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1 Jul 2018, 02:59 PM
[dohtml]<center><div id="YOUNGGODS">
<div class="one">Activity Check</div>
<div class="two"><div class="three"><div class="four">

On Bombarda we do passive activity checks every few months just to see who is still around, but this is all done by staff so you don't need to do anything for it. The details are below, but feel free to ask us questions about it too.
<i>This next section only applies to student characters:</i>
One extra thing for this activity check revolves around the end of the school year. Mid-July, the schools will break for summer, so we take this opportunity to update the <a href=''>character roster</a> and individual accounts/apps to reflect this change. Therefore <b>if you currently play a student character</b> we ask you to take this opportunity to <b>update their 'year' in both their mini profile and their app</b> so if they are currently a sixth year, change it to seventh year in both places. The characters that need to do this are listed below - post in this thread when you've done it and I'll remove the character's name from the list:
chantal warner
If your character is currently a seventh year, then they are graduating from school completely, congratulations! As well as updating their mini profile and app to reflect their change from school to worker, please <b>also post below with their <a href=''>occupation claim</a> and new member group</b>. Use the same code as you would in the claim itself, just post it here so it's all in one place, and if they don't have a job in mind for straight after school, you can just post 'unemployed' in the code and state the member group as 'OTHER'. Again, I'll delete the character's name from the list when this is done:
aodhan lynch raeya roth
Please do this in the next week so before the <b>8th of July</b>, or we'll start chasing you about it. If anyone wants to make any other changes to their characters (i.e. a job change) then also feel free to post below and we'll do that at the same time. Also if anyone wants to drop a character, let us know here too.
<center><div class="forumrules-small">THE SUMMARY</div>
<b>If a character has posted in the last month (since 1st June), that character is safe.<p>
If a character hasn't posted in the last month (since 1st June), that character is on a warning.<p>
If a character hasn't posted in two months or more (since 1st May), but the member themselves have in a different account, that character is on a warning.<p>
If a character hasn't posted in two months or more (since 1st May), and the member hasn't posted in a different account, that character will be archived.<p><hr><p>
All unsorted accounts made in the last month (since 1st June) will automatically be saved.<p>
All archived accounts that have had their app archived in the last month (since 1st June) will automatically be saved.<p>
Any account mentioned in a comment posted by a member below within a week (by 8th July) will be saved.<p>
All other unsorted and archived accounts will be deleted.<p>
<div class="forumrules-small">THE DETAILS</div>
The main reason we do activity checks, is to find out if anyone's ghosted from the site. It happens all the time - people get busy, the site didn't click with them, they don't have as much muse or time as they thought, and so on - so we just want to clear out accounts when this happens so any taken canons are available again for other people. Therefore the main thing we're looking for is active <i>members</i>. If you're an active member, but you haven't been posting with all your characters, you'll just get warnings for your inactive characters. If however, a member is inactive overall, so none of their accounts have been posted with, we'll assume they've left us for now and archive their things. If a member has an <a href=''>absence</a> posted or has spoken directly to a staff member about an absence, their characters will not be archived (but will still receive warnings).
As always, if a character gets archived and you're still interested in playing them, just let staff know via the Moderation Thread and we'll move them straight back. If it was a recently made character, you'll just need to fill in claims again, but so long as nothing's been taken, you're fine to carry on playing them as before. If it's an older character, you'll need to update the app to reflect any big things that have happened to them on site, and staff will have to give it a quick read over again to make sure it fits with any rule or plot changes or bans that have been put in place since it was accepted the first time.
Warnings are just prompts to remind you to keep your characters active and get plotting with people. If you get two warnings in a row for a character, a (+1) will appear next to their name, and a staff member will send you a little prompt to make sure you're aware that this character is not active, and check that you still intend to play them. If you get three warnings in a row for a character, a (+2) will appear next to their name and there will start to be a few responses. If this happens to several of your accounts, we will ask you to drop down to one character if you have more than that. If it's just for one of your characters, we'll ask you to consider archiving this character. Both of these will be requests though, and if you think you can handle them or up your activity, we will happily let you try for another run. In both cases though, we will ask you to drop any VIP characters you have (these are important site characters so mostly just heads of the schools and of Ministry departments), and you will need to present a strong reason not to do this if you don't want to. Remember though, if all of your accounts go inactive for two months or more and we don't hear from you, they will be archived - so make sure you post in shippers or games or even just your member board so we know you're still around!
Feedback on this method for Activity Checks is always appreciated to please let Sigyn know any thoughts!

