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May 17 2017, 04:53 PM
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<center><div id="anna"><div class="posttemp"><BR><div class="posttop"> I just wanna tell you that you're really pretty girl </div><BR><div class="posttext">

It wasn't like Anna could take her best friend to any old store to find something to wear. Not on an occasion like this. No, the boutiques in France were the only place good enough for her sunshine's first date. They would find the perfect outfit here or Anna would die trying. (Not literally, because dying for fashion- even the prettiest of fashion, the Mani level of fashion- was not her calling. Dying for true love, maybe? Dying for designer shoes, no.) Champs Elysium had some of the cutest stuff, right off the Paris runways, and the timing couldn't have worked out better, since the weather was turning nice, and they had a free weekend.<BR><BR>
Anna was so absorbed in her thoughts- about Rapunzel's birthday coming up soon and finishing that letter she was writing to Dan and how cute Sam had remembered her name and bracing herself for seeing her family again at her cousin's memorial- that it took a long moment to realize she was missing half of what her best friend was saying. She blinked in surprise at the dress she'd been staring at behind the glass and turned back to the blonde beside her.<BR><BR>
"I'm sorry," she groaned, cheeks tinted a bit in embarrassment. She hoped it wasn't anything important- and that made her feel like crap, because of course it was important. It was Rapunzel, the other half of her shining bright sunshine soul, and everything she said was important. Today was supposed to be about Punz, not her; she was just being selfish. "I was completely spaced out. What'd you just say?"
<BR><div class="postbottom">rapunzel gothel | <a href="">outfit</a> | #sts ♥</div><BR>

Jan 3 2017, 02:47 PM
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<center><div id="anna"><div class="posttemp"><BR><div class="posttop">it doesn't have to be a snowman</div><BR>
<div class="posttext">

All of Anna's life up until this point had been a series of doors in her face. When she was little, she was the clumsiest one in her family- her parents always treated her like she was going to break all their magical things (or maybe that those magical things would break her) and locked anything fancy and beautiful in rooms Anna was never allowed into. At some point, which was always a fuzzy memory no matter how hard she tried to remember, Elsa started shutting doors in her face too. It had only escalated over the years, when they were old enough to be allowed locks and lived on different sides of their mansion in Arendelle.<BR><BR>
But Anna had never given up hope that maybe, someday, they would be able to change the pain of the past and move onto brighter days. She'd never give up on her sister, no matter how many times Elsa tried to shut her out. Christmas was supposed to be a time of miracles, and with the excitement of her aunt and uncle's Christmas party swirling brightly all around her, she felt like this could finally be the right moment- until Elsa had disappeared behind the locked door to the Corona's office, away from the party and away from Anna...<BR><BR>
The youngest Arendelle returned to the party, dejected for the moment, but that hadn't lasted long. Maybe it was the happiness surrounding the party or the courage that only a chocolate fondue could give a person, but Anna was willing to put herself out there and try again. She skipped up to her room for the wrapped present she'd stowed away for the right moment then headed straight for the locked office door.<BR><BR>
Her fist hesitated in the air for just a moment before she knocked twice, "Elsa?"
<BR><div class="postbottom">@elsa arendelle | <a href=" ">outfit</a> | hope it's okay! also challenge completed!</div><BR>

Dec 19 2016, 09:30 PM
[dohtml]<link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'><center><div id="anna"><div class="posttemp"><BR><div class="posttop">at least i've got a chance</div><BR><div class="posttext">

Anna leaned back in her seat, green eyes scanning over the dancers twirling on the dance floor. They looked like something out of a dream, all in step and swaying together with bright smiles and lights dancing in their eyes. The December Dance was everything she'd expected it to be and more- a literal fairytale. The only thing that would make it more perfect would be for her to be out there with them.<BR><BR>
She cut her eyes to her date, sitting two seats down from her. Rapunzel and Anna had pretty much taken over an entire table when they'd arrived- between their jackets and bags and the boys with them, there wasn't much space left. She knew she wasn't exactly the reason for the scowl on his face, but she couldn't help but feel a little guilty. She'd had to practically bribe him to come with her, and she hadn't considered that he might not get along with her best friend all that well.<BR><BR>
It wasn't turning out to be the magical night she'd envisioned when he'd reluctantly agreed to come with her.<BR><BR>
No. She wasn't just gonna let this night be ruined. Anna sat up straight and took a bite of the chocolate-covered strawberry she'd brought over to the table earlier. It was like taking a bite out of inspiration; she had chocolate, she had the romance around them, and she'd get her dance even if it killed them both. Rapunzel's chaperone, who Anna had been less than thrilled to learn was tagging along with her just because her mother made him come, was currently telling her best friend a joke, so neither of them would notice. Perfect.<BR><BR>
The redhead stood up and dusted off the front of her dress as she swallowed, then turned to her date. "Dance with me." She grinned brightly and held out her hand, trying to exude more confidence and maturity than she felt.

