the new EU Minister of Magic position.

The application code is below. Make a new account just as you would with any other character, but post their application in this thread when you're done. When an admin has checked it over, your account will be changed to the 'Candidate' member group. If you have a current character who wants to stand for the position, fill in the same app and post it below so we can change their member group too. And that's it!

For the duration of this plot, all new Candidate characters can only post in the event boards (although Candidates who were pre-existing characters can still post anywhere). However, they can post anything they like in there, i.e. threads set in any location in the past, present or future: it's just a case of keeping them all together. There are technically no activity requirements on Candidate characters. They would be encouraged to at least post in the main event thread in order to improve their chances of being voted for, but they are immune from activity checks and so on. They can be dropped at any point (for example, if you are no longer interested in them once they've been voted out). However, they can only be made in the month of March. Once March is over, no more Candidate characters will be accepted because the plot will need to move on with them.

And for now, that's all you need to do! Make your characters, as many as you like, and post them below. We want some good candidates, but we also want some awful ones! Think of the worst possible canon to become a politician and make them! Give us some weird ones too, as well as some fun ones and obviously, a few good ones, just go wild and make the most of these short-lived characters!

And keep your eyes peeled for new developments!

first last

canon // fandom

name. first middle last
age. in letters
pronouns. here
sexuality. here
face claim. here
blood status. here
school. here
current job. here
This is the main bulk of your mini-app, so it needs to contain a good amount of both personality and history. This doesn't have to be as long as an ordinary app of course, just try and give us a general overview. NOTE: THE 100X100 IMAGE ABOVE IS OF YOUR CANON, THE 370X280 IMAGE BELOW IS OF YOUR FACECLAIM
If your character has any background in politics already, write that in here (but remember that's not actually necessary for the role). Then write a little bit about their stance within politics. Think about the things they stand for, the things they oppose, the sort of policies they might want to implement and so on.
As with a normal app, this section is to see the connections between this character and their canon. It's also worth putting something here about why you think this canon would apply for this role.


age in ##. timezone. contact.

[dohtml]<link href=',700|Raleway:600,700,800,900' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'><style type="text/css">

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<td><div class="ffs2a"><a href=""><img src=""></a><div class="ffs2b">
<b>name.</b> first middle last<br>
<b>age.</b> in letters<br>
<b>pronouns.</b> here<br>
<b>sexuality.</b> here<br>
<b>face claim.</b> here<br>
<b>blood status.</b> here<br>
<b>school.</b> here<br>
<b>current job.</b> here<br>
<td><div class="ffs2c"><div class="ffsapptitle">person.</div>
This is the main bulk of your mini-app, so it needs to contain a good amount of both personality and history. This doesn't have to be as long as an ordinary app of course, just try and give us a general overview.


<div class="ffsapptitle">politics.</div>
If your character has any background in politics already, write that in here (but remember that's not actually necessary for the role). Then write a little bit about their stance within politics. Think about the things they stand for, the things they oppose, the sort of policies they might want to implement and so on.

<div class="ffsapptitle">connections.</div>
As with a normal app, this section is to see the connections between this character and their canon. It's also worth putting something here about why you think this canon would apply for this role.

<div class="ffs2d"><h1>alias</h1><h2>age in ##. timezone. contact</h2></div></td>

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alice liddell
 Posted: 2 Mar 2017, 05:27 PM

Alice Liddell

Alice // Alice in Wonderland

name.Alice Philomena Liddell
age. Twenty five
pronouns. She/Her
sexuality.Heterosexual, questioning
face claim.Mackenzie Davis
blood status.Pureblood
school.Private tutor
current job.Beauxbatons Charms Teacher
Anyone who speaks to Alice for more than a few minutes knows her as three things: honest, naive, and incredibly fascinated with the world around her. Her students know her as a highly caring person, going so far as to learn new languages to further her students' understandings of the world around her; her mentor, Rick Stevens, however has said on multiple occasions that Alice is 'something of an idiot, but a savant with technology.' (All of her experience with said (muggle) technology comes through him, as several mutual friends such as William Cipher have pointed out.)

Alice has worked at Beauxbatons for the past year and a half, after a childhood spent largely in seclusion. She was taught via a private tutor, a Mr. Charles Hase, who is the culprit in charge of the slanderous campaign against Liddell Clockworks a few years prior. She had an older sister growing up who passed away, and it is largely assumed she and her sister share an illness that causes seizures and hallucinations.

Alice is running thanks to Rick Stevens telling her she wouldn't do well in politics while they were discussing the election over tea. Alice is certainly tired of not being taken seriously, and has a lot of ideas that she thinks could benefit the wizarding world!


  • Education - supports the tri-school integration; Alice would like to instate a requirement that all children between the ages of 6 and 17 MUST attend a school that teaches magic, life skills, etc. She would like to introduce the muggle concept she learned from Rick of 'elementary school', a day school for children under 11 to attend, and would also like there to be more post-secondary education options, citing how several of her students seem at a loss for where to go.
  • Science - specifically supports psychology and medicine; would like to instate voluntary (though with reason, could become mandatory for certain individuals) psych evaluations for ministry officials and teachers who may need support. She would also like there to be more healers and other options in the wizarding world, and has proposed offering incentives to achieve this.
  • Muggle relations - supports abolishing or weakening the Statute of Secrecy; Alice believes that there is a lot wizards can learn from muggles, and knows that the Statute seems to put many innocent people in danger who otherwise may not be in any. She also believes that there should be more options for wizards and squibs who would like to enter into muggle professions.
As far as canon goes, Alice is, like most children, rather bossy and determined - she knows what she wants (most of the time) and isn't afraid to take charge in order to do such. She is also surprisingly competent, and corrects others' behavior often by mimicking those above her like her sister and parents. She'd make a good minister, if a bit nervous if she didn't have proper advisors - in this, she takes a lot of ideas from Rick, for example.


21. PST. Pendulumwriter

user posted image
homer simpson
 Posted: 2 Mar 2017, 07:57 PM

Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson // The Simpsons

name. Homer Jay Simpson
age. forty-eight
pronouns. he/him
sexuality. heterosexual
face claim. Alec Baldwin
blood status. mixed blood
school. ilvermorny/thunderbird
current job. Safety Inspector, Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes, MACUSA/U.K. MoM
The most important thing to remember about Homer is that his motives are usually good deep down. His ideas are not, his execution is not, but the motivation behind his actions is nearly always pure at heart. He has a habit of getting swept up in crazy schemes or ill-thought out plans, sparked by an odd turn of events or a half-formed thought or even just a sentence in a conversation. And once he has an idea, he will follow it through to the end with as much enthusiasm as he can muster. Unless it's difficult. Then he'll give up.

The second most important thing to remember about Homer, is that thanks to a crayon lodged in his brain (which is actually there voluntarily these days), he is not the brightest bulb in the box. You may have to explain things to him several times, and even then it still might go in one ear, straight past the cartoon playing in his brain, and out the other with very little resistance. Don't get me wrong, he has a lot of experience under his belt, and his knowledge in certain obscure areas might surprise you. but in general he doesn't like learning new things because something else always gets pushed out in the process.

The third most important thing to remember about Homer, is that he loves his family above all else. He really really likes food and beer, like, really likes, but Margey and the kids do always come first. Although, don't ask him to choose between him or he might just scream. It's a very difficult decision to process. But he would do anything for his family when it comes down to it, and he's come too close to losing them too many times now to let it happen again.

Other important things to remember about Homer, include that he has a rather short temper, particularly when it comes to the behaviour of his son, although this has calmed significantly in recent years. Actually, hes prone to emotional outbursts in general, and doesn't have much of an issue with acting out in public either. His first thoughts are generally selfish, but he can extent to thinking about others with a little bit of pushing. This extends to often stealing things from his very kind neighbour Ned Flanders, but since moving across the globe away from him (and taking a lot of items labelled 'Property of Flanders' with him) that's had to wind down. Oh, speaking of which...

Born and raised on the Simpsons farm until they were forced to move to Springfield because the cows started producing sour milk (due to being scared by baby Homer jumping out at them repeatedly from behind a bale of hay), Homer's early years were not too extraordinary - well, apart from the fact his father, Abe, sometimes fed him beer instead of milk, but it's not like that did any damage or anything so it's fiiiiiine. When he was around nine years old though, his mother, Mona, left home, for reasons he wouldn't understand for years into the future. A few years later, he found himself going off to Ilvermorny (despite his father writing back to the school to tell them his son was definitely a squib), and after a dramatic invitation of flapping wings from the thunderbird statue (and a small whispering from the pugwidgie statue), found himself settled into his house and subsequently into his school life.

