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 silence please, Tag;; Ed!
evangeline riot
 Posted: 10 Jan 2018, 11:12 AM


Comin' out your mouth,
with your blah, blah, blah.
Today was a remarkably good day at the office if Evan did say so herself. She'd come in with Ed, a bag on her shoulder seeming ready to get to work, little did everyone in the office know she was really going to be lounging around doing absolutely nothing for the majority of the day. When she'd been told that she had to sign up for an internship she literally whined at Oz about it. She didn't want to intern anywhere, she had more than enough on her plate dealing with school things and social things such as red headed nutcases who wouldn't leave her be, and then there was all the house stuff, drama and chaos everywhere. Adding an internship onto that was going to be absolute hell.

When it came up that Ed was seeking out an intern she tracked him down and pretty much told him straight up that he could stop his search. She'd take the part. It would be good for both of them, he could get things done and not have to deal with some annoying kid, and she could study and actually get some peace away from the mansion and the school. It was pretty much the perfect plot. Plus they were a dynamic duo so the match was practically made in heaven- or hell depending on which side of the fence you were on.

As it were today Evan had found her place in an armchair in the corner of the office. Her legs were draped over one arm, her back resting against the other. Propped up against her thighs was a magazine which she scanned, taking a break from her studying for a little bit to absorb some mindless dribble about the top ten quidditch players in Europe. Beside her there was a small end table stacked with folders and files, an emergency go to in case someone came in, though as of late when Ed closed his door people avoided it. If they didn't get the hint they tended to knock, giving her plenty of time to straighten up and look like she was working. This was the perfect kind of day. Still, calming and thankfully silent.

edward nygma | WORDS | -snort-
edward nygma
 Posted: 17 Jan 2018, 05:45 PM

When Ed had been told he needed to sign an intern up, he had also whined at Oz about it. The man had assured him it would be a benefit to him, it would take stress away from him, ease his workload and help him in general. But if Oswald truly believed that then he clearly didn’t know Edward at all. He couldn’t trust someone else to share in his work, anyone else, even highly trained professionals but certainly not inexperienced school children! He wouldn’t let a colleague so much as proofread a document, never mind actually share his work with them. So if he did have to get an intern to ‘assist’ him in his role, then his workload would not half, it would double. He would have to check and then most likely redo every single thing the stupid kid did, which would only cause him delays in the long run. He’d tried explaining this to Oswald, really tried to press the fact that not only was he fine with his workload, and in fact enjoyed having so much to do (distractions in general were always appreciated), he also didn’t even want an intern because they’d only slow him down.

But the Minister had listened to none of it, and repeatedly insistent in more and more serious tones that Edward had to take one. Even when in the middle of the interviews Ed had managed to harm one of the applicants when he pushed too many of the wrong buttons, Oswald hadn’t let him call off the search. It wasn’t until Evan had plonked herself down in his office and suggested herself as a candidate that things had finally started to look up. An intern who would stay quiet and leave him alone, not require any work or any overseeing in general, as well as being a kid he actually knew he got along with? It really did sound quite perfect.

The only problem was keeping it from Oswald. The man had been fine with it so far, just happy that one of his children had an internship and that Ed had finally stopped complaining about taking on an intern. But if he started probing, asking questions, seeing how they were getting along… well, Evan would handle it in that case. That was basically her one task here – keep up the façade while Ed continued working.

They’d worked in peace for most of the morning now, though Ed was relying on Evan to remind him when they were supposed to stop for lunch – he was developing a bad habit of skipping that break completely these days, which was probably not helping Oswald be any less concerned about him. In fact, he hadn’t actually looked up from the paper he was writing on until the ancient looking telephone on his desk began ringing. “Edward Nygma, Chief of Staff,” he answered, pressing the phone between his ear and shoulder so he could continue writing as he spoke. His quill paused a second later though as he recognised the voice on the other end. “Yes Oswald… yes… it’s fine Oswald… yes… okay, thank you… I love you too…” He put the receiver down a little too hard and let out a sigh the moment he knew it would not be heard. “It still counts as checking up on me if you do it by phone Oswald,” he murmured under his breath, apparently forgetting that Evan was in the room and could hear him when he thought aloud like this. After all, he would never usually complain if he knew someone would hear it…

evangeline riot / 602
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