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Forsythe Jones III


My Content
3 Dec 2017, 09:38 PM
A magic school was strange to most of the population of the world. To the kids attending that wasn't the weird part. What was weird among the kids were those who had other species in their blood, anyone that could change appearance at will, and werewolves. While Jugg had a bit of Veela blood running through his veins, he was now more preoccupied on the topic of werewolves.

If there were Veela kids and that one creepy seer girl running around the schools, they there'd had to be at least one werewolf lurking the halls. It wasn't something he was particularly thinking about during his entire school career so far. It was the grumpy kid he kept seeing around the hallways; clearly he was a hogwarts student based on his clothes, but clearly a foul mouthed upperclassman.

The guy was constantly ready to snap at people, and with a full moon closing in on the month. Jugg was sure that the guy had a bit of a monthly cycle going on. If it was just a coincidence that he was getting more frustrated as the moon waxed then Jugg would eat his hat.

Currently the Ravenclaw was sitting on the stairs with the painting to Gryffindor's at the landing below. Without even looking, he absentmindedly flipped through the book in his hand. He'd thought it would take longer to read it, but the thing was done by lunch. So the best he could do is start over which was disappointingly boring. But the guy had to return or exit his common room sooner or later, so running back to the Ravenclaw tower for something new was shot down in his head. He had to see what was up with the guy.

Jugg's eyes lit up as the painting moved from it's place. It was about damn time something happened! And... his shoulders sank down to see a shock of red hair on a kid much to small exit. The teen scowled at the boy and tried to return to the first chapter again. He doubted much would happen now.

ty ericson
10 Oct 2017, 07:05 PM
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It was quiet. Then again the Ravenclaw common room usually had the same amount of volume of the library. Still, it was quieter than that. Most kids had scurried off hang out with friends or still had classes going on. <i>Over achievers</i>.

Juggins didn't like this silence. He wouldn't mind most of the time, but after arguing with the knocker that the riddle was a load of bullshit, he still had plenty more to say.<p>

There was no chance he was going to go bother the group of girls leaning over parchment for homework. He didn't even care who the guy was in a little nook, but Jug went over. He should probably know his dorm mates... He doesn't really. But he recognized the guy as the same year. <i>What's his name? Bryce or something?</i><p>

With an exaggerated sigh, he let himself fall on to the day back right near by. <b>"What're you reading? School stuff or just for fun stuff?"</b> He tilted his head back over the arm, peering at the boy in the now upside down room.<p>

<b>"I haven't found any good just for fun books around this place myself."</b> He shrugged. <b>"But ain't that just the way."</b>

</div><div class="duelolyr">

You're lucky I'm even wearing <b>Pants</b>.

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bruce wayne

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<b>NOTES</b> <i class="fa fa-comment" style="color: #E37C2D;"></i></div></div></div><div style="width: 500px; font-family: arial; text-align: right; text-transform: uppercase; font-size: 7px;"><a href="">&copy; lauz</a></div></center>[/dohtml]
19 Jul 2017, 01:21 AM
Three days without sleep. That was kind of a regular thing for Juggins. This time he was wiped out after spending those nights cramming for the upcoming finals. But then again he only brought it onto himself for not really paying attention in class in the first place.<p>

Now the Ravenclaw was slumped back in seat in a large french classroom. The windows were tall and wide, making him turn away from the sunlight. All he wanted to do was sleep. The bags under his eyes were proof enough. He was luckily able to start dozing in the beginning of class. The teacher's voice merely slurred together into meaningless sounds and he went off into his own world.

Next thing he knew the teacher gave a loud clap and directed her students to pair off for Tarot cards. Juggins jumped at the noise, not entirely catching what she said other than partner up. He looked around a moment, and turned to a girl just a desk over. "Uh hey. What are we even doing now?"

