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17 Jan 2018, 09:45 PM
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Jim couldn’t say that it had been the best that he had ever had, nor that he had slept particularly well, but he’d manage ok. There were many things in his mind at once, though that wasn’t much of a surprise anymore, not really. For now he’d have to deal with Eddie when he’d wake up. He busied himself making breakfast. Based on what he had gathered from his husband not everything that Eddie said made much sense, but something really really bad had happened, and Jim was feeling his head ready to explode as he waited. <p>

He was worried and he was worried about his husband as well, and he wanted to know what had happened, and he was positively driving himself crazy, worrying for pretty much everything and everyone else and forgetting to take a few minutes to worry about himself. Which wasn’t much of a surprise really, but still… there were people that said that it would eventually catch up with him, and, the more pessimistic ones, that it would be the death of him. It wasn’t a possibility that he rejected 100%, but he didn’t figure that now was the time to consider such things. Of course he hardly ever thought it was the time to think such things, but that was a different matter entirely. <p>

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11 Dec 2017, 07:21 PM
Waiting for Burke Jim could feel a level of frustration with the boy and yet he still wasn't entirely sure on how to approach this considering that some of his colleagues, the so called responsible adults in this school, had attitudes similar to the boy's towards Ed.

He couldn't let such a behavior slide though and even if he was indeed the only one to show an intense enough interest for Eddie to care for the behavior that his fellow students had towards him then he'd have to deal with this himself.

He couldn't really understand it either, why people would treat the boy so... Or anyone for that matter. However he'd have to deal with this particular issue now and leave other things for later. His thoughts run wild around how to approach it. One might call it a huge procrastination issue that he was still considering what to say, but Jim was best at improvising and playing things by ear.

Burke Riegel
7 Dec 2017, 05:34 PM
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I'm so happy



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When he had first met Inocencio he had liked the man and his desire to help others and he had rejoiced in the friendship that they had come to form. He needed this emotional connection to others and having that with his friend was something that made him happy. However there had been one thing that he hadn't calculated and that was that he'd come to fall in love with the other man. He honestly hadn't seen it coming but he had. It had happened gradually over the course of their friendship and he realized it was the case when faced with a dementor only a few days ago. It had been the first time he had managed to cast a full fledged patronus and he had done so remembering the day they had met... And in that he knew that he was in love with the other man. It made him feel so many things at once. Happiness, anxiety, a desire to be close to him all the time, fear that he might lose his friend... So many different things called for his attention really. <p>

He was on his way to the vampire's place, walking there trying to put his thoughts together. He had apperated a few blocks away from the house so that he would get some walking before he would be knocking on the man's door. He had decided that today would be the day that he would work up the courage to tell him... Though he didn't know yet if he would manage to once he saw him. He was nervous that was for certain but he also knew that the other man loved him, at least as a friend... <p>

Reaching his destination he took a deep breath before knocking on the door, feeling all of the nervousness that had quieted down from the walking return. <p>

inocencio viajero-hawkins

<a href=""><span style="font: bold 8px/20px calibri; opacity: .5; text-align:center;">BY MITZI</span></a>


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10 Nov 2017, 01:01 PM
Jim liked Eddard. He was bright and very helpful always offering a new perspective. Thus far it had been fun working with him but he wanted to get to know the man a bit better as well. That was why he had arrang for for them to meet in his office, they could talk a bit. Of course one could argue that the office wasn't the most designated environment for a friendly conversation... Though if jim wanted be honest with himself he was once again sneaking in some work while he waited, so...

He had certainly come a long way since that first day he had walked into Beauxbatons all those years back. If one had told him then that he would be where he was today he would call them crazy.... Despite the fact that right now it made perfect sense for him to be here.

eddward khouth
2 Nov 2017, 07:02 AM
Jim loved his job and he couldn't think he could be doing any other. It was often odd to think of, even after all these years he had spent first as a student here then as staff, that he would go from coming here as a student to dodge juvi to not thinking he could leave the place. At any rate that was the case. He had found love and knowledge and care here and he had so much to give back, so somewhere between teaching and helping disadvantaged students he didn't think he would want to do something different with his life.

At this point he was in the staff lounge. He had talked with some of his colleagues before going back to work and he was making himself some coffee before he would go back to his office. It was an enjoyable break, but he did want to go back to work. He had a class in about two hours and he wanted to make sure he was fully prepared for it.

As he looked up though he spotted James and gave the other man a smile. Morning... How you doing this fine day? he said towards him. He liked the other man, if he wanted to be honest and he wouldn't mind at all spending some time talking with him before going back to his office.

James Sullivan
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