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vanesa morado


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19 Jan 2018, 04:44 AM
[dohtml]<center><div style="width:300px; text-align:justify; font:11px georgia; color:000000; line-height:100%;"> Since Vanesa wasn't really fond of actually teaching, she did like to find roundabout ways to still have a class. She was hardly prepared to teach, anyway; her training hadn't gone on long and she wasn't quite sure what her subject was exactly about. Because the program at the school was still being ironed out, it was easy to claim she was just being experimental in her methods.
<P> LIke accepting whatever guest speaker would come her way. She didn't mind it - the woman was able to sit behind her desk to try and listen to their topic. Vanesa did honestly try, every time, but most of the time she ended up "grading" - really, just doodling in a notebook. It was something that the students usually did, but Vanesa had found herself spacing out.
<P> Maybe it was because she was tired. He wasn't hard to look at, that was for sure, but she fond herself covering up a yawn anyway. It wasn't until the kids were filtering out, dropping off their notes on her desk, that she tuned back in.
<P>"Thank you for coming in. I'm afraid even with your talk today, I never caught your first name?"

rochlan procyon
9 Jan 2018, 06:29 AM
[dohtml]<center><div style="width:300px; text-align:justify; font:11px georgia; color:000000; line-height:100%;"><center><img src=''></center>
<P> It seemed after all of these years Vanesa still found herself wandering places she shouldn't be. There was something about this part of the Ministry that seemed generally unwelcoming - probably because it was for people ranked far above her. She wasn't fond of this new hierarchy, where she hadn't yet made it to the top.
<P> This little visit was different though. She had made an acquaintance. An honest acquaintance, Vanesa didn't have any ulterior motive in spending time with Burke. He was getting ready to be a parent, she had some experience with that, and his office had cozy chairs.
<P> She had brought some food with her this time, to share and to make sure she didn't fall asleep. He hadn't seemed happy the time she entered his office without knocking, so she made sure to pause and knock this time.

Burke Riegel
20 Dec 2017, 07:38 PM
[dohtml]<center><div style="width:300px; text-align:justify; font:11px georgia; color:000000; line-height:100%;"> Vanesa had tried to use every excuse in the book to get out of meeting with her brother. Nothing had worked, and when the day they'd set finally arrived, she tried to talk her way out of it again.
<P> He was nearly as stubborn as she was so it was still no use. So, Vanesa had sighed and bundled up with the babies before she headed to the markets. She used to hate the cold, but now it meant she didn't have to bother changing her top because it would be covered by her coat and the toddlers in their sling.
<P> Obviously meeting at the muggle markets hadn't been her first choice. But then, Vanesa wanted to make some sort of point that she coud handle it. Her children had been going to a muggle daycare, she had been living in a muggle village, so it couldn't be too hard.
<P> The first thing Vanesa noticed when she finally arrived is that her coat was not as warm as she thought it was. The next, was just how heavy her twins had gotten. She had to place an arm around Auden as she felt the sling loosening - something that a few charms usually prevented.
<P> Vanesa put a little effort into hiding her discomfort as she wandered to find her brother, knowing he would get a kick out of it.
<P>"I made it, are you happy now?"
wil morado
2 Oct 2017, 08:09 AM
[dohtml]<center><div style="width:300px; text-align:justify; font:11px georgia; color:000000; line-height:100%;"> <center><img src=''></center>
<P>Since Vanesa didn't exactly get the summers off, she had no problem getting back into the swing of things as the school year had started up. And now she was almost a year into her training, so she was perfectly capable of handling this work on her own. Not that she wasn't, earlier, she was just... okay, maybe the training had helped a little.
<P> Only a little.
<P> She had left her office to get something to eat in between classes. There was some wonderful sort of freedom to being faculty instead of a student - even if it meant she was back in the school she swore she would never set foot in again. And she didn't even have anythign to show off yet. Oh well, she was making money, and that little detail was becoming more, and more important each day.
<P> Vanesa was a little concerned when she got back to her office and found the door handle unlocked. It wasn't rare for her to forget to lock it - but she was always worried that there would be that one time she regretted it.
<P> ...And by the person moving about the room, it seemed like it was going to be this time.
<P>"Can I help you with something?"
29 Sep 2017, 07:43 AM
[dohtml]<center><div style="width:300px; text-align:justify; font:11px georgia; color:000000; line-height:100%;"><center><img src=''></center>
<P> Vanesa had been kindly informed that she did not need to provide her own ink for her quills while she was at her office in the Ministry. And since she didn't have the money to spend on things like that, it only made sense that she would... make use of the system. And maybe take some back home, too.
<P> Whatever, those ministry assholes could afford to pay for her ink.
<P> Unfortunately, getting to said ink was easier said than done - figures they would hide it... in the staff lounge. Okay, maybe not hidden, but Vanesa was having quite the ordeal trying to reach them. She could use her wand. But she was determined to get it down on her own.
<P> The first pot that fell shattered and spilled cross the counter, and Vanesa's sleeve earned a new black spot. "Shit." She reached for her wand, now, to at least clean up the mess - but someone had joined her in the supply room.
<P> "Oh, sorry," she laughed sheepishly. "Pardon my language."
<P> Vanesa's attention returned to the mess she had made, but what was just a spot of ink on her shirt was now a streak on hend, as well. She let out an exasperated sigh, and went to rub her temple - allowing the streak to transfer onto her face. "Fuck. Oh. Merlin, sorry, mister."
<P>She stood back from her mess, and shrugged at her apparent colleague.
<P>"IIs there any way you could get that down for me?"

Burke Riegel
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