Serena Tsukino
6 Jun 2017, 03:43 PM
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Forsythe Pendleton Jones III
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<table><tr valign="top"><td>
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<h2>Name</h2> <h3>Forsythe Pendleton Jones III</h3>
<h2>Age</h2> <h3>Fifteen</h3>
<h2>Member Group</h2> <h3>HStudent</h3>
<h2>Pref. Pronoun</h2> <h3>He/Him</h3>
<h2>Face Claim</h2> <h3>Cole Sprouse</h3>
<h2>Sexual Orientation</h2> <h3>Asexual</h3>


<h2>Occupation</h2> <h3>Student</h3>
<h2>Workplace/School</h2> <h3>Hogwarts</h3>
<h2>Class</h2> <h3>Ravenclaw 5 year</h3>


<h2>Blood Status</h2> <h3>Halfblooded 1/4 Veela on his mother's side</h3>
<h2>Wand</h2> <h3>Yew, veela hair, 13 1/4 inches</h3>
<h2>Boggart</h2> <h3>Dozens of hands reaching out to grab him. He isn't exactly scared, but physical contact makes him very anxious.</h3>
<h2>Patronus and memory</h2> <h3>Coyote. Finding out his friends are magical too so he won't be going to Hogwarts alone.</h3>
<h2>Dementor-induced memory</h2> <h3>His family falling apart in just two weeks.</h3>
<h2>Mirror of Erised</h2> <h3>Hamburgers as far as the eye can see.</h3>


<h2>Alias</h2> <h3>Axt</h3>
<h2>Timezone</h2> <h3>EST</h3>
<h2>Contact</h2> <h3>PM for Skype yo</h3>
<h2>Other Characters</h2> <h3><a href="">Thomas Shirogane</a><br />
<a href="">Tadashi Hamada</a><br />
<a href="">Sameli Nuuskamuikkunen</a></h3>

<div class="bc_treimg">
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<div class="bc_sectext"><div class="bc_sectext2">

<h2>First Impressions</h2>
"Oh yeah, I met that Jones kid on the train ride to Hogwarts. It was his first year. I haven't seen much of him after that since I was a sixth year at the time, and we were in different houses. He complained that the school doesn't allow dogs. He really has a thing against cats from the sound of it. Really sucks cause there's so many at Hogwarts."<br />
<u><i>- Gryffindor alumnus</i></u><br/><br/>

"The fifth year? I don't know his name, but I've seen him around. I was stuck outside our dorm cause I couldn't answer the riddle. But he just came up and answered it right away. I appreciate the help, but he was kind of douchey. He gave me a smug look before he went into the common room. One of those "are you kidding it was easy, loser" looks. He's some kind of know it all, and he knows it too."<br />
<u><i>- 1st year Ravenclaw</i></u><br /><br />

"I met Juggins a few times. We've only really said hi as we pass though. He is my best friend's brother so what do I say to him? During sleepovers with Jellybean, he just grabs a bunch of food from their fridge and pantry and hides up in his room. He plays video games, I can here the NPC dialogue through the wall between his room and his sister's. He's really a huge nerd with his video game collection."<br />
<u><i>- Friend of Jellybean Jones</i></u><br /><br />

"Jones? You mean that really cute Durmstrang seventh year? No? Oh! The Hogwarts kid! I've heard of him. A friend of mine is in an elective class with him. She says he goes by Juggins instead of his actual name. Weird, right? For a Ravenclaw he sounds pretty dumb. She said he didn't have his papers to hand in for class, and the teacher said in front of the class that he was barely passing the course. I don't know what Hogwarts' gross old hat saw in him, but he does not sound like Ravenclaw material."<br />
<u><i>- 5th year Beauxbatons student</i></u><br /><br />

"I'm not in his year, but I've seen Juggins around the common room before. I heard some of his bunkmates talking about him. They were going on about how he's no fun. Apparently the moment he hits the bed he falls asleep, and is just as hard to wake up. I get it, I'm tired a lot too. But they also said he dozes off in class too. Maybe he's narcoleptic or something. I don't know if I could handle dealing with a guy that is constantly sleeping at the desk beside mine."<br />
<u><i>- 3rd year Ravenclaw</i></u><br /><br />

"I've known Juggins since we were kids. We grew up in Riverdale together after all. He talks a lot, and we've always gotten into all kinds of adventures together. We tried to make a band but it was just me, him, and Bette... A guitar, drums, and tambourine don't exactly make a hit song. Plus we couldn't read music at the time.<br /><br />