<div class="forumrules-small">THE SAFES</div>
rayne soquili<br>
clark kent<br>
isabelle desrosiers<br>
gamora stone<br>
gwendolyne parker<br>
jean grey<br>
meg morado<br>
talia al ghul<br>
burke riegel<br>
minako aino<br>
olympia vale<br>
takumi sumeragi<br>
oswald cobblepot<br>
vanesa morado<br>
anna d'ancanto<br>
clementine hutchinson<br>
rapunzel gothel<br>
bruce wayne<br>
jim hawkins-wrynn<br>
loki laufeyson<br>
merida o'dunbroch<br>
arya tritan<br>
brayden maddox<br>
edna mode<br>
katelyn tanner<br>
ty ericson<br>
james barnes<br>
harleen quinzel<br>
klarion bleak<br>
jonathan crane<br>
dakota teton<br>
elliott hamato<br>
nick wilde<br>
morticia addams<br>
rei ikari<br>
mavis vermillion<br>
sakura sumeragi<br>
giana zatara<br>
polly esther<br>
edward nygma<br>
maximilian ruber<br>
aodhan lynch<br>
mavis dracura<br>
raeya roth<br>
sterling archer<br>
astrid hofferson<br>
<div class="forumrules-small">THE WARNINGS</div>
judith harris <br>
jameson locke<br>
evangeline riot<br>
william cipher<br>
apollo justice (+1)<br>
archie aogiri (+1)<br>
adrian fain<br>
edward elric<br>
l lawliet<br>
anastasiya romanova<br>
chantal warner<br>

<div class="forumrules-small">THE ARCHIVES</div>
kiara kiburi (by request)<br>
tallulah bell<br>
alfred jones<br>
elsa arendelle<br>
rini tsukino<br>
violet parsons<br>
julien kane<br>
luna maupin<br>
gladys johnson<br>
franziska von karma<br>
michelle rattmann<br>
asuka soryu (by request)<br>
thelonious vadam (by request)<br>
sameli nuuskamuikkunen (by request)<br>
dalia morado (by request)<br>
serena tsukino (by request)<br>
selina kyle (by request)<br>
1 Jul 2018, 12:23 PM
[dohtml]<center><div id="YOUNGGODS">
<div class="one">Suggest-a-Connection</div>
<div class="two"><div class="three"><div class="four">

<b>Due to popular demand, we will be keeping the pop-up characters event open for the month of July. However we're also adding in a couple of games to try out to help you get the muse going and to spark ideas for possible new characters for the future or for this event.</b>

<center><div class="forumrules-small"><xx>The Game</xx></div>
Player 1 states a canon character (that is not currently taken on the <a href=''>canon list</a> (please try to suggest well-known characters from popular fandoms so it's not too niche for the next person)<br>
Player 2 then suggests some connections for this character for if they were going to be made on the site. This could be a way to change an event in their history to the magical world, it could be the wand or patronus you'd give them, it could be the career they would want or the classes they'd enjoy, anything at all that you might put into the 'connections' section of an app for this character. They then also state a new canon that Player 3 will then suggest a connection for and so on.
<i>As an example:<br>
PLAYER 1: Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story<br>
PLAYER 2: He could be a muggleborn who refuses to believe in magic no matter how much he sees of it, and his friend Woody is trying to convince him that it's real (YOU. ARE. A. <I>WIZARD</I>).<br>
Ash Ketchum from Pokemon.<br>
PLAYER 3: He could work in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures and be working on documenting every type of creature like Newt Scamander did (instead of filling a Pokedex).
... and so on.</i></center>
And our first canon is:
<b>Simba from The Lion King</b>
1 Jul 2018, 12:07 PM
[dohtml]<center><div id="YOUNGGODS">
<div class="one">Suggest-a-Canon</div>
<div class="two"><div class="three"><div class="four">

