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14 Jan 2018, 02:23 PM
[dohtml]<center><div id="YOUNGGODS">
<div class="one">Update 10</div>
<div class="two"><div class="three"><div class="four">

<div class="forumrules-big"><xx>New Year, New Start</xx></div>
<center><img src=''; width='300px'></center>
Hello Bombers! Happy 2018! I hope the year has started off well for you! We have a few things to get through today so I'll jump straight into the big stuff here.
<div class="forumrules-small">Goodbye M !</div>
As I'm sure most of you are aware by now, M is going to be leaving us. If you haven't seen here message yet, you can read it <a href=''>here</a>. This has been a long time coming but we'll miss her just the same, and we wish her all the best in future endeavours. She still wants to keep in touch with everyone though, so we may see her on the Discord server for a while longer, but Bombarda's motto has always been 'real life comes first' and that applies to staff just a much as it does to members. Farewell M, and thank you for everything!
With the site losing one of its admins in the process, there'll be a little restructuring going on in the near future. You'll have to bear with us a bit while we work through things, and if you see anything odd or that doesn't make sense, please let us know a.s.a.p.! On that note, we may be asking for your help in terms of cleaning up the site and advertising too so if you can spare a little time for us then keep an eye out for a future update in this board on what we'll need.
While we're on the subject though, the staff team have rejiggled their duties a little to make sure everything is covered, so I'll give you a quick rundown of how that's going to work. <b>Sigyn</b> will remain the sole admin, and act as a general <b>overseer</b> for the site. She'll continue to run the day to day workings of Bombarda, including planning events, writing updates, organising the board and so on, as well as keeping an eye on the intricate workings of the site to make sure everything continues to run smoothly. <b>Kyros</b> will officially become our <b>aesthetics mod</b>, and will take over responsibility for the skin, the codes, and the general graphics of our site. She will also handle OTSs and site statistics from now on too. <b>Dannie</b> will be our <b>marketing mod</b> who will be in charge of advertising in all it's forms, as well as acting as treasurer for us, handling donations and funds in general for our premium status and cbox costs.
Any questions about any of these changes, feel free to come to Sig who will be happy to talk about it. Again, there may be a few bumps while we restructure but in the long run we have a great system here and a great staff team, so we should be running at full speed again in no time.
<div class="forumrules-small"><xx>General Site Updates</xx></div>
The dreaded <b>activity check</b> is coming up again, but we've come up with a way to make it easier on you guys, so hopefully this shouldn't be stressful for anyone this time. It should be some time next week, or at least before the end of January, and as always, we ask for one post a month focused more on site interaction than specifically roleplay posts - we just want to make sure you're still here really! The rules will be a little different, and details will come out in due course, but if you're worried at all, just make sure you've posted somewhere on site in the last month and you'll be safe!
<b>OTSs</b> will be coming up soon as well in the next week or so, so get thinking about who you want to nominate for the categories. We've also just confirmed payment for our second year as a <b>premium</b> site, still running on the <b>donations</b> from our first surge so thank you again to everyone who donated! For details on ho to do this (as they have changed slightly recently) can be found <a href=''>here</a>. Absolutely anything you can give is very appreciated, and actually if every member we have right now donated $3, we would be funded for another whole year.
There were a few projects M was slowly chipping away at, including emojis for the Discord server and donor frogs for people who have donated, which have of course been delayed in recent months due to personal situations. But the three of us aim to be picking these up as soon as possible and progressing with them ourselves now, so hopefully we should see them popping up in the next few weeks while we clear the backlog. If you remember us talking about anything in the past which you haven't seen happen yet, please do send Sig a message and we'll make sure we get onto it as soon as we can!
<div class="forumrules-small">EVENT PROGRESS</div>
The Ministry of Europe has been suspiciously quiet recently, which can only mean something big is happening. And sure enough, an announcement was just released to the public that the <b>Department of Law Enforcement</b> from each of the individual ministries is being swallowed up by the giant that is the quickly growing Ministry of Europe. This is going to bring about some <i>big changes</i>, but the details aren't being released just yet, which must be making people working in that department a little bit nervous... If you're intrigued, feel free to message Sigyn and she'll let you know what gossip she's picked up from the whispers floating around the Ministry...
Basically, there's another shake-up happening, but since the Department of Law Enforcement is one of the biggest, this may have consequences in character. if you're intrigued as to how it will effect your character, Sigyn can give further hints on what it coming in the next few weeks.
<div class="forumrules-small"><xx>ANYTHING ELSE?</xx></div>
With the reshuffle in progress, once we have ourselves sorted out, we're going to make a big push in advertising and just generally revitalise the sight because the new year is a perfect time to energise and get ourselves back on track. Staff are organised, fired up, and ready to go, and judging by the overwhelming welcome we gave to a guest yesterday, you guys are too! We're still one of the biggest sites in our genre, and we're definitely one of the most friendly, and our success is all down to you guys! We love you and couldn't do this without you, so a huge thank you to all of our members, old and new! You make Bombarda what it is, and I will be eternally grateful to you.
<div class="forumrules-small">Happy new year!<br> <xx>Sigyn !</xx></div>