It was at Ilvermorny that he met Marge Bouvier, a woman he fell madly in love with almost immediately, and has yet to get over to this day. They had a very rocky start, including an odd spell where Homer actually discovered grunge music with his band 'Sadgasm', and Marge developed a crush on one of her professors, but they eventually got their happy ending. Sort of, it wasn't the best of weddings ever and the reception was actually spent alone at a truck stop, but he's made it up to her since then.

Their life progressed like any other normal family, and in fact Marge was soon pregnant with their first son, Bart, which is what sparked them to get married in the first place. Homer did not take the news well, and actually ripped a lot of his hair out after hearing the news - luckily magic can do wonderful things so that was fixed up pretty quickly. Two years later, their first daughter, Lisa, was born, and the little foursome lived happily enough. Homer got a job working for MACUSA, as a safety inspector in the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes - although he mainly just sort of sleeps and eats donuts to be quite honest. Still, it's not too bad of a life.

There were a hundred and one little adventures in the inbetweening time, but a few years ago, Homer set off on possibly his biggest one. His boss told him he was being relocated to the U.K. Ministry because he was doing such an amazing job, so obviously Homer had to do what he was told. In actuality, there was a very serious inspection going on and his boss just wanted him as far away as possible. However, the position he stepped into turned out to be a fixed contract, and it's now four years since he moved over here. Not the plan. Not at all. He misses America. A lot. But he'll go back once all this weird job stuff is over. Assuming he doesn't actually win the candidacy of course.

So Mr Simpson, this is your opportunity to tell us a little more about your political interests.

My what now?

Oh like, your policies if you were to be elected.


Your... interests? The things you stand for? ... Why you're running for this role?

Ooooooooh. Well you see, I went to buy a hot dog from this stand outside the Ministry building in London, and they didn't have any of those little crispy onions that go on top. Crazy right? So I figured I had to do something about that.

... You're standing for European Minister of Magic... because there were no onions for your hot dog?

Yeah. Well I have other ideas now of course, but we all have to start somewhere.

Oh great, can you tell us about some of those then?

... No.

... Ok... why not?

... It's a surprise?

...Ok I think that's about all we have time for today. Do you have any questions I can help you with before I go?

Yes just one: what's a Europe?

All the obvious things like personality, name, and the majority of history should be canon. The fact his 'temper has calmed' over recent years is a reference to the fact his personality changed from the original early seasons of The Simpsons. I have no real reason for picking Alec Baldwin to be honest apart from he felt like a good fit and his GIFs are pretty perfect. His job in the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes is in reference to his job in the show as Safety Inspector (and yes he got the job by dressing up as the Safety Salamander, but fire and all this time).

He was a Thunderbird graduate, based on the fact that he goes on an awful lot of adventurers, but got a reaction from Pugwidgie because he really does have a big heart deep down (aaand doesn't exactly take enough care of his mind OR body to be either of the others). He's slightly older in this version, partly to put his kids closer to playable school age. The 'getting him to Europe' excuse is admittedly made up but is very similar to shorter term canon things that have happened to him to get him out of the way of safety inspections.

As for why he'd stand for this position, it basically sounds like a plot of a Simpsons episode to be honest. He's done very similar things in the past (getting himself voted in to take over the trash problem in Springfield jumps to mind) with very little forethought. And since there were very little requirements on this particular role, he could easily submit his application without remotely thinking this through. Let's be honest, he's done worse.

Sigyn !

22. GMT. PM/Skype

user posted image
klarion bleak
 Posted: 2 Mar 2017, 09:43 PM

klarion bleak

klarion the witch boy//young justice

name. klarion constantine bleak
age. seventeen
pronouns. he/him/his
sexuality. bisexual
face claim. victor bellido
blood status. pureblood
school. hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry
current job. sixth year student, slytherin prefect
Confused and angry. The two best words to describe one Klarion Bleak. Less angry recently, but also more tired and less homeless, so that might have something to do with it. A native son of Limbo Town, Klarion jumped continents a few years back after discovering the upper world, which he refers to as Blue Rafters. During this time, Klarion was involved in a terrorist attack that made him attack a school with an army of the dead, and has also become a prefect. These events are not related. He is, in general, a rather stoic boy with a knowledge of esoteric magic that is frankly a little scary, though he is doing his best not to use that which he has been informed is 'illegal' or 'morally wrong'. He doesn't always get why these things are illegal and wrong, but when in Rome. All in all, the most likely thing he would be described as is 'odd'. It would be an accurate description. NOTE: THE 100X100 IMAGE ABOVE IS OF YOUR CANON, THE 370X280 IMAGE BELOW IS OF YOUR FACECLAIM
While Klar has never held an actual position before, he has come close in the past: the position of Submissionary in Limbo Town (a job for life that was all at once both the leader of the town, the religious leader, town protector, and ritual leader for complex magics that effected the town as a whole) had been practically handed to him on a silver platter. However, he had refused the position in favor of continuing his exploration of Blue Rafters. Now power is being dangled before him once more, and Klarion would have to be a man of superhuman self control to refuse a second time. He has no such self control. Really, he didn't intend to run. His ballot was forged by unknown parties and he decided to go with it. Given the fact that his canadicy was unexpected, he has had little time to formulate a platform. Current issues, however, include: Education: Given that he is still a student himself, Klarion has every intention of raising some issues that have been ongoing at the schools, the most pressing of which being the questionable hiring process that has allowed a few rather unseemly characters to have positions as professors at the schools. Looking at you, Rick. A longer schooling period, starting with an earlier starting age, is also an area of interest, as well as clearing the name of one Melanie Raskoph, Headmistress of Hogwarts who has been long speculated to be connected to her predessecors dissapearance. Magic Study: Recent years have seen a boom in new magics with the rise of technomagics. Knowledgable in magics considered unknown or taboo in the modern wizarding world, Klarion would like to ensure spell inventors and magical researchers are not only free to ply their studies but are in fact given incentive to do so. Magical Youth: Upon arriving in Blue Rafters with no money, support system, and a sudden order that he was unallowed to do magic, Klarion spent his summers away from school homeless, with no way to even really feed himself. Research into the area showed him a distinct lack of recources for wizarding youth with no where to go, or anywhere to go should they find themselves in a less than ideal home situation. While the boarding style schools assist part of the year, it does little good during the summers or for the many children not yet old enough to attend. In addition to extending schooling to reach younger wizards, Klarion wants to implement a group home system for wizarding children who until this point have had few options.
His 'person' section is of course from his app and such, and includes points that come from site events, as I have played him non-stop in this context for two years now. He's a very serious boy with a very serious knowledge of things a young boy really shouldn't know. He really was offered the position of Submissionary in the comics, which he refused on the grounds that "there are many things I should like to do before I die, Mother" shortly after his botched execution and an attack on the town. He would not actually apply, never being the type in any canon to actively seek out power, especially if it would interfere with his exploration. However, if he found himself in a position where part of the work (ie actually applying to do so) was completed for him, he would have a difficult time refusing such an adventure. His connections to the school are obvious as he goes there, and of course his devotion to the Hogwarts Headmistress is well-known. His interest in magic study comes from various versions of him, as he is often shown in shows or comics seeking some for of magical artifact or tome that is involved in often less-than-light magicks. His interest in wizarding youth homelessness is due to site issues he has, as he has been homeless for most of his summers, and every time he seems to have a place to stay, something always seems to happen and he's in the streets again (or, more specifically, the Shrieking Shack).


twenty-one. central. nightfallkitten13

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user posted image
mavis vermillion
 Posted: 2 Mar 2017, 11:23 PM


mavis vermillion

mavis vermillion // fairy tail

name. mavis phoenix vermillion
age. thirty-eight
pronouns. she/her
sexuality. pansexual
face claim. billie piper
blood status. unknown
school. hogwarts/slytherin ('tutored' until the age of 14)
current job. head of magical law enforcement
At first sight Mavis acts very much like a small child. With a fascination of fairies, she is described by those who have seen her as lively, positive, enthusiastic and easily distracted. However among her coworkers she is seen pretty differently. Although her child-like demure is widely known in the department there was a reason Mavis had been placed in Slytherin during her years at Hogwarts. She has a tactical mind and isn't known as someone who loses in a game of wits as she's always thinking one step ahead of her opponent. Her focus may not be on gaining more power, but she'll be as sly and conniving as necessary to keep her coworkers safe. In her mind the most important thing is creating an atmosphere in the workplace of comradeship and trust.

