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yuri plisetsky


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28 May 2017, 04:15 PM
<style type='text/css'> .brisbd {width: 265px; background: #f9f9f9; padding: 10px; margin: auto; border: solid 1px #dfdfdf;} .brisinfo {width: 244px; padding: 10px; background: #fff; border-top: solid 1px #efefef; border-right: solid 1px #efefef; border-left: solid 1px #efefef;} .brisn {width: 246px; background: #d44e84; /* ACCENT */ padding: 10px; text-align: center; font-family: 'Arial', sans-serif; font-size: 8px; color: #ffffff; text-transform: uppercase; letter-spacing: 2px;} .brispost {width: 244px; background: #fff; padding: 10px; border-right: solid 1px #efefef; border-left: solid 1px #efefef; border-bottom: solid 1px #efefef;} .bristxt {width: 242px; text-align: justify; font-family: 'Calibri', sans-serif; font-size: 11px; color: #222; letter-spacing: .05px; line-height: 13px;} .bristxt b {color: #d44e84; /* ACCENT */ font-size: 12px;}</style>

<div class="brisbd"><div class="brisinfo"><img src="" style="max-width: 100%; min-width: 100%; height: auto"></div>
<div class="brisn">BOOK MARKING, HE'S SO CLOSE NOW</div>

<div class="brispost"><div class="bristxt">

Yuri was trying to get his mind off of everything happening in his life right now, and one of the nicest places between the three campuses was the Hogwarts lake. Sadly, it wasn't frozen over anymore - June was almost here, and the sun was blazing everywhere. France was getting humid, Durmstrang was always a wasteland and Yuri wasn't particularly interested in dealing with a Russian-like climate... Hogwarts was at least a bit breezy. <p>

Blowing off his practice for just a few hours - his coach would get his text message soon enough, he was sure of it - Yuri found a shady tree by the lake and laid beneath it, using his bookbag as a pillow. It wasn't of much use as a bookbag, even though it thankfully looked like he was going to barely scrape by in his classes this semester. Thank God. If he'd been held back on top of everything else, his next skating routine would be set to the seminal online parody "Fuck It All", and would have the world's first attempt at using a wall slam for points. <p>

His tank top rustled in the breeze as he pulled some sunglasses over his eyes to better see the world around him. People were all around the lake, but no one was really bothering him. He saw Mani walking around with a yellow parasol, talking to a blonde Durmstrang girl excitedly; there was a group of boys closer to the castle joking and laughing; a gangly redheaded man was putting the moves on a blonde girl whose flirtations lined up with his wants. Everyone seemed at ease.<p>

Why didn't Yuri feel at ease?<p>

Maybe it was because he'd seen Yuuri again. Yuri was hoping that it wouldn't make things worse, but of course it did. It was just his way. Yuuri was too impossibly beautiful to forget about entirely, and for all everyone gushed about his eros and his routines and the way his eyes sparkled on the ice... it was the image of him wrapped in a fluffy sweater with his glasses falling down the bridge of his nose that made Yuri blush the most. At least no one could see him blushing right now. He was just relaxing on a nice summer's day. No one could begrudge him that!<p>

He had brought a book, but it laid uselessly next to his legs. For once, it wasn't a book on how to actually perform spells at your age level; it was a book his coach had given him about Johnny Weir. Maybe his coach was trying to reach out to him. Yuri didn't give him the satisfaction of knowing that it might have worked. He simply hummed to himself, continuing to watch people pal around on the lazy May day.<P>

lance ramirez - lol have fun lance</div>

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28 May 2017, 03:56 PM
<style type='text/css'> .brisbd {width: 265px; background: #f9f9f9; padding: 10px; margin: auto; border: solid 1px #dfdfdf;} .brisinfo {width: 244px; padding: 10px; background: #fff; border-top: solid 1px #efefef; border-right: solid 1px #efefef; border-left: solid 1px #efefef;} .brisn {width: 246px; background: #d44e84; /* ACCENT */ padding: 10px; text-align: center; font-family: 'Arial', sans-serif; font-size: 8px; color: #ffffff; text-transform: uppercase; letter-spacing: 2px;} .brispost {width: 244px; background: #fff; padding: 10px; border-right: solid 1px #efefef; border-left: solid 1px #efefef; border-bottom: solid 1px #efefef;} .bristxt {width: 242px; text-align: justify; font-family: 'Calibri', sans-serif; font-size: 11px; color: #222; letter-spacing: .05px; line-height: 13px;} .bristxt b {color: #d44e84; /* ACCENT */ font-size: 12px;}</style>

<div class="brisbd"><div class="brisinfo"><img src="" style="max-width: 100%; min-width: 100%; height: auto"></div>

<div class="brispost"><div class="bristxt">

Yuri was trying to work out how he'd lost all the ability to magic properly (that was the technical term right?) in the library. Oftentimes Yuri couldn't be found anywhere that wasn't the rink or the Elite dorm - he didn't even like spending a whole lot of his time in the classrooms, given that his teachers kept trying to get him to stay behind. Nope, he had shit to do! He had to go choreograph, or try and catch up on homework, or get angry at a wedding invitation! He led a full life.<p>

He walked through the most basic of magical books to try and find anything that might be able to knock him out of this funk. 'Simple Spells for Kids' was already tucked under his arm; it had a lot of in-depth instruction on wand movement and what kind of emotions helped craft certain spells. To be fair, he hadn't embarrassed himself terribly this week. He did manage to pull off a decent Cleaning Spell this week, decent enough to impress his Charms teacher, but he still couldn't get <i>Wingardium Leviosa</i> to work. Somehow.<p>

The titles didn't interest him too much. He sighed, moving to sit down at a table... when he noticed a face that made his brain cloud up in anger.<p>

Nagito Fuckin' Komaeda. This asshole. Sure, he was innocent, whatever, but his whole three-ring circus of an arrest and trial and imprisonment completely overshadowed the skating season in the Wizarding World. Yuri was used to a certain level of attention, and this year, it had all been lavished on some kid with a creepy uncle boyfriend? Come on. <p>

Were Yuri any sort of sensible, he'd just let his anger pass, go to check out his book and take it back to his dorm to read. He wasn't, so he sat right down opposite Nagito, practically slamming his children's book onto the table to grab his attention while his face was torn into a glowering scowl. <b>"So. You're back at school, then? They didn't expel you for all this?"</b><P>