27 Dec 2017, 02:43 PM
So as some of you may know (because we've screamed about it a lot), me, M, Dannie and Kit are all meeting up for a week in Chicago for what we are lovingly referring to as Bomb Con!

As such, the four of us will probably be absent for most of the next week. We might have some time we're online together, maybe for Discord games and possibly the odd tag, but honestly we don't really know how busy we'll be so it seemed safer to put an absence up either way. If you need any of us, Discord is probably the best way to go (the other three will have data and I will have some plus wifi in the hotel), so still feel free to message us there of course, and any staff queries can be brought to us as usual. It's mostly just going to be posts and site things that end up a little bit late.

On that note, the January event (the internships that were set up in September) will likely be a few days delayed, but since you know most of the details already, feel free to start threads about it already, and just send me a link so I can move them into the correct board when it's up.

Other than that though, we will be back with lots of pictures and stories and hopefully exciting Bomb ideas in a weeks time!

This effects:

edward nygma
phoenix wright
maximilian ruber

oswald cobblepot
vanesa morado
jade spix

klarion bleak
harleen quinzel
william cipher

melanie raskoph

as well as the staff accounts, Sigyn ! M. and Dannie

Love you guys!
1 Dec 2017, 06:55 PM
[dohtml]<center><div id="YOUNGGODS">
<div class="one">The Muggle Markets</div>
<div class="two"><div class="three"><div class="four">