When she was born Mavis was without a name and abandoned by her parents. The leader of a gang called the Red Lizard found her and took her home as she was the same age as his own daughter. Although she was raised by those who lived at the Red Lizard's house of operations, she was treated lower and more as a servant. Her job was to keep the place clean and tidy, doing whatever she was told by the older members. The daughter of the leader - Zera - was treated as a small princess. At one stage the shoes that Mavis wore were taken away and given to Zera as a gift (who then proceeded to refuse as they once belonged to Mavis). From that moment on she never wore shoes again

One day the Red Lizard was raided by the Ministry for illegal actions and many of the members were arrested. Out of fear, both Mavis and Zera fled the base and tried to find somewhere to live on their own but ended up having to live on the streets, stealing to survive. During their escape Mavis was separated from Zera after telling her that she didn't blame her for anything that happened.

During that time, her magic erupted at certain points in time. Sometimes it was helpful (as it once came in handy during a theft for food) but other times it hindered what she had been trying to do. As this magic continued to appear, Mavis tried to teach herself some basic spells and achieve basic control over when/where the magic appeared. It was working until the day she ran into a group of three travelers who dragged her along after agreeing to teach her magic (and she also bested their leader at a game of wits). This continued until the three she had been traveling around London with gave her a letter from Hogwarts at the age of 14. She still doesn't know how or why the letter didn't come, but is grateful to those three for helping her learn.

Hogwarts was an experience, that was for sure. After being sorted into Slytherin she was subjected to the silent treatment by many other children in her year not only because of her House but because she was accepted late into the school. Even the other Slytherins teased her because she was a 'late bloomer' even though she had some of the best grades of the year. But Mavis did find a group of friends eventually and she (along with two other boys) stuck together throughout the rest of the school years.

The final exams passed and Mavis found a job as an Auror for the Ministry of Magic. Her two friends from Hogwarts didn't say what they would be doing so she hasn't seen them since (although they do send letters). One thing that she always tried to preach in the Magical Law Enforcement branch was that they should all be comrades, rather that constantly bickering with each other. Some got along, others didn't. Some didn't even try to get along. Mavis was determined to change that. With some 'game' playing on her part, she acquired the Head position for the Department and tried to change the Magical Law Enforcement Division so that everyone found it comforting. There was a place for everyone there.

Mavis has a small background in politics as she plays her own kinds of power games in order to get others from the MLE division to at least try and get along all together. She's no stranger to taking large gambles and is willing to play dirty if the opposition does.

When it comes to the education of young witches and wizards, Mavis supports the Tri-Wizard Education system to the core and is determined to wrinkle out any kinks in the system. This is one part that she is non-negotiable on and the three schools must stay in unity. Her goal would be to get more inter-school events happening so there is more chance for the students to interact with each other. There would have to be a high standard of both teachers and learning at all schools.

Then there are the problems when it comes to mixed-blood relationships. Mavis hates the idea that there is such a thing as purists or those who label a person because of their family species. Her goal is to make sure that there is equality for all races across the board. None of the 'half-human' or 'muggleborn' discrimination.

Mavis want for Homeless Peoples - witches, wizards and muggles alike adult or no - to be able to find somewhere to live and find support. She wants for no one to have to go through what she had to and wants to set up the 'Fairy Tail' project. This project allows for 'safe houses' to be placed all around London and Europe so that anyone without a home or magical training can go there for help. She would want to pay regular visits to each house and make sure that everyone is getting the care that they need.

Name - Mavis's name is the same as in canon with the added 'Phoenix'. I believe that it not only flows but works with the Vermillion. Like 'Vermillion Phoenix'

Bloodtype - Since her parents aren't shown in canon, I though it was suitable to have Mavis's blood as 'unknown'.

House - so Mavis in canon is very sly and can do what she needs to in order to protect her comrades. This is very Slytherin since she'll go to any length to do this.

Job - Head of Magical Law Enforcement is a bit of a parallel to Mavis being the Fairy Tail Guild Master in the original universe.

Backstory - I kept it close to the canon, with the Red Lizard and Zera. The three travelers were to represent the original three members of Fairy Tail who went on a journey with Mavis to acquire the sacred item of the island she lived on (in canon).

Policies - All of Mavis's policies as a MoM are based around comradeship and unity as in the canon she is very pro when it comes to these.

Reason for position - Although she does have her bad side, Mavis is loyal to both coworkers and her job. Very passionate about what she believes in and is willing to fight until the end for what she believes is right. She would never force anyone to go into a dangerous situation that she wouldn't, in fact she'd do the task herself if it meant the people around her didn't get hurt. The people always come first, her office always comes second.


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alfred jones
 Posted: 3 Mar 2017, 01:51 AM

alfred jones

america // hetalia

name. alfred jones
age. seventeen
pronouns. he/him
sexuality. pansexual
face claim. bertie gilbert
blood status. half-blood
school. durmstrang
current job. seventh year student at durmstrang
Alfred may be young, but it's clear that he wants to have a voice in this world - both for himself and for others that he cares about. He may be a bit impulsive (he's literally entering as a candidate on a whim..well, that and his boyfriend mentioning it), but if he were elected he would try to act with the people's best interests in mind. He does doubt that he'll get elected based on his age, but figured it was worth a shot nevertheless.

And even if he does not get elected, he'll add at least one voice from his generation to the arena, which may influence the other candidates to at least take concerns of their younger voters into consideration more than they might otherwise. Not to mention running for European Minister looks nice on a resume
- He would like for the wizarding world to 'modernize' to some extent. He's noticed that there are a lot of outdated technologies, and that a lot of purebloods with no prior contact with the Muggle/No-Maj world have little idea of the many technologies and discoveries that have been made. Teaching technomagic at Beauxbatons is a start, but he'd like to see programs like that expanded.

- Mental health resources - It's something that he hasn't seen addressed much in wizarding schools, and would like that to change. Sure, they have healers in the hospital wing, but from what Alfred can tell most of them are trained to deal with physical injuries rather than mental ones. He would like to see this changed, not just in schools but in the greater wizarding world in general as well. (This is because his boyfriend happens to suffer from PTSD and he would like his boyfriend to have more places to turn for help within the wizarding world..though he likely wouldn't give this as a reason out of respect for his privacy).

- He supports the unity of the schools, having seen the positive effects that it has on broadening students' horizons and opening more opportunities to them than they might have otherwise
Alfred is literally America in his yes, politics seemed like a thing that he might be interested in. He also has a very take charge attitude in canon (to the point of being a bossy attention whore on some occasions ahem) and seems to be a natural leader. Alfred hasn't had as much of a chance to show this on this site yet, and I figured that this might be a good way to explore some of those aspects of his personality.


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jensen ward
 Posted: 8 Mar 2017, 05:19 AM

Just tagging this M because Jenny's life sucks and we all know this.

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yolanda diamantis
 Posted: 16 Mar 2017, 09:26 PM


yolanda diamantis

yellow diamond // steven universe

name. yolanda tiffany diamantis
age. thirty-nine
pronouns. she/her
sexuality. asexual
face claim. kaitlin olson
blood status. pureblood
school. hogwarts, gryffindor alumnus
current job. head of the misuse of muggle artifacts office, british ministry of magic
Yolanda Diamantis was born from one of the most noble Pureblood families in England in 1977, the first child born to the nobleman Diamantis and his wife, also of a strong Pureblood lineage. Unlike most of the Pureblooded families of the era, who were getting themselves into considerable amounts of violent trouble, the Diamantis family lived relatively undisturbed in Uig on Lewis. Yolanda soon was joined by two younger sisters, the impressionable and emotionally full Bettie, and the vivacious and irrepressible Palmer. Yolanda gained the reputation of being the more serious and cold-hearted of the three of them, more often focused on the logical actions of their pursuits. Nevertheless, the three girls were inseparable throughout their entire lives, with Yolanda's stoic manner balancing out both Bettie's sensitivity and Palmer's recklessness.

Not shockingly, all three girls went to Hogwarts, like every member of their family before them. Yolanda and Palmer were sorted into Gryffindor; Bettie was sorted into Hufflepuff. This didn't diminish their bond in the slightest, nor did the age gaps between them make them any less likely to be seen together (Yolanda was a 5th year when Bettie was a 3rd year and Palmer was a 2nd year). At school, Yolanda was known for possessing extreme talent with Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts; she became head of the Dueling Club after Jensen Ward graduated, a position she held from her 5th to 7th years. In her last year at Hogwarts, she started to teach herself curse-breaking abilities as part of her DADA repertoire, with an intent to become a Curse-Breaker for the Ministry of Magic.

However, there were no positions available for Curse-Breakers when she graduated in 1995, so she jumped at the next closest thing she could find - the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office. The office was a mess, run out of a closet to handle one of the most sensitive issues in the Wizarding World. Cursed Muggle artifacts could be outright lethal, and Yolanda found herself soon put to good work, tracking down and neutralizing dangerous Muggle items before taking them back to the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office to be destroyed, usually with Fiendfyre or other intense methods. Yolanda took to her job with aplomb, as she loved the seriousness of her work and the impact it had. She talked up her efforts to her sisters, and, inevitably, when they graduated, both Bettie and Palmer joined Yolanda at the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office.