Nagito Komaeda - this will be bad. very bad.</div>

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13 May 2017, 03:53 PM
<style type='text/css'> .brisbd {width: 265px; background: #f9f9f9; padding: 10px; margin: auto; border: solid 1px #dfdfdf;} .brisinfo {width: 244px; padding: 10px; background: #fff; border-top: solid 1px #efefef; border-right: solid 1px #efefef; border-left: solid 1px #efefef;} .brisn {width: 246px; background: #d44e84; /* ACCENT */ padding: 10px; text-align: center; font-family: 'Arial', sans-serif; font-size: 8px; color: #ffffff; text-transform: uppercase; letter-spacing: 2px;} .brispost {width: 244px; background: #fff; padding: 10px; border-right: solid 1px #efefef; border-left: solid 1px #efefef; border-bottom: solid 1px #efefef;} .bristxt {width: 242px; text-align: justify; font-family: 'Calibri', sans-serif; font-size: 11px; color: #222; letter-spacing: .05px; line-height: 13px;} .bristxt b {color: #d44e84; /* ACCENT */ font-size: 12px;}</style>

<div class="brisbd"><div class="brisinfo"><img src="" style="max-width: 100%; min-width: 100%; height: auto"></div>

<div class="brispost"><div class="bristxt">

Yuri was pissed, pissed, <i>pissed</i>.<p>

This wasn't really a new feeling for him - every single day, there was a new irritation to deal with. He knew that he wasn't the picture of stability, but the constant train of humiliations and stupidities was getting to be a bit much. Today, for instance, he'd managed to screw up one of the most basic charms in existence, Wingardium Leviosa. All he wanted to do was lift up a piece of paper from his desk in his room and put it on his bed, to continue working there. What he <i>actually</i> did was shoot the paper across the room and knock over one of his dormmate's stack of books. Yuri put them all back together, <i>without magic</i> because fuck that noise, and stomped off to the Elites Common Room to sulk.<p>

He hadn't written to Victor in a few weeks, and he didn't want to. Well... he wanted to write to the equivalent of Victor without having to deal with the actual Victor and his perfect life with his perfect fiance and their perfect fucking fluffy dog. Yuri didn't even hate the dog! He was just so mad and the dog was too cute and too happy with its new owners, paired in domestic bliss while Yuri got to deal with the fact that he was a magical washout who flubbed up the Grand Prix and lost the man he -<p>

...Yuri didn't admit the words to himself. Instead, he stared at his potions paper, the cause of all his grief. Literally all he had to do was summarize a chapter on the properties of Essence of Murtlap. That was it. It was easy. But his mental block was so strong that he just stared at the paper before him, the three or four sentences he'd squeezed out looking dumber and dumber by the second.<p>

He could go skating, but skating would just make things worse. People were watching him, everywhere. His stumble at the Grand Prix was a hot topic in the skating community, but not quite as hot a topic as the engagement of the fucking century <s>give me a break, engagement of the century? That was literally something Yuri read in a fanzine and it made him want to barf, scream, and cry all at the same time</s>. He earned some solace occasionally, like at the lake, but more and more it seemed like he couldn't get a moment to himself.<p>

Yuri didn't realize he'd bent the quill in his hand fully in half while he thought. Writing this essay was going to get a lot harder.<p>

Takumi Sumeragi - IT BEGINS </div>

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13 May 2017, 03:33 PM
<style type='text/css'> .brisbd {width: 265px; background: #f9f9f9; padding: 10px; margin: auto; border: solid 1px #dfdfdf;} .brisinfo {width: 244px; padding: 10px; background: #fff; border-top: solid 1px #efefef; border-right: solid 1px #efefef; border-left: solid 1px #efefef;} .brisn {width: 246px; background: #d44e84; /* ACCENT */ padding: 10px; text-align: center; font-family: 'Arial', sans-serif; font-size: 8px; color: #ffffff; text-transform: uppercase; letter-spacing: 2px;} .brispost {width: 244px; background: #fff; padding: 10px; border-right: solid 1px #efefef; border-left: solid 1px #efefef; border-bottom: solid 1px #efefef;} .bristxt {width: 242px; text-align: justify; font-family: 'Calibri', sans-serif; font-size: 11px; color: #222; letter-spacing: .05px; line-height: 13px;} .bristxt b {color: #d44e84; /* ACCENT */ font-size: 12px;}</style>

<div class="brisbd"><div class="brisinfo"><img src="" style="max-width: 100%; min-width: 100%; height: auto"></div>
<div class="brisn">I STILL FEEL THE BLOW, BUT AT LEAST NOW I KNOW</div>

<div class="brispost"><div class="bristxt">

Yuri knew that he couldn't choreograph a whole routine to the snippet of song that Mani and Ender provided to him - and that was only after strong-arming them to give him anything of any value at all. Ender apparently didn't want anything of his recorded, but Yuri had a pretty good death glare, and Ender didn't need another detention under his belt. What was he saying? Oh, right, the choreography for his short program.<p>

His coach wasn't sure about the song, but he did like Yuri's passion for it, something he felt had been lacking in the boy recently. Who could blame him? His magic was completely on the fritz, only working in inconvenient moments or under great duress, something that put even more stress on him. He didn't need this stress. His brain was already full of distractions and hopeless causes, not the least of which was stupid freaking Victor and his stupid freaking letter a few weeks ago.<p>

Of course Yuri hadn't responded to it. Why would he? Why on earth would he want to be a part of Victor's wedding to Yuuri Katsuki?<p>

In his reverie, skating back and forth on a sparkly rink without doing much of anything, he let the song snippet end. Great. He wasn't getting far with this choreography thing... Victor made it look so easy last year. Yuri supposed that he didn't see the bulk of the stumbles and the thought process the man went through, but everything Victor did seemed to flow from a place of genius. He was rewarded handsomely for it, in the end.<p>

Yuri sighed as he moved back to the boombox sitting on one of the rails of the rink, pressing play with a bit too much vigor. Back to thinking about Yuuri again. Yuri didn't want to be a part of this wedding, he thought, letting his mind fill up with angry, hurt thoughts, hoping it might speed along the creative process. He let loose a triple toe touch almost immediately after reminding himself of that invitation - it didn't quite go with the mood of the music. He didn't really go with the mood of the music.<p>