After the overwhelming success of the Winter Markets that debuted last year in Champs Elysium, the newly formed Ministry of Europe was <i>very</i> keen to repeat the idea again this year. It brought people all across Europe, nay, all across the <i>world</i> together to share in this wonderful season together., and it's fair to say the Ministry that is slightly struggling to gain universal acceptance from the wizarding public at the moment, wanted to cash in on that warm fuzzy feeling to help build its reputation. But they saw another opportunity here as well, to take that idea further and win support from even more magical folk and show that this integrative system would bring about important and positive <i>change</i> within society.
How, you ask? Well think about it, what was one of the <i>most</i> talked about points during the election? Muggles! It came up at every opportunity, better integration with muggles. While some candidates were vying to remove the Statute of Secrecy all together, others at least agreed that things needed to change and improve. Well, in order to show that these words were heard, <b>this year's Winter Markets will be entirely focused on the integration of wizards and muggles alike</b>! That's right, this year the integration effort is being taken a step further, which should please those who supported this idea back when the election was at it's peak. And though the sceptics are outraged and shouting their complaints at a Ministry who is only willing to smile and wave back at them, they can at least cling to that thought that if this all crashes and burns as they're so sure it will, then people will finally see the error of their ways, and the world will finally settle into its happy segregation again...
Stepping aside from politics for the moment, <b>the event has been advertised across the world again</b>, leaflets appearing in the home of every wizarding family, the envelope containing vouchers, information, maps, and even an invite to the ever-so-eagerly-anticipated December Dance! But we'll get to that bit later. First off, the markets.
<div class="forumrules-small">THE MARKETS</div>
As the central part of last year's festivities, these were bound to return this year, but they have a unique new twist to them this time. As part of the celebration of muggles and their lifestyle, the moment you step through the invisible magic barrier onto the world famous shopping street, all magic <i>stops</i>. That;s right, while you're traversing the Winter Markets this year, you will be living the lifestyle of a muggle, as <b>all varieties of magic will fail to work while you are within the Winter Markets</b>. This of course mans no spells will work, but it also means potions will fail too, as will any of the little cosmetic things you don't usually tend to think about. Did you shave by magic this morning? Well that just got reversed, now you have stubble again. Put on you make-up by magic? Oops, that's disappeared too. Maybe the dress you're wearing was crafted together by magic. Oh dear well then that's just fallen apart too. This might explain why there are dressing rooms right by the entrance now, so people can go and fix these little things, and even helpers in them to assist those purebloods who are just so dependant on their magic, they need someone else to tie their tie for them.
Aside from that rather alarming change though, you'll notice the stalls are quite different too. Rather than being jam-packed with magical knickknacks of every variety, <b>all of the stalls hold entirely muggle items</b>. Of course, not all the sellers here seem to be <i>completely</i> sure about what it is they're selling, and if you take their word for it, you may walk away thinking that lovely tea cosy you bought is actually a hat, but they're trying at least. The food stalls aren't all that different to last year, though they do sell more meat pies than pumpkin pasties this time around, but the trinkets are all very muggle. As are the clothes on sale actually, if it turns out you came far too 'eccentrically' dressed for a muggle day out here today, and fancy a quick change over.
There is, however, a section of the market entirely dedicated to technomagic - this is, after all, the most successful sector of wizard and muggle integration in society at the moment. A lot of the items don't currently... work... what with magic being shut off but... well if you're interested in <i>looking</i> at some cool new gadgets, and buying them to then use properly later when you're out of the markets, then here is your chance to do so!
There's also a second part to the market, a small section cordoned off from the rest, with guards checking passersby as they cross between the entrance. This leads to a special set of stalls at the far end of Paris's muggle Christmas markets themselves, and is <b>an opportunity to actually brush elbow with the non-wizarding folk themselves</b>! I can almost hear the muggleborns of the world groaning now, but for purebloods this could potentially be quite exciting. Of course, those purebloods with rather elitist tendencies may be using this as a way to locate 'blood traitors' they should be hating from now on but... well... no-one in the Ministry of Europe really seemed to consider that part actually. They were just certain this would all run smoothly, which is why they have people stationed at the entrance to check over the wizards passing through. They'll check that they are wearing the right attire to blend in with the muggle crowd, that they own and know how to use the correct currency, and so on. There will also be a few stationed around the markets to stop any issues before they can arise - in fact, you might have noticed the muggles around here look a little... dazed anyway. Might be some kind of charm over the whole area, lowering their awareness factor a little bit so they don't notice anything suspicious. Or it might just be they've had to be obliviated so many times already it's leaving a bit of an impact...
<div class="forumrules-small">THE DECEMBER DANCE</div>
Held on the first full weekend before Christmas (<b>16th and 17th of December</b> this year), the December Dance is back again for a second year. As a reminder, this is <b>a two-night ball that witches and wizards across the globe of all backgrounds and ages are invited to attend</b>. The Saturday evening is a very formal function, requiring ball gowns and best behaviour, and involves classical dancing like you'd imagine for a ball. The Sunday evening event though, is much more laid back, with much more lax attire allowed and music ranging from popular wizard bands to old school muggle hits from across the globe.