For four years together, the trio became rising stars in the Ministry. They could be counted on to neutralize just about any threat to the Statute of Secrecy; they even had Muggle identities to better blend in with the populace. Bettie, the sensitive one, could often speak and relate to the Muggles affected by these artifacts, and found their ways of living fascinating. Palmer often found the artifacts with nothing more than her intuition and an innate adventurer's sense; Yolanda, though she had help from her sisters, had the powerful magic necessary to get rid of threats almost single-handedly. As the Head of their office was due for retirement, it was no surprise that Yolanda's name was being floated as a replacement.

And then The Incident happened.

When Yolanda was twenty-five, the three of them were called into a Glaswegian inn to investigate a series of small explosions that seemed magical in origin. The local magical community was very small, but Yolanda, Bettie, and Palmer still did as much due diligence as possible before entering one of the exploded buildings. They passed themselves off as a Muggle group called a 'Bomb Squad' to enter the non-magical part of town; the Muggle population was understandably on edge, so Bettie stayed with them to gather as much information as possible and to comfort them. Yolanda and Palmer entered the building, and Palmer, with her preternatural abilities, found another one of the objects. She called out to Yolanda quickly, but then amended her statement.

"This doesn't look like -"

And then the portion of the building Palmer was in exploded.

Yolanda only saved herself by casting a Shield Charm the second she heard the noise. Bettie heard the blast from the street, and said that the Muggles' screams were horrifying. The Department of Mysteries and Muggle high-level police forces had to be deployed to the area, and, as it would turn out, the "misused Muggle artifacts" were nothing of the sort. They were just pipe bombs, manufactured out of old refuse from the magical part of town scavenged by the men who aimed to incite terror in the small town.

They were arrested, eventually, after a year or so of dedicated searching by Muggle authorities. Yolanda got her promotion, shortly after she had to bury her barely-in-her-twenties sister. Bettie took a transfer to a new department, one that oversaw Magical Creatures, another section of the world that could use her empathy. She stayed with Yolanda as long as she could, but she was so heartbroken over Palmer's death that she couldn't bear to even stay in the same room as Yolanda for long. She would start crying the second she was even reminded of Palmer.

Yolanda was alone.

She went about her duties as normal, or as normally as she could. She had a new team below her as the Head of the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office, and for the first few years, she did things by rote - she sent people out to find the Muggle artifacts, the artifacts were neutralized, she destroyed them with Fiendfyre, wash, rinse, repeat. However, one day, an object returned to her office caught her eye.

It was a garnet necklace, very opulent and once clearly beautiful, beneath layers of aging, silver wear, and soot. The officer below her told her that it was cursed to age a person prematurely. It apparently sucked the life out of a rich heiress in the Muggle world in a few years, due to her wearing it so often. It had only been discovered because of a Muggle-born sensing its aura through a glass case in a Muggle shop. Yolanda knew she should destroy it, but instead, thought of how something so innocuous had destroyed her sister as well. It was a small pipe that ended her life. Why couldn't a necklace take out one of those stupid, loathsome Muggles that prematurely ended the life of a beautiful star?

Yolanda glamoured up the necklace with magic, transfiguring it into a much different necklace with one simple garnet-like pendant. She also changed her own appearance, using simple glamour magics, before taking the necklace to Knockturn Alley and selling it to a shop known for pawning its wares to Dark Wizards and blood purists.

Thus began Yolanda's second life as a Dark Witch and Muggle hater.

Not that she's let anyone in on this! Every item she takes, she transfigures into a different item, one with very few or no similarities to the object returned by her subordinates. She only selects certain items, and ones with varying effects. Dark Wizards caught with her wares have gone to prison of their own accord - the blood purists and their insane efforts to remain strong basically meant that most were too proud to report that they'd purchased their cursed brick-a-brack elsewhere.

While this is all good, and every time Yolanda hears of one of these items working, she feels a little bit of justice for Palmer bleed through her body, she has bigger plans. She hasn't been much for climbing, since making her department go from a small closet-sized hovel into a larger operation dedicated to peacekeeping has made her just as prominent a part of the Ministry as she'd like. However, this opening for European Minister is something she knows would expand her reach. She could synthesize three departments under her, and enact a... pipe dream... of hers.

She wants to meld together multiple cursed objects to create a kind of uber-object, one that will create untold violence and chaos in the Muggle world. She knows there will be buyers in the dark corners of the Wizarding World, ones that will not let her take the fall for the object's creation. And when Yolanda thinks of it, it fills her with warmth - may those who let her sister perish like an animal die like animals themselves.

Bettie wonders why Yolanda does not mourn more for Palmer. Yolanda wonders why Bettie continues to do nothing to avenge her.

Yolanda, as noted in her history, is the Head of the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office, and has been a part of that office since she was 18 years old (21 years of experience in the Ministry).


  • Believes the Statute of Secrecy needs to be upheld. Publicly, will say this is because Wizards continue to make cursed objects and attempt to lord their superiority over Muggles. Since this mentality is barely contained by the efforts of her office and other Ministry offices, it does not make sense to move forward with abandoning the Statute, as she expresses fears that it will lead to more widespread violence. Privately, she opposes it because it would hasten her exposure as a blood purist sympathizer.
  • Superficially a Muggle sympathizer who cares for their well-being.
  • Believes in the integrated education system, but things that there needs to be stricter vetting procedures for teachers and a more streamlined curriculum, as she finds that the schools' curriculum varies wildly depending on what school the student attends and who they learn from.
  • Wants to up defensive capabilities for the Wizarding world - more money placed into Auror training, Defense Ministries, and other offices who are proven to be acting in the best interest of public peace.
  • Wants to encourage deeper trust and use of Technomagic in Europe. Plans to do so by setting up grant programs to fund promising technomagicians and their start-up companies/academic groups, in addition to encouraging retailers to stock technomagic solutions by setting up tax breaks.
Name Yolanda Diamantis has the same first initials as Yellow Diamond, with Diamantis sounding very close to Diamond. Her middle name, Tiffany, comes from the Tiffany Yellow Diamond, one of the largest diamonds ever found; it was worn by Audrey Hepburn in the movie 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'.
Faceclaim - Yellow Diamond has a very pointy, 80s aesthetic to her. I chose Kaitlin Olson (known for her work on 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia') because of her angular body type and because her most prominent comedic characters tend to be dark anti-heroines or outright villainesses (see also 'The Mick'). Uig on Lewis - Uig on Lewis is where the largest diamond discovered in English history was discovered, and seemed a good place for the Diamantis family to settle.
Bettie and Palmer - Bettie is Blue Diamond from the Steven Universe canon; Blue Diamond has only been shown mourning her dead sister in canon, so emotionality seemed like a good trait to give her. Palmer is a stand-in for Pink Diamond; all we really know about Pink Diamond so far is that she was killed by Steven's mother Rose Quartz. In order to create a better 'trio' vibe for the three of them, I made Palmer a more adventurous, impulsive type. White Diamond has been left out completely, because the show has only vaguely alluded to her. All three sisters are shown to have a very strong bond, as they do in Steven Universe - potentially millenia after the death of Pink Diamond, Blue Diamond is shown to still be mourning her as if she died yesterday, while Yellow Diamond is doing her best to annihilate every reminder of those who killed Pink Diamond while holding back her more volatile emotions ("That Will Be All").
Gryffindor - I made Yolanda a Gryffindor as opposed to a Slytherin because I see Yellow Diamond's genocidal ambitions as being much more pronounced after the death of her sister; while she does have ambition, I feel Yellow Diamond possesses more of a Gryffindor's loyalty, as she does all of her work in the name of Gemkind. (Yolanda similarly follows her dark path here out of love for her siblings and an attempt to gain peace after Palmer's death.) Gryffindors are also noted for their nerve and bravery, almost to the point of recklessness; Yellow Diamond is extremely nervy, unwilling to let anyone or anything stand in her way when it comes to eliminating the Crystal Gems, and her actions to attempt to destroy the earth with the Cluster are certainly reckless (in addition to being genocidal and crazed).
Hogwarts - I noted that Yolanda was Dueling Club head in order to emphasize her strength. Yellow Diamond is one of the top leaders of Gem Homeworld, and as such is one of the strongest characters in the show.
Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office - I paralleled misused Muggle Artifacts to Gem Shards here. Much like the malevolent Gem Shards that the Crystal Gems fight, Muggle Artifacts that have been cursed or made to perform magical tasks can be lethal, and while Yolanda starts out fully devoted to taking these devices and destroying them, her transformation into a more malevolent figure involves her using these devices, much like Yellow Diamond has sent plenty of her own Gem Shards and malevolent benefactors to harm the Crystal Gems. Yolanda using these Muggle artifacts by giving them to dark wizards and allowing them to frame Muggles plays into how Yellow Diamond's sent probes, other malevolent gems, and even hideous forced fusion monsters to Earth in order to exterminate her enemies.
In addition, Palmer's death at the hands of a Muggle bomb (not, in fact, the magical artifact they thought it was) mirrors Pink Diamond's death at Rose Quartz's hands - Palmer is killed by something she viewed as harmless, much like how Pink Diamond was killed by a subordinate and someone she trusted. Yolanda blames Muggles entirely for Palmer's death, as Yellow Diamond blames Rose Quartz for Pink Diamond's; while this is fair, their entirely vengeful and vile ways of avenging their sister's deaths are entirely over the line and involve genocidal mania. Like in canon as well, Bettie, like Blue Diamond, is often seen crying very vehemently over the loss of Pink Diamond.
The Bomb - The Bomb is a clear analogue of The Cluster, a hive of force-fused gems due to explode beneath the Earth's crust. This threat is neutralized by Steven in "Gem Drill"; here, Yolanda has basically just conceived of it.
Technomagic - Many of Yellow Diamond's underlings use technology to perform their tasks, most notably Peridot. It goes with her whole 80s Patrick Bateman as a woman aesthetic. To mirror that, one of her stances involves funding and encouraging technomagic in general.


