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 can't stop the feeling!, tag: punz/dessy!
rapunzel gothel
 Posted: May 26 2017, 10:48 PM

It's a brand new day,
don't you see me?
”You’d think.” Rapunzel gave a shrug with her head tilted to one shoulder. ”But wizards either haven’t figured that out, or haven’t figured out how.” She then mocked Mani’s disgusted face as she mentioned about sludge. ”Does it really taste like sludge? Gross.” A shiver. Rapunzel’s never took a Polyjuice before, so she didn’t know what it tasted like or how it worked. She was just going from other people’s personal experiences who have drank it before. It’s not like she pictured herself ever having to really drink it, because she never thinks she’d have a reason to.

”I need an everlasting nail polish. That’d be the greatest thing ever.” Well, maybe one of the greatest things. She can imagine a bunch of things that’d be pretty great, too, like paint that changed colors. Unless that was already a thing. If it was, and she didn’t have it, she’d need to buy that immediately. You know, she might need to make a note to go find out if color-changing paint was a thing. It’d make her paintings so much more special!

Rapunzel mentioned finding someone who was good at potions, having stood up and not seeing the wide eyes of Mani when it was mentioned. But she picked up her head when she said Ender’s name, and her bright smile widened. ”Oh my god, please have him do it! I want a sample.” She giggled out. Mani mentioned about learning a song for Ender to sing to a prefect, and she paused and blinked a few times. Rapunzel was learning a song, too. She recalled Ender mentioning about getting help, and it was no coincidence they were referring to the same song. She also didn’t know said help would be this specific person she happened to be talking to right now. But, hey! That was cool! Maybe they could practice together! ”Really? I’m learning the song for him, too!” Bouncing on her toes, she clasped her hands together. ”I gave him the idea to sing to him.” A giggle now.

”He’s always been nice to me.” Then again, a lot of people were nice to her and jerks to everyone else. Except Elliott Hamato. He was kind of just a jerk. ”We should definitely both ask him. Because I need everlasting nail polish.” Firm nod of approval. When they switched over to the boys topic, Rapunzel’s grin widened at the little blush that showed itself on Mani’s cheeks. She had a crush, that was adorable! Then she said that boy's name. And her eyes widened. ”Nagi?” She questioned. Yeah, she definitely knew him. ”I know him! He’s like a brother to me.” Giggle as she did so, before she mentioned the rumours. ”I know which rumours, but I usually shrug rumours off until I get proof.” Another shoulder shrug, before she lifted a hand to place on the back of her neck. ”I think he’s gay, though?” It was said in more of a question than a statement. ”So, unless you turn yourself into a guy…” Joking tone with a light giggle at the end of it, combing her fingers through her hair. ”I see why you might have a crush on him, though, he’s cute.”

”Yeah, I have a lot of male friends. More than female friends, actually, which is pretty weird.” Well, she had Serena, Cynthia, and Anna. And now she had Mani, so she was getting quite a few female ones, too! ”I’ve… definitely learned a lot from being around them.” Another giggle. She had commented about not catching anyone’s eye, and her head lifted to look at Mani as they began talking when Mani seemed to disagree with her opinion. ”I’m interested in guys.” A light laugh, before she smiled softly. ”Thank you, you’re pretty, too! But… Mother doesn’t think so.” She looked down at her wrist to play with the little blue and yellow friendship bracelet from Anna that was on it. Her Mother was a sore topic for her, not because she didn’t love her Mother - because she did. Mother just… scared her. ”She thinks all men are evil and bad. She also… doesn’t think I’ll ever impress anybody, and no one will really like me.” She paused, quickly fixing her sentence. ”In that way, at least! I know people like me a lot, as friends.” There was a significant difference in the way Rapunzel was acting just a few minutes ago, and when she was talking about her Mother. Talking about her Mother just… wasn’t a happy topic, for her.

”So! Why Nagito?” She piped up, hands clasping behind her. There we go, happy Rapunzel!

@mani phanthittraOutfit • Notes: Yay for song references, boo for those last few sentences ending up sad.
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