Just like with the rest of the markets though, there is a twist to the dance this year: this time around, it's fancy dress. In keeping with the muggle theme, the Saturday night requires you to <b>dress up in your favourite period of muggle history</b>. You can interpret this however you like, but remember, this is a very formal occasion so you must be looking your best still. On the Sunday, the idea is to <b>dress up as your favourite muggle character from history or fiction</b>. Again, this is open to interpretation, and if you have any crazy or funny ideas, they will be welcomed at this more informal dance.
<i>The board for this part of the event will open for posting in on the 15th of December, half way through the month and just before the IC dates of the dance. So you can't post about being in this event until then. You are welcome to start working on outfits though, and there will be a thread in the new board when it opens where you can post them for all to see!</i>
<div class="forumrules-small">AN OOC NOTE</div>
The big thing to remember about this event is that <b>canonically, the wizarding world and the muggle world are <i>really segregated</i></b>. Think about the Quidditch World Cup and how they handled using that muggle farmer's field. Think about all the scandal of wizards running around in brightly coloured robs on the day Harry defeated Voldemort. Think about how confused Arthur Weasley is about rubber ducks! The Statute of Secrecy is very firmly upheld, and even muggleborns tend to slide their way into the wizarding world and not reemerge very often. If you play a pureblood, although quite honestly the same applies to most halfbloods, <b>living without magic for a day in these markets will probably come as a <i>complete</i> shock to your character</b>. And they won't get everything right! That's the fun of it really!
This is something we tend to take for granted as muggles ourselves - our world is very strange and foreign to wizards. So even those with the best of intentions will get things very wrong - again, think of Arthur Weasley. So this is an opportunity to really explore that. <b>Think of all the little things your character relies on magic for, and then think how they'd react to that being taken away.</b> Then consider things we as muggles find totally normal, and think about how your character would react. Unfortunately this 'blocking magic' effect isn't enough to override the issue with magic around technology, so electronic items still won't work here, but imagine how your character will react to the most mundane of things: like weird muggle cleaning supplies for example! Are they going to know what a toilet brush is by looking at one, or are they going to think that's a lovely gift for their significant other for Christmas? Really play around in the fact that for the majority of wizards this is all scary and new.
There's also the stigma of course - fraternising with muggles and enjoying muggle things is still seen as terrible by the vast majority of magical folk. And for good reason, considering most of them are from families that date back to the persecution of witches and wizards that brought about the Statute of Secrecy in the first place. The Ministry of Europe are trying to battle this attitude towards 'blood traitors', and this is a big step towards that, but it's another thing to consider in this event. Because these markets will make a lot of people very angry, and though it's likely the split between those enjoying the markets and those boycotting them is nearly 50/50 by this point, there's still going to be a lot of emotion floating around this whole thing - a lot more than the calm, happy, jovial markets of last year anyway.
27 Nov 2017, 09:07 PM
[dohtml]<center><div id="YOUNGGODS">
<div class="one">Advent Calendar</div>
<div class="two"><div class="three"><div class="four">
<div class="forumrules-small">Welcome to our 2nd Annual Drabble Advent Calendar!</div>
A random word generator has created our prompts and a random number generator has assigned our days, so we’re officially ready to get going with the Advent Calendar! Generators aren’t always perfect though, so if you have a problem with the word or the date you’ve been given, just let me know a.s.a.p. and I will try to wiggle things around. Since we had exactly 25 sign-ups, I figured I’d just extend it one more day to the 25th so we could give everyone the number of days they wanted!
What will happen now then – on the date you have been assigned in the list below, please post a drabble of any length based on your given prompt using the template below before the end of the day. If you can’t post it before the end of the day, let an admin know as soon as you can, and we’ll pop a placeholder in for you.
We have a new rule this year though! Since several days were left empty with just their placeholders last year, the new rule is if three days after the placeholder is posted, a drabble has still not been added, that day is then up for grabs by anyone. Just let me know you’re taking it, and I can add your drabble into that day's post instead. I’ll put a note in the placeholder when a day is up for grabs. If the person who <i>was</i> assigned that day then comes back later with their drabble to add in, we’ll just have two for that day instead.
If you have any questions, just come talk to me, I’ll be happy to help. You don’t have to write your drabble on the day of course, just post it then, so by all means start thinking and writing from now! I’m super looking forward to what you guys come up with!
<div class="forumrules-big">Drabble List !</div><br>
<div class="forumrules-small">1st – Crayon / <i>Mara</i> <br>
2nd – Fabric / <i>Graced</i> <br>
3rd – Servant / <i>Nara</i> <br>
4th – Switch / <i>Dessy</i> <br>
5th – Courageous / <i>Penny</i> <br>
6th – Hostage / <i>Makoza</i> <br>
7th – Arch / <i>Vulf</i> <br>
8th – Cynical / <i>iHodor</i> <br>
9th – Blackmail / <i>Eranda</i> <br>
10th – Downfall / <i>Ace</i> <br>
11th – Border / <i>Vulf</i> <br>
12th – Condition / <i>Mandee</i> <br>
13th – Poet / <i>iHodor</i> <br>
14th – Frozen / <i>Graced</i> <br>
15th – Average / <i>Alice</i> <br>
16th – Chalk / <i>Kyros</i> <br>
17th – Love / <i>Claire</i> <br>
18th – Bauble / <i>Penny</i> <br>
19th – Closeup / <i>Alice</i> <br>
20th – Authority / <i>Claire</i> <br>
21st – Famous / <i>Ace</i> <br>
22nd – Controversial / <i>Tay</i> <br>
23rd – Dirt / <i>Kon</i> <br>
24th – Glamorous / <i>Dessy</i> <br>
25th – Silver / <i>Sigyn !</i></div>