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Thelonious Vadam
 Posted: 18 Mar 2017, 08:34 PM

Thelonious Vadam

Thel 'Vadam // Halo

name. Thelonious Vadam
age. forty-six
pronouns. he/him
sexuality. bisexual
face claim. Keith David
blood status. Pureblood
school. Hogwarts (Slytherin)
current job. Ancient Studies professor at Durmstrang

Thelonious Vadam, often known as just Thel to those close to him, was the firstborn son of a respected pureblood family, who graduated with Hogwarts with most people having high hopes for his future. He applied to the Department of Mysteries at the age of eighteen, and was accepted by their rather odd acceptance process, into the Death department, where he worked for over two decades, working his way up into becoming the Department of Mysteries Liaison to the Ministry.

This all changed in 2012 when Thel led an archaeological dig for a Roman artifact known as the Caledonian Ring, which turned out to be guarded by Inferi that when released devastated a nearby Muggle village. The amount of cleanup and coverup needed for this incident became a major Ministry scandal, and the blame rested on Thel's feet and he was sentenced to Azkaban for three years. After his prison sentence he came out a changed man, as he used to be cutthroat and cold to others, and is now trying his best to be a calm and reasonable and humble man and make up for his past deeds. His personality changed to the point he is considered by many to be the "dad teacher" of Durmstrang, for better or for worse depending on who you are. Shortly after his prison sentence was completed he received a job at Durmstrang where he currently works.


Much of Thel's political platform is focused on changing the circumstances that allowed him to hurt others and to make sure no one ever does what he did ever again.

-He would like to significantly declassify the Department of Mysteries. He now realizes that having an entire department where people can do whatever the fuck they want and tamper with things that are extremely volatile to tamper with (such as the nature of death and the nature of time) is extremely dangerous, and will only lead to others doing what he's done. He doesn't think that everything in the department should be common knowledge to everyone, but that there should at least be checks and balances from other departments to nip things in the bud if they get out of control.

- His platform emphasizes cooperation from all European countries in this new endeavor. He worries that with the basis being in the school integration system, that the UK, France and Norway will be too dominant, and he plans to have equal representation and focus on all European countries

-The creation of a less 'extreme' wizard police force. He has observed over the past several years, and especially from his own brushes with the law and watching the aftermath of Nagito Komaeda's framing of killing Tom Dougherty and Tom Bones, that having a small elite group as your main police force is a recipe for them being overworked and over strained, leading to less desirable results.

- The creation of a concrete apprenticeship scheme for positions outside of the schools is also an idea he's proposed. He's seen first hand the benefit of the apprentice teachers around him, though he hasn't had his own yet, and has also heard good things about Jensen Ward taking on his daughter as his trainee, as opposed to just throwing the prison at her when he died as most Wards did. He knows from his experiences in the Department of Mysteries a lot of bullshit could have been avoided if the recruits hadn't immediately been thrown into handling volatile things

Prison reform: Azkaban should only be a supermax facility, there is no reason to put the entire weight of magical crime on one family, its obviously taken a toll on them and probably made the magical criminal justice system not as good as it could be. There should be better programs for integrating former prisoners into society again, and the Dementors should be gotten rid of

Seriously get rid of the goddamn dementors


Honestly Thel likes being a teacher, but he misses politics, and he misses being considered a potential candidate for becoming Minister of Magic. So the second he saw "regardless of background" he knew he had to at least try (even know he knows he'll be dragged through the mud back and forth)

As for his canon...well our boy the Arbiter literally is the leader of his entire species (well in theory he is, he's the closest there is to a unified Sangheili leader, even if a lot of Sangheili hate his guts) and this is my best oppurtunity to possibly actually realize his canon arc of "terrible person who made it and then lost everything because ZOMBIES, and then had to build himself up from nothing and used what he learned to be one of the best leaders in the galaxy world" and I never dreamed I would be able to do the whole thing.

Also Keith David would be the most important leader on the site and that'd be super cool, you have to admit that.


22. MST (no DST).

user posted image
claude frollo
 Posted: 20 Mar 2017, 08:20 PM

claude frollo

claude frollo// HoND

name. claude baptiste frollo
age. sixty-seven
pronouns. he/him/his
sexuality. heterosexual
face claim. christopher lee
blood status. pureblood
school. Beauxbatons (Elite)
current job. Activist, Former Headmaster
Introduced into a blood purist group at an early age by his grandfather, Claude took to such ideals and has been a staunch supporter of them all his life. He views muggles as almost subhuman, and squibs as a punishment for muggle interaction. The exact depth of his distaste for them might come as a shock to those who do not know him in person, as he took a squib as his ward many years ago.

He is, however, no stranger to politics. After many refused petitions to the French Ministry to take action against such groups (most particularly the Court of Miracles, an underground group of muggles and witches alike that held little regard for blood or secrecy), he took up a position in said Ministry himself, working for legislature that would cause the change he wished to see.

During this time, he murdered a Romani woman, and sought to dispose of her child as well, but was convinced by a superior not only to raise the child but to forego his place at the Ministry. Said superior is long dead, leaving Claude the only one who knows the truth of his ward's origins.

He left the ministry to become Headmaster of Beauxbatons, hoping to stem the tide of sin he saw in the world by driving it out of it's children- by whatever means he saw fit. He kept an iron fist around the school, finding excuses to dismiss teachers who would not conform to his views, and expelling children he disliked for minor offenses. He was amongst the loudest voices in his disapproval of the tri-school system, and after only a year under it he vacated his position, returning to his search for the Court of Miracles.

As a former member of the French Ministry, and coming from a position of power in a major institution, Frollo has a great deal of experience in politics. But more so that experience, he has opinions and he will not stop until said opinions are widely considered fact.

Statute of Secrecy: Though a great deal of talk has begun to go into dismantling the Statute of Secrecy, Frollo has hopes of taking it much farther. He holds the belief that we interact too much with muggles, and that steps must be taken to further separate ourselves, both to preserve magical culture and 'to protect muggles.' As an example, he holds that muggleborn children should, at the first sign of magic, be removed from their muggle parents and placed under government care. This would allow the child to grow up in the environment they belong, without them growing up feeling out of place, as well as protecting the muggle parents from such things as a child's accidental magic. Ministry Reform: Frollo would see a strengthening of the magical law enforcement world-wide, believing a more active and stern approach should be taken against crime. Other departments, such as the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts, would also see a boost, as well as new guidelines to deal with the rise of technomagic, a volatile form of magic steeped in muggle science. More stringent rules over groups such as werewolves would follow, as well as more extreme punshment for those with unregistered abilites such as animagi and metamorphmagi. Prison Reform: Frollo wants to get rid of the Wards. That's it. Nothing else. He doesn't like them. The dementors can stay. School Reform: Though he still disagrees with the tri-school system, he has decided to pick his battles in this regard and focus on the removal of squibs from the schools. He claims that this is only hurting the squibs, causing depression in them at being unable to keep up with their magical classmates. All squibs should be sent to muggle schools, as Frollo did with his own ward, for their own health and happiness.

