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 Update 08
Sigyn !
 Posted: 29 May 2017, 05:37 PM

Update 08 !
Sigyn is back !

That's right! My exams are finally over and I am back to being full-time staff on Bombarda! Hooraaaaaaaaaaaaay!

I have been out of action for a while now so I am quite behind on new characters, new threads to watch, even new members in some cases, so you guys will have to catch me up as best as possible! Thank you so much to all of the people that were so supportive and wonderful with me over the past few months because I know I've been a handful to deal with. Special call outs to M and Dannie for doing so much around Bombarda, and to Jonsie and Claire and Kitten for talking plots and things with me non-stop to keep me distracted and to help me wind down in the evening.

Onto bigger and better things though, I have a few things to set into motion now I'm back so read on below for our latest update!

Staff Changeover

So as you all know, Dannie has done a marvellous job of helping us out as temporary staff while I've been away, so I'd first off like to just say a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge thank you for that! We would have been lost without her. But now that I'm back we'll be swapping back over, so try not to bug Dannie with too many difficult questions from now on - although she's a lovely person so she probably wouldn't mind too much!

Plot Update

I'll just give you a brief update of what's still to come in our Ministry of Europe plot. The debate should be finishing soon, and we'll be voting to get down to most likely our remaining three candidates. The vote will be going up in a couple of days and will be in character again just as last time. Our final candidates will then go through one last challenge (which at the moment will be an interview style challenge, but I'll let the successful candidates know the details there in good time) and then there will be a final vote to select our one Minister of Europe. This should be at the end of June but we will see how long it takes to get through the interviews so this may be flexible. And then there's a lot in store to follow that too, but you'll have to wait and see there.

Still slightly on this note, we have a new dynamic coming in soon that will be replacing the little used Gossip Column thread, so keep your eyes peeled for that because it should be very exciting!

Spring Cleaning

Not exactly spring, I know, but bare with me. As you probably know, I like to go through the boards and clear out old threads and so on every now and again, including tidying the claims and even old boards. It's been a while since I've been able to even do mini versions of this so I'm going to be doing that again soon. But I could do with your help too, so I'm going to post a little list of things for you to look out for/let me know about below, which should make my job a whole lot easier! So keep an eye out for any of the below and let me know what you need me to do either here, moderation thread, or PM/Skype:

  • Old threads that have either been completed/dropped/have died, which can be moved to archives.
  • Old applications, member board threads, games, absences, communications, etc. that are no longer needed and can be moved to archives.
  • Posts within threads that can be deleted, i.e. shipper replies from dropped characters, or posts in other areas from accounts you no longer have access to, or posts in OOC threads that are no longer necessary/relevant etc.
  • Posts within threads that needs the account changing - for example, if you have started/posted in a thread with a character but have since dropped them so you no longer have access to that account, we can change it to a current account so that you can edit it etc.
  • Changes to things like membergroup because a character has changed career (this does NOT include students graduating in the next month, see below).
  • Any claims you spot for characters that should have been deleted (i.e. when a character was dropped) that have been missed.
  • Any changes to claims such as characters joining other clubs, getting other jobs, changing face claim etc. (again not including graduation, see below).
  • Anything else you can think of that requires admin assistance.

It is also nearly the end of the school year, so we''ll soon be bumping everyone up in the roster claim, and changing membergroups of graduating characters and so on. However, this will be later in June and does not need to be done as part of this particular clean-up. Please don't post below for changes relating to graduation or end of school year as we will be dealing with these later and do not want to accidentally move people twice.

Application Updates

Last big thing here and then I'm done. So, a lot of the characters we have here on Bomb have been around for a while now, and have gone through a lot of change or even just interesting events while being on Bombarda. These are not currently reflected in their applications though, which means if any new member were to go back and read them, they may not get a very accurate portrayal of the current character from there alone. Character development happens and is GREAT, we want to encourage it wholeheartedly! But it would help us tremendously if we could get all old apps up to date as well to reflect this.

So, what I'm going to ask you to do is post below with a list of your characters, and which applications need updating. We not going to put a time limit on when you have to update them by, we just want to make sure that you're aware they will need updating soon. If you're not planning on updating an app, but the character has been around for more than six months (i.e. has a snitch on their account), you will need to state a reason why you don't think their app needs updating. For example, I have had Phoenix for a year, but none of the threads he's been involved in have been revolutionary enough to affect his app so I probably won't do much to his. Edward on the other hand has been around for six months but has been through loads so I'll definitely be updating his! When the updates are done, alert a staff member, either on Skype, PM, or by tagging us somewhere, and we will re-review the app to confirm everything is okay - if you can point us to the bits that have been updated, i.e. 'just the basics and the last three paragraphs of the history', that'd be super too! We'll then 're-accept' the app, and tick you off our list!

