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13 Jan 2018, 09:36 AM

<center><img src="" width="245"></center>
I've hum-hawed around trying to think of what to say but from experience it's better if I just jump into it. The time has come for me to say goodbye to Bombarda Maxima the roleplay - but I want to say up front, NOT to Bombarda Maxima the community, the family, the ohana, whatever you want to call it. That's been the crux of my issues over the last...gosh, several months really. Trying to figure out if I could extricate myself from my role as admin and even member but still stay in touch with every one of you whom I love as dearly as anyone else in my life. And in a wayI think I've seen it's absolutely possible, even if the way I reached that conclusion was unfortunate.
I've neglected my staff duties, left Sigyn to do heaps of the workload herself, let threads and plots run stagnant, and just overall been incredibly absentee as of late. And for those things I want to apologize It wasn't fair for any of you or my fellow staff to be let down over and over. But I do also want to provide an explanation (not necessarily an excuse, because there isn't one). Due to past experiences with leaving roleplays and losing friends over it I was just frozen in inaction one way or the other. Terrified, petrified that if I didn't keep up the charade of still being invested that I would once again have to start over and sever so many ties.
But something amazing happened - a silver lining in this turmoil that I only recently looked up long enough to see. Through it all. I still at least managed to keep in touch with everyone OOC on a community level. Even when I owed posts for weeks even months on end, even when I would go on autopilot and just go to work and sleep and work and sleep - I still had you wonderful stupendous amazing lovelies to turn to at the end of the day when I needed to rant or wanted to share a meme or have a heart to heart. My fellow staffers were patient and understanding and supportive when my activity slowed to a crawl and I was doing the absolute minimum to feel of some use. I realized I had already basically "left" Bomb. It was obviously still possible to keep all of my amazing friends and not be an active contributer to the roleplay side of things.
And I think that, as it ever does, speaks volumes about the kind of place we've built here for going on two years now, and the place it will continue to be even when my name is no longer in the header. And by "we" I mean you. All of you, every single member current old and new. I know stepping down is the best thing for me and for the site, and I'm absolutely confident that and relieved to know Bomb is in the capable, creative, incredible hands of Sig, Dannie, Kyros, and all of you.
Aside from losing muse and passion for roleplaying affecting this decision, I'll be going through my final steps before bariatric surgery, then the surgery and recovery steps after that. I'm working on my mental health and taking steps to better myself and strengthen my relationships in this new year. I'm starting a new position at work doing proposal writing for grants - I JUST found out a couple of days ago and it's what cemented my decision above all else since I'm already sapped for creative writing energy and will need to dedicate whatever I CAN wring out into my work.
It just felt like I was coming to an apex in my life. Riding up the mountain on a ski lift where I either needed to jump off when I could still land on my feet or hesitate and fall on my face in the snow - or worse, ride the lift back down and lose any and all progress because I wasn't brave enough to make the right decision when I needed to.
So in conclusion, thank you so much for every memory I'll cherish from this safe haven and family. I wish you all the absolute best and will of course keep in touch! I don't know how often I'll be able to be in the discord moving forward with all the things going on, but if anyone wants to add me on Facebook send me an email at and we'll connect!
Love you all so so much! <br>
- M .
<center><img src=""></center>
15 Dec 2017, 06:49 PM
[dohtml]<center><div id="YOUNGGODS">
<div class="one">SECRET SANTA GIFT EXCHANGE</div>
<div class="two"><div class="three"><div class="four">
Pretty simple really! It's finally time to toss your gifts into this thread and tag the peeps they're for! I've got the list below of people who signed up and will cross them off as you post your gift and add who your gift was for as we go along :3 Use the form provided as a general intro to keep it all neat and tidy <3
<div class="forumrules-small">
<s>SIGYN !</s> - <i>gifted Dessy</i><p>
<s>CLAIRE</s> - <i>gifted M</i><p>
<s>NARA</s> - <i>gifted Penny</i><p>
<s>DESSY</s> - <i>gifted Claire</i><p>
<s>PENNY</s> - <i>gifted Alice</i><p>
<s>KON</s> - <i>gifted Nara</i><p>
<s>ALICE</s> - <i>gifted Kon</i><p>
VULF <p>