His distaste for various groups, such as people of color, come directly from the movie, his homophobia do to his religious extremism, and his status as a blood purist simply as a natural extension of his issues in a magical environment.


21. central. skype

user posted image

king-julien ringtail xiii
 Posted: 21 Mar 2017, 06:49 AM


king-julien ringtail xiii

king julien xiii // madagascar

name. king julien ringtail razafindrandriatsimaniry xiii
age. thirty
pronouns. he/him
sexuality. uh... nothing good
face claim. stromae
blood status. pureblood
school. uagadou
current job. magique ménagerie owner
TW For child abuse/neglect mention, mentions of cannibalism and bestiality but real brief/non-specific


There’s a legend that not many people believe, about a society deep in the wilds of Madagascar made up entirely of animagi. Well, people absolutely should believe it because it’s true – there really are enough magic folk who want to live their lives as animals to sustain a decent population. Established centuries ago by a member of the Addams clan, King Julien, the village of Fanjakana can be seen as a sort of sub-cult with members who desire to live a simple life as one with nature. And they are very serious about it – many never reverting back to humanoid form at all (except in cases of pregnancy, but that’s more due to a logistical problem). Though the species were originally extremely varied, over the generations the animagi types shifted to reflect primarily indigenous fauna; most notably the several species of lemur exclusively native to the island and the fossa – who branched off into their own clan for… reasons. One exceptionally rare breed of lemur, the ring-tail, brought with it a sort of reverence. The ring-tailed lemur was the animagus form of the village founder and though that founder was eaten by a fossa-animagus, they were deified and so was the breed. And it certainly helped that the type was so rare – with only 13 ring-tailed lemur animagi appearing in the village in as many generations. In fact, that form became a symbol of a person’s divine right to rule – a sort of reincarnated state of the original King Julien. Thus, all ring-tailed lemur animagi were instantly crowned king and given the title King Julien.

Surprisingly, this worked quite well as a system of government, until the reign of King Julien the 12th. A particularly harsh king who ruled through fear, King Julien the 12th enacted laws against all loud noises – including laughter, singing, music, talking above a whisper (and fun in general) – after a fossa attack cost them nearly half of the village lemur population – including the King’s sister and her husband. The cause of this tragedy was traced back to the loud tantrum of the King’s nephew, Prince Razafindrandriatsimaniry. Or Ra for short.

Ra was never told of his involvement in the incident – nor even that his parents were dead. He was still a young boy – incapable of an animagus form and generally unable to take care of himself. As nobility he had a personal attendant – Maurice – who ended up becoming a surrogate father figure once the child’s parents ‘went away to live on a farm’. Ra was a difficult child to control and, frankly, impossible to keep silent. The child very regularly made a lot of noise – despite Maurice’s constant attempts to quiet or placate him. The response was always the same – Ra would be locked away in the decapitated remains of Amelia Earhart’s missing plane (which had crashed into the middle of the village sometime in the 30s). While the cockpit was used as a makeshift jail-cell for any who defied the silence law, Prince Ra was pretty much the only consistent occupant of that room (excluding Amelia’s skeleton). The frequent use of solitary confinement (which occasionally lasted months) did a number on Prince Ra’s young psyche. It had the opposite effect than was desired – the prince soon became almost incapable of shutting up. In the cockpit he would talk to himself, to the Sky Gods, to Amelia Earhart, to the walls – anything. And during these times, young Ra began to have a dream. Almost a vision: one day he would become the next King Julien and bring Sound back to his people. He wasn’t sure what sound exactly, but he knew it had to happen.

Of course, this was widely thought to be impossible, as there was already one King Julien and it was widely thought to be impossible for there to be two ringtailed lemur animagi at the same time. Thus, he wasn’t paid much attention to. The only one who did seem to pay him any mind was Maurice, who was still pretty exasperated with him. So, despite the fact that the village by and large homeschooled their children, when Ra received his invitation to Uagadou he was overwhelmingly urged to go. Ra was thrilled to be going on ‘diplomatic mission’ into the ‘Human Kingdom’ and he vowed to return one day to liberate his people. Thus the eleven year old very enthusiastically left the island with Maurice to travel to Uganda. It was there that Ra heard music for the first time, an experience which would change his life forever.

Ra was an absolutely horrible student – he wasn’t entirely literate first of all, and he also generally refused to pay attention or care at all about his studies. The sole exceptions where Tranfiguration and Care of Magical Creatures, in which Ra proved he wasn’t quite as stupid as people generally took him for. However, despite his abysmal grades, tendency to get in trouble, and general oddness, he was actually fairly well-liked at his school. He very commonly threw parties at the oddest times, causing all sorts of trouble but also bringing some much needed levity to the otherwise rigid school system.

However, when he tried to bring the same gift to his people, he was always immediately shut down and locked away. It became a very frustrating problem – and so Ra focused on the one thing he thought would really make a difference: gaining the favor of the Sky Gods and attaining the form of a ring-tailed lemur. And he WAS a ring-tailed lemur, he knew it. He could feel it in his BONES. He was meant for greatness.

And, oddly enough, he was right. In Ra’s 3rd year of school he achieved an (illegal) animagus transformation – an incredible feat even for the Transfiguration experts that made up his entire village. And, even more surprising, he was right about the type of animal – against all odds, Ra was a ring-tailed lemur. Ra was, in fact, a King Julien. … which, was a bit of a problem since there already was a King Julien? After some civil unrest, it was decided by the current King that Ra was, in fact, just a spare King. The title of Prince Julien was made specifically for him – a designation which carried with it absolutely no authority, though quite a lot of acclaim. An extremely early admirer of the new Julian was the mouse lemur-animagus, Mortdecai, who became a bit obsessed with the young prince.

But the thrill of being suddenly very popular among his people wore off soon enough in the face of the soul-crushing silence that still permeated the village. Nothing had really changed and it soon became clear to Prince Julien that he might never truly fulfil his dream. The prince fell into a bit of a slump for the remaining years of his schooling, just barely passing any of his classes. At seventeen he was beginning to question what there was to live for – when suddenly, fate thrust something incredible at him.

Or, more precisely, Fate itself was thrust at him. It all started when Masikura, a chameleon-animagus and Seer foretold of a tragic event. The prophesy stated that on the final day of the month the King would be eaten by a fossa. King Julien the 12 tried all he could that month to find a loophole in the prophesy – and finally settled on one the day before the end of the month. Thus, very suddenly, the teenage Prince Julien found himself crowned King Julien the 13th – with all the authority that entailed, which happened to be absolute authority. And so, naturally, the new King Julien kicked off his new rule with the SICKEST PARTY EVER. Loudness and fun was immediately legalized as he declared that the fossa would no longer be a problem.

This, naturally, attracted a whole pack of fossa which immediately attacked the village dragging off almost everyone except for King Julien, who fled, and Maurice. Julien became distressed once he realized that everyone was going to get eaten because of him – but Masikura informs him that it wasn’t entirely his fault, as the former King knew this would happen. Julien hears the prophesy – that he is to be eaten tomorrow – and decides that if his destiny is to be eaten alive while saving his people, then so be it. It’s the very first time Julien ever shows any indication that he knows what it takes to be a leader.

Of course, King Julien really had no idea what he was doing, and his one saving grace was the fact that Mort, having complete faith in his new king, taunted the fossa for long enough for Julien to come up with a plan. The first plan doesn’t work, but eventually with the help of Julien’s deceptively powerful dance moves, he is able to liberate his kingdom – and earn the absolute adulation of Mort. Before the end, KJ has gets a chunk of his booty bitten off and eaten - thus fulfilling the terms of the prophesy.

Once they get back to the village the celebration continues, and King Julien makes a speech. He notes that the fossa will likely come back – but, that didn’t mean they should be afraid. Since they were lemurs (and various other small critters) basically everything wanted to eat them, and life was exceedingly dangerous – but that was what they wanted to be – so, if they might be eaten tomorrow, the ought to live doubly well today! This is the philosophy King Julien the 13th brought to his people – that and a bunch of kickin’ tunes.

KJ-13’s rule is punctuated by frequent parties, several re-adopted human habits like mixed drinks, water-slides and playing music from an old washed-up boombox. It’s also characterized by the crazed monarch’s tendency toward pointless and nonsensical shenanigans aimed to make the kingdom a better place, though usually just making things worse. King Julien proved himself to be narcissistic and illogical, but his insistence that everyone have a good time and dedication to making that happen actually made him insanely popular among his people – with 99% of the kingdom “Like”ing him. Though Julien almost crashed his popularity entirely in his mission to uncover the one “hater-lemur” and convert them, it turned out that that one lemur who said he didn’t like King Julien was Mort – because he didn’t like King Julien, he LOVED HIM. Because of this popularity, most of the village sided with him despite his uncle’s frequent attempts to return and assassinate or trick his nephew out of the crown.

