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 Bellechar, Louise, Louise Belcher from Bob's Burgers
louise bellechar
 Posted: 2 Jan 2018, 02:10 AM

louise leona bellechar



Louise Leona Bellechar



Member Group


Pref. Pronoun


Face Claim

Ksenia Solo

Sexual Orientation

Heterosexual (though that's not set in stone)



Co-owner of a burger restaurant


Bob's Burgers




Blood Status



Red Oak, Rougarou hair, 9 inches


Being approached by an attractive man and she can't run away or avoid awkward conversation.

Patronus and memory

Badger. When her dad proposed that she help him run their family restaurant (even though she acted like she didn't care at the time).

Dementor-induced memory

The moment she found out her mother died.

Mirror of Erised

Her rolling in a huge pile of money.







Discord, Skype, PM

Other Characters

Evangeline Riot
Marceline Abadeer
Rochlan Procyon

ready to watch you burn alive

Louise has never been your typical 'normal' child and from a young age her parents Bob and Linda could see that there was something not quite right about their youngest child. If people got hurt or she saw tears she'd laugh, she seemed far too fascinated with blood and gore, not to mention she never really reacted the way one would expect in any situation. When others were happy she was often straight faced or even miserable, when the mood was an upset or negative one she seemed to perk up immediately as if feeding off the pain and foul moods. There were of course exceptions when it came to her father and her older brother who she ended up spending most of her time with growing up.

It wasn't that she didn't care for her sister and her mother, she just seemed to find more in common with the males of her family than the girls, frequently referring to them as the "Menstruation Nation". When she got her letter to Hogwarts no one was really all that surprised considering she'd been showing magical signs for quite a long time beforehand. The house she was sorted into didn't seem to surprise anyone either. While both of her siblings had been sorted into Hufflepuff like her mother, she was sorted into Slytherin. First of her family to wear the silver and green as her father was a Gryffindor when he'd gone here. She was quick to gather a following of sorts. By this point in her life she was aware that she didn't quite feel things that way 'normal' people did. It wasn't that she was void of emotions, just that she felt the wrong ones at the wrong time and more often than not the emotion which sprung to the front of the queue was anger or near sadistic happiness at the pain of others.

With all of that in mind she had worked on trying to... Not hide the crazy, but sort of reel it back a little bit. When she was very young she had figured out how to manipulate those around her, shifting the blame away from herself, pitting her siblings against one another, pitting her parents against one another, anything to distract and confuse. At Hogwarts she refined her efforts. It wasn't like she hadn't been around people all her life as her father ran his own restaurant though she hadn't quite had this many malleable, young minds at her disposal to experiment and toy with. She took full advantage of this, picking out the weak willed and convincing them to do her bidding after figuring out which buttons to push to get a reaction.

To say she turned into a sort of school bully wouldn't be far from the truth, though she rarely did anything in the public eye, generally using other people to carry out her dirty work. Not that she couldn't manage it, because she most definitely could, it was just more satisfying knowing that she had twisted these people to tightly that they were at her beck and call. She wasn't awful all the time though. There were many times that her Hufflepuff older sister was picked on in school and Lou was always quick to defend her- on the rare occasion that it wasn't her doing the tormenting of course. Tina always seemed to be the butt of the joke though it was kind of admirable how she didn't really let her bother her, didn't let it change who she was at her core. The same went for Gene who was always a little off... Sometimes she questioned if she was actually related to either of them by blood as it appeared she got all of the cunning and the brains. Poor dumb babies.

She seemed to glide through her classes with ease, not ever needing help although sometimes she played dumb in order to spend extra time with her dad when it felt like they hadn't seen each other in a long time. When the opportunities came up she landed the prefect title and then head girl after which she guessed would look good on her resume. Really she just did it for the power position. She was about to graduate after 'doing her time' within the castle walls though wasn't entirely sure what to do with herself after. With her brains she could have joined the Ministry. She was a rather quick draw and good with her spell work so being an auror wasn't out of the question either, everything was suddenly put on hold though when she was woken up in the middle of the night in her dorm by the headmistress herself. She was told something had happened and she needed to go home immediately. Incredibly confused and feeling panic gnawing at her insides she did as she was told, no snarky comments, no backtalk whatsoever.

