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18 Mar 2018, 07:19 PM

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<div id="aquaman"><div class="wonderwoman">

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<div class="justice"><div class="justice2"><p> Walking through the Law Enforcement department felt like such strange territory for Olympia. She had never really expected to be here in her life, she was just...a beast employee, this was never a department of the Ministry she expected to be in. </p>

<p> She also hadn't expected to be in here, to...get a testimony from a snake. </p>

<p> A Muggle had been found dead, something that normally wouldn't have been handled by Magical Law Enforcement...except the cause of death had been a bite from a magical snake. The man had also had many ties to the Magical world, he had been married to a witch he was now divorced to, and had a magical child with her. </p>

<p> And Olympia had been brought in to speak to the snake. </p>

<p> The snake did actually give a lot of information, which she was now relaying to the man in charge of the case, Mr. Jameson Locke. He wasn't what she expected from an Auror, there aura of calm and peace around him. When she spoke to him, she felt any ill feeling in her melt the second she looked into his kind eyes. </p>

<p> And that feeling returned again as she entered his office. </p>

<p> "Our snake, sang like a canary." she informed the man, as she decided to skip pleasantries, "He told me he was placed there by another human. He couldn't give me any identifying details, he thinks all humans look the same," It was a pretty common snake sentiment, She paused as she looked into Mr. Locke's eyes, "...what are you going to do with the snake?" She hoped he wouldn't be killed...he was innocent in this, he had been placed on the sleeping man and had panicked and bitten was a normal snake response. </p>
<div class="supergirl"> Jameson Locke FIRETEAM OSIRIS THE LIGHT IS GREEN
<div class="supergirl2"></div>
<div class="catwoman"><a href="">thanks evvie!</a></div>

16 Oct 2017, 05:14 AM
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Olympia Helene Vale
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<h2>Name</h2> <h3>Olympia Helene Vale</h3>
<h2>Age</h2> <h3>Twenty-Two</h3>
<h2>Member Group</h2> <h3>Ministry</h3>
<h2>Pref. Pronoun</h2> <h3>She/Her</h3>
<h2>Face Claim</h2> <h3>Daisy Ridley</h3>
<h2>Sexual Orientation</h2> <h3>Bisexual</h3>


<h2>Occupation</h2> <h3>Non-human Linguistics Specialist (might work for the Beast unit?)</h3>
<h2>Workplace/School</h2> <h3>British Ministry</h3>
<h2>Class</h2> <h3>Hogwarts Graduate of 2013 (Ravenclaw)</h3>


<h2>Blood Status</h2> <h3>Half Blood</h3>
<h2>Wand</h2> <h3>Maple, Dragon Heartstring, 11 inches </h3>
<h2>Boggart</h2> <h3>A capsizing boat</h3>
<h2>Patronus and memory</h2> <h3>Dolphin, finding out she was being featured in scientific journals, when she was only a teenager</h3>
<h2>Dementor-induced memory</h2> <h3>The feelings of boredom and despair when she was lost at sea</h3>
<h2>Mirror of Erised</h2> <h3>Her parents actually speaking to each other again</h3>