King Julien the 13th ruled Fanjakana for ten years with relative success, until a strange event changed the course of the young king’s life. A small group of outsiders from New York City become castaways stranded in their desolate part of the island. At first the kingdom is unsure about these newcomers, but once they prove to be able to scare off the fossa, they’re welcomed. At least until the issue of cannibalism comes up – again – though, fortunately that issue is resolved internally. The foreigners, which King Julien affectionately nicknames the Freaks, eventually scare away the fossa for good, beginning an unprecedented era of peace among the kingdom. Pleased by this and curious about his new friends, Julien agrees to help the group return home, leaving an ordinary gecko in charge of the kingdom while he’s away visiting New York.

King Julien does not actually make it to New York, however, as they arrive first on a nature reserve in central Africa, which King Julian attempts to annex into his own kingdom. They then make it as far as Europe, where they join a travelling circus. In an event that, sadly, isn’t even unheard of among Julien’s ancestors, the king falls in love with a circus bear and decides to denounce his throne for her – to the complete bewilderment of Maurice and Mort.

Unfortunately – or fortunately, depending on who one’s talking to – their love was not meant to be. Disheartened, Julien abandons the goal of getting to New York City and instead decides to stay in Paris, France. He uses the funds gathered from his time in the circus to open up a magical zoo, which doubles as a dance hall, and despite some rumors that some of the animals there are not animals at all, it did pretty well for itself. Though Julien had planned to return to Madagascar and his kingdom as soon as possible, he finds himself sort of embarrassed to go back as he felt like he was missing something. When pressed about this by Maurice and Mort he announces that not enough people worship him yet, and that a single village of lemurs isn’t enough. So, when it was announced that they were seeking applicants for the new Minister of Europe, Julian came to the conclusion that he could only be satisfied knowing that everyone in Europe also loved him.


King Julien is pretty nuts, which is par for the course when considering Addams relatives. Even without the traumatizing events, Julien comes from a culture of basically magic furries, and he considers that to be the most normal thing. In fact, Julien considers himself mostly lemur and only adjacently human. Despite this, he isn’t entirely bad at being human, and was by and large more interested in human activities and products than he was with living truly as a wild animal. He gets around this paradox primarily by claiming that he, himself, invented everything.

Growing up as a sort of nobility and then ascending to a sort of living godhood once he became an animagus, Julien has an extremely high opinion of himself. He completely buys into destiny and divine law – and does consider himself to be of a higher class than anyone else. Paradoxically, Julien also wants to be everyone’s friend and for people to like him for who he is. He’s consistently torn between being confident that he is literally gods-gift to Earth and being desperate for everyone’s approval to the point where even a 99% approval rating fills him with despair. He’s pretty dramatic, easily shifting from one extreme emotion to the next at the drop of a hat.

His brain is nearly always buzzing with new ideas, which keeps him almost constantly moving and constantly talking – even when it’s only to himself. His tendency to have internal conversations out-loud and for making up whole dialogues between separate parts of himself is a habit he gained from the Era of Silence his Uncle King Julien enforced – particularly when he was punished for being too loud with solitary confinement. Usually he doesn’t even realize he is doing it and he comes off as a bit unhinged. This event also damaged his ability to listen to others well – occasionally intellectually not being able to hear what others are saying even when attempting to listen.

The isolated childhood he had, and later his Uncle’s betrayal, leads him to constantly seek validation and love. However, even when he gets it he is very rarely satisfied with it, struggling with the concept of empathy from time to time. For instance, while fully willing to sacrifice himself for his people and prioritizing their happiness above all things, he is unable to understand why saving a baby is more praiseworthy than saving a mango (because you can’t eat a baby). Also, despite caring deeply for those closest to him, he can be extremely rude and disdainful even to them when he isn’t getting his way. For example, despite seeing Maurice as a father figure and best friend, he usually treats him as a servant and dismisses his ideas when they run counter to his own. And, though Mort is often shown to be his most devoted follower, Julien outright despises him for being so annoying.

Julien believes he has a divine right to rule by nature of his royal blood and magic. He’s the king of what is definitely an unrecognized and really weird animagus-based village in the middle of the largely-unexplored areas Malagasy wilds. His sincere belief is that he is capable of handling anything with the trusty help of his friends, the Sky Gods.

His platform pretty much consists of two major points: Don’t Worry and Always Party. His first point insists that, eventually everything will turn out fine, so there is no reason to worry. He’s going to solve everything, no problem, ok? Literally on every point – don’t worry about it. Worrying only makes you feel bad and gross and not good. Just leave everything to him, it’ll all work out fine.

The second platform, Always Party, paradoxically comes from the other viewpoint. Things won’t work out fine, basically we are all doomed in the end. Life has no real meaning except to live this moment right now, regardless of all consequence. So, since there’s the possibility of there being no tomorrow, then they better have the best party they can have tonight.

King Julien, despite being a monarch, tends to be very laissez-faire about ruling and tends to allow most everyone to do what they want – though that includes himself, and his tendency to drag everyone into his shenanigans anyway. It’s a platform that really only seems preferable to those who just don’t want to have a Minister and would rather have a figurehead there to appease the masses. Unfortunately, even that strategy wouldn’t work with Julien, if only for the fact that he can never leave well enough alone.

So, I tried to connect King Julien as literally as possible in this. Like, he's as close to actually being a lemur as humanly possible at this point. The weird village represents KJ's lemur kingdom in the Madagascar movies, and much of his history is taken from the TV series All Hail King Julien - particularly the part about how Julien ended up as king. Going to Uagadou was something I put in to explain why Julien knows so much about humans, which is largely unexplained in the series. Julien spending a lot of time in solitary confinement is my explanation for Julien's odd tendency to talk to himself, and how he managed to exist through his uncle's reign.

Though Julien first appears in the Madagascar movies, I gloss over those movies in this app because Julien is such a minor character in those, and I only use them to serve as an explanation for what he's doing in Europe. A lot more of his personality is explored in the tv series, so that's where I drew the bulk of his app. Finally, the magical zoo he runs is a reference to the Penguins of Madagascar series, where King Julien proclaims himself king of the zoo.

I used Stromae as a FC because he is French-speaking (which doesn't match with Julien's odd Sri Lankan-esque accent, but does match the main European language in Madagascar) and he's half Rwandan, which isn't Malagasy, but I thought it might still work. Also Stromae's great. Finally "Razafindrandriatsimaniry" is a real Malagasy name and so I thought I'd put that in there despite it literally being too long to register.


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Rick Stevens
 Posted: 22 Mar 2017, 04:34 AM

Rick Stevens

Rick Sanchez // Rick and Morty

name. Rick Stevens
age. sixty-eight
sexuality. “Yes.” (Pansexual)
face claim.George Carlin
blood status.Muggleborn
school.Illivermorny alumni; class of 1968
current job.Muggle Studies Professor at Hogwarts

Many things come to mind when Rick. Grandfather. Teacher. Vietnam veteran. A 'sentient shitpost' according to his students.

Rick is a surprisingly vulgar, intoxicated man infamous for his... eccentricities that've become fodder for gossip in his three years of teaching. Mainly that his infamous drug habits and drunkardness should've killed him by now, and yet he keeps trucking on. However, this undercuts that he's substantially more intelligent than he looks (and often acts)- to the point of holding a major in physics and a minor in engineering from University of Oxford.

A devil-may-care attitude is ever present with Rick, as is a vocal disdain for wizard society. He's prone to just doing reckless, dangerous things on a whim with no real back up plans. We're talking about a man who'll gladly enter a gun fight to get a bottle of vodka.

Hell, the only reason he's even running is because of a bet he made with Stan Pines after the announcement (he refuses to specify if it was Stanley or Stanford; more likely the former). However, one should not assume this disdain means he doesn't want to see wizarding society improve- in fact, quite the contrary. He's becoming more and more of an advocate for reform- mostly as he sees more and more people getting hurt from this, and it becoming a matter of time before his family gets hurt.

Still, this same reckless nature is what makes him an absolute wild card in the election. He easily could just pour gasoline and light everything on fire mid-debate. It's rather hard to tell what in God's name he actually plans to do in office. NOTE: THE 100X100 IMAGE ABOVE IS OF YOUR CANON, THE 370X280 IMAGE BELOW IS OF YOUR FACECLAIM

If your character has any background in politics already, write that in here (but remember that's not actually necessary for the role). Then write a little bit about their stance within politics. Think about the things they stand for, the things they oppose, the sort of policies they might want to implement and so on.