He had time. Yuri let himself stew in his thoughts as he tried out random combinations of things, returning to the boombox every so often to pound "play" once more.<p>

yuuri katsuki - hopefully this is a good start </div>

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30 Apr 2017, 12:54 AM
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<h2>Name</h2> <h3>Yuri Plisetsky</h3>
<h2>Age</h2> <h3>Fifteen</h3>
<h2>Member Group</h2> <h3>Beauxbatons Student</h3>
<h2>Pref. Pronoun</h2> <h3>He/him</h3>
<h2>Face Claim</h2> <h3>Paul Butcher</h3>
<h2>Sexual Orientation</h2> <h3>Questioning, though he'll just angrily yell at you about love and skulk off if you ask</h3>


<h2>Occupation</h2> <h3>Student, professional ice skater</h3>
<h2>Workplace/School</h2> <h3>Beauxbatons</h3>
<h2>Class</h2> <h3>Fourth year, Elite</h3>


<h2>Blood Status</h2> <h3>Halfblood </h3>
<h2>Wand</h2> <h3>Cottonwood with billywig stirrer, 6 in. </h3>
<h2>Boggart</h2> <h3>A last place medal, made out of concrete and drawn on in crayon, being handed to him by Other Yuri</h3>
<h2>Patronus and memory</h2> <h3>Right now, his Patronus is a tiny cat, but once he masters it, it will become a tiger; his memory is of when Other Yuri taught him how to do a Cheering Charm.</h3>
<h2>Dementor-induced memory</h2> <h3>"That doesn't work on me, I'm not afraid of dementors!" (He refuses to admit that his memory is of the dull horrifying shock he felt when he heard Other Yuri and his coach were engaged to be married.)</h3>
<h2>Mirror of Erised</h2> <h3>It changes quite a bit now, since his heart's desire is constantly shifting. Sometimes it's of him, taking first in the Grand Prix for skating; sometimes it's of him and someone he knows he can't be with; and sometimes it's just him, sitting on the edge of the frozen-over lake at Hogwarts, just as he'd seen it before, fully at peace and ready to skate for himself.</h3>


<h2>Alias</h2> <h3>Lars</h3>
<h2>Timezone</h2> <h3>PST</h3>
<h2>Contact</h2> <h3>PM, PM for Skype</h3>
<h2>Other Characters</h2> <h3><a href="">Ender One</a><a href="">Ender two</a><br>
<a href="">Jenny one</a><a href="">Jenny two</a><br>
<a href="">Rachael one</a><a href="">Rachael two</a><br>
<a href="">Mani one</a><a href="">Mani two</a><br>
<a href="">Bern one</a><a href="">Bern two</a><br>
<a href="">Dan one</a><a href="">Dan two</a></h3>

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Yuri met Other Yuri at Beauxbatons.<p>

Yuri thought he'd be the only person using the school ice rink when he started at Beauxbatons. He'd heard there were many talented people at the school - but none seemed to skate. They were all talented in useless shit, like singing and painting and countercurses. Feh.<p>

Yuri wanted only to test the ice.<p>

He ended up not even touching it. Other Yuri was there, after all.<p>

And Other Yuri was beautiful on the ice.<p>

Every one of his moves was fluid, as if uncalculated and flowing naturally from his brain. He didn't even need music; he had his own internal rhythm, his own grace, his own full personality. The way he tilted his head was significant. Even when he overdid his quads and slipped on his jumps, he swept back up, turning his stumbles into spins, his mistakes into melodrama. <p>

Other Yuri had dark hair but warm eyes.<p>

And Yuri knew he wanted to <i>meet</i> Other Yuri, someday.<p>



Yuri's mother was a skater once.<p>

She was an idol, and her body was petite and lithe, flowing blonde hair, the proverbial Valkyrie on her ride through the clouds. There were such high hopes attached to her, hopes that she couldn't begin to live up to; she strove to, to the best of her ability, as much as her slim backbone could carry. She put medal after medal on her neck, practiced for hours and hours and hours to repay her father for all of the money and time he put into her career. <p>

She bore stress extremely well. Yuri knows this. The few times a year he sees her, she looks just as flawless as she did as a teenager, hardly a wrinkle on her fair skin, her long blonde hair silvering elegantly.<p>

Yuri's mother doesn't skate anymore.<p>

She suggests to Yuri, when he asks, that she doesn't even recall how. Yuri is pretty sure this is a lie, but he doesn't press it. He knows full well why her career ended early.<p>

When Yuri tried to talk skating with her last, she tried this same lie, and Yuri tried to press her. <i>I'm only a year younger than you were when you won the Rostelcom Cup.</i><p>

And something flashed in her eyes, something pained, something that, for a moment, almost betrayed a deep, unsettling weakness.<p>

Yuri was born almost a year after she won the Cup.<p>

Yuri knows that, somewhere deep inside of her, she resents that her father has made him the vessel for all of her broken dreams. And somewhere deep inside her, she might even resent what Yuri had, indirectly, done to her career. She fought and scratched and clawed her way to the top, and for a brief moment, she held the spotlight in the prime of her youth, sixteen going on twenty-seven. She was destined for glory. Every commentator, every observer, everyone with eyes said so.<p>

Yuri is fifteen years old.<p>

He doesn't know his father. He doesn't want to know his father. His father never wanted to know him. His father wanted the momentary glory of a starlit night.<p>

His father snuffed out his mother's promise. <p>

No one would ever do that to Yuri. He wouldn't let anyone get close enough to even try.<P>

<b><center>(._.) ( l: ) ( .-. ) ( :l ) (._.)</center></b><p>

Yuri met his upperclassman when he was just about to go to Beauxbatons.<p>

Yuri's mother wasn't magical in any sense, and the fact that his father dropped some other stupid career-ruining <i>bullshit</i> on <i>his</i> lap only steeled Yuri's resolve to never try and find him. And he wasn't going to put any effort into learning whatever this claptrap nonsense was, anyways. Skating was more important.<p>

Yuri showed as much promise as his mother, even at an early age. His grandfather took him to the same rink and introduced him to the same coaches, and, in time, Yuri was performing admirably.<p>

To get out the irritation of finding out he had to go to some stupid boarding school <i>in the middle of skating season</i> to learn <i>complete nonsense of some sort</i>, Yuri added a quad to his free skate routine. All of the professional skaters did quads in their routines - you needed to in order to become an elite. Yuri didn't nail the quad toe loop, because of course not. It was far too advanced for him, but damn it, he got close, and that was all that mattered.<p>

His coach, an old Russian man who talked too much about the mother Yuri didn't know, berated him heavily for his choice. He was still young, his body still developing - he was not to do such risky maneuvers! What if he had fallen and broken something? His family would -<p>

