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 FIRST VOTE, First Round of Votes for MoE Candidates
Who should be the new Minister of Magic for Europe's Integrated Ministry?
MAVIS VERMILLION [ 5 ]  [12.50%]
KLARION BLEAK [ 3 ]  [7.50%]
RICK STEVENS [ 3 ]  [7.50%]
HOMER SIMPSON [ 0 ]  [0.00%]
ALFRED JONES [ 4 ]  [10.00%]
JENSEN WARD [ 3 ]  [7.50%]
ALICE LIDDELL [ 6 ]  [15.00%]
THELONIOUS VADAM [ 6 ]  [15.00%]
YOLANDA DIAMANTIS [ 4 ]  [10.00%]
CLAUDE FROLLO [ 0 ]  [0.00%]
Total Votes: 40
Guests cannot vote 
Sigyn !
 Posted on 25 Apr 2017, 09:58 AM

Time to Vote !
Voting will be done in-character

For an election that will affect the lives of every character on Bombarda, it seems only fair to let the characters themselves make the decision of who gets through to the next round. Therefore, in this poll you can vote once with each active character account (except your Candidates) that you have. Think very carefully when casting your vote to make sure you're voting for what they want and not what you would want.

This is a fantastic opportunity to really delve into your character's thought processes and priorities, and really think what sort of things they would want to vote for. For example, I know already I would disagree with what Ed and Colress would want to vote for based on what they think is most important, so I'll have to think carefully to decide who they would actually support. You can vote for your own Candidate of course, but you'll need to be able to justify why.

State a reason for your vote below

This is partly to make sure everything is fair and there isn't any bias at play in voting, partly so I can keep a clear count of who has voted so far and who hasn't, and partly because I am nosy as all hell and want to see how your characters think! The reasons you give can be super brief, something as simple as 'they sounded exciting' or 'agrees about education' or anything is fine. Or you can give a detailed account of their thought process. It's entirely up to you.

One thing to note here, the only thing that the characters on site have seen is the introductory speeches. They did not read the miniature apps you guys submitted, they have only seen the speeches. Bare that in mind when deciding who they'd vote for. The only obvious exception here would be for pre-existing Candidate characters - if your character has met a Candidate before this election even began, then it is possible they may be bias towards them even without considering their speech. In a real election, this wouldn't matter as there would be thousands of votes cast, but since we are quite a small number, this gives pre-established candidates a hugely unfair advantage.

Therefore, for this vote try to pretend your character has no personal connection to any candidate and place your vote entirely based on their speeches and their policies. Professional connections and vague awareness of the Candidate are fine as these mostly still relate to their politics. Think of it like this: if your best friend was running for a position, you'd probably vote for them regardless of whether you thought they'd be any good at the role - this is what we don't want happening. On the other hand, if you vaguely knew someone from work but knew they were friendly and professional and would do the job well, that would be a fine reason to vote for them because it's not based on an entirely personal bias. In general, try to treat them all like NPCs, just for the voting process itself - you can know of them, you just don't know them well.

Candidate characters cannot vote

I imagine they'd vote for themselves anyway so it shouldn't make too much difference, but just bare this in mind when you're voting.

These are our only rules for now, but if any problems come up we may add in more, so keep an eye on this post. The goal at this point is for six candidates to continue on to the next round, but this number may change depending on the outcome we see. Until then, get thinking and get voting!

Any other questions, just ask !
Poll closes Sunday night (April 30)!

edward nygma
 Posted on 25 Apr 2017, 10:08 AM

Who my boys voted for and why:

@edward nygma
KJ - because Ed thinks this whole Minister of Europe thing is ridiculous and ill-thought-out (and will detract power away from Oswald's position, I mean what?) so is voting for who he believes will cause the most damage, so this whole stupid system will come crashing down before it can even begin.

@colress grey
Alice - because she talked about science but in a wider context than just 'technology' and also in the most logical way i.e. didn't just say 'let's bring in technology right now' when technomagic is definitely not up to the standards to do that - they've tried and massively failed to integrate it into the Ministry before so just 'let's try again' is not good enough for Col.