He's pretty much my brother with how much we're always together. Makes fun of my crushes, eats my food, ready to bail me out of trouble, that's what a brother does right? He stays over so much that I ended up getting a bunk bed for my room. Of course he sleeps on top, so I can wake him by pulling him off."<br />
<u><i>- Archie Andrews, best friend</i></u><br /><br />

"I've known him since the first day he moved to Riverdale. He lives across town from Archie and I, but we ran into him right away, since we walk past his neighborhood on the way home. We saw a moving truck, so we <i>had</i> to investigate. And there he was on the front lawn.<br /><br />

I don't think he liked me at first. He was kind of mean to all the girls. But he hung around me a lot cause my mom and I bake. He loves food more than anything else.<br /><br />

Even when we didn't get along too well, he would always help out when I asked for it. I mean, I usually came to him for a boy's opinion of relationship troubles. I couldn't exactly go to Archie since he was my crush. But he's super helpful if you ask for it. He's pretty stubborn and insisting he will fix the problem."<br />
<u><i>- Bette Cooper, friend who happens to be a girl</i></u><br /><br />

"Here at home we call him Forsythe. It's not we'll mix him up with his father, he goes by Fred. That and he doesn't live with us anymore. Honestly I think he only loves my veela half. Forsythe visits him often though, he misses the old days.<br /><br />

He's a good kid, I'd like to say I'm a good parent after all. I have to say he doesn't help around the house all that much though. His room is a mess and he procrastinates on chores. Even if I take away his video games he finds something else to do rather than chores. I don't know what I did to get such a lazy child.<br /><br />

I just hope he doesn't let his grades slip too badly. I want to see him be successful in life. He is a bright kid. He is just such an introvert. Other than Archie and Bette, he doesn't really like anyone else. He definitely doesn't like any of the girls that crush over him. He always complains about that, but you can't just live your life avoiding women."<br />
<u><i>- Gladys Jones, mother</i></u><br /><br />

"My boy is a great kid. He's not the most responsible, but I could've ended up with worse.<br /><br />

He's been a handful since he was a kid. He knows his way around arguments, I swear he's part lawyer or something. He got picked on a lot by the other kids at school. He'd come home and shut himself in his room. If we asked about it, he'd just shout about how he hates school.<br /><br />

We moved in his third school year to Riverdale. Jug didn't avoid school as much there. Kids still picked on him I heard, but I think having a couple of close friends around really helped out.<br /><br />

At least he took the break up well. Gladys kicked me out of the house when I hit the bottom of the bottle. My business sunk and I had no plan b. I live in an apartment now on my own, but Jug stops by a lot. He's trying to help me put myself back together. We both really want this family fixed."<br />
<u><i>Forsythe Pendleton Jones II, father</i></u><br /><br />

"He's a huge dork. And annoying. And he eats all the good snacks in the house. But he is my big brother, so I kind have to love him. He's pretty cool too, and if it wasn't for him, we wouldn't have our dog Hot Dog!<br /><br />

He always teases me that I'm not in Hogwarts yet. I can't wait to get my wand! I expected him to get into Slytherin honestly. He's smart, but more of a smart ass."<br />
<u><i>- Jellybean Jones, 10 year old sister</i></u><br /><br />

"Ugh, Juggins is a smug little asshole. Every bet, every dare, he wins. He has to be cheating. There's no way a dork like him can beat me. I pull pranks on him all the time, but he always has something to get me back. I'm going to best him one of these days. I play to win!"<br />
<u><i>- Reggie Mantle, 5th year Slytherin</i></u><br /><br />

<i>No enemies have been found in his history; see rival for closest match.</i><br /><br />

"Mr Jones... Where do I begin? He does rather poorly in my class. He's a bright young man, when he really is interested it's clear to see. I just wish he applied himself to his school work though. During tests his scores are high, so he is obviously picking up the lessons. He just doesn't.... participate. At least not in the normal way. I rarely get homework handed in from him, and I've caught him sleeping in class several times.<br /><br />

