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 This One's for the Girls, Tag: Rose Gold
reina morado
 Posted: May 17 2017, 08:16 PM

one track mind
one track heart. if i fail, i'll fall apart. maybe it is all a test, 'cause i feel like i'm the worst, so i always act like i'm the best
It'd been Mani's idea.

Reina had been content to spend another Friday night alternating between moping while listening to the earbuds Stan had charmed to play music for her.,his music for her, and getting irrationally angry and stomping all the way through the castle to pitch things off the astronomy tower. Heaven help any prefect or teacher who tried to call her out for being out of bed after hours. It'd been her way for the past three months, ever since Valentines Day.

She knew Mani meant well. But she just didn't feel like a slumber party. She felt like curling up under her covers and listening to the couple of songs he'd written specifically for her because God she missed him so much. She hated him but she missed him. It was complicated. Instead, she sat in the girl's dorm with the other three, watching them laugh and trying to nod along like she was paying attention.

A slumber party. If she could get out of her own head long enough, Reina was hopeful that it would actually work to distract her- Which she was sure was one of the intentions. Punz, Anna, Mani and her. The bullies they shared their dorms with were nowhere to be seen, thankfully. Her eyes brightened a bit as she finally made an effort to tune into the conversation, on the topic of relationships. It depressed her a little bit to think about, but that was something she could shove down as long as they were talking about...

"Klarion." She nudged Mani with a wicked grin, giving a significant look to the other girls. "That's all still going good? He's so weird, doesn't he ever freak you out?"

mani phanthittra
 Posted: May 18 2017, 10:38 AM

Reina was not having a good time of life since Valentine's Day. To be fair, Mani ignored Valentine's Day herself this year - what else were you supposed to do when you managed to get poisoned by bullies and tried to awkwardly seduce your now - boyfriend by, evidently, trying to show off your nonexistent cleavage and sounding about 45 IQ points dumber than you actually were? But Reina's holiday was truly awful. Stan had been screwing around with Vanesa Morado, her sister . Gross didn't even cover it.

Mani felt like Reina, more than anyone, needed a girls day. Mani didn't know a whole lot of nice girls, and dragging Celeste back to the school was out of the question, but she did know Rapunzel. Rapunzel brought along her best friend from Durmstrang, Anna Arendelle, and suddenly they had a party.

Reina didn't look great, but they'd get into the swing of things soon. Mani pulled out all of her manicure supplies, and was currently showing off all the colors she could paint all their nails. The mention of Klar made her blush wildly, though, and she gave Reina a playfully annoyed look. "He's a complete gentleman. You know he starts stuttering when he even holds my hand. It's so cute." As for Klar being weird... Mani smiled. "I like his weird. He's so... mysterious. Like Mr. Darcy."

tag: reina morado, rapunzel gothel, and anna arendelle | OOOH MR. DARCY
anna arendelle
 Posted: May 18 2017, 02:14 PM

sleepovers in my bed

No matter what the day was or whatever the reason might be, Anna was always on board for slumber parties. It was something she'd missed out on when she was younger, even with a sister that wasn't too much older than her, but at Durmstrang, surrounded by friends who actually wanted to spend time with her, she was getting plenty of opportunities. Anna had her overnight bag half packed by the time Rapunzel had finished explaining the reasons they'd organized it in the first place.

Poor Reina. This was the first time that Anna was actually spending any time with her; technically, they were connected by a few degrees of separation (Ender knew Kasey who knew Stan, Reina's ex-boyfriend), but they'd never really gotten the opportunity to hang out on less sad terms. But that was okay, because Anna was going to go all out tonight with the help of her Sunshine and the wonderful Mani to make sure that Reina kept smiling.

She didn't know why she bothered bringing that Harry Potter book; they were obviously going to be too busy for her to read!

It only took a few minutes for her to break down and get her hands in Rapunzel's gorgeous blonde locks. Anna felt like she could spend forever brushing and styling her best friend's long blonde hair whenever it was just the two of them; thankfully, Punz didn't seem to mind being Anna's guinea pig. She was part of the way through one of the complicated braids a girl from Beauxbatons had taught her last semester when Reina finally perked up and joined in on the conversation, turning it right to Anna's favorite subject- boys. Specifically to Klarion, Mani's new weirdo boyfriend.

The redhead grinned brightly at the red covering Mani's cheeks while she listened to the others talk, mentally keeping count so she didn't mess up. Anna couldn't remember if she'd ever met Klar before, so she had nothing to go on personally. Mani, however, didn't seem to mind sharing with them. From behind Rapunzel, Anna sighed dreamily. Mr. Darcy was a muggle reference she actually got thanks to her aunt marathoning some Jane Austen with her last year on her birthday, and boy, did that paint a beautiful picture. Talk about fairy tales.

"That's so romantic." Anna gushed, eyes still concentrated down on her braiding, "I always imagined you with someone tall, dark, and handsome. You're too amazing for just anyone." That was of course something she extended to Rapunzel and Reina too, even just barely knowing the girl. Everyone should have the chance at true love. But Anna had known from the moment she'd laid eyes on Mani that it was going to take someone special to match that kind of amazing.

reina morado & mani phanthittra & rapunzel gothel | outfit | wow anna is so gay in this post my bad ♥

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