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 LIDDELL, Alice, Alice from Alice in Wonderland
Nagito Komaeda-Ward
 Posted: 21 Sep 2016, 11:48 PM

Alice Philomena Liddell



Alice Philomena Liddell


Twenty Seven

Member Group

Beauxbatons staff

Pref. Pronoun


Face Claim

Mackenzie Davis

Sexual Orientation

Ace, straight



Charms professor




Girls, Beauxbatons


Blood Status



11 ¾, cedar, unicorn tail hair core.


Her boggart manifests itself as her old professor and friend, angry and taunting her about her biggest insecurities, usually to the point of tears. She struggles to cast a Ridikulus spell, though when she does and can, her boggart turns into her second mentor and friend, her ‘aunt’ Blanche.

Patronus and memory

Rabbit; She thinks about learning how to cast her first spell (Wingardium Leviosa, for the record)

Dementor-induced memory

Her sister’s death and subsequent hallucination.

Mirror of Erised

She’d see her sister, proud of her.








Other Characters

Frantiska Dusev

Orel Priestley

Jasper Maksimov


Alice is, at her core, a very nervous and self-conscious girl who second guesses herself all the time. However, she refuses to let that be known- especially now that she’s a teacher. No, she considers herself a role model to the younger girls around her, and refuses to do what she believes would be failing them in her eyes – by getting down on herself. Whatever self-esteem issues she has, whatever fears or indecisiveness, she shoves it aside in the face of her students and staff members.

Both would say that she is frequently energetic and aggressive, though not necessarily in a bad way (except for when her temper gets the better of her)- she’s just very forceful with getting the things that need done, done. She’s incredibly curious and highly interested in the world around her and learning everything she can, asking questions that are sometimes personal, sometimes rhetoric, sometimes nearly nonsensical with how strangely specific they are. In general, her peers often remark upon her in mild annoyance or with snide comments- she’s a non-traditionalist who isn’t afraid to get angry and fight for what she believes in, and is occasionally taken by flights of fancy to disappear for days at a time, only to return with strange items and gifts for them all. She’s almost thought of as the strange little sister, who nobody really understands, but they have to love anyway.

She’s also a terrible person to go to for advice, mostly because she’s very blunt and she knows you won’t listen to her anyway, and will instead ask you questions on what you think you should do. She will, occasionally, tell some great stories, however. Nobody can ever be quite sure that they’re real, but they’ll be entertaining and take up an entire class period anyway. She’s very easily distracted, but when she’s on a roll, nothing can stop her from being something of a show off, sometimes showing them extravagant charms and expecting them to learn from that alone. She will, however, serious up at times and be quite stern when need be.


Alice Liddell was born the second daughter in a pureblood family. Her sister Charlotte was seven years older than her, and her parents weren’t well off or particularly influential, though admired- her father made timepieces, and her mother sewed elegant robes and hats for higher-class witches and wizards alike. From a young age, an appreciation of craftsmanship was instilled in the girls, although a love of hard work was a bit harder to come by, at least for Alice. Alice was somewhat lazy, though incredibly intelligent and precocious.

Alice’s older sister Charlotte was born with a condition that made her extremely weak, prone to seizures and hallucinations. Their parents – especially their mother – thus waited hand and foot on Charlotte, afraid to leave her alone long. Alice resented this for much of her early childhood, lashing out at all of them quite often.

This steadied out by the time she was four. Charlotte had gotten her acceptance letter to Hogwarts – but was deemed unfit to attend thanks to her medical necessities. Instead, her father’s friend and former business partner, Charles Hase, moved in with the family to oversee Charlotte’s studies himself.

Charles was an intelligent, capable wizard, good-humored and patient. He’d pursued a further magical education after completing his stint at Hogwarts by travelling all around Europe, searching out ways other people did magic. As such, when he’d returned to Great Britain he was down on his luck with little outlets for his knowledge beyond tutoring. Alice’s father took him in- they’d be unable to pay him, but offering him a space and food was more than enough for him.

