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 ROGERS, STEVE, captain america from marvel
steve rogers
 Posted: 4 Jul 2018, 08:51 PM


steven grant rogers



steven grant rogers


thirty five

Member Group

beauxbatons staff

Pref. Pronoun

he / him / his

Face Claim

chris evans

Sexual Orientation




ex-auror, current beauxbatons d.a.d.a professor


beauxbatons academy


Gryffindor Alum


Blood Status



oak, phoenix feather, 11 3/4 in.


being incapable to save those around him, he sees everyone he knows and cares for dead at his feet, and knows and feels that it is his fault he couldn't save them.'

Patronus and memory

his corporeal patronus takes the form of a bald eagle. the memory he uses to produce it is of the rare instances his father was good to him and his mother and his mom looked happy, and their house felt like a home.

Dementor-induced memory

his mother wasting away in bed as she died from her illness and own self neglect.

Mirror of Erised

him sitting at table, a tremendous dinner in front of him , after having slaved and played in the kitchen together with bucky and peggy, them sitting on either side of him.







pm me or add me on discord

Other Characters

none at the moment.


lion hearted, golden hearted, kind hearted. steve rogers is a genuinely good guy. every positive adjetive you can think of that has to do with the heart, this guy probably embodies it, and he doesn't do so for any ulterior motive it's simply because he cares, that much for those around him. some people would argue that there are lovers and then there are fighters, steve somehow manages to be both. he fights because he loves.steve is the defender, the protector, the advocate. it's strange though because steve use to be a small guy, weak, sickly, and yet he never let that stop him from coming to the aid of someone else, even if he was out manned or out numbered. in the face of beatings he was somehow dauntless, despite the physical pain he might soon be made to endure. those around him see this, they see how warm he is very easily. he has a sympathetic, endearing, and charming disposition about him. it makes him come off as a people person, because it is so rare that he rubs others the wrong way or tries to make enemies. you would think that steve is an extrovert, but in actuality he is more introverted than anything else. he's always been a rather shy person since his youth, more comfortable with small intimate groups than large masses. he can handle either, but he prefers a few small connections rather than a lot of shallow ones. this is probably due to the fact that steve is one of those people who is happiest when his friends and loved ones are happy and if he had a huge circle of frinends he wouldhave to run around like a chicken with it's head cut off trying to make sure that no one's life is falling down around their ears, because that is just the kind of friend he is. loyal, dependable, caring, if there is anything steve can do to help in any way, shape, or form, in any situation, he will do his best to do so.


most babies, if the parents are lucky, come into this world screaming. you did not. it was the healers first sign that something was amiss with the rogers' son. it had never been a worry in sarah's mind that her son might not be healthy. her husband was strong and hearty, despite his afflictions. she worried that perhaps it was her genes that caused the baby to be weak, but there was no fault to be had. despite less than ideal health you survived. the healers said that if nothing else, you had a strong will, because there had been various complications along the way. the newborn that was brought into the world in the wee hours on july fourth, wouldn't be able to recall those complications, but you would never forget the ones that were soon to come.

your parent's were not lucky, and neither were you. born to an already shamed pureblood family, it was only made worse when joseph rogers struggled with magic in his youth, and eventually was labeled a squib for his poor magical abilities and lack there of. sarah on the other hand had moved to europe with her family from the united states to start a new life for themselves. their marriage was one of convenience that, was lucky enough for a moment, a very brief moment at that. their marriage had love in it at first, before it all went to shit. sarah wanted an in, her family wanted her to marry above their status, and who was joseph going to get as a squib, so he agreed. being looked down on his whole life because of what he was, and then marrying a woman who was better with magic than he was eventually made him bitter. but at first he tried to be a good husband, just as sarah tried to be a good wife. it didn't last.

for a short while before and after you were born, things were good. but the struggle of caring for a sick baby ate away at the new parents, each one blaming themselves and then blaming the other in turn, twisting their love into something ugly. it was only a matter of time before joseph started heavily drinking day in and day out. then it wasn't long after that that his internal anger at himself and at his wife turned outward. you were too young back then to fully understand it, but it still hurt you deeply everytime your father raised a hand at your mother. you would always go to her after, hug her tight even when you had no words to fix the things that were broken. you were too young to understand or blame yourself for the issues of your parents.