@phoenix wright
Mavis - because partly, she reminds him of himself honestly, and she just seems really sweet and like she's doing this for the right reasons. She didn't swear or insult the audience like so many others did (come on guys, really?), she seems to have a lot of good experience behind her, and she seems like she has a firm plan in action to solve a really serious problem.
basil doyle
 Posted on 25 Apr 2017, 10:33 AM

@basil doyle
Thelonious - First, Basil had to narrow down his options, and that was far from difficult. Klarion Bleak, Alice Liddell, and Yolanda Diamantis are three of the only four contenders that Basil can take seriously. Alfred wasn't the worst of folks, he supposed, but the rest were undeniably out. Now, Alfred and Klarion share the weakness, in Basil's eyes, of youth. They haven't experienced the world nearly enough yet. Alice shows more promise than Yolanda, who seems a bit short-sighted. Her focus is too narrow. However, Basil's vote will be going to Thelonious Vadam. Basil knows Thelonious from his days as an Unspeakable, which is a job with a great deal of responsibility. Furthermore, Basil admires Thelonious for both acknowledging corruption in the Ministry, and his part in that, and his experience that comes with age. Basil believes Thelonious has the most realistic views of what can be done to improve the Magical world.
 Posted on 25 Apr 2017, 03:12 PM

@oswald cobblepot publicly endorsed Klarion Bleak in the past week. Public announcement snippet:
"It is with great pride that I endorse Klarion Bleak for Minister of Europe. As someone I, personaly, had a hand in raising and took into my home - it comes as no surprise that Mr. Bleak shares many of my views."

In reality, Cobblepot sees Klarion as someone he doesn't directly disagree with on any points. And further, he doesn't think Klarion will stop any parts of his own agenda - or work against a certain controversial staff-to-be. Best case scenario, Oz thinks Klarion will even further his own ideas.

@vanesa morado did not vote. She definitely talked a lot of shit about all of the candidates, though. And how this whole thing is a placebo and nothing is really going to change and, you are all quite stupid if you're putting a lot of hope in this election. Also somewhat disappointed with timing and that she couldn't have convinced a significant other to run. And continues to be very bitter, kthx.
Josephine Montilyet
 Posted on 25 Apr 2017, 03:33 PM

@Josephine Montilyet is voting for Mavis Vermillion, for similar reasons Phoenix Wright did, simply her more polite demeanor appealed to her as opposed to the shouting and chaos of everyone else. She sees a good diplomatic force that could possibly keep so many countries together

@Celeste Ludenberg is voting for Yolanda Diamantis. (Even without the rule Sigyn put I. she was never going to vote for Jenny. She doesn't particularly want to run Azkaban) she thinks Yolanda is a woman of her own heart. I don't think I need to say more.

@Takumi Sumeragi is voting for Thelonious Vadam (I know, shush I have reasons). He really admires his honesty and thinks he genuinely can bring change to the things that are obviously issues in the wizarding world.

@Inigo Morado is voting for Mavis Vermillion. He's seen her as his department head for awhile and has always admired her as a leader, and just from that thinks she's the best candidate.
 Posted on 25 Apr 2017, 04:28 PM

@ANDREA TREMAINE voted for KJ because she thinks he's a fucking riot and thinks this whole election is crazy anyway and is someone who has had enough of the same old shit from adults who think they know what's best for her. She's open to the free-wheeling good time KJ would bring to the Union and honestly thinks we're all fucked either way. So why not have fun doing it? Andi would tell anyone who asks who she voted for and not give a fuck if they judge her.

@MELANIE RASKOPH voted for Alice Liddell because she agrees with the platform outlined in her speech, even if it was brief. She wished Alice had touched on some of the subjects even if they were already covered, but appreciates that she took the time constraint into consideration and didn't waste her words. She likes her ideas about expanding educational years and options, as well as the concern for mental health and the statute of secrecy considering Melanie's mother took her own life due to being a muggle who thought she was losing her mind when her daughter would set the curtains on fire and cause her toys to fly across the room. Her father kept his wizarding life from the woman and Melanie is sure improving muggle-wizard relations as well as addressing mental health issues before they get to that point can only be a good thing. (I actually thought Alice had mentioned prison reform in her speech and that was another big reason I knew Mel would back her but I went back to read it for details annnd I'm not sure where I read that at but XD) Melanie wouldn't tell anyone who she voted for, but would be sure to make anonymous donations to Alice's campaign.

@PEARL WHITAKER voted for Mavis Vermillion despite what she found to be a lackluster speech that downplayed her qualifications! She thinks Mavis should be more confident, and agrees with her policies and hopes to see her continue to advocate for her causes even if she doesn't win. Pearl is old school, however, and wouldn't let it be public knowledge who she is supporting. She thinks there's a quiet dignity in the voting process and knows it can be touchy being a ministry worker herself to talk politics.