<i>Why should he not try?</i><p>

Yuri's upperclassman didn't play by any rules. (He still doesn't.) He was a once-in-a-lifetime skating genius. (He still could be.)<p>

Yuri watched him on television as a child and was entranced by him. He was the coolest skater! He was everything that Yuri knew he could be, if he could just stop being ten years old and start being an adult! The upperclassman was poised, confident, masculine, well-loved and well-respected - all those things that Yuri didn't feel. Yuri was short, and small, and too pretty, and cocky, and hated and looked down on. <p>

But he said that Yuri should keep trying.<p>

Yuri ignored whatever ramble his coach had going with the upperclassman, jumping out of his seat. <p>

<b>I'll master that jump! And when I do, you'll have to make a routine for me!</b><p>

<s>It seems so funny now to think back on that.<P>

Yuri got that routine from Victor, but it didn't matter.<p>

Victor wasn't even competing on the ice, but he still won the most important prize of the season.</s><p>


Yuri hates being told he's wrong.<P>

Yuri trains at Beauxbatons, which has its own pristine, sparkling rink. (The sparkles bother Yuri. Everything about the Wizarding World bothers Yuri some days.) There are some annoying girls who watch him, fangirls and non-elites of the most aggravating sort, and he sulks whenever they're around. He doesn't believe that he needs to be endearing to anyone off of the ice. On the ice, he is a character, some fantasy clad in glitter and tulle and stardust, a fleeting memory for a desperate person to hold on to.<p>

He isn't real on the ice.<p>

He is everyone's canvas to paint on. To his coach, he is the inheritor to the Russian skating throne, but is also a boy who needs to be chauffeured into manhood. To his dance instructor, he is a project, someone whose movements and flexibility and body language and whole frame should be corrected as quickly as possible.<p>

To the girls staring wildly at him as he skates around the rink, warming up his muscles while his leopard-print jacket billows around him, he is something to be desired, a trophy that may be won if only they scream hard enough. To the others at school, he is a screaming menace, scarier than the actual poltergeists haunting the walls, a ball of rage that can only be defused by luck. To the other elite skaters of the world, he is the new breed, the evolving face of what is to come and what they must either fight with, or give up in the wake of.<p>

To Victor, he is only worthy of being seen as a rival on the ice.<p>

To Other Yuri...<p>

Yuri launches into his first quad, landing it perfectly. He hears his coach yelling at him in Russian that he's supposed to just be warming up, not showing off. The girls squeal.<p>

...he returns to his character of "boring-ass warm-up guy", his train of thought lost for the moment.<p>


Other Yuri was older than Yuri by a few years, so his days sharing the Beauxbatons skating rink with the man were limited.<p>

That was probably for the best. One day, near the beginning of his second year at Beauxbatons, he really screwed up his rehearsals. His coach was angry, as usual, but Yuri really wanted to try for that jump. He saw his upperclassman do it, and with his upperclassman's encouragement, he could nail it. He just kept repeating the mantra in his head, over and over and over again - I can do it, I can do it -<p>

The third time he failed, he slammed straight into the retaining wall. With blood all over his nose, his coach told him to just go back to his dorm, if he wasn't going to take this seriously.<p>

Yuri kicked down the door to the bathroom in the hallway, not wanting to go back to an Elite dorm that already seemed to hate him for no reason and sneer at him in his skating gear, barricading himself into a stall with faulty magic that he couldn't control and didn't even want to use, blood spilling down his face and chin.<p>

He couldn't do it.<p>

How was he supposed to compete? How could he reach the level of his upperclassman, always shining and sparkling like the medals he won so easily? Hell, a thought even flitted past Yuri's mind - Other Yuri was so graceful and his movements burned in Yuri's mind, his face flushing as he realized that he would <i>never</i> look quite like that.<p>

He kicked the door again, breaking his faulty attempt at locking it. Letting out an agitated noise, Yuri reached for the wand inelegantly shoved down his combat boots when -<p>

<i>Are you okay?</i><p>

Yuri spun around, pointing his wand at -<p>

Other Yuri. He looked concerned. And different. He had glasses, and wore a heavy sweater that covered up his body, and... Yuri frowned, trying to retreat back into the stall without breaking intense eye contact.<p>

<i>You're bleeding...</i><p>

<b>So?</b> Yuri couldn't fool him. It was obvious how distressed he was. He was still frustratedly crying, for God's sake.

Other Yuri moved close to him. Yuri flinched, but didn't pull away when Other Yuri pulled out his wand and, with a quick flick of the wrist, Yuri felt his face clear up. No more blood dripping down him! It was still all over his clothes, but it was an improvement. Yuri flushed, his frown contorting into more of a confused grimace. <b>...Thank you.</b><p>

<i>What happened?</i><p>

Reluctantly, Yuri explained, but as he did, the knot in his heart started to loosen. Other Yuri had troubles with jumps early on too. His coach might be harsh, but he wasn't wrong, according to Other Yuri - attempting a quad wasn't the best idea right now, especially if it left him hurtling through walls. He should really solidify his triples. In junior competitions, too many people did the same thing he did, and tried to overextend.<p>

<i>And, when you're scared or mad, you can do this to cheer yourself up.</i><p>

Other Yuri pointed his wand at himself. <i>Risu!</i> A bright smile popped onto his face. <i>You try.</i><p>

It seemed like a prank, but Yuri mimicked his movements, lacking his grace and softness. Giving Other Yuri a look, he repeated. <b>Risu.</b><p>

A wave of euphoric lightness washed over Yuri instantaneously. He dropped his hand in shock. His spirits were spiraling upward, eyes widening as they filled with forced glitter, his all-consuming anger finally dying down. Yuri just stared at Other Yuri - he was really pretty, for a guy. Even in the glasses and the loose shirt and with that dopey smile on his face. That was probably just the spell talking.<p>

<b> - </b><p>

<i>It's a Cheering Charm! You seem to have it mastered already. That's really great!</I> Other Yuri smiled warmly. <i>It helps me when I get really agitated too. I wouldn't do it too much, because it can make you feel sick, but it's better than locking yourself in the bathroom.</i><p>

Yuri agreed with a little nod and an even tinier smile. <b>...I'll... you skate here, right?</b><p>

<i>I do! I'm sure we'll see each other around!</i><p>

Yuri agreed that they would then, but after that, he found himself going out of his way to not be on the ice when Other Yuri was there.<p>