Another quick point here: we're going to be more strict on information being 'missing' from apps in the first place. This is something we let slide in the past, the idea that things in a character's history can be discovered over time while actually writing on the site instead of all being included in the app. However, there have been a couple of incidents recently that have cropped up which have now made us change our mind on this. This is literally a rule change, an admin thing, apps with 'missing information' but were already accepted have done nothing wrong but will need to be edited now to catch up with this rule. My Ed app is one of them for instance: his childhood was purposefully left very vague so it could come out in posts, but I'm now going to go and add a section to it that explains it all anyway. It's annoying because it can interfere with gorgeous app styles if an extra chunk of text is needed at the end, and it can ruin the fun of the surprise, but we really do think it is necessary now.

Obviously with this one, we don't know what you have planned, so we can't check to make sure you're updating them properly. However, from now on, if a big event from someone's history is suddenly revealed and wasn't in the app, staff are likely going to be a lot more strict on letting it pass. If you really really don't want to include it in the app because sometimes secrets are important for plotting with other characters etc., then make sure you tell a staff member what it is so we are aware of it in advance and can still accept or deny it. If you can add it in though, please post below mentioning which apps are being updated for this reason as well.

So overall here, post below with a list of your characters, and which will be updated, and give reasons for those that are not being. There is no time limit for updates, but when they have been done, alert a staff member and we will re-review the app and re-accept it. All sound okay? As always, let me know if you have any questions at all!

Don't forget, post below with your spring cleaning requests and apps to be updated!

love you all,
Sigyn !
edward nygma
 Posted: 30 May 2017, 02:22 PM

edward nygma
WILL BE UPDATED - he has important details missing from his childhood (which was a slow reveal thing initially but we're changing rules around that so I'll put it in anyway), plus a lot has happened to him on Bomb since I made him which needs including.

phoenix wright
WILL NOT BE UPDATED - despite the fact he's my longest serving character, nothing super dramatic has happened to him so he doesn't really need anything adding in. The only big change is Trucy, so I will be adding in a note about this but since that was all already accepted via Trucy's app anyway, it won't need re-approval.

colress grey
WILL NOT BE UPDATED - again, nothing big has happened to him, and he's not been around for so long anyway. Future plots may involve him becoming Set 1 Head of Durmstrang, and gaining his own laboratory on the grounds, but I will add those in when it happens.

No spring cleaning things needed since I've spent most of today doing those anyway =P.
Celeste Ludenberg
 Posted: 30 May 2017, 02:26 PM

Aww thanks for the special shout out <3 I haven't felt this warm and fuzzy since my other British friend had me in the special acknowledgement for his thesis,

But yeah to business... Character list is Thelonious Vadam, Takumi Sumeragi, Celeste Ludenberg, Inigo Morado.

Thel being updated was already gonna be a summer project, but it was literally gonna be a complete overhaul. If I take too long with it. I might post a thing in his plotter with the new changes, until the final product us completed.

Takumi needs quick edits to expound on his mental state. Those will be done ASAP

I don't think Celeste needs updates? She got an addendum on her bio for becoming apprentice warden when her member group moved, so I think she's good, and I know Inigo us good.

I havea lot of stuff for spring cleaning, most of which I'll hunt down when it's not 7:30 in the morning. But the big one is Celeste is still green in her claims and her occupation is out of date

Admin Edit: Celeste's claims are all changed. If you do little changes to Takumi/Celeste just let us know and we'll glance but shouldn't need re-approval. For Thel, no rush, just let us know when it's done and we'll do a full re-review ^_^
ender carnow
 Posted: 30 May 2017, 02:51 PM

I have no idea about spring cleaning bc I need to check something like 100 threads to make sure they were archived, that'll definitely be a weekend project. XD

ender carnow - Needs a small update about his relationship with Kasey and his decision to become a healer; also name changes for the American (Sam).

jensen ward - Needs a huge amount of additions made about just about everything; my main priority.

bernard vincent - Needs a minor addition about his podcast.

rachael purin, mani phanthittra, daniel berman, and yuri plisetsky - no additions needed.
Nagito Komaeda
 Posted: 30 May 2017, 03:14 PM

I've gone through a lot of threads for spring cleaning before i knew this was going to be a thing I'm sorry xDDD But I'll go searching OOC things!!!


Samuel Best will not be updated. Chloe Talbot might not be either? Or - actually no I should, I should explain the differences between a few months ago and now I guess??

alice liddell needs updates sob, mostly just her personality honestly and a few little details, super nbd really.

jasper maksimov needs a similar update, plus maybe a little thingy about the fires bc that was super cool???

Nagito Komaeda despite having a MAJOR BIO REHAUL back in like, February, I'm gonna add EVEN MORE onto the end of his, considering the recent plot happenings. I think his backstory itself is fin- wait no I need to add Komaedas frcik; also changing his boggart and memories and shit
stanford pines
 Posted: 30 May 2017, 04:05 PM

OKAY AS FAR AS OOC THINGS GO I'm gonna have to go looking, which i'll do but it shouldn't be too much?

But as for characters

stanford pines - Ford SHOULD be okay as he is, but I'm going to add in a little note about reconnecting with Bill, and maybe Stan, depending on what Penny's plan with him is!

bryce broflovski - Bryce should be okay, aside from a minor addition about his being a complete shit about Kasey and Ender.

reina morado - Reina's I DO want to update with all the Steina + Van drama.

agatha prenderghast - She's brand new, so she doesn't need anything
clint barton
 Posted: 30 May 2017, 04:14 PM

clint barton IS actually going to be updated, just adding some stuff I was going back and forth on for him but I think it's important now to add it in his app.

jonathan crane Needs no updates, nothing has happened.
Root Admin
 Posted: 30 May 2017, 04:19 PM


Good to have you back bean!!!