<b>Due to popular demand, we will be keeping the pop-up characters event open for the month of July. However we're also adding in a couple of games to try out to help you get the muse going and to spark ideas for possible new characters for the future or for this event.</b>

<center><div class="forumrules-small"><xx>The Game</xx></div>
Player 1 gives a character description of some sorts in <b>10 words</b> exactly (this can be a list of traits, a summary sentence or two, anything you like, but it must be exactly 10 words). <br>
Player 2 then suggests a canon character who could fit that description and gives a brief reason as to why (the canon character has to be animated by the same usual Bomb rules, but can be a character that's already been made if you think they're the perfect fit). Player 2 then gives a new 10 word description that Player 3 then suggests for, and so on.
<i>As an example:<br>
PLAYER 1: A rebel without a cause who then finds his cause.<br>
PLAYER 2: Aladdin from Aladdin - he starts the film as a street rat with no real goal in life, but he meets Jasmine who gives him direction. <br>
Sweet innocent little girl forced to grow up too quickly.<br>
PLAYER 3: Cinderella from Cinderella - she was living a happy life as a child before her father died and she suddenly had to act the adult and take care of her step-sisters when she was forced to by her step-mother.
... and so on.</i></center>
I'll give the first description:
<b>A strong, silent type, who hides a soft heart within.</b>
1 Jun 2018, 06:11 PM
[dohtml]<center><div id="YOUNGGODS">
<div class="one">Update 10</div>
<div class="two"><div class="three"><div class="four">

<div class="forumrules-small">Staff Change</div>
After a great few months giving us loads of help with all of the aesthetic side of running Bombarda, Kyros is stepping down from her role as a Moderator on the site. She'll still be around as usual though, still writing with her multitude of characters, but the staff team will now consist of Sigyn and Dannie. She will also still be helping out with general site graphics and skins, but on an informal basis, just when she wants to, rather than under the pressures of staff work. Kyros would like to say that she loves everyone and appreciates their kindness, and we just want to say a huge thank you for everything she's done!
Bombarda has been very successful in the past when it was run by just two staff members, so for now we'll be keeping it as just Sigyn and Dannie to keep things simple. If we realise we need more help than this though, we might look for someone to fill the spot towards the end of summer, but if things continue the way they are, then two of us should be fine.
<div class="forumrules-small"><xx>Ministry Category</xx></div>
Since a big portion of our site plot has shifted towards the Ministries, and since the opening of the new Ministry of Europe headquarters has now shaken up a lot for our characters, it seemed only right that the Ministry get a category of its own, just like each of the schools do. There will be four main boards like in all the others, but we welcome any suggestions for sub-boards that you may have - you can request those <a href=''>here</a>. Any threads in the current Ministry of Europe board have been moved into the 'Local Ministries' board of the new category for simplicity's sake, since most were made before the official new building opened so it seems likely most belong there. If you know your thread should be somewhere else, just send Sigyn a message and she'll move it for you.
The Ministry of Europe itself is one large new building hidden somewhere in Europe, where the majority of Ministry workers are now based, and it then has various travel methods to the old Ministry buildings in each country. These are the Local Ministries which is what the fourth board represents, which now just consists of the head office (the Minister of Magic and a few of their closest staff) so all the other floors and departments in those old buildings are now out of use.
<div class="forumrules-small">Events</div>
Our new events for this month have just gone up! We're letting you try out temporary characters to get a feel for them in our <a href=''>pop up character event</a>, and then you get a chance to test them out alongside our regular characters in our <a href=''>thread roulette event</a> where you'll be paired up and given a prompt for a thread.
As for last month's event, we're going to leave the Discord Event server open for people to continue writing in however they like, and the feedback from this event has been very positive, so keep an eye out for further Discord events in the future too!
<div class="forumrules-small"><xx>Anything Else</xx></div>
The <a href=''>Buddy System</a> thread has been moved to Support Central where it will stay for further sign-ups and for our new members to see. Cissa won our graphics competition with her amazing <a href=''>skin banner</a> which will be featured in our Autumn 2018 skin.
Most of the Birthday Spotlight polls are now over, and the winners can be seen by clicking the trophy just below the site banner at the top of the skin. The only one still outstanding is the Favourite 'Other' Thread voting, which is at a tie right now. The two tied options are now competing in <a href=''>this tiebreaker poll</a> which closes on Sunday night. So you have the weekend to vote for your favourite and get it up there with the rest!
The only other thing to note is that we now have the Discord Widget added into the skin between the two cboxes in the sidebar, which should make it easy for any guests to see how active we are in there. That should be everything, but as always if you think we've missed anything or you just have questions, feel free to message Sigyn or Dannie and we'll do our best to help you out!