He was beautiful. And Yuri wanted to... to...<p>

...he wanted to <i>something</i>. He didn't have a word for it, but it was there, and it gnawed at him, every single night, that feeling of wanting something and not knowing how to put it into words.<p>

He would graduate soon.<p>


<b><center>┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ)</center></b><p>

Other Yuri was a lightweight.<p>

He couldn't hold his liquor at all, something that Yuri would totally be able to do when he was older than fourteen. Other drank something like ten flutes of champagne at the Grand Prix Banquet and immediately started dancing.<p>

Other Yuri wasn't even a good dancer! Yuri didn't want to get into a dance battle with him.<p>

But he wasn't going to say no, because he could totally outdance a drunk twenty-year-old.<p>

And when Yuri lost, he didn't pitch a fit. Best two out of three was obviously the rules for dance battles! It wasn't because he enjoyed dancing with Other Yuri or anything.<p>

But Other Yuri had to be an asshole and start doing a tango with the reigning world champion, who just happened to be Yuri's Russian upperclassman. It was embarrassing how close he was getting to the champion, their bodies touching and - it was just embarrassing.<p>

Other Yuri should know better.<p>

He cut off their dance battle.<p>

<s>Yuri wanted to dance a tango with Other Yuri.</s><p>

<s>He couldn't admit that, not after he'd seen how happy his upperclassman was to be noticed as someone who wasn't just a staid, serious skater. Not after he saw how close Other Yuri was pressing himself to the man.</s><p>

<s>And certainly not after, in front of all the assembled elite of the world and their coaches and dignified guests, Other Yuri, tie around his head and his face flushed, screeched out something that Yuri should've said to Other Yuri years ago.</s><p>

<s><i>"Be my coach!"</i></s><p>

<b><center>┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻</center></b><p>

Yuri's upperclassman <i>glomped him</i> the second he saw Yuri in the halls during his first year.<p>

Though the upperclassman was a seventh year, he stuck to Yuri like glue. He was going to teach him everything - the most useful magic, the best way to write essays, the secret passageways around the school. Food, music, art, Elites to avoid, secrets of the sparkly skating rink - there was so much his upperclassman wanted to pour into his brain.<p>

Yuri didn't resist it, though he did put up a fight sometimes. His upperclassman wasn't going to make him like magic, but sometimes... it was fun. He taught Yuri how to lock doors with magic, how to make things zoom into his hand, how to lift feathers with a fun breeze. (Yuri tried to do that to himself, to get more lift on his jumps, and the upperclassman said it could totally work. He would know! He was a genius! Yuri ended up crashing through a divider, again. His upperclassman found that hilarious, but Yuri was getting sick of the bloody faces he kept giving himself.)<p>

As much as Yuri protested, he couldn't fool his upperclassman. When he was having fun, it was obvious, and magic could do so much to lift his spirits in otherwise dark times.<p>

Surprisingly, it didn't stop after the upperclassman left Beauxbatons behind. Every week, Yuri got a letter, usually ridiculously detailed, no matter how little Yuri had sent back in response before. There were so many things in his letters, it was hard to reference them all. It felt like homework sometimes; sometimes it felt like something he desperately needed.<p>

They exchanged thousands of pages of letters right up until after Yuri's fifteenth birthday.

Yuri called him and his upper... <i>Victor</i> close right up until he saw him kiss Other Yuri on television.<p>

It was childish and stupid but he refused to respond to those letters for a while, maybe two or three months. When he finally did see Victor, the man acted like nothing had gone wrong, nothing had changed, he was still the same old friendly guy. Not a threat. Not a rival. Not anything more than good old upperclassman, Yuri's forever guide to the magical world.<p>

Yuri noticed the rings before anything was even said.<p>

He shouldn't have, but he confronted Victor privately the day after he found out. No Other Yuri. Just two men.<p>

Except Yuri wasn't a man and he knew it. He was a boy. He was short, he was lithe, he was ragged and blonde and furious. He was much-hated and very feared.<p>

And Victor? He hadn't changed. <p>

He saw right through the insults Yuri lobbed at Other Yuri. Saw right through his front. Grabbed him by the chin and pulled him close when he insulted the rings Other Yuri bought.<p>

Victor could see it in his eyes.<p>

Victor said nothing overt, but all of their tension melted, and a dull aching sense of loss started strangling Yuri's lungs. Victor said something - it might've been anything, it might've been accurate, it might've been a simple admonishment, but it might as well have been <i>he will never be yours</i>.<p>

Yuri never was good at hiding things from Victor. <p>

Two weeks after that, Yuri wrote Victor a letter. He'd lost the Grand Prix and bombed so hard on his exams that people were starting to think he was a Squib. <s>He'd rather be a Squib than have to deal with this constant pain in his chest, he couldn't even use that spell Other Yuri taught him, but he didn't fucking want to - surely he taught Victor, and Victor was more important than him and always would be and <i>he said he'd never let anyone get close and look what happened!</i></s><p>

He couldn't skate. He flubbed everything. He just kept seeing Victor and Other Yuri sitting out there, smiling their stupid happy hearts out, as if they couldn't tell how miserable he was.<P>

But Yuri didn't know who else to write to.<p>

Like clockwork, a week later, Victor wrote him back. He'd ignored most of Yuri's dramatic hysterics, but still wrote about three pages of advice and things to do to get back into a mindset to skate.<p>

They write still.<p>

Other Yuri's name never passes their lips in each other's presence.<p>

Victor probably sees it as a truce.<p>

Yuri sees it as necessary. Because if he so much as breathes Other Yuri's name, his whole body feels like it's going to collapse. He didn't know how much he needed Other Yuri until he was gone, and it might've been a long shot, it might've been nothing more than a fantasy, but it could've been real!<p>

Yuri wants it to be real. More than anything, he wants that bespectacled, soft, sweater-swaddled <i>idiot</i> to look at him as something more than just a child.<p>

<i>If you want to be treated like an adult, you need to act like one.</i><p>


Yuri liked to think of him as reasonable. (He was not, but he was fourteen and pretty obviously dealing with that most debilitating of diseases, a complete lack of self-awareness.)<p>

He could forgive Other Yuri for whatever that nonsense was he'd pulled at the Grand Prix Banquet. He was a drunk that couldn't handle himself when drunk. He wasn't a changed person, Yuri was sure. His performance at the Grand Prix was lackluster, but his step sequences were still flawless, still performed with that same grace and poise that drew Yuri into him initially.<p>