<h2>Alias</h2> <h3>Claire</h3>
<h2>Timezone</h2> <h3>MST</h3>
<h2>Contact</h2> <h3>sailorsanghelios 7770 on Discord</h3>
<h2>Other Characters</h2> <h3>
<a href="">Thel 1</a></h3>
<a href="">Thel 2</a></h3>
<a href="">Celeste 1</a></h3>
<a href="">Celeste 2</a></h3>
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<a href="">Burke 1</a></h3>
<a href="">Burke 2</a></h3>
<a href="">Asuka 1</a></h3>
<a href="">Asuka 2</a></h3>
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<p> July 28th, 2009 </p>
<p> “Hello? Hello?” </p>
<p> “Oh cool this thing still works. At least one thing didn’t get messed up by the storm… even if my old recordings got ruined ugh.” </p>
<p> “Well if I have none of those other recordings, then I guess I have to reintroduce myself…my name is Olympia Vale, and its OLYMPIA, like the city in Washington, not Olivia. If I’m going to die at least remember my name correctly.” </p>
<p> “I am not exaggerating we are now fighting for our lives from was once a fun oceanography trip in the Bermuda Triangle. Last night was one of the famous magical storms that happen here, and it disabled all the magical fixes on our boat…well not really it more of froze them? We got blown off course and our steering mechanism is stuck, and so is our magical cloaking? So many Muggle boats have passed us by, so many, and they can’t see us. A cruise ship even passed by once, a cruise ship! Imagine being rescued and getting a free cruise. Honestly the worst thing is like...this could be so easily solved if my mum just tried apparating, but she says she can't because she doesn't even know where the nearest land is, let alone if its the right distance...ugh...“</p>
<p>”….Ugh Mum is telling me she’s going to sleep on the top deck. I guess I have to find something to do. I wish Ulysses was here. Then again all he’d be doing is complaining about the climate. Ectotherms what can you do am I right?” </p>
<p> 9 years earlier…</p>
<p> “I think our daughter needs an exorcism.” Charlie Vale declared as he set down his giggly and dirt covered five year old daughter in front of his wife. </p>
<p> “Oh?” his wife said, not even looking up from the book she was reading. </p>
<p> “Effie I’m serious.” Charlie was the only one in the world who called Euphemia by the name “Effie”. Well that and Charlie’s friends, who only knew her through him. “She was sitting in the dirt talking to garden snakes.” </p>
<p> “A lot of kids talk to animals. Hell you talk to the dog like he’s a person.” </p>
<p> Olympia giggled, “He does, doesn’t he?” </p>
<p> Charlie rubbed the bridge of his nose, “Effie she was talking LIKE a snake. Like….hissing. And the snake was responding. </p>
<p> “Oh dear…” Euphemia closed her book and took her reading glasses off, absent mindedly chewing at the tip of them out of thought, “I mean it skipped over me but I guess she could…” </p>
<p> “…Is this a Jones thing?” </p>
<p> Jones was Euphemia’s maiden name. “Jones thing” was Charlie’s sweet little Muggle euphemism for magic, especially as relating to Olympia. </p>
<p> “Well technically its my mother’s side who is the Parseltongues. Its kind of why we came over to Australia in the first place, being Parseltongue is viewed as very dark magic in Europe. It really isn’t though, snakes are actually-“ </p>
<p> “Parseltongue?” Charlie repeated back, </p>
<p> Euphemia smiled, patting Olympia’s shoulder who was staring between both of them curiously, “It means Olympia can talk to snakes like they’re people. She’s very special, even for a wizarding child. “ </p>
<p> “…I see…” </p>
<p> ”Isn’t it cool Dad!” Olympia squealed, as she jumped up and down, “Can I have a pet snake or something? That’d be so cool, compared to Rusty who just barks all the time and-“ </p>
<p> “Ollie, sweetheart I uhh…think I need to process this. Daddy is gonna go to the garage to work on some stuff okay?” </p>
<p> Olympia stopped jumping, and gave him the look her Euphemia described as ‘wounded puppy’ “…okay…” </p>
<p> As he left Olympia turned to Euphemia as her father left, [b] “Why does he never want to talk about anything?”
<p> Euphemia knew the real reason. Charlie didn’t like being married to a witch, having a witch for a daughter. By the time Olympia was born, the marriage was already strained as the novelty had worn off. She knew as Olympia got older and more obviously “not normal” it’d only get worse. But Euphemia just smiled, “He’s just being boring. You know how Muggles are. Tell me what the snake said, I bet he had a lot to talk about.” </p>
<p> August 8th 2009 </p>

<p> Did you know that table salt isn't the same as salt salt? </p>
<p> My mum has been separating the salt and water from sea water so we have more portable water while we're lost. Apparently its pretty advanced magic so cool she knows that. But she told me not to lick the salt pile left over and I did. God that tasted so weird. </p>

<p> We have food and we have water.... But my biggest issue is I'm bored. I've read all the books we have... Twice. </p>
<p> I can't sleep cause the mermaids are so loud. We're actually out here to observe Bermuda mermaids. Usually my mum is in the North Sea for her ocranography work, but this was a special trip. But our ship is enchanted to let us hear what's under the ship... And god they're so loud. </p>
<p> Oh wait one of the books here is for translating Mermish... Well if they're going to be so rude, maybe I should be rude right back and eavesdrop... Serves them right. </p>

