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 The Rules
Sigyn !
 Posted: 1 May 2016, 10:30 AM


As I’m sure is the first rule on every site, the most important point here is to be kind and polite to all members. We want this site to be a friendly, happy place for people to enjoy, and so we will not tolerate aggressive and unkind behaviour. This is both on and off site - nobody can have beef off site and expect it to not become an issue here. If you have a problem with the behaviour of another member, or with anything at all really, please report it to either Sigyn or M. Sigyn is known as ‘The Arbiter’ for a reason, she will handle any and all disputes professionally so never feel afraid to bring an issue to her.

We’re not very strict on activity here because we realise everyone has real lives to attend to. All that we ask is that you post with each character at least once a month in order to get through our activity checks. Activity requirements are more strict with characters who have vital roles in the RP Heads of schools, the Minister for Magical Education and the Minister of Magic need at least one post every two weeks, and active participation in any important plots. In order to MAKE one of these VIP characters, the member must be able to show this level of activity with all of their other characters for at least one month. (Ex: Making Minister of Magic as your fourth character? You must be able to show posts with your first three that have occurred every two weeks for one month.)

On this note, you must have an active thread with every character you have before you create another or it won’t be accepted. An active thread in both of these senses is a thread that has had at least one reply in the past month. This means just posting up an open thread won't count until someone actually replies to it. After making a character, you must also leave at least one week before applying for a new character. This is basically so that we get a chance to see your newest creation in action and to make sure it's not accidentally overshadowed by the next one. Once you have 5 characters this requirement increases to 2 threads per previous character before you can make the next. After dropping a character, you must wait at least one week before applying for a new character.

We don't have a minimum word count here on Bombarda and we welcome members of every ability, but we do have a couple of guidelines to help you out regarding length and word count. The main one is to check with your roleplay partner about matching their post length. The vast majority of us don't mind if you match or not and just like writing whatever we fee like at the time, and overall Bombarda has no rule about matching post length - however if you're not sure if that's okay in your current thread, check with your writing partner. The second piece of advice we have revolves around rapid-fire threads. We do actively encourage these, it's a good way to plot things quickly or see how two characters will interact. Rapid-fire's focus on getting through a thread quickly, maximising interactions as supposed to having extra detail in each post, and generally follow the rule that every post should be less than 300 words. We have a board dedicated to them, so if you have a thread where your posts are around the 100-200 word mark or less, please post it in the Rapid-fire board. It doesn't matter if you forget, this just helps us keep things organised where we can.

Last thing here is on mature threads. Now that we're premium, we can set our own rules about how we handle these so I'm going to lay it out here. The general rating of the site, as with all JCINK sites, is PG-13. If you post a thread or an app or anything really that goes above a PG-13 rating, please put that post withing restricted tags so: [*restricted] [*/restricted] without the *. This will hide the post until someone inputs their birthday into the site, after which all restricted tagged posts will become visible again. Because of this, it is still necessary to tag thread titles as otherwise there is no warning. Therefore, if a thread is mature because of graphic sex, please tag its title with an (S). If it is mature because of graphic violence, please tag it with a (V). If it is mature for any other reason, i.e. gratuitous swearing or drug use, or if you are unsure at all, please tag it with an (M). This rule is in place from January 2017 when we became a premium site, so all threads prior to this should have been tagged with a generic (M). One extra note though, restricted tags do not work in PMs. Therefore, if you are continuing any mature threads in PM as we are aware some people do, it is not acceptable to do this with anyone under the age of 18. Members' ages are stated in their profiles so just click a character's name to confirm that if you're unsure. Since we can't view PMs and check this rule is being followed, we're trusting you on this one guys.


The canon your character is based on must be from an animated source. This will be film, TV, or games most often, and includes all Disney characters, all anime characters and so on and so forth. If you’re not sure if the canon you have in mind will be applicable, just PM a staff member or ask in the cbox and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Please register on the site with your character’s first and last name in lowercase. If you make a mistake, no worries, just go into your control panel and change it.

While we’re on the subject of mini profiles, your application will not be accepted until you’ve filled in all the compulsory sections. This includes an avatar, canon, fandom, patronus, boggart, age, occupation, relationship status, profile GIF and two mini profile GIFs. For the two small profile GIFs, the first should be a GIF of your canon character and the second should be a GIF of your face claim. The larger profile GIF should also be your canon character. If you have any issues with this, just ask a staff member for help.

We will only accept one version of any one canon on this site. So for instance, if a Phoenix Wright based on the games is already created, this also encompasses the Phoenix Wright from the anime and so a second character cannot be made with this canon.

Also, the majority of the time a member can usually only make one canon from a fandom. However, if you ask a staff member's permission and if the other canon you wanted to make was a minor character in the fandom (or if your first one was), this may be reconsidered. Basically if having a second canon would not interfere with the first, a second canon can be made. So for example, if you made Belle from Beauty and the Beast, you couldn't then make Gaston or the Beast. But if you wanted to make one of the three blondes or La Fou or the wardrobe, that would probably be ok.

One other thing to note is that you can change the age of your character, either up or down, if you think that is fitting and will not affect the canon too much. If for example, a big life event happened to them as they grew up, it might not be logical to play them before that event because it makes the canon who they are. This gives you the freedom to play the characters before or after the portion of their life you see them in in their canon, which is always a fun challenge for writers.

In terms of genderswapping, if a character has a clearly defined gender, this must be kept to. However, if the gender of a character is not expressly stated or could be questionable, i.e. the magic carpet from Aladdin, you may change their gender. If you're unsure about any particular character, just ask a staff member and we'll let you know our thoughts.


As always, if you have any questions, problems, complaints or anything else, please do bring them to Sigyn and we will be happy to assist you!

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