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Jun 25 2017, 02:34 AM
So I may have a chance to change positions and shifts and stuff and need help/feedback.

A position opened up in the kitchen at work, where they cook meals for the clients that are in the cottages and transport them over during summer or on weekends/they eat in the cafeteria when there's school. So it's still the same place and I would still get to see the kids and interact with them snd make sure they're okay. Cause things have really gotten better as far as my relationship with them as a whole since the last time I had a work dilemma and was stressed about two girls hating me.

So the agency is getting ready to go through some big changes. My mom was recently promoted to campus manager where she will oversee basically all daily operations and act as liaison between the cottages and the administrative team/she's part of the administrative team. She will head up the residential cottages too which is where I've worked since I was first hired in October. That means they're gonna have to move me to the Psychiatric Residential cottages where girls are younger, in and out more frequently and therefore not there long enough to form any real bonds imo, and have waaay more psych issues rather than just behavioral/delinquency like they are at current cottage. One positive of sticking with it there is: My bestie works at those cottages and is applying to take mom's vacancy as basically shift leader on nights and it's higher pay for her and I would get to work with her more than likely if she's promoted and I get placed at her cottage. That also means there's the opportunity for ME to be promoted if another vacancy ever becomes available, whereas at my current cottage there's no upward mobility for nightshift. One of my coworkers has been here 8 years and we have the same title and same pay. So a lot of what weighs in on this decision for this side of things is pay amount ($8.50 an hour which is $1.25 more than minimum wage) and have the opportunity for overtime if I want it/it comes up which is time and a half so $12.75. And then the chance of a promotion someday down the line. The downside to staying in this position is that it's already stressed me out a LOT. I feel like I never have time to do anything but work and sleep, because my body is so exhausted from staying up all night and going against the circadian rhythm that it just sleeps all day and is still tired when I wake up. I also don't always get overtime and even when I do the more I make the more I'm taxed so it's like w/e xD And with the stress and lack of time comes never having time to be on here like I not only should be but WANT to be, hell NEED to be. Writing is my hobby, my coping mechanism, my sanity stayer. And I've not been able to consistently be on and keep up with posts and things for months now. What little time I would get online was at work usually. Welllll those big changes I mentioned before include them installing cameras in the cottages "to protect us" which is true, some of you may remember when I was on Administrative Leave for three weeks in March because of baseless allegations of being off the floor and allowing clients to then have the opportunity to sneak into each others rooms. Cameras mean things like that would be open and shut. "Did so and so leave client unattended? Did so and so pull clients hair in a restraint? Did so and so sit on their computer while they were at work......" :'3c on nightshift it's NOT A BIG DEAL to be on a phone or laptop or be reading. But they make the same rules for all shifts so we're honestly not supposed to do it. So that would mean already being exhausted and having no time then turns into that plus not having anything to keep me occupied and awake during the night xD

SO the kitchen position opened up, one and a half, because one cook is on maternity leave for an indefinite amount of time, possibly not coming back at all once it's over, and her mother-in-law another cook actually just randomly quit the other day and left them short handed. This is where the money comes in, because the work is honestly twice as hard to me. I would much rather stay up at night and clean for a couple hours then sit on my butt and only get up to check rooms to make sure the kids are okay. I worked one day in the kitchen last week and my feet were deaaad. I'm overweight and out of shape and it's hard being on my feet for as long as I am doing those things. And to top it all off there's no chance for overtime unless one of them randomly calls in and they need coverage and even then idk how often that even happens. And their pay is only $8. I also have no idea what the prospects of promotions would be or if there's ever a pay increase after a certain point. But I did the math and without overtime my paycheck is only $40 more than it would be if I worked in the kitchen. So it's like a lot more work, a little bit less money, but also probably waaaaaaay less stress mentally?? I forgot to mention this before but my mom being promoted meant the guy who applied too didn't get it xD and he's the one who would be my supervisor. And mom's former coworker and the woman who is SUPPOSED to be her best friend was going to apply to and is at the same position she had been, they were both MHAs or the shift leader things my friend is applying for. So even if my friend did get it there would be her being shift leader some nights and mom's "friend" on other nights. This same friend who hasn't spoken to mom or congratulated her on the promotion so who knows how she's feeling rn. And that just makes me really nervous like I'm gonna be thrown to the sharks. So as if I didn't already have to be on my toes because of the cameras I would also be worried that my superiors would be looking for chances to trip me up or get back at mom or some other juvenile shit that people here are good at.