[dohtml]<center><div id="YOUNGGODS"><div class="four">

<div class="forumrules-big">TO ALIAS</div>
<div class="forumrules-small">Brief gift title/description</div>
Just put your thought process here if you had one and anything you'd like to say! Feel free to format however you'd like inside or outside this form to fit your gift and provide links if things are hosted externally (like playlists or polyvore outfits) And be sure to adjust image sizing so as not to stretch the board!


<div class="forumrules-big">FROM ALIAS</div>

14 Nov 2017, 11:12 PM
[dohtml]<center><div id="YOUNGGODS">
<div class="one">SECRET SANTA SIGN UPS</div>
<div class="two"><div class="three"><div class="four">
This is one of two OOC events we're holding for the winter season! Simply reply below with the code provided and you'll be added to the list. This sign up closes November 30th and you will receive the name of the member you've drawn from the lot on December 1st! Be sure to keep it secret when you receive the name - telling people spoils the fun of it being SECRET santa. A thread to post "gifts" will go up on December 15th and remain open through the rest of the month.
Suggested gifts are themed polyvore sets, playlists, graphics, gifs, drabbles, artwork, whatever you can pull together with your special talents to virtually give to someone else! These can have to do with their characters, fandoms, music, movies, books, whatever you think they'd like to make it personalized for them! <a href="">Here</a> is last year's exchange thread to see what people gave before and get some inspiration if you find yourself stumped!
<div class="forumrules-big">
<div class="forumrules-small">
M., Sigyn !, Claire, Nara, Dessy, Penny, Kon, Alice, Vulf <br>



Email you want to receive your name draw at. If you don't want it posted publicly, PM me with this code and your name will be added to the list and I'll just save your email separately in the list with the others that are posted as replies =3
14 Nov 2017, 09:19 PM
[dohtml]<center><div id="YOUNGGODS">
<div class="one">Happy 2nd Halfiversary !</div>
<div class="two"><div class="three"><div class="four">
<center><img src="" width="300"></center><br>
Strange wording? Probably...but today marks 1.5 years since Bombarda Maxima's grand opening in May 2016! We're keeping the established tradition alive again this November with the introduction and updating of several things around the site based on feedback received, requests made, and the typical revealing of events for the upcoming season! Read on for details on all of that and links to the current festivities!