When he does take part in class he doesn't bother raising his hand. He calls out, voicing his observations. It's appreciated that he is participating, but he has the habit of starting a class discussion that gets very far off topic..."<br />
<u><i>- Professor of astronomy in Hogwarts</i></u><br /><br />

"Mr Jones shows very little interest in class. He clearly would rather be somewhere else. I'm assuming his bed. His grades dwindle at barely passing, but I can't say he is a particularly bad student. He is excellent when it comes to brewing potions, able to prepare the ingredients perfectly. If he decides to put more effort into the class, he could become a skilled potion brewer."<br />
<u><i>- Potions professor in Hogwarts</i></u><br /><br />

"Mr. Jones... I'm afraid I can't place him. I have so many students to watch over. Oh! Yes that's him. He is quite a smart boy. His marks don't say so, but it's easy to see he's a Ravenclaw for a reason. He may not have the best marks when it comes to his written assignments, but his charms are well cast."<br />
<u><i>- Stanford Pines, charms professor in Hogwarts</i></u><br /><br />

“Juggin is a very smart man. He tends to be quite smart and many of the students tend to find him annoying, however I find him quite enjoyable. Despite his quips and his tendency to go way off topic, Juggin is quite smart. To be completely honest, I see myself in him, when I was his age. Although, he seems to find it quite amusing when I mention such a thing… I do think he is a very gifted student and I have trust he will find his own way.”<br />
<u><i>- Rayne Soquili, Defense against the dark arts professor at Hogwarts</i></u><br /><br />

"Jug is alright. He whispers snarky comments all during class like it's MST3K*. It's pretty funny and he can get the kids around him giggling. He's pretty funny. Sometimes he doesn't know when to quit though. Or he gets really dramatic over something stupid like food, or his need for his dog, or sleeping in. He needs to get his priorities straight. Seriously he's pretty ridiculous."<br />
<u><i>- 5th year Ravenclaw</i></u><br />
<i>*MST3K is short for Mystery Science Theatre 3000</i><br /><br />

"Oh, I sit right in front of him during class. He wears Ravenclaw colors, but that must be a mistake. I have never seen him do work. He just leans back and sasses, and sometimes I hear him snoring behind me. Aren't Ravenclaws supposed to be smart? To see a guy like that in the nerd house really annoys me."<br />
<u><i>- Takumi Sumeragi, 5th year Beauxbatons student</i></u><br /><br />

"He's alright I guess. We don't really talk much, but we're in some of the same classes. He's a total wiseass, but looks like he actually knows what he's doing when it comes to class."<br />
<u><i>- Sammantha Manson, 4th year Hufflepuff</i></u><br /><br />

<u><i>The following comments are made by people who have or had a crush on Juggins Jones. The romantic interest was never reciprocated.</i></u><br /><br />

"Juggins lives just a few houses down the street. I've had a crush on him since we met. I mean, he's really cute, just look at him. He doesn't really hang out with girls either, like he's in his own league or something. Bette doesn't count of course cause she's all over Archie like a cheap suit.<br /><br />

I haven't seen him much since he started going to some boarding school. And he actually told me he avoids me when he can. But I just think he doesn't know how to love."<br />
<u><i>- Ethel Muggs, muggle neighbor</i></u><br /><br />

"Oh I remember him! We were in day care together. We played together a lot, and ended up in the same class in primary school. But he moved away. I made him promise we'd get married. I haven't seen him since. I hope he still remembers me."<br />
<u><i>- Joani Jumpp, muggle childhood friend <s>Fiancee</s></i></u><br /><br />

"Oh yeah, Juggins is in my year. We share most of our core classes together. I never actually told him I like him or anything. I kind of just sit behind him and to the side, so I can watch him without him noticing and freaking out. I don't know, I just really like him."<br />
<u><i>- Debbie, 5th year Hufflepuff</i></u><br /><br />

"What am I supposed to say? I'm just doing my own thing. It's not my fault not everyone likes me. We can't all get along. Besides, I don't care if they don't like me. My name is Juggins for crying out loud. Let's just say I was never popular. The whole popularity thing is bullshit anyways.<br /><br />