Rick's platform as a candidate is a simple one: Wizard society is fucked. It's locked in a largely medieval social structure, and it's leading to deep unrest that'll one day cause a bloody revolution. However, such an event is completely possible to avert- but requires a radical modernization.

Perhaps his biggest talking point is the removal of the Act of Secrecy. In his view, the act has done nothing but hamper the development of both muggles and wizards- arguing that it's a relic of a bygone age, and has done nothing but stunted progress. He cites, in particular, how the medical industry would have a huge boon from collaboration between muggles and wizards.

Another major talking point is his concern over the substantial amount of corruption in the wizarding world- such as the sheer amount of influence purebloods have over government, as well as Beauxbatons' history with 'donations'. This is something that needs to urgently be fixed

Advocates heavy modernization, especially with the police force. Finds that while Aurors do a good job, they simply are not enough to protect people in an increasingly modernized world, and as such there needs to be more standard police force. In effect, he wants to turn Aurors from cops, into SWAT teams.

He also believes in a heavy reworking of a substantial amount of laws- in particular, dueling laws. He cites the curious case of Genji Sumeragi- a professional duelist who was brutally killed by Gereon Marius in a 'duel gone awry', and how Gereon was let free through that claim.

Shows deep concern about how muggleborns and especially squibs are treated. Believes they are shunted and given poor treatment, in favor of a rapidly declining nobility. This has everything to do with- and indeed is entirely driven by- the fact his grandson, Morty, is a squib. He just frames it as a general 'I care about society ' thing.

Major support of the tri-school program, citing it as a runaway success overall and believes it's the road to the future. However, he proposes reworking the schooling program to teach 'muggle' subjects more frequently in schools. Both to keep muggleborn and squibs from falling behind their muggle peers, but also for the safety of pureblooded children. He argues that awareness of what muggles are capable of can prevent incidents where a pureblood is killed by mouthing off to a muggle with a weapon.

Provide more opportunities for higher learning, either through scholarships to muggle universities or establishing community colleges. Few people are able to afford the trade schools, especially if it's located abroad, and even fewer are even able to qualify for most of them. People should be given more of a chance to learn things not taught in the tri-school systems.

Believes in funneling at least a third of the government budget into massive raves for students (This bit of his campaign plan is scratched out and replaced with 'STOP TOUCHING MY NOTEBOOKS, SUMMER')

He also wants to study the document binding the Ward family to Azkaban- partially because the Wards aren't exactly the paragons of mental health- largely because of Azkaban; legally nullifying the document as soon as possible would be the best for the family. But truthfully, mostly because of the document's fabled durability and the resulting implications. If such a thing is true, study should go into replicating the paper's properties for far more mundane uses (such as a self-writing newspaper, lightweight armor, a quick multi-million for his pockets via patenting- the possibilities are endless, really).

Either Azkaban or the Wards can keep the dementors if they want though. It's a free country. Just, stuff them in the basement or something, he doesn't care.

Also probably should gather up time turners and smash most- if not all- of them with a hammer. Rick's read Nineteen Eighty-Four and The Minority Report- the implications of the devices, even with the limited time frame, is absolutely horrific and loathsome in his eyes. This is not helped by the fact time turners are incredibly dangerous if they get in less-than-respectable hands.


The main connection to canon is the fact Rick's only doing this because of a bet. That is absolutely something Rick would do in canon.

Another decent connection is Rick's detest for ignorance in canon, which arguably spirals into his entire campaign- logically extending the combinations of muggle/wizard collaboration/

His policy on time turners is based on how the main Rick of the series states time travel is impossible. So he should probably make it impossible, just so nobody can prove him wrong.

His concerns about squib treatment being entirely driven by Morty is another connection- despite how much he claims otherwise, Rick is frequently shown to care deeply for his family, Morty in particular.


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clopin trouillefou
 Posted: 22 Mar 2017, 09:12 PM

Clopin Trouillefou

Clopin // Hunchback of Notre Dame

name. clopin felix trouillefou
age. sixteen
pronouns. he/him
sexuality. pansexual
face claim. amadeus lundberg
blood status. mixed blood
school. one year at Beauxbatons, four years at Hogwarts, the rest homeschooled
current job. street entertainer
[full application here]

If you'd met Clopin, you wouldn't forget him in a hurry. Bright, colourful, unnaturally loud and with apparently no sense of shame or embarrassment, if you don't remember the time he was dancing on the tables in the Great Hall of Hogwarts during breakfast, you may remember the time he decorated the entirety of the Beauxbatons stables with bright pink glittery fabric just to piss off the headmaster. Or maybe he just personally followed you around for a while to sing at you because that tends to leave an impression too. In general then, Clopin is extremely theatrical and takes it upon himself to provide laughter to all of his classmates. He's also incredibly protective, to the point where he will not hesitate to curse you or worse if you dare try to threaten one of his little adopted family.

Speaking of which, in his four years at Hogwarts, Clopin set up a miniature 'Court of Miracles' in the old Chamber of Secrets hidden below the castle - a sanctuary for the outcasts of the school, just like his home in Paris is. He only completed four years at the school (his first being at Beauxbatons, before being expelled by Headmaster Frollo), and has since been home-schooled in the Paris Court of Miracles by his huge extended family. This was for a mixture of safety and practicality reasons, but Clopin loves his home and his family above everything else so he was more than happy to move back home.

Important things to note then? He's proud, loud, and far too extra for the average student; he will protect his family even if it kills him (or you) and that includes any outcast kid he chooses to adopt too; he can't stand rules and authority in general so never got on fantastically well with any teacher, but he is a fantastic leader, if perhaps a little carefree for a classically successful career in politics.

Discrimination - Everyone should be allowed an equal opportunity in life. Everyone. No exceptions. Of course, what you choose to do with that opportunity is entirely down to you (even if Clopin had been given a fast-track ticket to the head of a ministry division, he still would have happily given it up to go back to juggling on the streets of Paris), but you should have just as much chance as the next person. Gender, sexuality, disability, race, blood status, none of that should matter and you should not be judged for it, nor should it affect your chances of obtaining the life you want. If, however, you turn out to be an evil human being, -cough- Frollo -cough cough- then yeah, sure, then you can be judged and ridiculed, that's fine. You should be judged for your actions and nothing else.

Education - This isn't some grand revolutionary scheme like some of the other candidates seem to have here (honestly, it's like they think politicians actually get to make changes in things like this, ha, such optimism), he just wants to wiggle some things around. Clubs particularly - there should be some way that clubs and the activities there in count towards a grade. And there should be more non-academic subjects - not everyone's great with essays guys, and why is it only the Elites at Beauxbatons that get to enjoy art and dance and cookery lessons? Oh also, he wants to get rid of the Elites altogether. Well, Esmeralda does and he said he'd do that for her. Personally he quite enjoyed breaking into their dorms and stealing stuff but that's not really thinking about the bigger picture.

Freedom of Expression - In theory, this is something everyone should have already, but certain teachers and officials and other negative influences in the world seem to want to interfere with this. Clopin intends to make sure they don't. He also wants more big, collaborative events like festivals between the magical and muggle communities (removing the Statute of Secrecy is utter bullshit, that'll never happen and would cause huge wars if it did, but there's no reason muggles and wizards can't interact - just keep the magic subtle). Just, the world is beautiful, and should be celebrated. So there should be much more of that.

Fro-yo is a dick - Clopin passionately believes that ex-Headmaster of Beauxbatons Claude Frollo, is a colossal dick. And since he is standing as a fellow candidate, Clopin intends to remind everyone of this fact as frequently as possible. So much so that it has in fact become one of the main policies he wishes to push forwards. The more people who realise how much of an arsehole Frollo is, the happier the world is as a whole.

Name, personality and as much of his history as possible is canon, and anything varying comes from pre-established site headcanons about the Court of Miracles (have a look back through Clo's app but also Esmeralda's and Djali's for further details). His face claim is just very Clopin like but is also from Romani descent which was a necessity for Clopin. And things like his patronus being a peacock for showing off and his wand having a billywig sting core because its best suited for pranksters should all hopefully make sense too.

In canon, Clopin is the leader of the Court of Miracles, a very charismatic one and apparently a very good one too since he keeps them safe and secure from pretty persistent persecution for the majority of the film. So it makes sense to me immediately that he would want to stand for this position. Even knowing he probably won't get it, his idea is more to shake things up and get people thinking than actually take control of the new European Ministry. He also never shies away from authority, getting up close and personal with Frollo with no fear, so wouldn't mind getting thrown in the deep end amongst all these adults. As for Bomb's Clopin himself, he definitely would have put his name forward for this just on a dare, and would have done so doubly quickly when he realised Frollo was standing for this too.

Sigyn !

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