then one at a time they were gone. your father got so drunk one night at a bar and got into a bar fight that resulted in his untimely death. it was no skin of your back really, but it left your mother in a worse place than she had been while he had lived. eventually she succombed to an illness that slowly took her from you, leaving you an orphan in the world. you were placed in a home where you had to hide what you were, counting down the days until your eleventh birthday. when finally that day came it was the happiest of your life, and later that same day you headed to diagon alley to purcharse everything on your school list. it was there that you met him. being the son of two dead parents, one a pureblood squib, you did not expect to make friends easily when you started hogwarts. but that ceased to matter when you met james buchanan barnes that day in diagon alley while you both shopped for supplies.

you were actually in an alley getting picked on by three boys who had seen your tattered clothes and had nothing better to do than to pick on you. you weren't scared though, your last few years with your father you had taken worst hits than they could ever dream of giving you. so you stood your ground, even though you were getting the beans beat out of you. that was when bucky showed up, everything you weren't, cool, intimidating, well dressed. even so you told him you hadn't needed his help. [i]"i could do this all day"[/b], you had told him. he had just laughed, shaking his head, and took you to go get cleaned up. he didn't care about your story, even after you had told it to him. the two of you spent all day together, and it was the best day you had had in a really long time, it got you through the rest of your summer, a smile on your face as you counted down the days until you could ride to hogwarts with your new, albeit, only friend.

the sorting hat placed you in gryffindor, and you really didn't understand why at first, in your head it was not as though you had ever been truly courageous. the hat saw something in you that you didn't, and you were glad for that because it meant you got to go sit down at the end of the gryffindor table with james, who had been sorted there at the start of the ceremony. relief had washed over you as you sat beside him, being in seperate houses might have caugsed a budding friendship to wither. instead it only grew stronger. together the two of you braved your lessons, your favorites quicly becoming defense against the dark arts, which you had a surprising talent for, and charms which you found the most interesting. no two days at hogwarts were the same and most were enjoyable but not all.

despite having one the coolest guys in your year as your best friend, next to him you were nothing. sickly weak, stevie. you never let on to bucky how bad the bullying was, though you always figured he knew when about it, especially after you insisted on joining the dueling club. you didn't want him to have to constantly come to your rescue, you wanted to be able to defend yourself. not to mention the others, it wasn't as though you were the only person getting picked on, and you cared far more about helping out the other kids than you did yourself, especially as you got older. the summers would be rough on you, being away from bucky, with limited ways of communicating, and very few trip opportunities to see one another. besides, you had to pick up a paper route and seep chimneys just so you could pay for your supplies for the next term. the work left you tired and resentful at times that this had become your life. but instead of wallowing over the hand you had been dealt, you chose to stay positive until you were back at hogwarts once more.

thanks to your less than optimum health, you never tried out for quidditch, in and out of the hospital wing for one reason or another, you wouldn't have been a very reliable player. that never stopped you from missing one of bucky's matches though. as he flew around on his broom, you were admist the crimson and gold supporters, his best friend, the first to congratulate him after a win, and to console him after a loss. it was not like bucky stayed your only friend, but he was your best friend, and that counted for so much more as the two of you got older and closer. you would save money to buy him a christmas gift, and he and his parents would spring for one for you, sometimes in the summers when you had the free time you would spend a couple days with him, or hours at a time that you both could spare.

honestly, the two of you didn't ever think you'd get seperated. when bucky's parents pulled him out of hogwarts, you were devestated. not only because you had just lost your best friend, but because it had been your fault he had gotten into the trouble in the first place. you felt so guilty that it caused you to get the sickest that you had ever been before, sick enough to send you from the hospital wing, to st. mungo's in your fifth year. it was there that you met healer elwood, a genius in his field looking to come up with a better version of the pepperup potion. it was his belief that you would be perfect for the trial, and you had nothing to lose. to this day you fail to comprehend how you got so lucky as to be the the one in a hundred trial patients that it worked on.