September 2006
<p> Olympia felt very lonely her first year at Hogwarts and eagerly awaited any correspondence from her parents </p>
<p> Her going to this school was not something she had anticipated…neither did she anticipate moving to England in general. But the Magical Oceanography Society, had offered her mother such a handsome raise for working on studying the North Sea. </p>
<p> Olympia had wanted to stay in Sydney but her father insisted she had to go with her mother. </p>
<p> She hadn’t seen him since the day they moved. </p>
<p> While she sat at the Ravenclaw table for breakfast she was alone again. She had kind of made friends with a few other girls but they seemed busy with their own conversations, that didn’t interest Olympia. And she was lost in her own thoughts anyway </p>
<p> Sudddenly an owl plopped a letter in front of her and she quickly opened it, as soon as she saw its return address. Maybe her mother would give her updates on how she would finally be allowed to bring her new snake with her or- </p>
<p> Dear Olympia, </p>
<p> Your father and I are officially getting a divorce… </p>
<p> She felt her heart sink, and the rest of the sentences after blurred, as her vision filled with tears. </p>
<p> Though in hindsight she shouldn’t have been surprised. But maybe part of her had hoped he’d come to his senses. About magic, about his wife. </p>
<p> About her. </p>
<p> ----- </p>
<p> August 28th, 2009 </p>
<p> Ugh so according to the calendar we’re like a few days from school starting, and…did I talk about the owl? An owl came by to drop off my school supply list, a few weeks ago and its still blowing my mind. Like…why didn’t you send people to rescue us? Maybe they don’t know we’re stuck. Maybe they’ll figure it out when I’m not there on the first. I wonder if I’ll get expelled or something. </p>
<p> Also you know whats weird? I’ve been talking about listening to the mermaids this whole time and…some of these translations in the books? Don’t actually sound like what they’re saying. Or they’re really weird, like the sentences make no sense. I’ve written down a lot of the weird things I noticed, like….I dunno it passes the time. </p>
<p> I hope we get rescued soon…I’m running out of tapes to record these on. </p>

<p> November 2009 </p>
<p> Olympia still felt a little weird being on land. </p>
<p> The day of her final recording, her mother had been able to disable the magical cloak over the boat, and the two had been rescued a few hours later, by a trade ship. It wasn’t the most glamorous rescue, and Olympia had t rush to get ready for school, but things had returned somewhat to normal, minus her fellow Ravenclaws constantly prodding her about the experience. </p>
<p> Or so she thought </p>
<p> As always she had rushed over to wear Care of Magical Creatures was held, eager to learn about whatever new creature would be exposed to her. Except the professor this time had an announcement, </p>
<p> “I’m pleased to announce, Miss Vale has made it into the Daily Prophet over her contributions to the mermaid lexicon over her…summer vacation” </p>
<p> Olympia looked absolutely bewildered as her fellow classmates clapped, and she looked at the newspaper itself to confirm, later on, and sent an owl to her mother in confusion. </p>
<p> Her mother had been quick to respond saying that the notes she had taken in the boat had been forwarded to the appropriate parties, and were analyzed, and Olympia had indeed improved understanding of the Bermuda mermaid lexicon. </p>
<p> “It was only a few words though” Olympia had said when her mother had picked her up for Christmas break that December. </p>
<p> “But for someone your age, that’s so impressive. We’re all very proud of you” </p>
<p> “Even Dad?” </p>
<p> Her mother didn’t respond to that. </p>
<p> ---- </p>
November 2017
<p> “How’ssssssss it going?” </p>
<p> “Its…going.” </p>
<p> The snake that was sitting on her desk suddenly grabbed her pencil, and Olympia gave him a small smack on the head, “Ulysses no!” It was funny, when she was speaking like a pet owner, she spoke in English, </p>
<p> “You humans are sssssssstrange with your attachment to your parents. Especially your male onesssss. I do not understand why you worry about him.“ the boa constrictor hissed at her as it spat the pencil back out. “He has done nothing but make you ssssaaad” </p>
<p> “He’s my dad” </p>
<p> “That means nothing to me.” </p>
<p> “Stop talking to me and breaking my concentration and I’ll get you that rat you want. Straight from Petsmart” </p>
<p> “Ah yesssss, you know my palette well.”
<p> Ulysses didn’t say a word after that. No matter if you could speak to them or not, snakes were snakes. </p>
,<p> She looked over what she had written. </p>
<p> Dear Dad, </p>
<p> Things are going well, I guess. We have a new department head…sort of. His job is only to deal with sea beasts, while the previous guy deals with land beasts. He’s nice enough, he seems a little TOO enthusiastic about the sea though. Like I’m almost afraid to reveal what I went through to him. He’s a little less of a wet blanket then Ruber though, so I’m feeling pretty good. A little annoying cause I just got used to things after six months here but what can you do. Ulysses says hi and- </p>

