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 LAUFEYSON, LOKI, Loki from marvel animated universe
loki laufeyson
 Posted: 5 Nov 2017, 11:22 AM

Loki Laufeyson



Loki Laufeyson


Thirty five

Member Group


Pref. Pronoun


Face Claim

Tom Hiddleston

Sexual Orientation




Head of the ministry of education


Ministry of education


Drusmtang, set 1, graduated in 2000


Blood Status

half blood/half veela


10 1/2'' ash thestral tail hair


himself restrained and weak, unable to escape

Patronus and memory

Black Heron, his first day in Drusmtang.

Dementor-induced memory

varies, invoke memories from his time in jail

Mirror of Erised

Himself unopposed and accepted by all.





GMT +2


c box, pm

Other Characters

Jim Hawkins 1

Jim Hawkins 2

Bruce Wayne 1

Bruce Wayne 2


Loki is a very charming man. His half veela status does a lot of the work for him, but being charming is something he has worked on a lot throughout his life and had perfected utilizing it.

Ever since he was a young boy he rarely had a sense of belonging, but he blamed the world for it instead of something he did. He tried his best to seek approval, but when that didn't happen no matter what he did he simply stopped caring for it, or at least that was what he told himself.

Odin, his adoptive father, never truly accepted him as his son and loki didn't really know why, considering he didn't even know that he was adopted in the first place. He only realized why that was when he found out that he wasn't Odin's real son... When he found out that what he was could be seen as a monster by the man that he thought to be his father, the man that was supposed to love him no matter what. He couldn't understand it either. After all what he was, as it turned out, was a strong wizard and very able when it came to charming people, both cause of his skills and due to his being a half veela.

Thor was his half brother... And he hated that Odin always seemed to favor him. It felt unfair and that in the eyes of his own father he was a second rate citizen just cause of who he was as a person... Even a child that didn't seem right. It made him isolate himself often, though he did have his friends among the family of his.

Thor always seemed to believe what he told him when they were kids, however. He even thought that they could be friends, despite Odin's behavior... Even after he found out that he wasn't really really Odin's son and Thors brother.

Fierlesly intelligent and with a tendency that's often stronger than his survival instinct he causes havoc wherever he stands. He'll often tell you that it's just in his nature and no fault of his own, though such a thing is rarely believed after a little bit of exposure to him, and with good reason.

Truth be told while he can be dedicated to a cause he can often simply get bored if everything is too quiet and orderly and for this reason it's looked upon with suspicion or at least curiosity by most that know him well that he's currently occupied at the ministry of education. To many he's doing that because he's planning something while others chose to be more optimistic though almost everyone that knows him would at least keep an eye out for what will come next or try to warn him against doing something stupid. For the moment he's only enjoying his job. Of course that's not to say that there isn't a plan brewing at the back of his head. He's always plotting and planning always wanting to be several steps ahead from eveyone else.

He can be loyal. Well at least in his own way and he'd often do something to mess things up because he doesn't find things interesting enough as they are. Mostly he's loyal to himself. However that's not to say that there aren't people that he's not loyal to, though it's often for some to no longer want whatever it is that he calls loyalty.

What's perhaps interesting about him is that he's likely to oppose someone that would try to take over the world. Simply because it's his world and his for the taking and therefore someone else doing it and not doing so in Loki's terms isn't something that he would find acceptable. He likes the potential of the current status quo and he thinks that if the world was to have one person on top that would be him.

All those being said being as charming as he is he can often fake emotions of remorse he might not be feeling and has learned through the years what people want to hear and he can successfully present it to them if he decides to bother with it. Additionally, what people don't see is that the environment in which he has grown up has had an effect on his personality making him have an inferiority complex due to how his brother always shined above him, even when neither of them could understand that this was the case. He's been trying very hard to hide it, making walls around it and is working even harder to be better than Thor and than those around him. As the years have gone by it's something he's worked on and his accomplishments on different fields made him understand just how special he is and admire his own abilities. As a result he had become rather arogant as a person and quite confident in his abilities and his worth.


TW: mention of violence and torture

Loki never met his biological family growing up. As a matter of fact he never knew that this was a thing that he had to see out till he was 11 when he first found out that he's a wizard and a half veela at that. When he found out he felt betrayed and alone though at the same time it made sense to him, it explained to him why he had always felt different from those around him, like he would walk several steps to the side and even under the shadow of others. He felt that he didn't belong simply because he wasn't like everyone else around them. And in so believing he believed that it wasn't him that was to blame for what set him apart from the rest of the world, at least in the negative sense, but the world itself. And at the same time he felt that he wanted to embrace the different, embrace the reasons why he was special and set apart.