MELANIE RASKOPH will be getting an update if not potentially a complete overhaul, I've already spoken to you about those plans with the whole childhood change and age switching etc esp if we gonna see a sister and also need to update the end since a loooot of her most recent version includes Basil things and it's open ended and needs adjusted to fit current situation.

ANDREA TREMAINE I don't think she would need reapproval but changes will be made as far as updates. Like I've been keeping a timeline in her plotter and I'll just formally write up something to add in there since she's graduating this year and will have her group changed when that time comes.

PEARL WHITAKER is similar to Phoenix for you, she's not had any major changes or new things happen so I don't think I'll need to update her

nia folami haven't done much with her since her creation recently but I don't think she will need anything changed or reapproved even as her plots progress.

Taika Seppä is still good too
rapunzel gothel
 Posted: 30 May 2017, 05:53 PM

rapunzel gothel - Not much has happened with her, so I think she's pretty much good. Might just add a small paragraph about her current relationship with Hope, and maybe add a few childhood things, but nothing that I think would need re-approval? She hasn't done much. xD SHE HAS BEEN UPDATED.

anna d'ancanto is pretty good, too. Might just need to add a paragraph or two about her past relationship with Alfred, buuuut other than that she doesn't need much for updates because she also hasn't done much. xD


I will have to search later through my threads or anything OOC that may need to be cleaned, but I may be good there, too.
kasey broflovski
 Posted: 30 May 2017, 06:28 PM


kasey broflovski WILL BE UPDATED
UPDATED with new developments in the last 3 paragraphs

hope naegi WILL BE UPDATED
UPDATED with new developments in the last 3 sections (memory & letter + a little bit in the paragraph before)

anna arendelle WILL BE UPDATED
UPDATED with a question about her best friend

trucy wright WILL BE UPDATED
UPDATED updated her age, but ended up not adding anything to her app yet- I'll be adding to it before next school year

already made the changes mentioning Toby, so nothing else needs to be changed

sugar uhelski WILL NOT BE UPDATED
because she's only made more enemies and nothing else has changed lolol

All apps were updated with links to my development pages with quick facts/information on each character.

I'm getting my list together of posts/threads that need to be archive/removed/whatever, and I'l post over in the moderation thread. I don't think it will be many, because I caught up with most when I got back from my hiatus.

M. & Sigyn ! - As of my moderation post, that should be everything. Just let me know if it looks like I missed something. You both have my skype too if it would be easier to get me there. :*
Kyler Weylyn
 Posted: 30 May 2017, 07:05 PM


Nicholas Wilde
WILL BE UPDATED -- I suppose this needs to be done to kinda show the growth in his relationship with Judy as well as including all the shit he's done and the fact that yeah they're definitely living together.

Elliott Hamato
WILL BE UPDATED -- I want to add in a bit about Raeya into his application just that he found a girl that he likes and maybe give an update about his mom's condition (it won't be good guys, prepare yourself).

Vincent Law
WILL NOT BE UPDATED -- He's still bee bopping around.

Kyler Weylyn
rayne soquili
 Posted: 30 May 2017, 07:15 PM

rayne soquili
WILL PROBABLY BE UPDATED A BIT - Just to mention the relationship between her and Hiccup.

theresa kore
WILL NOT UPDATE - Nothing has happened quite yet, however there will be some big changes soon enough...
lance ramirez
 Posted: 30 May 2017, 07:52 PM

lance ramirez will only be needing a small update to include his new relationship with Keith and little things that have happened.

david berk doesn't need anything changed since he's so new.
Hiro Hamada
 Posted: 30 May 2017, 09:25 PM

Serena Tsukino YES UPDATES with Rini on the scene, I'll need to add her to Serena's backstory. Not to mention the development happening with her and Matteo. #drama

Hiro Hamada YES UPDATES Kids brother died. Going through a phase. Yesyes this is a thing I need to update this.

njola tyrkneskr YES MINOR UPDATES While I am planning to kickstart his Animagus plot now, he does need very minor updates. For example - his opinion on Hiccup's and Rayne's relationship.

yoshi garrett NO UPDATES nothings happened to him as of yet~

grover drake NO UPDATES he just showed up in my roster. Nothing's had time to happen yet <3
Thomas Shirogane
 Posted: 31 May 2017, 02:54 AM

Tadashi Hamada will be updated a little. His boggart and eroded. I'm also going to add in his relationship with Alice and how dying affected him.

Thomas Shirogane won't be updated. He's mostly been getting himself rerooted into a normal life, nothing major.

Sameli Nuuskamuikkunen won't be updated yet. Probably at some point in the summer. I have plays to play with plot ideas from his canon source.

I haven't been keeping up with posts very well, but once I reply to them, I'll let you know if anything straight up dropped.

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