When she got home she walked in through the door to find both of her siblings huddled together crying, her father sat on the couch with his head in his hands. It was sort of funny. The first thing she thought of when she got into the house was the fact that she couldn't hear her mom singing those stupid made up songs she was so crazy about. There wasn't the telltale "Louise! You're home early!" Nothing. She allowed her bag to slide down off her shoulder and away from her black leather jacket, "Where's mom?" She questioned almost immediately. It was Gene who looked up at her first, eyes puffy and red, he went to speak but just groaned and shook his head. Again she didn't feel what she was suppose to feel. She didn't feel empathy for them, didn't feel panic, her confusion turned to anger as she took a step toward her father, "Dad? Where is she?" She questioned again, her tone and silvery eyes steely. Even when she saw his shoulders shudder she didn't react aside from seeming angry, irritated that no one would spit it out.

She began to tense, shifting slightly on her feet as she searched for something to throw or break, something that would get their attention, get them to talk. She found her target on the side table beside her, some little figurine of a cat and a ball of yarn. Picking it up she thrust it toward the ground, the ceramic shattering into pieces causing Tina to gasp, Gene to lean away from her and for Bob to finally look her in the eye. Her shoulders were rising and falling with her anger already though she felt it falter when she saw the look in his eyes, "Gone! She's gone Louise!" He practically yelled at her. It didn't matter how prepared she was to hear it when he finally spoke she felt a wrenching pain in her chest, panic, dread, grief though guilt (an emotion she admittedly rarely if ever felt) reared up as well at the tone of his voice. He dropped his head into his hands once more.

"It was-was a h-h-heart attack." Tina stumbled over her words. Before she could respond Gene began to move toward her, wrapping an arm around her though she jerked back suddenly, scrambling into the open space of the hall.

"Don't touch me!" She barked suddenly, eyes wide, she could feel tears welling there though turned her back on the three of them and immediately ran down the hall toward the stairs leading down to the door. She couldn't let them see her cry, she couldn't let anyone see her cry ever, not real tears, not when it actually meant anything. She left her family there to mourn and took to the streets for a few hours before going back to Hogwarts without talking to any of them again. She just couldn't. She couldn't deal with their sadness, with their pain, not without feeling it tenfold. She knew they needed her now more than ever, that they had to stand united, though she couldn't face them or the truth.

The next time she saw them was at the funeral a few days later. Honestly she was tempted not to show up at all though was strong armed into going at the last minute. The day they put Linda in the ground was the day that her future was decided for her. After they'd buried her Bob had sat her down, they had a heart to heart for the first time in what seemed like years and he asked her if she would help him run the restaurant when she graduated. She made a bit of a show of being indecisive though agreed quickly enough. They'd talked- or more like joked- about her taking over the restaurant before. He dad had asked if she was going to change the name to Louise's Burgers and she laughed it off. Now it was becoming more of a reality. She knew they would have to discuss details, but not now, she ended up sitting and talking with him in their living room until the sun came up. It felt like when she was younger and they'd play 'Burn Unit' or just hang out. She missed this, even if she wouldn't admit it.

Around the end of her final year the three European schools have came together and let's be honest, she was bummed that she missed out on the chaos of all of it. So many more people to manipulate, so many new teachers to torment ah, oh well. On the politics side of things she really doesn't care about what it means for the wizarding community or the world, far more focused on her life now to bother with a community that was no longer controlled by her. Career wise Lou has been working at the restaurant, managing the money side of things while her dad does most of the cooking. Since she took up advertising and the book end of things they've actually started to make decent money. While she doesn't plan on leaving any time soon she's started to wonder if she should be doing something else with her life or if this is the path that was meant for her.


Attitude - Lou is manipulative, has anger problems and is both verbally and physically abusive to both the people she loves and people she doesn't. She has a vindictive vengeful streak a mile long and could be considered a borderline sociopath like just like Louise.

Daddy's Girl - She loves her dadmore than anyone else in her family and looks up to him. In one of the BB episodes she and Bob joke about her taking over the restaurant when she's older which here on Bomb she has started to, sort of.

Loves her Family - She feels like she's the only one who can pick on her siblings. When she was at school and Gene or Tina were harassed she was quick to come to their aid despite them both being stupid Hufflepuffs.