It wasn't that he had an unpleasant childhood per se, but he could feel those around him, regardless of whether or not they knew on some level, to look at him with suspecion, not fully accepting him like one of their own. That wasn't to say that he didn't have friends as a kid before the letter came. He did, but still he didn't feel like he quite fitted, he felt different in a way he hadn't been able to explain.

School was one of Loki's favorite places in the world. All the access to knowledge and all the opportunities to know and to meet people that would come to be powerful and important in life later on made it very attractive to him. It was an endless pit of possibilities and all of them where there for him to grab.

Two of the most powerful memories of his childhood was receiving the letter from Drusmtang and his first day in school. He had already known that he was different, that he had potential that wasn't available to everyone and he had observed strange little things happening around him when he would be emotional, which wasn't a rare occasion. So when the letter came it was a confirmation of something he already knew on some level and it opened a lot of opportunities in front of him, an environment that he had not considered that far but that could offer him so much. That letter explained to him how he was different from those around him and that he could do things that not everyone could.

His fist day if school was a marvelous thing really. So many people that could offer to him whatever he might want, people like himself... It was in that first day that he found out that he's a half veela. That far he knew that it was easier for him to be charming and that people often found themselves wanting to be around him, but he hadn't known that it was partly because of what he was and not just what he did. It was a discovery that changed his life forever because he knew that he would utilize it for the rest of his life. In that first day of school he felt something that he hadn't felt so fully before: a sense of belonging. To this day he remembers thinking to himself that he was home.

He started on set 2, but he was devoted to his studies, as devoted as he had never been on anything that far in his life, and grabbed every opportunity he got. His instructors, even the ones that were harder to deal with, didn't seem able to say no to him when he wanted them to teach him something new and more advanced, so he soon found himself in set 1.

Through the years he made a group of people that would gather around him, charmed by his personality and by his way of presenting everything to his benefit. There were those that were closer to him and that were even ready to ignore facts if he told them to. At the time he had started small. His nature was already there, but he was calmer more charming than manipulative.

As years went by he excellent at whatever it was that he got his hands on. Lessons, social events, clubs and other extra curricular activities... In his second year he took up chess and dueling, while he became a seeker in the quiditch team during his third year. He didn't care much for the sport aspect of the latter, but flying made him feel free and it was another way to put him in the center of attention. And damn... He was good at it.

He adored potions, history and theory of the dark arts, alchemy and arithmagy. While he was exceptional at all of his courses, these courses being the cornerstone of his time in drusmtang was what he was best at, always attending and turning in all of the possible assignment, mandatory or not, and being on the top of his class. There was always so much to learn so many new horizons to explore. He really loved learning new things and expanding on what he knew already. Here he didn't feel like he was outshined... Instead every step of the way he took made him feel that he deserved all of the attention that he got and that he got all of the attention he deserved... It was an entirely new sensation. He felt that he was being recognized and he never wanted to give up that sensation... So the praise and attention he got only made him try harder and strive to achieve even more impressive and complex goals.

Due to his success in multiple fields while he was in school there were those that talked behind his back saying he had somehow managed to come into the possession of a time turner and that it was that instead of his smarts or his abilities that landed him into being so able and managing to make it to set 1 only in his second year. Nobody was able to prove so however and he never confirmed, or denied for that matter, those rumors. there were others that believed that he was preeve to special treatment by the staff due to his charm and the inevitable abilities he has due to his blood status. This was both true and not true. It was true as far as that his instructors couldn't really tell him no when he asked for something but he was graded all the same, being held at the same standards as the rest of his year. Having access to more advanced knowledge however did give him a certain edge.

As the years went by the situation with his father... Well his adopted father, if one could call this man a father anyway, only became worse... And his tricks when he was at home became more malicious as time went by. As a matter of fact eventually his tricks turned against Thor. He tried to get rid of him, believing that if he got out of the way his life would be easier. Somewhere in his mind it made sense that everything was Thor's fault. He convinced himself that if he trapped him in some fasion and got him away from him and his so called family he would have Odin's acceptance... That he would inherit his position, that he would be his true son since the man wouldn't have Thor to compare him to.