@nia folami voted for Thel. As much as she would like an easily manipulated young mind in the office - and was leaning toward Klarion - she also knows this is much bigger than any of her own desires and knows this first step should be handled by someone with gravitas and experience. Sunshine and rainbows are all well and good but she has seen some hard shit in life and apparently so has this guy. And he's owning it. He's not giving flowery speeches with no substance but he's also not flying off the handle over his personal demons or treating it like a joke. She has a business to think of and kids of her own to worry about and if there will be a united Wizarding Europe it should be helmed by someone who has some sense and experience. As far as letting others know, she'll do what she always does and give no solid answers and let people make whatever assumptions they like with their own projections and perceptions. Whatever answer they want they can cull it for themselves.
Nagito Komaeda
 Posted on 25 Apr 2017, 04:47 PM

Chloe Talbot voes for Alfred Jones though a process of elimination.

Sam Best votes for Mavis because he likes more school events.

Nagito is seriously torn on this because he honestly feels a little displaced from the election. Thanks to the rules he doesn't feel like he can vote for Jenny, which initially makes him want to heavily abstain, as going by campaign speeches he can't see anyone he gives a fuck about. However, he convinces himself to vote for someone he at least knows is super responsible and can presumably do the things asked of him, which means he votes for Thelonius Vadam.
Nicholas Wilde
 Posted on 25 Apr 2017, 06:50 PM

@Nicholas Wilde is not voting, because he doesn't care about politics.

@Elliott Hamato is not voting, because he hasn't paid much attention.

@Vincent Law is not voting, because he is a muggle.

@Kyler Weylyn is not voting, because he believes nothing will change anyways.
klarion bleak
 Posted on 25 Apr 2017, 09:34 PM

@garnet cristaal
Klarion: Yes this sounds v biased but listen. Klar's main focus is on making sure the continent's kids are handled and looking towards the future. Like slap some love is love stuff in there and that's Garnet's m.o.

@harleen quinzel
Clopin: Okay but they are? So similar? In both views and personality?

@william cipher
Yolanda: Easy to manipulate due to sister shit. (Yes I know this wasn't talked about in speech, but legilimency. Also, Every Villain Is Lemons.)
Hiro Hamada
 Posted on 25 Apr 2017, 11:39 PM

@Hiro Hamada Doesn't vote. He has other things on his mind @.@

@Serena Tsukino Votes for KJ because he would be absolutely fun to have as MoE! She'd be able to have a good laugh without anyone making fun of her for any reason.

@yoshi garrett votes for Alfred Jones. TBH he wants to get his hands on some of the Muggle's technology and investigate what it can do so Wizards can adapt it for their own uses. Also go young Candidates!

@njola tyrkneskr votes for Alice Liddell since she seems nice and her policies are sound. He would definitely follow her as best as he could within his power and everything like that.
alfred jones
 Posted on 26 Apr 2017, 12:28 AM

@angela marshall - Rick Stevens. Because Szechuan Sauce. But no..on one hand she doesn't really care that much, but on the other something about what he said struck a chord with her? So there you have it.

@elsa arendelle - Alfred Jones..and no it's not because of bias, but rather because of what he said about mental health. She knows she's in over her head, but doesn't feel like there's much that she can do about it which isn't helping her state at all. So his statements about addressing mental health in particular struck a chord with her. She's a big ball of angst ok?

@felicity tomlin - Yolanda Diamantis. As both a Muggleborn and someone interested in science and technology, she can definitely relate to what Yolanda said in her speech.

@mosi folami - Jenson Ward. Honestly, the guy brings up some very good points. What the crap happened to allow an innocent kid to almost successfully get framed by a lunatic that was working first in the Ministry and then at the prison? Don't they vet these people at all? Yes, maybe each respective Ministry should look at their own dirty laundry.

@rini tsukino - Klarion Bleak. She likes his ideas about reaching out to magical youth younger, especially as someone who struggled in her own youth in a way that might have been prevented were their a better safety net for magical youth.

@violet parsons - Alice Liddell. A lot of the candidates made good points, but she felt that Alice did a good job of combining all of those points into a good platform. That and Alice is a teacher she knows from school so honestly that familiarity helps.

@ai haibara - Thelonius Vadam. Out of all of the candidates, he seemed like the most qualified for the job between his stances and his experience
Rick Stevens
 Posted on 26 Apr 2017, 05:48 PM

@Rick Stevens can't vote, but if he could, he would've voted for Thel. Because, quote, "th-the, urp, last time we had to choose between a lizard and some yellow-orange humanoid thing, i-it went pretty crap".

@david xanatos can't vote, having only been a legal resident for two years. He'll probably help pay for Thel's or Alice's campaign costs, though.