Though he focused on teaching Charlotte, he had Alice tag along on their study sessions. Much of it flew over Alice’s head, as she much preferred to play or to daydream up adventures, but it did help in one very specific way – it fostered a proper relationship between her and Charlotte. She grew to admire her older sister for her intelligence and capability, and much of her anger towards her faded. It helped that when ‘classes’ weren’t in session, Charles would play with the young Alice and give her some much-needed companionship.

Alice’s showed a sharp aptitude for magic by the time she was six. However, she also showed an incredibly fanciful nature that started to worry her parents. She would run off at times, disappear out of the garden for upwards of an hour. One day specifically, she was gone for most of the morning and into the afternoon. Fearing the worst, Charles went to find her.

Alice was stuck in a deep hole, having tripped on the way down. She was without injuries, having been able to slow her fall with the magic young witches and wizards have, but was definitely scared and tired. Charles was able to lift her out and carry her home, listening to her babble on about a strange disappearing cat and a fully-dressed rabbit, both of whom she’d chased out there. He elected not to tell her parents.

As she grew older, these situations became more frequent. Alice was never able to be kept in one place, it was very hard to keep her from going other places. She would occasionally come back with injuries through her travels, telling her parents the things she’d see and feel – strange things even for the wizarding world, such as the flowers in the garden talking to her, and the same cat she’d mentioned before. Initially, they thought them to be childhood flights of fancy, but as she grew older, they only seemed to get worse and more violent – viewing cases of abuse at a house that wasn’t there in the woods, or talking about various people she’d meet (a queen who wanted to decapitate everyone in her kingdom was particularly unsavory). Still, her parents hoped she’d grow out of it- she didn’t have the same issues as her sister, and she seemed capable of handling herself with her wild imagination. On the upside, with Charlotte’s help, she was able to decipher what was real and what wasn’t- after all, there wasn’t anyone better to teach her.

Charles took her under his wing just as he had Charlotte, who by now was a young woman and writing books to pass her time. Alice was immediately proficient, especially in a variety of charms and transfiguration. Charles remained her only friend and deepest confidant, whom she developed something of a precocious crush on as she grew older. Charlotte as well was someone she was incredibly close with and confided in, often sleeping in her sister’s room with her. Charlotte would have Alice read what she wrote to give her opinions, would teach her various spells and help her technique, and would tell her all the things she’d think and feel about life and their parents, whom she felt were too restrictive and sheltering. She wanted to see the world.

So, Alice, now sixteen, decided her twenty-three year old sister needed to see the world. The two girls, along with Charles, sneaked off shortly thereafter on a quick trip through the wizarding world’s London, exploring Diagon and Nocturne Alleys together as well as various other places, even seeing a Quidditch match. It was an incredibly fun day- but Charlotte was exhausted halfway through the planned festivities, and they had to go home.

Charlotte’s condition worsened immediately. Evidently the cold winter weather and light rain had been bad for her health, resulting in a fever, seizures and, soon, a deep sleep she was unable to wake from.

She passed away that January, in the wake of a massive storm. Charles was turned away, the Liddell parents believing he was responsible for what happened to their older daughter.

Alice was a wreck. She’d bottled up her emotions during the whole time her sister’s health was fading, having massive headaches and holding back her own hallucinations that were starting up full force. She ran away when her father told her the news of Charlotte’s death and Charles’ departure, running into the storm with nothing but her wand.

Everything sort of happened at once. She wasn’t able to tell what was real and what wasn’t, for the first time in years. She could swear she grew tall enough to see through the clouds during the rain, that she’d seen her sister- then that she’d grown small enough to drown in puddles and see massive turtles and mice swimming by. She was found by her father in the woods, spluttering, cold, and sobbing uncontrollably, repeating that she’d killed her sister over and over again.

It took her months to get back to some level of normalcy. She’d grown distant and catatonic at the loss of both her sister and mentor, refusing to leave her room most of the time. Her mother finally decided she needed to get out of the house, and sent her to live with her friend in France.