<BR><div class="postbottom">@Elliott Hamato | <a href="">dress</a> | ♥</div><BR>

Nov 29 2016, 10:15 PM
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At the start of semester, the sets all tended to stay grouped together. Set Ones, at the top of all their classes, thought they were better than the other sets, and the other sets tended to follow suit. It all lasted about a month before it all fell apart. There was always some brave soul to break the pattern, to sit with their friends at a different table, that usually started it off. Since the teachers didn't really mind, it devolved from there. Now that they were just a few weeks from the winter holidays, the dining hall was completely shuffled up. Friend groups rarely stuck to just one age or one set- when they did, they were usually the boring ones.<BR><BR>
Anna never had a specific spot in the dining hall that she stayed in. She had too many friends from all different groups to stay in one spot for the entirety of the year. Some days she didn't even stick to one table for the entire break, hopping from one group to another so she could keep up with all her social group since they were so spread out. Today, she didn't put much thought into where to settle in for lunch- the moment she noticed the empty seat, it was decided for her.<BR><BR>
Bouncing over and tossing her bag down beside Alfred, Anna slid into the spot beside him. "Well, well, well." Anna lifted her eyebrows with a grin, turning around until she was completely facing the cute boy with glasses beside her."I don't think I've seen you all semester. Too busy for your friends, Alfred?"

</div></div><div class="nameboxfill"><center><div class="mainhead">

like me

</div></center><div class="subhead">

@alfred jones <a href="">outfit</a>

Nov 29 2016, 08:48 PM
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<div class="anna">
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Anna groaned loudly and shut the heavy book in her hands, drawing a few glances from the people she was attempting to study with. They went back to their books after they decided that she was just being her normally overdramatic self. She just couldn't understand how any of them could even begin to concentrate on their Potions assignment with the electric buzz in the air. This was the most excited Anna could ever remember Durmstrang being in all the years she'd been attending, and of course, she was stuck with the nerds that weren't even the least bit interested in it.<BR><BR>
All her friends, even the ones who usually didn't get involved in the more social events, had been in a tizzy about the upcoming December Dance in Champs Elysium. It had become this hugely romantic thing; Ender's big song confession a few days ago, Florence's big plan to woo his Nagito... everyone was in such high spirits that Anna couldn't even begin to concentrate on the here and now of things. Which probably wasn't the best for her grades, but at least it was working miracles on her good mood.<BR><BR>
Deciding that she'd given up on the assignment for the moment (forever), she shoved her potions guide into her bag and hopped up. No one tried to stop her- either too wary to try and convince Anna to settle down and work or just deciding it wasn't their job- as she left the library and headed out into the hallway. If she was lucky, she would catch Kate before she had to head off to Quidditch practice and they could head out to the pitch together- after all, even watching the B Team practice the same maneuvers over and over again would be more fun than concentrating on the fact that she <i>still didn't have a date to the dance</i>.<BR><BR>
Anna paused in one of the hallways, narrowing her eyes down the long corridor at the back of someone's head when they caught her attention. From this far away, she almost couldn't tell who it was, but Anna had a sixth sense about things like this. It only took a few seconds of watching the way the figure walked as he retreated farther away to realize who it was. With a sudden burst of purpose, Anna dashed down the hall after him.<BR><BR>
"Hikou! Hikou, wait up!"

</div></div><div class="nameboxfill"><center><div class="mainhead">

beware the frozen heart

</div></center><div class="subhead">

@hikou kage <a href="">outfit</a> sorry it's so short

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