His plan failed and regardless of how elaborate his scheme was he failed and Thor was still around and didn't believe in him any more like he once had. He blamed everyone else but himself for what happened. This wasn't his fault... It couldn't be his fault. He had only tried to do what was right for himself, he had only seeked approval and be a real part of his family... That wasn't a bad thing now was it? That was what he told himself anyway.

Graduating was a big shock for him. Not cause he didn't see it coming or cause he thought he would get there with anything but the highest distinctions, but he had grown accostumed to the environment of Drumstang and, if he wanted to be honest, he had grown fond of it too. He had entertained the idea of teaching over the years. That way he would be able to stay here and influence his students by having access to them from a young age and help guide their minds in any way that he pleased. He also knew, however, that despite the way that he felt and the things that he could do here... He would soon be bored with the routine that a school environment implied. He needed something from new, something fresh.

It didn't take him long to figure out what he wanted to do. Having already gathered enough knowledge in school, some of it not being quite widely known or accepted as good for that matter, he started working on a project of his own. A new field of magic that would produce illusions and quite alive ones at that. Illusions of either things or of even people, appear to be in one location while being somewhere else, appearing more threatening or as a different person completely. It could so much further his tricks as well and he could start working to gain what was his once more. He would often become frustrated because his research didn't have the effect that he wanted it to have. While his illusions of inanimate objects were rather easy to develop things became a lot harder when he had to develop illusions that would recreate a person or that would mask a person, cause they didn't require just the initial input of magic and a relatively low level of maintenance but instead required a lot more consentration and a constant input since they would hav to move and be far more alive and liquid, in a sense. After all if you want a person to blend with their background to the point of not being perceived the spell has to not only move with the person but change in accordance to the new things that are around the person and do so so smoothly that it's not perceived, or if you want to mimic a person the illusion can't just stand there it has to also replicate movement.

The more he tried though the better grasp of everything he got and after three years of work he was confident that he should be getting closer. It was at that point that things got bad for him. His tricks annoyed Odin himself and some of his so called friends. He had been in need to test his new kind of magic after all and he had been causing testing it at home after he started mastering some aspects of his magic. Eventually his so called family caught on to who it was that had been tricking people either to annoy, or cause he wanted something, or just cause he could. He was captured and thrown into jail to stay there till he had redeemed himself. If that wasn't bad enough he received visits from people that weren't happy with him and those that knew about those things turned the other way. He couldn't use his magic in there and his tricks didn't seem to work either. He was alone and powerless as people hurt him. He was abused, riddiculed and tortured repeatedly till he couldn't scream anymore... And then the next day and the day after that and the days after that. For "good" people that didn't approve of his use of less than positive fields of magic they seemed to have no issue using two of the three forbidden cursed on him to riddicule and torture him, along with every other use of magical and non magical means that they'd be able to think of without leaving traces behind. That was what was important after all... Those that knew what happened to be able to deny that they did. And as the days went by Loki could feel hate and resentment building up within him. That was what kept him sane, somewhat anyway. The idea that one day he would get out. He had to believe that and he had to cling onto the hatred. He wouldn't be able to withstand the pain otherwise. And as the days became weeks it only became worse. He tried his best to keep track of what was happening to him but they realized that and they started messing with his head too... And after a little bit more the only distinction that mattered was between the time he was hurting and screaming in pain or trying to resist being humiliated and the time he wasn't. It could had been days or it could had been decades that he spent in there it did not seem to matter anymore. Only thing that mattered was when he was going to get out. No matter what they did to him he was determined to get out of there alive. And as if able to understand that there was a part of him that they hadn't broken yet things became harder and harder. In his mind this was becoming a game. Every time they would come back with a worse and more violent and painful way to hurt him and failing to break him he thought that it was a small victory. He had to consider it such in order to retain his mind whole. '

His prison itself wasn't anything regulated by the government or any establishment that is known and would have supervision, which explains his situation and the way in which he was treated. The place itself was in north Europe and had been made by those in his family that had hated him the most in his family and that wanted to get back at him for all his tricks and all the ways in which he had messed with them, for all the chaotic things he had done and all the havoc that he had caused. He never found out who they were exactly though he does have his suspecions and it's within his plans to avenge everything that had been done to him. Due to it not being something official was why it wasn't repeated either after he got out. They couldn't fool him twice with the same trick and after he got out he managed to insert himself in the ministry so it would mean many problems for those that would try to do it even if he could be fooled a second time.