SO tl;dr

Work in the kitchen for less pay, harder work, but so much less stress and more time to be online and also at home with family since we would all be on the same schedule then

Stay at current position and make more money, less strenuous work, but same amount of stress and lack of time that I've had the last several months if not more due to added scrutiny from superiors
Jun 22 2017, 05:49 PM
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<div class="one">ANNOUNCEMENT 08</div>
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<div class="forumrules-big">CONGRATS GRADS!</div>
<div class="forumrules-small"><xx>welcome to adulthood: <br>paperwork edition</xx></div>
So you've graduated big whoop do you want a cookie or something?? Now's the time for you to decide what you're gonna do with the rest of your life - or until you get fired or arrested for murder....or both! I hope you've put a lot of thought into this because it's a preeetty big decision! I would say the world is your oyster but looking at some of these NEWTs scores.....yeesh!
Do you think you can be an auror - do you really want to? Are you looking to work in a shop in Diagon Alley? Maybe you think you can cut it and go pro with your mad Gobstones skills! Heck, maybe you didn't get enough of school and want to go right back to be an apprentice in your favorite subject....NERD!.
If you're still some lost soul who hasn't quite made your decision or maybe you'll be sailing on your trust fund until you run out of money, you can go into a default category of "Other" either way. But you'll still need to fill out the form saying so!
Before your paperwork can be filed for graduation you also need to update your mini-profile and your application to reflect the new information. We'll check these before we update the claims so it would be best if you make the changes before posting in here with the form for claims! We've included claims that need added such as the occupation, claims that need to be edited such as removal from clubs, and claims that need to be updated with your graduate's new member group code such as... well everything else.<p>
<div class="forumrules-big">AS FOR THE NON-GRADS</div>
While the only claim changes we'll need from you is the Roster, we would also like to see an update to mini-profile and application to reflect the change in their year. If you would like to add clubs, quidditch positions, or take them away this is a good time to do that as well to prepare for next year!
We allow these sort of club updates to happen any time through the year - but when it comes to coveted positions like limited Quidditch spots or chairs of clubs wouldn't you rather do it now than later just in case someone else comes along and swoops it up?
<div class="forumrules-big">NOW FOR EVERYONE</div>
This claim update is in lieu of an activity check, which means all student characters need to have posted here within two weeks with their necessary claims, so before <b>July 6th</b>, in order to be deemed active and safe. Any student character not posted here with their updated claims before the 6th will be archived.
Adult characters also need to post below to confirm their activity, but now is a great time to update claims for adults too if necessary. If over this year your character has aged up from 29 to 30, 39 to 40 etc and will need moving from one age range to another in the claims, post here to get that updated. If your character has changed job or begun working on an ability (i.e. training to be a legillimens), also post here with those changes. Again, you have until the 6th, or the character will be archived.

<center><div class="forumrules-small">reply by July 6th<br>have at it!<br></div>



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Alternatively, delete this claim and just write 'Active'
May 22 2017, 07:57 PM
[dohtml]<center><div id="YOUNGGODS">
<div class="one">$5 COMMISSIONED<br><br>HEADSHOTS !</div>
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<center><div class="forumrules-big">A BOMB EXCLUSIVE COMMISSIONED FANART DEAL</div>
<div class="forumrules-small">Just for you darlings!</div>
SOOOOO a few of you have seen my friend Rene's art before! Here is a link to her Etsy shop <a href="">Rene's Creations</a> if you haven't. She did a commission of fanart for me a couple years back for a present for Sigyn where she drew Melsil and it was so cute!<p>
So I thought hEY! Why not use that connection to get our members some sort of deal on fanart commissions? So I contacted Rene to see what we could work out and HUZZAH!<p>
She's gonna offer $5 Headshot sketches, with inking for $10 and coloring for $15! There are multiple options too, you could do one with your canon or the face claim, get it realistic style or chibi cute style! An example she did for me is below, she did a quick sketch of Hermione lol<p>
If you have requests fill out the form provided and I'll link her to this thread so she can check in and see the requests! Her paypal is and that's how she'll accept payment~
<div class="forumrules-big">HAVE FUN AND GETCHOO SOME ARTS</div>

<img src="" width="400">

May 19 2017, 08:26 AM
Hi guys so a lot of you probably know I am literally morbidly obese. It's a combination of poor diet and exercise but also a little thing called PCOS. Google it. It sucks. This past month I started on my way to actually losing some heckin weight. My first big goal was 50 lbs. I'm gonna break it down into more manageable portions to achieve it more easily. This thread is just gonna be me keeping track of things and holding myself accountable for stuff.

The title of the thread iiiis because I made a deal with my mom that once I reach my 50 lb goal I could get a Corgi - a doggie I've wanted since I was 10 and saw Ein on Cowboy Bebop Bc believe it or. It I used to be a weeb :'3 weeb cradle 2 grave watchu mean USED TO BE

It's the perfect little doggie to hold its own against my cats without straight up murdering them and the one I get will have been socialized to get on well with kitties anyway. She would be perf to get my butt outta bed and have the perfect huggable neck ruff and stocky sausage legs and body liek me but be stronk anyway and fast. I cried at work when I finally broke through mom's defense and put that offer on the table. I had to excuse myself and go watch Corgi videos and cry in the bathroom.

So yeah. Gonna keep track of stuff here. Keep up or don't. Post encouragement or advice if you wanna. I've not had a doggy in ten years so if you know any fun new things or anything like that lemme know. I'm so pumped to be a dog mom again.
May 15 2017, 06:49 PM
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