while other trial patients will never stop steaming from their orrifices, or are weaker than ever, while some will have random spikes in temperatures, and worse, you were able to go back to school that same year, healthier than you had ever been, with the largest appetite you had ever had, growing as though you had hit puberty twice somehow. it was great, as your life started looking up, despite having no one to celebrate this with, you had no idea that bucky's wastaking a turn for the worst. though the two of you stayed in touch here and there, he hid his misfortunes from you, much the same way you had done with him. you had to work extra hard to catch up to your peers after missing months out of the term, in your year it was no small feat. you managed to scrape through with passing grades in everything that mattered, everything that was required to become an auror, which was the dream you shared with bucky, which you had always assumed he would prevail in, and you would have to watch from the side lines. now that you were healthy, it wasn't so far fetched anymore.

it wasn't until summer that you saw bucky again, and having let nothing slip about your transformation, you eagerly awaited the look on his face when he saw the new you. you always felt so much less than in compairsson to him, it actually made you nervous when you saw him again, desperately hoping that now you would be more worthy, not having realized that your need to feel worthy of bucky steemed from more than just platonic feelings for your best friend. that summer the two of you were together more often than any summers before, even though he wasn't suppose to see you, you got swept up in the forbiddenness of it all, and in each other in general. the first real kiss the two of you shared made the wait more than worth it. that summer was the best of your life, and it ended far too soon, and everything you two had had seemed to fall away like the dying leaves off the trees in anticipation for winter.

during your sixth year and the year after you didn't hear from bucky, it was as though that special summer the two of you had shared had never happened. you wrote him, and you wrote him, and you never got a response. it was worse than when you lost him the first time. you quickly riverted back to believing you weren't good enough for him, and became sure that he had found someone better. thoughts like those helped you to move on, to stop day dreaming about him, or wondering what it was you did wrong, and eventually you stopped writing, and moved on with your life. when your graduated from hogwarts you had the recommendations and grades necessary to become an auror, so you entered the program, and that was where you met her.

margret "peggy" carter. a year ahead of you in the auror trainee program. she was like your mentor, she helped you become first in your class and when you became a full fledged auror the two of you were paired together often. spending all that time with someone forges and fosters the tyep of connection you had been afraid to make for a while now. while most people fall in love slowly, you have always fallen in all at once only to realize it later. once again something prescious and new was snabbed away from you all too soon. peggy was killed in the line of duty, and it broke your heart. together the two of you had locked up so many criminally inclined witches and wizards, you had made names for yourselves. when you lost her it left you feeling inadequate again, and more alone than ever. her feath was proof that despite all the people you saved, all the wrongs you tried to right, you couldn't save them all, you can't do everything alone, and yet you were alone.

not that long after losing peggy did news of james buchanan barnes travel through the grape vines and reach your ears. you had always expected that bucky would be in the auror program with you or ahead of you and when he wasn't you figured that perhaps his life goals had changed, and you didn't question it or check up on him, after all he had deserted you. when you learned about the trial and his incarceration, he had already been locked up for plenty of years, and despite not having heard from him while back at school, you found yourself angry that you hadn't been told anything about what was going on with him. you had been a rising star that your superiors hadn't wanted to drag down by telling you about the goingons of an old school chum. they had dilberately left you in the dark so you could further your career unhindered.

you read all the case files, you talked to people who had testified, and the wizengamot chairs, and everything they told you didn't quite equal up to the james you had once known. it didn't make any sense, and even though you had no real way of knowing he was innocent, there was a feeling in your gut that told you he was. so you went to azakaban to see him, sure that he had never had any visiotrs, perhaps a friendly face would raise his spirits, though after so long under the watch of the dementors you were quite certain of what kind of state you would find your old friend in. you were right, bucky had seen better times. hair overgrown, arm missing, eyes so tortured and without hope, he seemed to barely recognize you, which of course tore you up inside. needing something to throw yourself into after losing peggy, you relentlessly pursued and lead that would prove james innocent and get him out of azakban. despite all the time that you had been apart you knew in your heart that bucky wasn't capable of what he had been convicted of. so without mercy you pretty much hunted the culprits down, turning over every stone for clues at times and coming up with nothing, but still you continued.

