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 My closest secret; I keep it cause I can't explain, Hook/Cierra
raeya roth
 Posted: Mar 30 2017, 11:02 PM

Raeya awoke from her dreams several times this night, screaming, sobbing and shaking violently. She rolled over and pressed her face into her pillow, trying to muffle her hysterical, terrified cries and several times, managing to go back to sleep. A few girls in her dorm awoke each time, a couple threw decorative pillows her way. Rae was awake, but she was disoriented still and even physically shaking. She was in and out of consciousness even as she moved around the room, locating a quill and scrawling a message, big and bold across her arm. "19 DAYS" Raeya would not later recall writing the message onto her person. Nor would she understand how, from so far away, her father was able to reach her. She had not learned about legilimens yet. The dark-haired girl was hysterical and her reality continued to alter, in the dorm crying one moment, seeing through the eyes of a killer -- of her father, the next. In a moment of sanity, Raeya knew she had to get out of there, for the safety of all of the other students in the room. She could see objects flying Biting her lip, Rae got out of bed and stumbled through the dorm. Unable to see anything, she tripped and felt her way to the door. Pushing the door open, she stumbled out, one hand clutched tightly over her mouth. She was trying to muffle any sounds of sheer terror that may be coming from her. Guilt washed over her. Was she seeing this because of all of the victims she knew about but was too afraid to tell?

As she opened the door, she heard more groans of protest and annoyance at the actually very dim candlelight that flooded the room. She closed the door behind her, the worst of it seeming to be over for now. As if the light had woken her up, the black-outs and nightmares subsided for the moment. Rae hugged her robe and a small square pillow , brought from her bed closer to herself and walked through the halls slowly, defeatedly. Though she was a prefect, she wasn't at the moment at all concerned about the consequences of being out of bed after lights out and not on any sort of patrol. Her footsteps were light but audible as Rae shuffled through the castle, numb and barely holding herself together. She was conscious now, but the images were still fresh in her mind.

She hadn't a destination in mind, but she ended up in the same room that she met EJ in. Glancing over at the bench, a sad smile crossed her lips for a moment before she shuffled over to the bench. It was as she turned and sat down on the bench, hugging her pillow that she saw the edge of a couple of letters off the side of her forearm. Brows furrowed in confusion, she turned her arm and gasped. "19 DAYS" She didn't remember writing it, but she thought it might have something to do with her dreams; the ones featuring her father's murders. Rae sobbed aloud, unable to contain herself, then immediately heard a loud clatter. One of the suits. This would be the second time her emotions had knocked them over. Rae gasped for air between sobs and slowly turned to lay curled up on her side on the bench, clutching her pillow close.

Raeya was practically hyperventilating when she thought she heard a noise, maybe footsteps, moving closer. In her hysterics, she didn't investigate or run. She didn't feel she could do more than try her hardest to breathe.

@james hook
@Elliott Hamato
james hook
 Posted: May 12 2017, 01:18 PM


Always on the run from Captain Hook

Run, run, lost boy

It was a starry night, or so James noticed as he gazed out of the tower window. Although it was at the prime time of night, the moon shown brighter than the last few nights, and seemed to progressively form its shape. On nights like this, when James couldn’t seem to sleep, he took to the stars to help ease his mind.

Tonight, James had woken due to haunting dreams, but he felt more at ease now that he took a walk. He remembered the dream vividly, and it still sent chills down his arms. The image of his dead father had somehow planted itself into his mind. In the background, his mother (before she had begun drinking) screamed at him, pleading for the boy to tell him what had happened. But James simply stood there, frozen in fear. He remembered it like it was yesterday, but he wished he could simply forget that it had ever happened. But alas, those thoughts were simply just that – wishes that would never come true. It would stick with him for a long while.

With a gentle sigh, James pushed himself away from the window. At the same moment, he heard a sound, no…. a cry? He figured it had to be another professor, considering it was after hours. The human in him stirred and pushed his legs to move forward, towards the sounds. In all honesty, he was more curious than caring. Who was crying…and for what reason? Maybe he’d be lucky and it would be someone he hated so he wouldn’t have to waste any of his time.

As he approached the sound, he saw a girl curled up on the nearby bench. She certainly wasn’t a faculty member, that was for sure. His lips pressed together into a line and he wasn’t quite sure what to say. Typically, if he found a student outside their dorm after hours, he’d yell at them and dock points. It wasn’t that big of a deal, honestly, but he enjoyed making the students feel bad when they did something wrong.

This situation seemed different. Obviously the girl had gone through something – maybe the same as he had just earlier? He was far from sure, but he took a few more steps forward. ”Erm, it’s awfully late. May I ask why you’re out here?” James said with caution. Crying women were sort of scary… he wasn’t sure how to handle things or what to say to her. ”Did you have a bad dream, because those are a drag….” Well, at least he was trying, right?

raeya roth[TayTay]

430 words

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