After Other Yuri's set, which put him into the bottom of the standings (it would be an unacceptable number for Yuri, but Other Yuri was still one of the top six figure skaters in Japan), Yuri left the stands, in search of him. He wanted to know about those sequences - and his heart fluttered a bit. He was sure he'd find Other Yuri looking at him with a smile, those slightly askew glasses balanced precariously on the bridge of his nose. Maybe he'd be a bit disappointed, but it was nothing that a Cheering Charm couldn't fix, right?<p>

Other Yuri's coach told Yuri he was in the bathroom. Yuri went into the bathroom, seeing nothing wrong with it. If he was occupied, Yuri could just catch him on his way out.<p>

Other Yuri was occupied.<p>

In a manner of speaking.<p>

Other Yuri was in a stall, speaking on the phone in a slightly muted, lowered tone. Yuri had to strain to hear him, and only heard the tail end of a conversation full of lies. If that was how he chose to cheer himself up, Yuri supposed he had no right to judge. He stood in the corner of the room, waiting for his moment. He had an image of how this could go - Yuri was not much for reassuring others, but if Other Yuri was already perking himself up, things should go fine.<p>


Yuri heard sniffling and the dripping of a nearby faucet before he heard actual crying.<p>

Yuri didn't know what to do. He stared at his reflection in the mirror across from him, his eyes widening precipitously as his mind swam. Other Yuri was crying. Soon enough, he'd use that charm on himself, right? Just say it, Other Yuri.<p>

<i>Risu</i>, come on. It's just a loss at the Grand Prix. You're only twenty, Other Yuri, pick yourself up.<p>

Please stop crying, Other Yuri. Yuri didn't know how to put that into words. He could only really comfort his grandfather in times of pain, and his comfort usually involved buying and tossing food at his family while looking confused. It was easy to bring them things to comfort them; Yuri was the only one with money most times, and soup and steamed buns and rice and whatever else he picked up in France could make his grandfather perk right up.<p>

Sometimes his mother smiled.<p>

Why was he still <i>crying?</i> He was one o the world's six best skaters. This was a temporary setback. His jumps were all nervous energy, he had to know that. He had the ability, he'd just choked! Yuri watched his emotions shift the longer he leaned against the wall in the bathroom, his eyes narrowing the more he thought.<p>

Who did Other Yuri think he was, anyways? Did he think he was the only person who'd ever lost in his life? Did he not realize what a hypocrite he was - oh, sure, <i>we'll see each other on the ice</i>, but where was Other Yuri when he was practicing back when they shared a school? Why wasn't he using the Cheering Charm to pep himself up and stop spiraling into a depressive funk? Jesus, why was a grown man <i>crying so much</i>? <s>Why did this feel like less of a betrayal to Yuri than Other Yuri poledancing with any plain old skater in sight and then sweeping his upperclassman into a dance? Why did that irritate him more than his shrieking crying? Why couldn't he think any of that without wanting to wallow in anger?</s><p>

Other Yuri... was a <i>piece of shit</i>.<p>

Yuri walked straight over to the bathroom stall he heard Yuri from and, with a breath to steady his movement, kicked the door down.<p>

Other Yuri looked pathetic, curled up in his stupid jacket (too tight to his body, not to his liking at all), eyes puffy and red (they'd been so bright and clear a few nights before), glasses askew but not in the way Yuri imagined (they looked like they'd almost been knocked off - had Yuri done that? He felt his stomach drop just a bit before the anger swirling in his chest strangled his heart once more). Yuri's hood was pulled over his head, eyes barely poking out from the shadows. He would look less intimidating if he was dripping blood again.<p>

And he exploded.<p>

<b>What's the point of even competing with you?!</b> <s>Jesus Christ what am I doing - </s> <b>There shouldn't be two people with the same name on the ice at the same time!</b> <s>No, you were going to say you were worried for him! You can put up a front, but the sound of him crying is -</s> <b>Especially some crybaby pussy like you!</b> <s>Oh good, sexualized insults. Back to me insulting anything vaguely feminine to try and obliterate whatever these feelings are -</s> <b>So much for that charm, huh? Doesn't work for spineless has-beens?!</b> <s>Please, please, stop talking, <i>stop talking</i>, <i>WHY WON'T I STOP -?!</I></s><p>

Yuri watched Other Yuri's mind snap when he dropped his last bombshell.<p>

<b>Just retire already!</b><p>

Yuri stared at Other Yuri for a moment, registering everything he'd said, before stomping off. Stomping turned into running, and running turned into falling into his dressing room, which turned into sobbing on the floor, curled in a ball.<p>




Yuri looks out onto a placid, frozen Hogwarts lake, skates dangling from his gloved hands, his puffy blue Beauxbatons sweater pulled around his body.<p>

Last year wasn't good.<p>

In his own volatile way, Yuri, unable to acknowledge that Victor continued to pay Other Yuri any attention, stomped his way off to Japan to demand that Victor give him that routine he'd been promised ages ago - something he'd never mentioned to Victor since and he was pretty sure Victor forgot about. Oh, his coach was pissed. So were his teachers. He was lucky he wasn't expelled for that stunt; in all honesty, Yuri hoped that he'd maybe lose his Elite status, but no one was about to demote the future of figure skating, no matter how on the fritz their magic was.<p>

Victor did deliver on that routine. It was one meant to demonstrate <i>agape</i>, the concept of unconditional, selfless love. It was gorgeous. It did what it was meant to.<p>

Yuri can see now that he was the one who destroyed that particular routine.<p>

Victor also gave Other Yuri a routine. It demonstrated <i>eros</i>, erotic love. Other Yuri presented himself as a beautiful woman, aiming to draw the attention of the suave playboy, and his job was easy because <i>he'd already done that</i>. Yuri could see his chances crumbling even further with every single televised event, every meeting they shared on the circuit - Other Yuri didn't seem to perturbed by the fact that Yuri spent more and more time screaming at him, nor did anyone from his inn mention the hours he spent crying in what he thought were hidden nooks and crannies. Yuri took ballet lessons and joined the Beauxbatons Dance Club, where he picked up even more stupid fangirls he didn't want.<p>

And after all that, he went through the school to get the necessary permissions to attend and compete for glory at the Grand Prix - <p>

But Other Yuri had Victor.<p>

There was nothing selfless in Yuri's heart, and it showed in his skating. He wasn't flawless emotionally - technically, yes, but it was all he could do to not let his eyes drift across the benches and see those two <i>flaunting</i> themselves. Yuri was possessive, he was jealous, he was everything that wasn't agape.<p>

