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 The Plot
Sigyn !
 Posted: May 1 2016, 06:32 AM

The Plot
“So, what do you think about all of this school nonsense going on at the moment? You know, how the ministry’s decided to tie all the European schools together, get them all under the same board, the same system? Isn’t it awful?”

“Well I think it’s a pretty good idea actually. All these kids coming out with different educations, it makes ‘em hard to hire, doesn’t it? Plus aren’t those Durmstrang students getting taught the Dark Arts? Finally the government is stepping in to do something about that!”

“Are you kidding me? The government is taking over the education of OUR children and you think that’s a good thing? What about a professor’s freedom to teach what’s important instead of being stuck to an exam board? What about the trust we’re going to have to put into officials who know nothing about the welfare of our children? What about the fact these schools have been flawless institutes for centuries without any interference at all?!”

“Oh come on, flawless institutes? These schools have had loads of problems over the years, so much could have been solved if someone had just stepped in. And what about all the good stuff that’s coming with this? The fact the schools are all integrated, interconnected, multicultural? What about the extra classes kids will be able to take now, to expand their horizons further? And politically, what about the benefit this’ll have with all of Europe working together on something? Plus I’m super jealous of the kids now: you know they can travel between the schools during the day, for classes and clubs and stuff? How cool is that?”

“I still think it’s a stupid idea. And schools should have nothing to do with politics.”

“Yeah, I’m sort of with you there actually. We’ll just have to wait and see what comes of it all I guess.”

Welcome to Bombarda Maxima, a place where the walls dividing the three wizarding schools of Europe have been blown apart to make way for a new way of schooling: an integrated system where students from all three schools learn and thrive together.

Travel between the three schools (during the regulated hours of course) is now possible thanks to new ministry system put in place, though the grounds themselves are still locked down to any outsiders. Once students have had breakfast in their own schools, the gate is opened and travel is permitted. Students might have their first class of the day in Hogwarts, their second in Beauxbatons, then pick where they like for lunch before heading across to Durmstrang for a double period in the afternoon. And then when dinner rolls around, it’s back to your home school for food and bed, the gate locking itself half way through dinner in the same manner it did with breakfast. It’s the same situation on weekends, with students being allowed to travel to other schools for clubs or just to access their resources, so long as they’re back home for tea-time. Sounds pretty great, right?

Well, not everyone would agree with you there. Although ‘Harry Potter’ and all of his exploits is just a kids book here, a matter of fiction for the wizarding children although admittedly a pretty good one, the author did warn of things like this. That ‘Umbridge’ character didn’t bring anything good, did she? Some people claim that ‘Ms Rowling’ was just writing propaganda for a group of anti-educational movement protestors who found out about the whole thing before anyone else. Who knows? Either way, the world is certainly still torn on this matter, and even those in favour of all of this occasionally feel a little wary when the headmasters started warring with each other again. And even if everything’s going well for now, you just know something is going to snap eventually.

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