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Nov 15 2017, 08:36 PM
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With the holidays approaching much quicker than Kyler would have liked them to approach, he found himself not satisfied to just sit around the manor as Agathe decorated for the upcoming celebrations. He knew that the manor itself wouldn’t see any big festivities, but that wouldn’t stop Agathe from decorating or Rolf from finding the perfect trees to adorn the halls. And Kyler wasn’t about to tell them to stop either. It was tradition, and it would stay tradition.
However, with his friends busy with preparing for the end of the year exams or job-related things, Kyler was left to his own devices, and so he reached out to someone he hadn’t seen much since they had graduated, asking the other Durmstrang set one alumni if he would meet him in Aurora Doorealis for a quick cup of coffee. Anything to get him out of those stone walls for a little while.
njola tyrkneskr
Sep 18 2017, 06:13 PM
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Ever since she’d gotten the job with the Ministry (he couldn’t remember her title for the life of him), she’d been inviting him to dinner parties and galas alike. Kyler was rather comfortable in the cliche high society, and so he tagged along. Connections in the business world were extremely important - for those who actually cared about climbing the corporate ladder. For Kyler, there was no ladder to climb. He was already at the top. And it didn’t sit well with some.
“What’s this for?” he asked Vanesa as quietly as he could in their current location. Black tie affairs meant dressing nice, and luckily for him, wizarding evening wear had evolved quite a bit - but that didn’t make the clothing any more comfortable to wear.
vanesa morado | OOC: And this has been an episode of Ky's shit at writing starters.
Sep 2 2017, 12:22 PM
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Most often times Kyler preferred staying at the manor than socializing with the general public. However, today he had met Cheza's for breakfast before her classes began and now he was just left to wander the grounds and castle that made up Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy.. He had stayed around for the first half of a lesson before quietly slipping out to roam about.
Today's wanderings took him into the castle itself. He had been inside while in Cheza's company in the past but this was one of the few times he had gotten to explore completely at his own pace. Hearing a topic of interest come from one of the nearby classrooms, Kyler paused a moment before he soundlessly entered the room, listening to the professor - a tall, striking woman with tanned skin and prominent cheekbones - discuss the topic of the day: werewolves.
rayne soquili
Aug 31 2017, 08:14 PM
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He had a business meeting in the morning, so why did he find himself at a small and quiet bar in the heart of a suburb just outside of Paris when he should be back at his hotel planning out how he hoped the meeting would go?
Maybe it was because he wasn’t really into the family business the way his father had ever hoped he would have been. And it wasn’t so much a business as it was that Kyler was maintaining contacts that his father had established. A brunch in the morning followed by a tour of this new building that the Weylyn name had acquired.
Whatever. His heart wasn’t really in it. So instead, he found a lovely spot in a booth towards the back of the bar, ordering a simple beer, and enjoying the relative quiet.
theresa kore
May 19 2017, 04:28 PM
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At fourteen years old, Kyler was many things. He was a registered Animagus, his form taking on that of a white wolf, scrawny and all legs now but it would grow as he did. The form was hereditary, all the males in his family had been able to do as such, and Kyler was a firm believer that it had been easier for him to do because it was in his blood. He was proud of that. He was also an orphan, having returned for his fourth year of school after the passing of his father during a business trip in Oslo.
Kyler had never really been a delightful boy to begin with, not to anyone outside of his family at least, and now he was downright difficult to be around. He rarely smiled, and he rarely spoke outside of classes.
The other students generally let him be, and that was more than enough for Kyler. He was focusing on his schooling with every fiber of his being and he was going to be the best damn Weylyn that had come through those stone doors of Durmstrang in written history. He didn’t want a lot of friends. He didn’t have time for them. There was… there was one. And he wouldn’t really call her a friend. She was more of a charity case, if he went by his father’s words. There were others as well, others that he tolerated, but for the most part, he just ignored the rest of the student population mostly.
Walking through the halls, he kept his head up and eyes ahead. He was finished with classes for the day and was heading outdoors to either work on homework, stretch his wolf’s legs, or something. Something more than stay in the dreary castle for the rest of the day. Passing through the courtyard, he caught a glimpse of one boy being harassed by a group of students closer to Kyler’s own age. The boy, however, only looked to be barely old enough to be going to the school in the first place.His step faltering for a moment, his attention was drawn to the boys.
tobias valeri | OOC: Toby’s first year, Ky’s fourth, Durmstrang in the spring.
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