To this day he doesn't know what it was that got him out, but they didn't try to shove him back in and he was now free and breathing fresh air again. It had been four years that he had spent in there. While he was imprisoned he was planning and plotting, but he still needed to catch up with reality before he could move forward. His research had been destroyed too so he had to start all over again. This kindled even more anger inside of him. He loved his work and his project had been the epitome of everything he had done... And they had taken it from him.

He was alive though and he was free and his mind and abilities were things nobody could take from him out here. He would find old contacts and make new ones and he would start from where he left... Only now he had seen the worst of them and he knew what they could do... He knew what they would do to him if they ever got their hands on him again. And he knew that he would never allow himself to fall into their claws again. For that he needed to climb higher in the food chain and within a few weeks he had a pretty solid plan on how to make that happen.

His first step was to slide himself into the lines of the ministry. He started low, but it didn't matter. He would start off low and quietly. That way he wouldn't be seen as a threat. When nobody saw you as a threat they accidentally gave you the tools to become one, or at least so he had figured from his past experiences... And this time he knew his past mistakes and so he knew what not to do this time,he knew a few situations that he should avoid.

If anything Loki can adapt and that was exactly what he did at the time. His charming ways along with good recommendations from old teachers and classmates got him into the ministry. He would work endlessly and he found that he actually enjoyed doing that. Working and setting a new goal each day made his mind settle. Things weren't as loud when he was working as hard as he could. Everything was starting to become a means to achieve his long term goal and in so doing everything started having a new sense of value. He proved once again that he could devote himself if he selected to do so.

As time went by his job started becoming more important and he found that he drew joy from his job in itself. It was an odd sensation and one he couldn't quite explain. He had thought that he wouldn't feel joy again, but he felt motivated to do his best and not just as a means to an end. He took pride in his accomplishments and in doing increasingly better. He even started working on his magic project again. Two years in and he was at the same place that he had left it, in terms of his progress in it and he could start working on new things again... It was a thrilling sensation to be out there again... His mind was occupied with work and new ideas and plans and he felt that the pain that was buried inside wouldn't bother him again. Of course the hate was there too and it hadn't diminished but he felt that it didn't make his decisions for him.

As time went by he begun to wonder if he should leave behind everything that had hurt him and move on with his life. The people that had tortured and humiliated him didn't have any power on him now, they couldn't affect him... Or so he had convinced himself anyway. It was at that time that as part of his job he had to go to Azkaban. There was a convict there and his boss wanted something with them. He never asked why they'd go there really, he didn't really care. It was an interesting prospect and he was too curious for his own good about the dementors. A few feet in the prison and he could feel all the joy and sense of completion being drawn from him as if it was nothing more than a peck of dust. He had learned how to cast the patronus charm and he could do so without a hitch but he couldn't collect himself enough to cast it and he felt that even if he did it would make no difference. He felt the memories of being tortured and humiliated being brought back and reliving every horrible thing that he had been through. Next thing he remembered he was outside, his boss holding onto him by the shoulders. He felt gratitude towards his boss and the hate being ricindled. While what happened didn't get him fired it did show him his weakness and that weakness came from what they had done to him.

For the next few months he was as effective and charming as ever but there was a part of him that had broken. He had thought that he had bounced back but he felt the pain inside, the fear was still there no matter how much he had hardened himself against it, no matter how deep it had been buried. He made a commitment to himself however. That he wouldn't let this beat him and so he seeked to face another dementor. First time he met one after his first experience in Azkaban he did better and he was doing better every time after. He started regaining his confidence, believing he was stronger than his fear. It had scarred him for life but he was stronger than his scars and with every successful encounter, even if it was just a tiny step more successful than the last he started regaining his passion.

He even went back to working on his project making even further progress in it. He managed to master making illusions of inanimate objects and of disguising himself, and he's relatively effective in appearing to be somewhere he is not though he has to maintain concentration on it still so he can't use other magic while he's doing it and it has to be in a location that he can see (with the latter not being likely to change), and he's still working on consealing others by using his illusions.

His performance in work became even better than what it was at his previous peek and he started gaining more ground in the ministry. He felt joy once more and closer to his goal than before. His interest in academics started showing at that point and his immense knowledge proved rather useful in the time that followed. He helped out in any way that he could and impressed those around him by both his charm and his knowledge. Of course there were always those that would either be indifferent towards him or dismiss him as a cheater like when he was in school, but there was a bigger picture for him to consider. They'd see what he was capable of with time. He was only getting started... Again.