He wasn't a character. He was himself.<p>

Needless to say, neither him nor Other Yuri won the Grand Prix. Well, technically, Other Yuri didn't win gold. His life was pure gold.<p>

Yuri managed to tank his midterm exams shortly after the Grand Prix. Every time he tries to use the spells he used to know, they barely worked - and that's if he's lucky. He does manage to randomly make jars explode sometimes; occasionally he can brew a nice potion, if the scent of the ingredients clears his head. People were starting to suggest that he'd gotten his Elite position by paying someone off. The only reason those people weren't being screamed at was because he's furious at the Daily Prophet for bumping skating information to the back page while some pervert and his trophy dick are caught up in some sort of murder trial? Whatever, they don't deserve headlines, they're gross and not skating <s>and maybe Yuri doesn't want to admit that something foul befalling a handsome foreigner and an adorkable Japanese boy hits a bit too close to him for him to not react with violence</s>.<p>

So here he was. Staring at an ice rink that wasn't an ice rink.<p>

He didn't want to be at the school rink. He'd fully intended on starting work on next season's routine, but he'd received an owl this morning that made him knock a goblet of orange juice onto some Philosophy student and his politician boyfriend's homework.<p>

Like Yuri will be a part of their <i>fucking circus of a wedding</i>.<p>

He knows of a movie that Muggles liked - <i>Best Friend's Wedding</i>. A famous American movie star realized she loved her best friend on the eve of his wedding, and moved to make him her own. He knows he can get the movie from someone. Maybe he can...<p>

No. He couldn't wreck Other Yuri's happiness. He'd already done that so many times.<p>

Yuri laces up his skates, unsure of why he wants to skate on a lake that housed the Giant Squid beneath it. Maybe he just has a death wish at this point. He failed as a skater, failed as a wizard, failed as a man... he'll probably fail as squid food too, honestly. He's short and lithe and muscular. No one wanted to eat that gristle. Why is he even thinking like this?<p>

He uneasily slides onto the ice, instinct taking over as he gracefully darts around the lake. The ice doesn't seem to be cracking under his weight. The silence hanging in the air is... interesting. He isn't exactly used to silence. A lot of direction and support, yes, crowd cheers, judging noise... but never silence. <p>

It doesn't last long.<p>

By a large tree, two people sit with a guitar and sheet music, the tree doing little to shield them from the cold. Yuri recognizes them - the blonde girl in the thick trenchcoat is Mani Phanthittra, someone who Victor jokingly says was separated from Yuri at birth because of her looks and attitude. The other, in layers of hoodies and a woollen cap, is Ender Carnow, that viral idiot who ended up with the Hogwarts prefect by singing to him. Good lord. Yuri prefers to ignore them, continuing to skate. If either of them says so much as a word to him -<p>

But they don't. Mani, instead, begins to sing, with Ender accompanying him.<p>

Yuri doesn't know much Korean, but what he's catching of <a href=>the song</a> resonates far too much. <p>

<i>If you're going to leave, I just want you to stay.</i><p>

Yuri lets the soft guitar melody propel him. Agape was never his style. He's Yuri Plisetsky. Anyone with half a brain can see the anger in his body and the recklessness in his spirit and the fear in his eyes, the fear of being abandoned again - he doesn't know what he means to his mother, his father never cared, his grandfather had to step in and be the parent, his coach knew more about him than his actual family, Victor didn't need him...<p>

He never even got the chance with Other Yuri.<p>

<i>Your scent is a sweet felony... I hate you so much, but I love you.</i><p>

His name is pretty. He should really call him by his name. Yuuri Katsuki. Yuri remembers reading that it means "lily" in Japanese. <p>

Yuri attempts a jump. It's messy, but his quad toe loop is in sequence with the 'la la la' chorus the two are currently singing. He tries again, and nails it just as Mani begs, <i>don't ask why it has to be you, just stay with me.</i><p>

Just as abruptly as the music starts, it ends. Yuri stumbles, shocked by the sudden stop - Ender is telling Mani some notes, pointing at the sheet music, but Yuri feels his chest tighten. No, he needs to know what happens now! <p>

He skates right up to them, walking through a mound of snow in blades just to grab their attention.<p>

<b>What is that called?!</b><p>

Ender looks at Yuri with wide eyes. Mani answers. <i>...'Stay With Me'? I wrote it.</i><p>

Just like that stupid couple's duet Victor and Yuuri do.<p>

Yuri grins.<p>

<b>I want to skate to that song. What do I have to do to have it?</b>


<i>Name</i> To easily differentiate between the four different Yuris being spoken about here (thanks to M. for the idea):<br>
<font color="#30B2CD">Bomb Canon Yuri Plisetsky</font><br>
<font color="#9CF0EA">YOI Canon Yuri Plisetsky</font><br>
<font color="#B2CD30">Bomb Canon Yuuri Katsuki</font><br>
<font color="#596618">YOI Canon Yuuri Katsuki</font><br><p>
<i>Sexuality</i> <font color="#9CF0EA">Yuri's</font> sexuality is never confirmed in the series proper. However, between being mildly perturbed by Yuuko finding him beautiful (Episode 3), his insanely suggestive "first friend" meeting with Uzbeki skater Otabek (Episode 10), and the metric shitloa` of implications that he's in love with <font color="#596618">Yuuri</font> (I'll address that in a later section), "questioning" seems to fit him just fine.<br>
<i>Wand</i> Cottonwood usually bonds with defiant, talkative types, which <font color="#30B2CD">Yuri</font> is to a T. It also is ideal for Charms work, and given <font color="#30B2CD">Yuri's</font> attachment to one particular Charm, cottonwood would be <font color="#30B2CD">Yuri's</font> ideal match. Unfortunately for him, his core is a billywig stinger, which is highly temperamental (like him) and can flat-out make a wand refuse to work, something <font color="#30B2CD">Yuri</font> is currently experiencing while in an emotional crisis.<br>
<i>Boggart</i> For all <font color="#30B2CD">Yuri</font> angsts about losing <font color="#B2CD30">Yuuri</font>, he is never anything less than completely driven by skating. <font color="#9CF0EA">Yuri</font> shares this passion with him, and his boggart is a comical representation of his two worst fears in his app - <font color="#B2CD30">Yuuri</font> not taking him seriously, and completely screwing up his career. (Look at what a meltdown he has over not getting first at the Grand Prix.)<br>
<i>Dementor</i> Yep, <font color="#596618">Yuuri</font> and YOI!Victor are engaged to be married in YOI Canon after Episode 10. <font color="#9CF0EA">Yuri</font> is the only one who isn't overtly overjoyed by this.<p>