Alice called her Aunt Blanche. She’d gone to school with her mother, and though she was rather absent-minded and arrogant, she was very knowledgeable and helpful, especially as a Seer. She took Alice under her wing, determined to make her into a ‘proper young witch.’ This involved a more thorough magic education – which Alice detested, considering most of it beneath her or useless- and training in etiquette, which she also hated, but for the reason that she felt she was awful at it. Despite this, Blanche didn’t give up or give any lenience to Alice’s resistance, or let her wander off at all as she viewed it as inherently dangerous for a growing witch. In general, she gave her a much better structure and routine than she was used to, which she initially hated.

However, the longer Alice stayed in France, the better-rounded she became. Her hallucinations became less often and less pronounced, which Blanche attributed to getting a better hold on her magic. She became more in tune with her feelings and thoughts, but still struggled in various obvious aspects.

She left Blanche’s care at 23, going back home to Britain to visit. Her father had gotten much more involved in his business in the wake of her sister’s passing, her parents becoming estranged at home as her mother had little to do besides sew. They welcomed her back gladly, though there was still an air of tension to their relationships.

Alice explored, in a much more controlled way, the world around her and magical London. She’d grown distant from various aspects of it, especially Quidditch, but found it fun to see the areas she’d never seen before. She got a small job at her father’s workplace, being given a few galleons of spending money every once in a while.

It was on a trip to Hogsmeade that she first saw Charles again. He was fighting outside the Hog’s Head Inn when she stepped in, jinxing both him and his opponent with the Enbublio jinx. Apparently it was an issue of money, so Alice paid the apparent barman and let them both go. Charles recognized her immediately… as Charlotte. She put him up in a nearby inn, staying with him until he’d sobered up the next morning. He apologized, asking her how she’d been and what had gone on since then.

Alice hoped it would be the rekindling of a friendship- though she didn’t tell her parents about it, as they still forbade talk of him in the house. She didn’t understand just yet that Charles had become something of a wreck himself since they’d last seen one another- a drunk and a general scoundrel, racking up debts he was unable to repay and becoming quite vindictive of the Liddells, to the point of putting up slanderous posters in various corners of the wizarding world against her father.

Alice still went into it with childlike naiveté, with the hopes that she could bring her family together again like they used to be. She met with Charles in secret every weekend, telling him the news of home and about everything she’d seen and was currently doing. He still drank often, though she asked him to stop- he would for a few visits, before going right back into it.

The last meeting they had was shortly after she discovered all the vitriolic posters that were costing her father business were in fact from him. She confronted him with all the fury she could muster up, storming through the inn to the room he stayed in.

He came clean, after starting out with lies about how her father had stolen ideas from him – the truth was, he hated her father. He believed he’d been hurt more than anyone by Charlotte’s death- because they’d been planning on eloping for a year previous, but had never found the time. Alice was heartbroken and horrified, especially upon discovery that Charles had been made to leave once that had been discovered, not for her sister’s death. He turned that small factoid, the whole trip that they had gone on, against her.

It was her fault Charlotte died. She couldn’t just wait until summer, or leave well enough alone, no- she had to push for them to go in mid-November, when Charlotte was already ill. He went a step further, tearing her down for her innocent view of the world and her inability to control her ‘imagination,’ stating that everything she’d ever told him was all in her head, and blaming her for his eventual estrangement from the family.

She left in tears, after giving him a jelly-legs curse for his trouble. For the first time in months, she had a vivid hallucination that she couldn’t tell wasn’t real, involving massive plants and a caterpillar with the same voice as Charles, first giving her what seemed like helpful (though genuinely harmful if she should listen, like saying that jumping out of a window will solve her heartache), then becoming nightmarish as she started to come out of it, the creature getting angry and violent, with many other caterpillars sprouting up through the ground to swarm her.

When she woke up, she was lying on the ground of her bedroom at home, having fallen and hit her head. She felt sick and confused, but didn’t tell her parents. In fact, she packed up quickly, leaving on the next train to France and leaving a letter of apology to her parents on her bed.