When the conversations started regarding the integration it was his boss' idea to involve him in the process and he almost immediately shined in it. His confidence built by his ability to face a dementor without faltering as well as by the progress he was making in both his job and his project, coupled with Drusmtang being what had felt the closest to home made him extremely interested in the process and, to be honest, he got involved and interested in it with a passion that he had never exhibited before. He would work overtime to help prepare whatever it was that needed preparation and would offer his insight to whomever would be willing to listen. It was exhilarating and... It felt like his calling. He couldn't be a teacher... But this... This was his field.

As a result when the ministry of education was established it didn't come as much of a surprise that he became the head of it, a position that he fills today. He's truly invested in it and willing to work hard. Maybe he had finally found his calling with this job... It's definitely where he's at his happiest... And he thinks that it is that first day in Drusmtang that kick started the person he is today and that he has this position.


family: in the animated universe Loki is a frost giant adopted by Odin and a half brother to Thor. His sense of non belonging is derived from the animated universe as is his attempt to trap Thor. Way that i figure the character a lot of the way in which he acts is derived from a sense of not quite belonging and of being looked down upon


1. Charming loki as a character, regardless of where he is represented, is a rather charming man and quite able to talk himself out of a great deal of situations and this to me a a core characteristic of him and it's for this reason it plays such an important role in who he is in my interpretation of him to the point of making him a half veela (see also blood status on the magic part of the connections).

2. Chaotic he's often seen as going back and forth in his behavior and lot of what he does, in my understanding, depends on the situation and on what will benefit him and for that reason I consider him a rather chaotic character.

3. Has a sense of entitlement / is arrogant. In the marvel animated universe he's presented as arrogant a personality trait that is a big part of who he is as a person in my opinion and therefore one I have transferred here. His arrogance along with his inferiority complex with regards to Thor are two of his main weaknesses as a person

4. Manipulative Well... Loki be Loki he often tries to either charm or manipulate himself out of a bad situation and this part of his character is a core part of him and so i couldn't not include it in this interpretation.

5. Intelligent. In the animated universe he's presented as a rather intelligent individual. He has a lot of knowledge on fields like magical artifacts which I have interpreted as his vast knowledge on different magical fields.

6. inferiority complex: this is another aspect of his personality that is presented in the animated series and as a result of the dynamic with his family and more to the point when compared to Thor. He's placed a great deal of effort to surpass him and has attempted to trap him as a result of that dynamic.


blood status: I figured that it would make sense for him to have inherited magic from his father's side, since in the marvel animated universe his father is a frost giant which gives him certain abilities which I have translated here as him being a wizard and the son of a wisard father, while due to his charm as a character it made sense to me that in the terms of the Harry Potter lore his mother would be a veela. Also the half blood aspect of it came from the fact that he's presented (and listed) as both asgardian and frost giant therefore I wanted his blood status to represent that as well.

patronus: black herons are rather sneaky birds so I felt like it would fit his personality to have one of them as a patronus. Also I've chosen a flying patronus instead of a land bound one due to his boggard having this aspect of himself being restrained and therefore the freedom of flight seemed appropriate considering that restrain is part of his biggest fear.

dementor induced memory: the memories induced by the dementors are connected to his boggard as well and both are connected to his experiences in jail. The jail part is an adaptation of the norsh mythology of loki being captured and remaining to his jail till ragnarok.

wand: ash wood wands are said to cleave to their true master and to lose power if they're passed down to someone else. I thought that it was a fitting wand lore due to his personality. thestrals are only seen by those that have seen death. I figured that while it wasn't something that would make sense for him in his early years it would signify what came later and perhaps that in a sense part of him died when he was in jail signifying an even better attunement with his wand.

magical project: in the animated universe he's got, among other things, the abilities of illusion manipulation which he primarily uses to trick his opponents during combat and shape shifting and the closest way to interpret that seemed with a project with which he would be able to accomplish such things through a field of magic of his own design.


jail his imprisonment draws from the mythology and the movieverse. He had been imprisoned in both and as a matter of fact according to the mythology he stayed in his prison till ragnarok and it did contain the aspect of torture. In both cases he had been imprisoned by Assgardians hense why it's not an official prison in this interpretation but something part of his family did to him.

occupation: since part of his personality revolves around charm and manipulation and his happy memory for casting the patronus charm is his first day in school i figured that it would make sense to be occupied in a profession related to education and since the ministry of education is something relatively new I thought that it would fit well his aspect of seeking the new.