<i>Yuuri and Yuri</i> <font color="#9CF0EA">Yuri</font> is introduced to the show as a rival to <font color="#596618">Yuuri</font>, and, for most of the show, his actions are seen through the lens of a typical younger rival. However, in Episode 11, while skating his routine "On Love: Agape", our view of their relationship changes when it turns out that <font color="#9CF0EA">Yuri</font> is skating the routine out of desperation, trying to keep <font color="#596618">Yuuri</font> from retiring by performing his skate flawlessly and keeping him from the gold medal. The common interpretation of this is that <font color="#9CF0EA">Yuri</font> is in love with him, which is supported by many instances in the canon:<br>
- <font color="#9CF0EA">Yuri</font> confronting <font color="#596618">Yuuri</font> in the bathroom, which happens in Episode 1. We get <font color="#9CF0EA">Yuri's</font> version of events in Episode 12, where he was extremely impressed with <font color="#596618">Yuuri's</font> step sequences, and follows him into the bathroom to ask about them and express his admiration. However, being a fourteen year old shithead confronted with someone he connected with crying in the bathroom, he defaults to screaming at him to retire... to motivate him not to retire... so <font color="#9CF0EA">Yuri</font> can see him again. (This is very obviously not a good way to attempt to motivate someone.)<br>
- <font color="#9CF0EA">Yuri</font> is often kind to <font color="#596618">Yuuri</font> without needing any prompting... when no one appears to be watching. <font color="#9CF0EA">Yuri</font> gives <font color="#596618">Yuuri</font> help with one of his quads for their competition when asked by <font color="#596618">Yuuri</font> (episodes 2 and 3); more starkly, one of the only times in the series <font color="#9CF0EA">Yuri</font> smiles is when giving <font color="#596618">Yuuri</font> some pirozhki to help motivate him in Victor's absence (episode 8). <br>
- On the opposite end of the spectrum, basically every time Victor and <font color="#596618">Yuuri</font> are shown being affectionate in public, <font color="#9CF0EA">Yuri</font> has a complete shitfit. Notable examples include his reaction to watching Victor kiss <font color="#596618">Yuuri's</font> skate (episode 8), finding out they're engaged and being the only person to be vehemently angry about it (episode 10), and his full-blown explosion when they kiss (episode 7).<br>
- Victor and <font color="#9CF0EA">Yuri</font> have a confrontation in episode 10 where <font color="#9CF0EA">Yuri</font> insults just about everything to do with the engagement and Victor's devotion to <font color="#596618">Yuuri</font>. Later episodes make it pretty clear that <font color="#9CF0EA">Yuri</font> is lashing out at Victor for taking <font color="#596618">Yuuri</font> from him.<p>
<i>Yuri's past</i> Moving on from all this romantic stuff, <font color="#9CF0EA">Yuri's</font> past is not much explained in the show proper. He lives with his coach and his ballet teacher, and his grandfather is his closest family member. Based on series director Saya Yamamoto's information, <font color="#9CF0EA">Yuri</font> has had a difficult life (one too depressing to include on the show, apparently), and his mother was a Russian idol who retired early. She also hinted that <font color="#9CF0EA">Yuri</font> is the sole breadwinner for his home. I extrapolated <font color="#30B2CD">Yuri's</font> current life from the clues we've been given.<p>
<i>The girls at the rink</i> <font color="#30B2CD">Yuri's</font> fan club are expies of the Yuri Angels, the rather overzealous fans from YOI (episode 8).<p>
<i>The dance-off</i> Episode 10 is a wonderful episode of YOI. Basically, this is the critical moment in <font color="#596618">Yuuri</font> and Victor's relationship - <font color="#596618">Yuuri</font> had a forgotten first meeting with the man due to being plastered, and Victor is fulfilling a drunken promise to him by actually coaching him. That being said, <font color="#596618">Yuuri</font> also forgot about his dance-off with <font color="#9CF0EA">Yuri</font>; when the photos of the evening are shown in the episode, <font color="#9CF0EA">Yuri</font>, true to form, only has pictures of the dance-off stored on his phone, since he's a bitter child. <p>
<i>Victor</i> <font color="#9CF0EA">Yuri's</font> relationship with Victor is remarkably easygoing; throughout most of the series, Victor either ignores or minimizes <font color="#9CF0EA">Yuri's</font> rage. The only time this breaks is when <font color="#9CF0EA">Yuri</font> insults their engagement and Victor's devotion to <font color="#596618">Yuuri</font> (episode 10). <font color="#30B2CD">Yuri's</font> relationship with Bomb!Victor is very similar - Victor treats him as a little brother or young son, while <font color="#30B2CD">Yuri</font> grows to resent him for caring so much about <font color="#B2CD30">Yuuri</font>.<p>
<i>The bathroom, part two</i> As mentioned before, these events happen in Episode 1 and are explained more thoroughly in Episode 11. (The only difference is that magic does not play into the YOI Canon version, obviously.)<p>
<i>Grand Prix</i> This is actually a divergence from canon. Whereas <font color="#30B2CD">Yuri</font> does not win the Grand Prix and slides into a bit of a freefall (which has some parallels to <font color="#596618">Yuuri's</font> journey in Episodes 1 and 2), <font color="#9CF0EA">Yuri</font> actually wins the Grand Prix at 15. Given that I want to actually write out <font color="#30B2CD">Yuri</font> having a character arc, instead of putting him squarely at the end of his arc in the show, I changed this detail.<p>
<i>Stay With Me</i> Funnily enough, "Stay With Me" is a hugely important phrase to YOI - it's the name of the viral routine <font color="#596618">Yuuri</font> performs in Episode 1, and is the name of the couple's duet routine <font color="#596618">Yuuri</font> and Victor perform in the end credits of Episode 12. The song and routine is often brought up as one of Victor's legendary routines, and the song itself is about two male lovers. With that in mind, I brought in a third song with that phrase in to explain <font color="#30B2CD">Yuri's</font> position in the aftermath of the Grand Prix. Blackpink's "Stay" not only has that phrase verbatim, but its lyrics accurately reflect the kind of love <font color="#30B2CD">Yuri</font> doles out - angry and problematic and unsure of everything but its strength. (The song is actually linked in the app for your perusal.)


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