@junko enoshima voted for Rick Stevens, entirely because he seems incredibly unfit for the job and will likely have the whole thing come crashing down. And that's just wonderful to her.

@camilla marius voted for Alice. There's something relatable about a candidate who strives to be the best she can- despite inexperience. Her policies are generally solid, and she has no doubt that Alice absolutely COULD do what she claims. Also because tbh she's one of her teachers and that absolutely colors her bias.
jasper maksimov
 Posted on 29 Apr 2017, 03:25 PM

Okay so since she's back <3 Jasper votes, surprise surprise, for Yolanda Diamantis! She considers her strong, smart and passionate, and agrees that muggle relations are absolute shit.

She would have voted for Thel, but considering they're relatively close and also babysit the same man... she thought it would be uncouth.
ender carnow
 Posted on 29 Apr 2017, 04:29 PM

@ender carnow In his own words - "I went with @alfred jones. He's a good guy, cares about mental health and I know he'll actually understand the youth vote... unlike Mr. Ward. I can't figure out if he wants the youth vote or just wants to fuck the youth." At this point, his mother smacked him upside the head.

@jensen ward sat at home, watching The Great British Bake-off, hoping that people voted for Thelonious in his stead. They had their past issues, but the man was a devoted servant to the European magical community and deserved a second chance.

@rachael purin had a very hard time choosing who to vote for, as her main concern, the safety of her students and the ability to sing, were implicitly assumed by basically everyone in the election aside from Claude Frollo. In the end, she voted for @alice liddell, who she trusts to work through dark times with a smile on her face and a strong sense of determination.

@mani phanthittra, through a local Teen Beat-style magazine, gave a ringing endorsement to, of all people, @jensen ward. In the interview given to It's Magic!, which has been reprinted in many newspapers, the following text appeared:

Mani tossed her hair over her shoulder, confused as to why I was so alarmed. I reminded her of the man's many personal failings, not to mention that she's been appearing pretty obviously with Klarion Bleak during his campaign as his partner, but she cut me off with a determined "listen here."

"Jensen Ward is not a perfect human being, nor should he strive to be. His stances are perfectly in line with what I have come to believe since I brought Ye-Jun's family to justice, and was shunned by polite society ever since. He has been through the same besmirching, for the ridiculous crime of loving a Squib. He is one of the few candidates I truly believe supports an equal society for magic and Muggles, including those like me, who are punished by the stupidity of our power structures. I will support Klarion in all of his efforts, but as far as I am concerned, he has my vote."

To say that this interview has made her life even harder at school would be an understatement, but she's kind of beyond caring at this point.

@bernard vincent couldn't figure out how to use the ballot. He spent two hours in the booth, and at that point, he was so exasperated that someone came to help him understand how to fill it out. Once that was over, he ended up voting for @king-julien ringtail xiii, mostly because he felt really awkward voting for Alfred and Andi voted for KJ so he must be awesome.

@daniel berman voted for @Thelonious Vadam, since he probably knows how to fight vampires, based on his time in the Department of Mysteries. Terrible track record with zombies, but that could be improved. Dan plans on bothering him extensively about this, as there are so many greater threats to the world that uniting Muggles and Wizards and taking away Dementors or whatever the fuck else people were whining about. WHY DID NO ONE ADDRESS THE VAMPIRE SCOURGE, EVEN WHEN DIRECTLY CONFRONTED?! NOT EVEN ALICE GAVE HIM A SATISFACTORY ANSWER!

@yolanda diamantis is also not voting, instead opting to do a campaign stop in France to take a tour of Beauxbatons and speak on education to local parents.
miles edgeworth
 Posted on 1 May 2017, 05:13 AM

@gomez addams voted for King-Julien because of course he believes in divine kings and even without noticing he's distantly related to the guy he knows enough about obscure weirdo history to see the ring tailed lemur animagus as a spiritual signifier. Basically, Gomez was always going to be a weirdo, so that's where the weirdo vote went I guess. Thel lucked out.

@miles edgeworth vacillated on this for a while but ended up voting for Jensen Ward, entirely for the policies. Miles himself desperately wants to scrub the insides of the Ministry clean and does believe that those are the honest intentions of Ward. However, he also thinks that display was absolutely pathetic and Ward should maybe consider gaining some semblance of control over himself before he goes out in public as the human embodiment of a blight against his own ideologies again. Fortunately for him, Miles has had some experience working around self-sabotaging idiots who possess some echo of the right idea, and prefers them to people who don't care or who are determined to head in another direction. Basically, this was the least sympathetic vote possible.
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