Pranks and Mean Jokes - She loooves getting revenge through pranks and being mean. She's not at all above getting her hands dirty, though if she can she'd rather manipulate someone else into doing it for her as a sort of power trip thing. She likes knowing she can control people.

Bunny Ears - Not directly mentioned in her bio though she does wear the trademark bunny ear hat pretty much everywhere, including at work and when she went to school.

Wand - Her wand wood is red oak which is usually associated with people who are fast to anger, and who are capable of extremely quick magical reflexes/response times which goes with her whole temper thing. The Rougarou hair leans toward the Dark Arts and dark magic which is kind of her strong suit. I choose that core in particular because of her ability to cross the line of right and wrong so easily and without a guilty conscience.

Creepy Collection - She has a collection of eerie stuffed animals, animal bones and shrunken heads in her apartment. Louise collects the same sort of stuff in the show.

Money is Important! - She is very entrepreneurial which is why she's in charge of all money related things at Bob's Burgers. I there is a chance to make money off of something she's quick to jump on it, this also means she's quick to manipulate people into money schemes where she's generally the only one who ends up on top.

Goth/Punk Style - Has a sort of goth/punk vibe which was showed off in The Frond Files where she's dressed like a goth (fan art in the side pic there). Bomb!Lou also leans toward darker colours with pink flashes/highlights in her hair and attire to match her hat.

Just stuff and stuff.


It's not that Lou doesn't have any friends hers are just few and far between. Now if you're talking people who she's manipulated into thinking she's their friend then that list is pretty long. She does this thing where she can be incredibly abrasive and blunt to other people's faces, and for some reason it makes them want to work harder to impress her. It seems like even when she goes off on people she's quick to remedy it with soft words or genuine sounding apologies even if it's all false and purely for show. Nine out of ten times it works.


Real guys? Like getting all up in her space? Mmm, no. No that's not going to happen any time soon, or maybe ever. For all her cocky, I'm-the-boss sass Lou has near zero experience with any sort of non-familial love or any physical romantic contact. It's not that boys have cooties but- Well, yeah, they do. When put into a situation when someone seems to be hitting on her and she has actually figured it out, she immediately goes into flight mode and high tails it out of there with some smart remark. Something about letting people get close enough to see her insecurities and the fact that she might not be as bulletproof as she appears absolutely terrifies her.


Oh yeah, there will be at least a few of these. She's abrasive, verbally (and occasionally physically) violent, and as blunt as they come. There's no way that she hasn't ruffled any feathers. She's also extremely manipulative though and seems to know exactly what to say to wrap people around her finger so she can probably reel in the ones she's upset with a bit of work if she feels the need.


Would like to have Bob, Tina and Gene on here cause that would be hilarious. Bob especially.
louise bellechar
 Posted: 2 Jan 2018, 09:20 AM

Dunno if I have to do this, but she's done! Woooo!
 Posted: 12 Jan 2018, 06:17 AM

Almost there!

Hey Jonsie! I love Bob's Burgers and I'm really excited to see your Louise on site. Just a couple of things first!

I can tell that you've thought a lot about Louise's characterization but I feel like the app could show more of it for the reader. Maybe talking a little more about her issue with showing her distress, which you mentioned following her mother's death? What did she like to do, what motivated her to bother students and teachers? I would also like to see a little more about her school life - what classes did she like, activities she took part in, etc. You also mention some things in the connections that aren't mentioned in other parts of the app (collecting bones/strange stuffed animals, for example) that could be worked into it.

Second, if she was notably causing trouble for other teachers/students (and not following uniform, with the hat!), it is very unlikely that she would have been head girl or prefect. You could make her in charge of a club (etc) instead?

Finally it would be great to see how she's been doing outside of Hogwarts! She's had a couple of years since then. Is she living with her father, or on her own? How is the business doing? You do talk about some of it and I'm just looking for more.

As usual don't forget that another member can come along and take other canons from the show.

Feel free to message me on Discord to discuss any of this!

Just reply to your app when you've made your changes. If you can't make the necessary changes within 5 days time, please let the admins know, otherwise your application could be denied due to inactivity.
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