[dohtml]<center><div id="YOUNGGODS"><div class="four">

<div class="forumrules-big">DATE. WORD</div>

Your drabble goes here – you can format it however you like.

<div class="forumrules-small">CONTEXT (not essential, but can be just a short note about the drabble, i.e. the age of the character, if its AU etc.)</div>


15 Nov 2017, 08:07 PM
[dohtml]<center><div id="YOUNGGODS">
<div class="one">Abilities/Other Beings</div>
<div class="two"><div class="three"><div class="four">

<center><div class="forumrules-small">Legilimens</div>
  • Legilimency is the act of 'traversing the layers of one's mind'. It is not mind reading, it's much deeper than that, and involves actually navigating through a person's mind to get to the information one is looking for. It is usually very invasive, but those that have mastered the ability may be able to glean some information from their target without being detected.
  • The most advanced legilimens can look through someone's mind efficiently enough to read surface thoughts and feelings, but it's not the literal words they are thinking, just the feeling of what they're thinking about. They can also create dreams in their target, and the most skilled practitioner can briefly possess their target too though this is very painful for the target. A weak or learning legilimens will be able to detect simple things, like whether their target is lying. They can also delve into memories but this is a very invasive process that the target will be easily able to detect.
  • This is a very difficult and somewhat illegal ability that takes a long time to master. Very few practitioners ever master the art, and the Ministry carefully monitor those they know are learning as the ability represents a serious breach of privacy.
<div class="forumrules-small">Occlumens</div>
  • This is a learned skill that can broadly be thought of as 'closing one's mind'. It prevents a legilimens from accessing your mind in any way, and it can also help a person resist the effects of potions such as veritaserum.
  • In order to master this ability, one must have a very tight control of their emotions and their mental state. Someone very in touch with their emotions would really struggle with this skill, whereas someone who is skilled at shutting down their emotions would find the skill much easierto learn.
  • Advanced occlumency can be used to hide specific things in a way so subtle even a trained legilimens wouldn't know they were doing it. However most of the time, an occlumens presents only a 'blank slate' when probed.
<div class="forumrules-small">Seers</div>
  • Seers have the ability to predict the future in the form of prophecies. These are often vague statements that will come true at some point in the future, and they are stored in the Ministry within the Department of Mysteries whenever a new one is stated.
  • They are naturally talented at divination, which covers all the other areas usually associated with Seers, e.g. reading tea leaves and crystal balls. This does not mean they are always correct with their predictions from these methods, but it does mean they're more accurate than most.
  • Most Seers can't force their prophecies, they just come to them at random. And some don't remember saying them at all, they simply 'black out' for the duration.
<div class="forumrules-small">Parselmouth</div>
  • Pretty simple, they can talk to serpents of any variety, and can understand what the serpent is saying back.
  • The language is called Parseltongue, and though one is born with the ability to speak it, it is possible to imitate it - though a snake is likely to judge you for your accent if you try.
  • Since most known Parselmouths can trace their heritage back to Salazar Slytherin, it has a reputation for being associated with dark wizards which brings with it a certain stigma of course.
<div class="forumrules-small">Veela</div>
  • These are humanoid creatures who take the shape of beautiful women. Their looks and their dancing is magically seductive to those who view it.
  • All full Veela are female, but a half-Veela (Veela mother, human father) can be born male or female. They are still known for their allure and their charm, though it's not quite as strong as their full Veela brethren of course.
  • When a full Veela is angered, they transform into a harpy-like form with sharp beaks and scaly wings. Half-Veelas do not have this ability, but are known for having violent tempers.
<div class="forumrules-small">Squib</div>
  • A squib is a non-magical person born to at least one magical parent (since the magic 'gene' is dominant) - so basically the inverse of a muggleborn. They cannot perform magic of any kind, but due to being brought up in the magical world (in most cases of course) they are more in tune to magical things. For example, they cannot see dementors but they can recognise their presence, where a muggle would just feel a shift in emotion.
  • Thanks to the integration, squibs can now take classes at all three of the schools - however they cannot take wand classes (e.g. charms, transfiguration), they can only take wandless classes (e.g. potions, history of magic).
  • Even now, squibs are seen as an 'embarrassment' to most wizarding families, though they are slowly growing more accepted over time.
<div class="forumrules-small">Animagus</div>