1 Jun 2018, 06:09 PM
[dohtml]<center><div id="YOUNGGODS"><div class="forumrules-big">BIRTHDAY OTS VOTING RULES</div>
<div class="forumrules-small">
  • <xx>Do not vote for a thread you are in</xx>
  • Vote once per member not once per account
  • <xx>See below for thread summaries and reasons</xx>
  • Use this as an opportunity to read some of the star threads of Bombarda's history!
  • <xx>Voting closes on the 3rd June</xx>
The Good, The Bad, And The Dirty with edward nygma & katelyn tanner

The thread is set in an alternate universe where Katelyn quits from the Auror department after the raid in "All Eyes On Me," because the Aurors would not allow her to work on The Riddler investigation due to her past ties to him and Oswald Cobblepot. She had since decided to take matters into her own hands. This thread starts out with Kate getting a riddle from the one person she had yet to cut out of her life *cough* Takumi *cough*, and subsequently solving it to find one of The Riddler's old puzzle rooms, and The Riddler himself (live on a big screen). She now finds herself way over her head, playing The Riddler's games, because at some point they have to lead back to him.

I was torn between this and "Hell Hath No Fury" (which is basically the same point of time but Kate's not losing it and Oz is involved). But I chose this thread because of the "what if" of it all. Like, I have not written stuff like this before. Kate is not a dark character. She's depressing sometimes and her canon story has one (1) dark arc, but she's typically pretty happy. It's a "what if Kate stopped caring," "what if she did this or that," "how does she play the game" and I'm loving how everything is unfolding. And Ed-sorry, The Riddler : P-is a Trip to write with in this point of his timeline too. He's reimagined himself as the magical super villain, and the tech /puzzles he's come up with to get there and remind people of just who he is is awesome. Sigyn ! does a freaking amazing job writing him. This thread also hold two milestones for Kate: her 100th post (!!!!), and the longest reply I have written to date. Like, that sucker is nearly 2,000 words long, because how Kate plays his game has already nearly gotten her killed once thus far, and walking the wire takes some words.

Growing Pains with Takumi Sumeragi & oswald cobblepot

In an AU where Oswald Cobblepot is on the verge of becoming the world's next great dictator, he has learned of a woman in France, Mikoto Sumeragi, speaking of insurgence. In retaliation he kidnaps all of her children living at home, including Takumi on what happens to be his seventeenth birthday. Oswald comes over to speak to the boy who is very emotionally compromised over the situation, and also the news that his mother will probably not live for much longer.

Okay for the record, all of my Villain AU threads were vying for this spot but I ended up picking this one cause we did the majority of it in one day and it was like...a rollercoaster of emotion. This was one of my favorite threads, and I've always been sad it kind of died with a whimper and would love to explore this verse again. I adored this verse, cause yet again vulnerable Takumi, yay, and also its the only verse where I actually match canon with having Mikoto die, and having Takumi deal with that. I also love all the political stuff Dannie squeezes in and she wrote this role so well, and its just ahhhh good thread.
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