Back in France with Blanche, Alice struggled to focus again, being reeled in properly with her Aunt there to help her figure it out. For the first time since Charlotte and Charles, she confided in someone about her fears and anxieties. Blanche was growing old and starting to be unable to care for her in a proper capacity, but listened calmly, and finally suggested she teach at the French school of magic. After all, Alice was incredibly talented in charms, and the position had just opened up. Blanche believed that having that structure once again, as well as being given a goal and people to help, would keep her steady enough.

So she applied, and was given the job almost immediately, going to live at the school and visit her family and aunt as often as she can. Blanche was right- the school is a good fit to keep her stable, but during the summer offers more than enough freedom for her to ‘go exploring.’

The previous year she left to India, a longtime dream of her’s. She met other witches and wizards while there, making proper friends for the first time and going to extravagant (though she didn’t quite understand the occasions) parties. Her friends and her parted ways in August, though she’s committed to sending them letters as often as she can.

She’s determined to make this school year a good one, and hopes nothing will go wrong.

"--You'll understand that this is being recorded, of course. We've got a pretty cool recorder, see, it's-"
"Technomagic-based, yep. Looks like it was based off of the skeleton of one of Da Vinci's art books. I dated Tadashi Hamada - despite what I said at the elections last year, I'm not a complete idiot."

"...Ooookay well first of all, Miss Liddell, tell us why you're... re-applying for the Charms position?"
"I mean, I left my post - when, after OWLS and NEWTS? So it's not like I can just waltz right back in there without going through you guys first."

"Well yes, but why do you want your position back?"
"Because it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I love working with kids and I love the environment Beauxbatons gave me - my aunt Blanche always said that structure was the most important thing for me, and she was incredibly right, you know?"

"I see. What made you vacate your position - and for what seems like just a summer and some change...?"
"Well, if I'd have known it would have just been that, I wouldn't have left in the first place, right? Seems pretty stupid. ---But I get what you're asking. I had a breakdown."


Name: Alice Liddell is the name of the girl whom Alice in the books is based off of. ‘Philomena’ means ‘strength of mind, body, and spirit.’

Wand: Cedar denotes loyalty and strong magic; unicorn tail bonds strongly to its owner and its magic is consistent- consistency is something she needs.

Patronus: Of course this is the white rabbit.

Her personality as a child remains faithful to both the book and the various movie adaptions, though especially the Disney version – down to the temper issues she has. In her grown-up personality, the ‘advice’ portion is of course a reference to the fact that Alice gives herself ‘very good advice, but she very seldom follows it.’

Charlotte is of course her sister in the movie; her mother is a seamstress mostly thanks to the idea that she made the girls very pretty dresses growing up, and her father makes timepieces which are featured throughout Alice in Wonderland (specifically with the white rabbit). Charles is taking another piece from Alice Liddell’s real life- he’s Lewis Carroll, though he also doubles as the caterpillar.

In that same vein, Blanche is the White Queen from Through the Looking Glass, And What Alice Saw There.

Her adventures are her various hallucinations that everyone around her marks off as ‘exception imagination,’ leading back to the idea that Alice in Wonderland was just a dream in the Disney movie. She frequently gets lost just as she does in the Tulgey Wood.

The tea party, however, is real, in her adventures through India with new friends.

The ‘nightmarish turn’ her hallucinations take are mostly references to the modern retellings of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.

She has a propensity for charms and transfiguration because of the various things Alice does to change the world around her (or various things the world does to change her) – size changing and floating namely.

Introduce your shipper here.


Fill in for friends.


Fill in for lovers.


Fill in for enemies.


Fill in for any other relationships.
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 Posted: 22 Sep 2016, 12:33 PM


Welcome to
Bombarda Maxima!

Penny I love all of your apps but this is probably my favorite XD I'll probably say that with each new one, but really, this was just absolutely lovely! I looooved the Disney Alice growing up but never had a chance to read any of the books and haven't seen any of the new movies, so this was nice to see the care you took to tie it all together. As always I adore your connections and the detail that went into molding the canon into our site lore and the Potterverse in general. Excellent work, my dear!

post in the claims board, and then reply to your app when you're done to get your member group changed so you can start posting!
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