<p> Olympia sighed and threw the paper to the floor. </p>
<p> “Ugh I can’t tell him anything, he’ll never understand anything I tell him. I’m just always going to be that weird ass kid of his who can talk to snakes, and got a job because I can talk to things that freak him out, ugh.” </p>
<p> She slammed her head on the desk and groaned, and felt the sensation of Ulysses slithering over her, patting her head with his head as a gesture of good will, as she often did to his head when he was upset (though with her hand in that case). </p>
<p> “…let me get you that mouse.” </p>
<p> “ You sssaaaaid rat” </p>
<p> If he were human, then Olympia would point out how rude that was, but snakes were very blunt. </p>
<p> “Fine, a rat. Then I gotta go straight home and get these reports done for Ruber tomorrow. Should have been working on those instead.” </p>
<p> She picked up the paper and threw it out, into the same trashcan countless letters had ended up before. </p>


<p> Name: Her first and last name are canon! The middle name "Helene" comes from the armor she wears as a Spartan-IV, the Helioskrill Armor. Also its a variation of Helen,who in Greek mythology was known as "Helen of Sparta" which makes it a perfect name for someone called a Spartan. </p>

<p> Career: in her canon, before she became a supersoldier (and kind of even as a side job after that) Olympia was a xenoanthropologist, or basically a researcher into alien culture stuff, specifically languages in her case. I adapted that as her being the "beast linguist" (especially since some beast species such as mermaids and centaurs do have actual language) </p>
<p> House: Olympia is a very bright and curious girl, constantly absorbing new knowledge, which meant she was a born Ravenclaw. </p>
<p> Patronus: Dolphins are super intelligent and also very playful and like to investigate creatures they don't know, which fits Olympia very well. Its also an aquatic animal, which plays into Olympia's backstory. </p>
<p> Australia: In canon, Olympia was born on a planetary colony and ended up being raised in Australia. I decided to cut out the part that is impossible to adapt and just made her Australian </p>
<p> Parents: Olympia's parents are divorced in her canon, and they are here too. Her mother moved to Australia for work with her daughter when she was 11, and she did the same here, except to the UK. Olympia has a strained relationship with her father because one line in Halo 5, involved the villain saying "Oh its Olympia Vale...the little genius girl who only wanted her daddy to love her" when said villain was trying to break her team down. Its nto really known what this referred too, but it probably si something serious if it was even brought up. Here her father is a Muggle who just couldn't keep up with his magical wife and child, and is very dismissive of Olympia's magical accomplishments and her in general. </p>
<p> Parents names: Another interesting thing about Olympia's mom in this bio, is I made her maiden name "Jones" because Olympia's placeholder name in the early development of Halo 5 was "Spartan Jones". The name Euphemia means "well-spoken" which felt like a cute pun for the mother of a linguist (meanwhile "Charlie Vale" is just the most Muggle-ish name I could think of off the top of my head. He's too much of a dick to deserve my etymology nerdery)</p>
<p> Lost at Sea: Olympia in canon was lost in space for six months when the engines broke down in her mom's spaceship. To entertain herself, she studied transmissions from Sangheili and learned hteir language and even corrected some previous translations. Here she was lost at sea though for a lesser amount of time. To pass the time, she listened to mermaids (who's voices echoed through the bottom of the ship) and was able to figure out what they were saying. </p>

<p> Parseltongue: Olympia is a parseltongue because the language she specializes in canon, Sangheili, belongs to lizard people. Also Sangheili are seen as evil and untrustworthy in canon, because of their previous attempts to annihilate the human race. Snakes have a very similar association (not to mention in Biblical literature have a similar relationship of causing humans destruction) and Parseltongue is seen as a dark art that is probably weird ot be super proud of, like how in canon Olympia being super fluent in Sangheili, and having them as her main interest is seen as really weird. </p>

<p> Ulysses: Ulysses is named after and loosily based on the Sangheili Usze 'Taham, who bonded with Olympia in the book Hunters in the Dark. Ulysses shows confusion over Olympia's human ways, in a way that Usze did too (Sangheili grow up without knowing their dads, and Usze talked about how divorce was a genuinely baffling idea in his culture) I also did that because I figure even a snake talking to a Parseltongue would be like "Wow those silly humans and their endothermic hairy ways" or whatever snakes thing of us. </p>


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