eventually your determination paid off. you brought the people responsible for torturing bucky and using the imperius curse on him to murder those people to justice, and you got bucky freed. the look on his face when you told him you were getting him out of azkaban, it was beyond disbelief, beyond being grateful, beyond words. it made you realize that the law you had so valiantly tried to uphold over the years had failed him, that no matter how hard you tried sometimes it was too late to save people. it was that line of thinking that made you realize that you didn't want to catch the criminals after the fact, you wanted to prevent people from becoming criminals. perhaps taking the defense against the dark arts post at beauxbatons, after bucky was offered the care taker position, was a weird way of thinking you could do that, but you believed that molding minds for the future, bringing them up in better ways would prevent them from later being criminals. thanks to the integration of the schools you felt you could reach even more students, and though you hadn't opposed the idea before it had been implemented, you wholeheartedly stood behind it now. of course, only time will tell if you've made any impact on the students who have passed through your classroom doors, hopefully in a positive way.


name: steven grant rogers is his name in the comics and i kept the name here, since there is a simple and honest ring to it.

parents: in the comics steven loses his parents at a very young age, and that is something that my steven also had to deal with.

patronus: as the spirit of captain america, what other patronus could steve have besides that of a bald eagle. it's the emblem for the u.s, righteous, resilient, and royal it's perfect for steve. i find it on par with the gryffindor lion, as king of the jungle and king of the skies.

best friend: though in the comics steve and bucky meet in boot camp, here they meet before they start schooling at hogwarts, and become and remain the best of friends despite time and distanc, among other thingse.

house: i sorted steve into gryffindor, though he would have made a great hufflepuff due to his loyalty and dedication, he pretty much embodies bravery, justice, and goodness, while still being able to pull of a playful air i attribute to gryffindors when the mood strikes him.

stature: for the first half of his life steve was small and lanky, he was a fighter even still, but through certain circumstances he transformed.

transformation: in the comics steve takes a syrum that makes him a super soilder, here he takes a potion that effected him in somewhat the same way.

auror: from the get go steve is a fighter, and he fights for what is right. it only made sense to make him an auror, for him to want to catch the bad guys, and help save make the world a better place.

d.a.d.a professor: i also think this is a fitting occupation for steve in that he's an old soul, [he's suppose to be over a hundred] and that he has a lot of wisdom to impart. he lead factions of the avengers and imo i lowkey like a father/teacher figure to wanda. love: he fell in love with a woman named margaret "peggy" carter whom died before their relationship ever truly got off the ground.

erised: honestly i believe that if things had gone differently, if they had lived in another time, and all of them had been the same age at once, that steve would have been in a polyamrous relationship with both bucky and peggy.

so if you don't know steve rogers, aka captain america, you've been living under a rock. so good luck with that patrick. jk. but on the real steve was a famous auror up until about a year ago. he is someone other's look to for guidance and protection, advice and assurances. he's a good guy, one of those people who truly has a heart of gold because he almost never makes a selfish decision. he cares about others first and takes care of himself second. now he teaches defense against the dark arts at beauxbatons and is trying to influence the adults of tomorrow to be better people than those that came before them.


like i said steve is a great guy, loyal and protective when it comes to his friends, he would do anything for the people he cares about. while not the most outgoing guy, he still manages to endear himself to people. most people like him instantly, and it just takes him a while to figure out if he likes you or not. but i don't see him having a small or huge circle of friends. i think it would just be in the middle, duh cuz what's left. just a decent amount of people he would say he's close to and vis versa.


so steve has only been in love twice in his whole life. first and foremost with his best friend james. they had a summer romance that ended once school started again, they were young and it was rather innocent. though they stopped talking for years the love didn't fade it just eventually took a back seat to a new love. steve loved a woman, his partner pretty much, but she died and well it broke his heart. he didn't think he'd be able to love again after having lost bucky years before and then losing peggy. but he's fallen right back into loving buck again. if anyone wants to have there been something small in between i'm down for that.