Why should I apologize for the monster I've become? Nobody apologized for making me this way.


A selected few, on his side at least. It's easier to consider him a friend than he considered a friend by him.


He's had a few of those during his life, but mostly frivolous things that functioned more like a means to an end rather than having, on his side, an emotional connection.


The people that hurt him and those that turned their backs on him despite claiming to be his friends.


His biological and his adoptive family. Members of the latter already fall into the friends (extremely limited) or enemies category. Others are either unknown or not in a close relationship of any sort.
Sigyn !
 Posted: 14 Nov 2017, 07:35 PM

Welcome to
Bombarda Maxima!

Thanks for those additions: his connections are really clear now, and it's good to get the details of his project and his imprisonment.

It's great to have our Minister of Education on Bomb finally, especially now that he'll be working in the brand new Ministry of Europe! And such a cool canon choice for the role too. Not that I'm biased to political villains or anything... Or Loki himself of course...Hmmmm, seems there was a reason I was excited for this app. Oh well, better get him sorted then!

post in the claims board, and then reply to your app when you're done to get your member group changed so you can start posting!
klarion bleak
 Posted: 14 Jan 2018, 04:19 AM

Hello, Eranda! Sorry its taken me so long to do this, I've been wanting to plot with you for a while.

Bill + Loki - So my Bill Cipher actually has a good bit in common with your Loki. They were both basically imprisoned and tortured by their childhood caregivers, (Bill's orphanage put him through conversion therapy), they're both pioneers in a specific type of magic (Bill was one of the first people to work with technomagic), they both heavily rely on illusions (Bill is a metamorph and a legilimens), and they both get by on charming their way into people's lives. Bill gravitates towards anyone who he thinks might be useful to him, especially people in power, and even more especially attractive people in power, so Loki would catch his eye in seconds. And with all that trauma and ambition in his head? Oh yeah, Bill is after that like a moth to flame.

Klarion + Loki - This one's a little less obvious, as Klar would never approach him. He's a rather unique young man in that he's, at the current time, the first person to come to the upper world from the village of Limbo Town, a hidden underground magical village in America that completely cut itself off from worlds both magical and muggle and which practices dark magic. Most notably, necromancy. I bring him up because he would definitely be known in the Ministry, especially in the Education department, as he is an admittant user of darker magics (though he doesn't use them now, in compliance with the law here) but as a 7th year Hogwarts student, and, now, Head Boy. Furthermore, he's one of the orphans taken in by the British Minister of Magic, Oswald Cobblepot. There is special significance that may be possible for Loki, as Klarion is immune to the effects of dementors, due to a runic tattoo from Limbo Town, where there are an inordinate amount of dementors.

Sorry this is so long!
loki laufeyson
 Posted: 14 Jan 2018, 10:42 PM

william cipher and Loki

I absolutely love this idea and I think it's definitely gonna make an interesting thread and I'd love to see what happens. Would you be up to setting it up? Loki goes around so I can find a reason for him to be at most places or it could just be some sort of appointment

Klairon and loki

This indeed would be more complicated but it's definitely interesting to see east happens. His immunity to dementors would definitely draw his attention since he had to work really hard to be able to combat them.. Maybe they come across each other at random or something?
klarion bleak
 Posted: 15 Jan 2018, 12:38 AM

Bill + loki laufeyson - No problem! Bill is a professor at Hogwarts, does Loki visit the schools much?

Klar + Loki - Similar to Bill, if Loki spends time at the schools they could run into each other there. Klar is also one of Oswald's interns so he's at the Ministry rn too, what do you think?
loki laufeyson
 Posted: 15 Jan 2018, 01:44 PM

william cipher + Loki.

He's visited before, I mean he's already got two threads in drusmtang (where he graduated from) and I did set up a thread in Beauxbatons in the past i was thinking that he does want to speak to all three headmasters and to teachers as well. So he could be in Hogwards, if anything to take a look at things maybe he had another meeting there and they come across each other?

Klairon and Loki

I'd love for them to meet at the ministry would be fun. If you set up Bill loki I can set this one up when I'm done with some replies and starters
klarion bleak
 Posted: 15 Jan 2018, 06:55 PM

Sounds good! If you can get the Klar Loki one started I'll get the Bill Loki one started as soon as I can!
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