<center><div class="forumrules-small">Activity Check!</div></center>
We're holding an Activity Check from November 15th through November 30th. Due to midterms in the fall, a slew of holidays both past and coming, and finals looming as well we want this to be a no stress activity check. Rather than requiring an IC post, you may link to ANY site activity from October 15th onward through the end of the AC. This means you may claim a normal IC post, shipping posts, communications through owls, posts in forum games, participation in spotlight nominations, anything at all! Any indication that you're here and kicking and keeping this little hub going down to every last detail of activity ^w^
You only need to link one post to show you as a <i>member</i> are active, and then just tell us which characters you want to keep and if there are any you'd like to drop for now too. Just <b>post below in this thread with your link to a site participation post</b>, and we'll do the rest!
<center><div class="forumrules-small">VIP Requirements!</div></center>
We've made some adjustments to the VIP Requirements for activity in order to encourage these roles to be filled! While the requirements for creating a VIP character remains the same - you must have at least one active character for one month and show activity for all of your current characters even if it's not an AC month - we will no longer be requiring two posts for VIP characters instead of just one post. This means the activity requirements will be the same across the board where you need one IC post to be counted as "active".
However, we do still ask that when creating a VIP character, you remain especially active OOC, and receptive to discussions with staff and members about site events that would directly involve or have influence from your character. The reason we had the two post requirement to begin with was we wanted to hold VIP characters to a higher standard of IC activity. But some months are harder than others and there's no reason to knock someone out of that position so long as they're not slacking in plot participation and are keeping up with the input staffers need from them.
<center><div class="forumrules-small">New Being Type!</div></center>
As the days grow shorter and nights grow colder we think it's the best time to bring in the creatures of shadow that so many people have asked for - Vampires! Similar to our introduction of ghosts, we had to sit down as a team and fill in the blanks on lore as it applies to the Potterverse. We knew they existed but not a lot of detail was given aside from that. Our very own Kyros is who we have to thank for the written briefing on this now officially permitted being! She did an excellent job whipping up this outline for everyone to follow for Vampires and their human-vampire hybrids Dhampirs. Details on this new being type, and on all our others too, can now be found HERE.
Unlike the ghost introduction these beings will be sorted into the already existing member groups, just as we have werewolf students and veela merchants. This is just another example of how the site is an organic community where feedback is received from members and, where applicable, ideas are brought to fruition based on that! So keep it coming everyone! We love hearing from you on what we can do to grow this beautiful world we've all created together!
<center><div class="forumrules-small">Snitch Updates!</div></center>
If you were around for the birthday in May, the last halfiversary, or even if you're just curious and have hovered on the mini profiles you've likely seen the little commemorative snitches on many accounts. The different colors are indicative of the length of time that account has been onsite. We update them every six months and base the awarding on when that account was created. For instance, if you joined between last November and this past May congratulations! You'll be receiving your six month Snitch this time around! All others before that will be updated to reflect the next highest level of seniority. If you're reading this and joined before November 15th you'll get your six month frog next May! It's good incentive for longevity and we feel it's a nice acknowledgement from us to the community that has been thriving and amazing since day 1, and continues to grow and do amazing things on day 540!
<center><div class="forumrules-small">Site Donor Frogs!</div></center>
Along with this update to the snitches we'll see the addition of Donor Frogs to the trophy line up for those members who have donated to the site funds that go toward paying for our JCINK premium status as well as the premium cbox! Every cent counts and goes right back into the site you all love! We appreciate any amount given and if you're able and want to donate you can do so by following the instructions HERE. But by no means should anyone ever feel obligated to do so! We've been very fortunate in that the first week that we started accepting donations, members took us BEYOND even paying for that first year of cbox and JCINK premium. So this little froggy is the least we can do to thank them for that kind gesture!
<center><div class="forumrules-small">OOC Winter Events!</div></center>
The Drabble Advent Calendar and Secret Santa events are both coming back this winter! You can find the sign ups and explanations for both at the links provided HERE for Advent and HERE for Santa! We'll have members sign up to participate before the month ends and then the events will kick off on the first of December and 15th of December respectively!
<center><div class="forumrules-small">IC Winter Event!</div></center>
While there will be an IC event again this year for the holidays we won't be revealing just what's in store right away. Just like last year we'll have a slow unveiling, a gentle little drip of detail to keep you waiting until the time is right! All I will say at this time is the winter markets will be making a comeback as will a ball - but the nature of those things is yet to be revealed! So wonder away my lovies! Mwuhahahaha!!!
<center><div class="forumrules-small">In Closing</div></center>
Other quick things to note: all threads from the Escape Room event will be archived at the end of the month. Normally we'd leave event threads up for you to finish, but since this one requires staff modding, we're just going to wrap them up then so if you want to try and finish them then get tagging! Sigyn will be doing another 'spring cleaning' soon too, where any thread not posted in since the end of August will be archived. As always, if you still want to keep the thread, just notify her in advance or post in the Moderation Thread and it can be brought straight back out.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart to those members new and old who make this place what it is! A family, a community, a collective hub of creativity and love and acceptance! Each and every one of you are perfectly extraordinary and I'm so grateful of all the corners on the internet, you choose to spend time with us here at Bombarda!
<div class="forumrules-small"><xx>Love you all so much!</div>
<div class="forumrules-big">M.</div>

24 Oct 2017, 12:49 PM
Vote once per person, not per account. Polls will close October 31st. Good luck everyone~
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