now i said that almost everyone steve meets likes him instantly. that other part of almost is what we would have here. some people steve rubs the wrong way with his very unwavering moral compass and his goody two shoes attitude. suffice to say if you deal in illegal things or are just a bad person he won't be entirely too fond of you. but exceptions can be made and enemies to friends plots are fun. but enemies in general are also great because i live for the angst.


uh, anything else you can think up would go here, and trust me i'm probably down to do it all so hmu.
 Posted: 5 Jul 2018, 12:30 AM

Welcome to
Bombarda Maxima!

Yayyy Steve! The edit to his connections was just what I was looking for. Cap is my fav MCU Avenger and I am way hyped to have him onsite. Great idea registering/apping him on the 4th of July, too. I like the way you've translated him onto Bombarda and I am looking forward to seeing where his DADA Prof adventures take him!

post in the claims board, and then reply to your app when you're done to get your member group changed so you can start posting!
james barnes
 Posted: 5 Jul 2018, 07:18 PM


steve rogers forgive me while i cry about everything.........i’ll hit you up on discord to figure out what we wanna do and where we wanna start but i’m just so excited and i’m sorry that bucky is probably gonna just be seen wherever steve is a lot of the time coz 👀 u know why
jim hawkins-wrynn
 Posted: 5 Jul 2018, 09:13 PM

steve rogers and jim hawkins-wrynn I kno I've already poked you about them on discord but we need to thread these two. They're gonna be adorable and super fun

Steve and loki laufeyson marvel boys need to meet. <3 he's helpful towards bucky too. But these two are gonna be super fun.

Takumi Sumeragi
 Posted: 5 Jul 2018, 11:05 PM

Well as I promised, steve rogers this is my kiddo Takumi! He's a seventh year at Beauxbatons now, and he has huuuuge aspirations to become an Auror someday despite most people assuming he's too flighty for it. He'd probably latch onto Steve, after hearing he was once an Auror, and might ask for career and life advice through. Maybe asking questions he shouldn't out of curiosity. I always love Takumi having teacher relationships so I'd love to see something like that!
rei ikari
 Posted: 9 Jul 2018, 04:04 PM


Hello and welcome! May I introduce Ms. Rei Ikari, she just graduated from Beaubaxtons with this activity check, but she was a student there for the last three years after transferring there; I don't know how long Steve was her professor, but she was one of the better students and was one of the better DADA students in her year.

She is currently employed as an apprentice dueler, maybe Steve still gives her advice and comes to see her matches? We can also do somethings in the past with them as student/teacher if you're interested to see how they interact.

I also have Morticia Addams the headmistress of Durmstrang if you'd like to throw plots at her, and in the near future I will be finishing up Jim's husband Aslan who will be working with Steve as the Hospital Warden in Beaubaxtons.

steve rogers

Steve & Rei
steve rogers
 Posted: 9 Jul 2018, 10:56 PM


james barnes heh, i am so ready for this! equally as excited and we need to get our threads started like asap. <3

jim hawkins-wrynn sorry this is late, but i already love what we've plotted and can't wait to reply to our thread!

loki laufeyson ugh, i love loki, high key my fav marvel helpful villain, lol. i need steve to have to put up with his sass okay. so we should def plot them more and figure out something to do with these two in the near future.

Takumi Sumeragi well these two would have known each other for a year, seeing as steve started teaching at the beginning of last term, so takumi's sixth year. and now they will have another year with one another. so we will def have to see how these two interact, and see if steve can help him any, lol.

rei ikari thank you!!! nice to meet your babies <3 steve would have only known her the one year but if she was talented he def would have taken notice of her. i can def see steve being supportive of her like that, because that's the type of guy that he is! and i would be down for that.

i will go read up on morticia and see if i can think of anything, or if you do before i get to it pls lmk!!

and lastly omg, i can't wait to see jim and his husband!! aslan and jim can go on double dates with steve and bucky!! i'm already crying over the thought!!!
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