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 Activity Check - Jan 2018
Sigyn !
 Posted: 20 Jan 2018, 12:09 PM

Activity Check
This activity check is going to be a little bit different to the previous ones we've done, but it should hopefully make things easier on you as members!

The big difference this time is that this check is a passive one - you don't need to reply here to tell us anything, we'll go through your accounts for you. We still ask for the same activity requirements as before (one post a month per character), and we're continuing to accept 'site interaction' posts (e.g. shippers and games) as supposed to only roleplay posts. So if you are an active member already, this change shouldn't affect you at all. As always, if you have an absence up, or if you have contacted a staff member to let us know you're busy, your characters will not be archived during activity checks. And if your characters do get archived and you want to bring them back, just post in the Moderation Thread or message a staff member and we will talk you through reactivating them.


If a character has posted in the last month (since 20th December), that character is safe.

If a character hasn't posted in the last month (since 20th December), that character is on a warning.

If a character hasn't posted in two months or more (since 20th November), but the member themselves have in a different account, that character is on a warning.

If a character hasn't posted in two months or more (since 20th November), and the member hasn't posted in a different account, that character will be archived.


The main reason we do activity checks, is to find out if anyone's ghosted from the site. It happens all the time - people get busy, the site didn't click with them, they don't have as much muse or time as they thought, and so on - so we just want to clear out accounts when this happens so canons are available for other people. Therefore the main thing we're looking for, is active members. If you're an active member, but you haven't been posting with all your characters, you'll just get warnings for your inactive characters. If however, a member is inactive overall, so none of their accounts have been posted with, we'll assume you've left us for now and archive your things.

As always, if a character gets archived and you're still interested in playing them, just let staff know and we'll move them straight back. If it was a recently made character, you'll just need to fill in claims again, but so long as nothing's been taken, you're fine to carry on playing them as before. If it's an older character, you'll need to update the app to reflect any big things that have happened to them on site, and staff will have to give it a quick read over again to make sure it fits with any rule changes or bans that have been put in place since it was accepted the first time.

Warnings are no big deal right now, they're just prompts to remind you to keep your characters active and get plotting with people. if you start mounting a few warnings though, we might talk to you about archiving that character, but we won't force you to. Remember though, if all of your accounts go inactive for two months or more and we don't hear from you, they will be archived - so make sure you post in shippers or games or even just your member board so we know you're still around!

Since this is the first time we've done an Activity Check like this, feedback would be greatly appreciated! Love it, hate it, got some suggestions, or just couldn't care less, message Sigyn to let her know and we'll try our best to go with member majority for next time!


rayne soquili
theresa kore
judith harris
asuka soryu
burke riegel
olympia vale
takumi sumeragi
oswald cobblepot
vanesa morado
anna d'ancanto
clementine hutchinson
rapunzel gothel
kiara kiburi
bruce wayne
jim hawkins-viajero
loki laufeyson
brayden maddox
edna mode
katelyn tanner
ty ericson
evangeline riot
marceline abadeer
rochlan procyon
harleen quinzel
klarion bleak
william cipher
apollo justice
archie aogiri
jonathan crane
adrian faign
dakota teton
edward elric
e.j. hamato
kyler weylyn
l lawliet
nick wilde
vincent law
alfred jones
elsa arendelle
rini tsukino
morticia addams
rei ikari
gladys johnson
ulrich stern
edward nygma
maximilian ruber
aodhan lynch
cynthia heart
mavis dracura
raeya roth
sterling archer
franziska von karma
michelle rattmann


forsythe jones iii
ginko tokoyami
sameli nuuskamuikkunen
tadashi hamada
thomas shirogane
james sullivan
piper isley
yukina kazetani
thelonious vadam
jade spix
eddward khouth
gomez addams
miles edgeworth
jameson locke
david xanatos
junko enoshima
rick stevens
elwin teal
hisho kaganshi
ai haibara
angela marshall
violet parsons
julien kane
david berk
phoenix wright
chantal warner


bernard vincent
jensen ward
mani phanthittra
grover drake (by request)
hiro hamada (by request)
iris raitoningu (by request)
mavis vermillion (by request)
njola tyrkneskr (by request)
serena tsukino (by request)
yoshi garrett (by request)
harvey dent (by request)
maki harukawa (by request)
nagito komaeda (by request)
orel priestley (by request)

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