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 Remind Us to Be Free, tag: Hope!!!!
Nagito Komaeda-Ward
 Posted: 26 May 2017, 04:31 AM

We could stay up all day Sleep every night like normal people do

TAG:hope naegi
OUTFIT: It doesn't matter LOOK AT THIS INSPO BABE: AAA so yes this counts as a #komaegiweek thread, a month later /shot
The stars at Beauxbatons were absolutely gorgeous at 2 am.

Nagito had nearly forgotten them. It was hard to admit, but between the extreme stress of Azkaban and having his cancer slowly going into remission and his hand looked after and his head checked almost constantly and the fact he was graduating in a month, when did THAT happen- he hadn't had time to even think about going to one of his favorite old space to sit out at. But tonight... well, he took a break from his sleeping potions for the night. He wasn't supposed to, but something was on his mind, and he had to attempt to focus on homework for a while... So he was sat up in the common room for a while, but when Hope woke up from a nightmare and went to find him in his room... he brought him out here.

He wasn't sure if he'd ever shown it to him before, and that was simultaneously worrying and disappointing. Worrying because if he had and didn't remember it, that meant everything was still getting worse - disappointing because why hadn't he? He should have shown it to him months ago. Maybe he would have been able to find some solace in it while he was gone... even if the solace he did find led him to dating Rapunzel, which Nagito was still absolutely on cloud nine over. He still felt awful for letting him down for so long.

The area he led Hope to was in the chateau - a massive window, just covered by a curtain, the ledge thick enough to sit comfortably on with pillows and blankets any anything else - like, for instance, a small haul of pretzels and sweets, one wand, and a plushie dementor. Just for instance.

Nagito liked this space best because nobody ever thought to check it, and as far as he could tell, it was basically soundproof. Nobody would ever catch them - technically, he supposed Hope was supposed to be the one catching people as a prefect, but... even prefects had to have some fun sometimes.

He yawned slightly, leaning forward to press his elbow and knee together, Clarice - the dementor doll - squeaking forlornly. He snorted, glancing over to Hope, and picked up a pretzel stick. "...How're you feeling?" He felt like he hadn't asked it yet. God, he was failing so bad at being a good friend right now. "I just thought this place might be nice - to get your mind off of everything..."

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