I'm just happy with my food. Don't need a bunch of meat heads, don't need a girl, just a bunch of hamburgers. <p>

My life is going alright. School isn't spectacular since the classes are boring. Integration didn't make it much more exciting. Just means I have classes in other countries. Half the kids and teachers have accents almost too thick to understand.<br /><br />

Both my parents are magic, my dad's a muggle born, but mom is a halfblooded (does half veela count as halfblood? They have some magic too). Makes sense for the kids to be magic too. I don't really know what I'm going to do after school. Not too worried about it though. I'll freak out when I get there and realized I haven't prepared."<br />
<i><u>- Forsythe Pendleton "Juggins" Jones III</u></i><br /><br />


To start with, Forsythe Pendleton Jones III is the character's canon full name. I couldn't come up with a name like that on my own. He is more commonly known as Jughead. However, the term is an outdated nickname for a person who's ears stick out like jug handles. Since his playby's ears are not that big, I changed the nickname to Juggins which, according to the internet, is an old term to call a simple person. Since he is seen as very lazy and weird it fits well, as does the fact that the Wizarding world is a little behind the rest of the world.<p>

For his sexuality, it has been said in his very own comic series that he is asexual. Plus since the beginning, he's always had a strong aversion to girls and romance. But even though he doesn't like girls, there's a joke that they chase after him more than Archie or Reggie. Because of that I gave him some veela blood to explain the attraction. I was stuck between putting him in Slytherin or Ravenclaw because he is very witty, sarcastic, and clever. But I went with Ravenclaw because a) he is canon the second smartest student in Riverdale, and b) we need more Ravenclaws.<p>

Yew wands are said to be protective, fitting how Jug is loyal to his close friends. His boggart comes from the constant state of running away from physical affection. He pulls away from every hug, every kiss, and every girl who makes a move at him. He's just one of those people who don't like being touched. While it was joked that his patronus would be a sloth, I went with coyote. They are scavenger animals, and Jug pretty much eats what ever is in sight. With that in mind, his desire is easy to understand. And who would really blame a guy for being most miserable about his family falling apart?<p>

I went with people's impressions of him because he has so many different traits. He's a weird guy who thinks out of the box and gets around rules (he'd make a good lawyer). Many kids in canon seem to pick on him occasionally, but generally leave him alone. He is also a huge snarker, shown through the rival, first impression, classmates, and teachers. As does his laziness.<p>

His family, friends, and "lovers" talk most about his past, having moved to Riverdale and made only two close friends. His parents splitting up was from the live action neo-noir drama based on Archie Comics. However, I gave it a much lighter tone to match the rest of the original content.

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Forsythe here prefers to go by Juggins, Jug, or Juggy. He's not picky about nicknames frankly. He's the snarky, lazy, eternally-hungry Ravenclaw you'd think would be in Slytherin or Hufflepuff. Really, there isn't much to say about him other than he loves hamburgers more than life itself.

Juggins only has a few close friends. He'll talk with other people, he just won't be mr. manners. A sure way to get him to like you though is to give him food. He doesn't really judge other people right away... At least out loud. But really, he's the friend of reason, often bailing others out of their stupid schemes. He's very loyal to those he's close to, and won't let others mess with them.



Jug is aromantic and asexual. He wants no part in romance, sexual desire, or any of your nasty pheromones. He actively avoids people who crush on him. Usually girls, as they make him very anxious anyways. Though that doesn't mean others won't like him. He has some veela blood in his veins, so while his personality isn't the most desirable, he does have a sense of charm to him.


He's bound to make some. Teachers aren't exactly fans of his sleeping in class and snide remarks. He likes to outsmart others and make bets he knows he can win. Even if he isn't sure winning is guaranteed, he'll take it on. He's pretty competitive and will try to get even with anyone who messes with him.<p>

Jug also comes up with silly theories and conspiracies about mean teachers or random students who act out of their norm. He tends to harass the person looking for proof if he suspects them.


I'm down for anything. He does have a little sister who will be a first year this fall if anyone wants.





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