  • This is a skill a witch or wizard can learn, which will allow them to transform into one specific animal. This animal often matches their patronus but not always, and will have some kind of connection to the person even if they don't know what that is. They have no control over the animal they become, and the age/injuries etc of the animal matches the age/injuries etc of the person. It cannot be a magical creature, for example a unicorn or a dragon.
  • It takes a lot of time and effort to master this skill, and it has been known to go horribly wrong for people. The process involves holding a mandrake leaf in one's mouth for a whole month, creating a potion, and chanting a spell every day. As such, it's very unlikely for anyone school age to master this ability but it is possible. Students at Uagadou however, are taught this skill before the age of fourteen.
  • All animagus forms have a distinct marking relating to the person themselves, and these are recorded on the Ministry register. It is a criminal offence not to be registered, but of course, some people do skirt that law and risk being sentenced to Azkaban.
<div class="forumrules-small">Metamorphmagus</div>
  • These witches or wizards have the ability to change anything about their external physical appearance, from age to sex to hair style. They can make themselves look like any other person, or like someone entirely new. They can also do some small gimmicky things like turning their mouth into a beak, but nothing ore than that (i.e. they can perhaps make one animal part at a time but they cannot transform into an animal unless they are also an animagus).
  • This is not a skill one can learn: metamorphmagi are born and begin exhibiting their ability (a little uncontrollably at first) from very soon after their birth.
  • This ability is very strongly affected by the person's emotional state. The appearance of a metamorphmagi will often reflect their emotional state (for example, a sudden change in hair colour), and they will struggle to use their abilities at all when they are depressed or grieving or feeling some other strong negative emotion.
<div class="forumrules-small">Werewolf</div>
  • A werewolf is created when an existing werewolf in wolf form bites a human. From that point on, the person will transform into a humanoid wolf on a full moon, during which time they will not be in control of their actions, though they will remember all they've done when they change back.
  • By drinking Wolfsbane potion, a werewolf can retain their mind during their transformation. They will still turn, but they will still be thinking like a human for the whole duration. This is a difficult potion to brew, but the Ministry will provide it to registered werewolves as a way to encourage them to register. The transformation is a very painful process, even with Wolfsbane potion.
  • Werewolves are still very shunned by society, often viewed as dangerous even in their human form. As such, they find it hard to keep jobs and so on, so many would prefer to remain unregistered and hide their condition instead.
  • As lycanthropy is a disease one gets during their life, it is not hereditary and so is not passed to offspring.
<div class="forumrules-small">Ghost</div><br>
<i>with thanks to Data!</i><br>
  • Ghosts are incorporeal, but can be seen as a transparent image by wizards although they cannot be seen by muggles.
  • Ghosts cannot be hit by physical objects, and can float through walls. They can also float through people, but it leaves the living feeling cold and clammy.
  • Ghosts typically stay at the same stage physically, mentally and emotionally as when they died. They typically choose to haunt one location, often where they died, but they aren’t bound to that location and can move around.
  • Ghosts can be affected by some magic, though it doesn’t always work correctly. For example, ghosts can’t die (obviously), but they can be petrified. They can no longer use their own magic anymore though.
<div class="forumrules-small">Vampire</div><br>
<i>with thanks to Kyros!</i><br>
  • A vampire’s bite is lethal and incurable, and humans die as a result of being bitten and drained of blood completely. If only bitten, the human will return to life as a bitten vampire through a process called ‘reanimation’. If the human was a witch or wizard before being bitten, they are still able to perform magic but to a lesser degree. Talent-based skills do not change; wand-based magic abilities are halved.
  • Bitten vampires live upwards of 2000 years or more. Dhampirs live upwards of around 1500 years.
  • Bitten vampires are only able to successfully reproduce two or three times in their entire lives. Female bitten vampires have a gestational period of fourteen months. Female humans carrying vampire offspring have a gestational period of nine months. A bitten vampire mating with a human creates a dhampir. The mating of two bitten vampires creates the equivalent of a bitten vampire.
  • Vampires drink blood, but due to the taboo that surrounds drinking human blood, law-abiding vampires feed on animal blood. Dhampir require both food and blood to survive.
  • Vampires and dhampirs have aversions to garlic and holy water, and a fear of fire. If vampires stay out in the sun too long, the burns will kill them. If it is overcast, vampires can move around in the daytime by taking appropriate precautions. Dhampirs are able to move around in the daytime, but not for long periods of time

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