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 Stone, Gamora, Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy
gamora stone
 Posted: 16 May 2018, 11:51 PM


gamora titania stone



Lucy Gamora Titania Stone



Member Group

Hogwarts Student

Pref. Pronoun


Face Claim

Nicola Peltz

Sexual Orientation










Blood Status



Hornbeam, unicorn tail hair, 10 ¼ inches.


Her (adoptive) father.

Patronus and memory

Deer; when her first foster parents gave her the taxidermy beaver her birth mother had left with her.

Dementor-induced memory

Her father using the Cruciatus Curse on her.

Mirror of Erised

Meeting her real parents. Being pulled into their arms and taken away from all the pain she’s dealt with.





U.S. Central


PM, Discord

Other Characters

Jean Grey (and Jean #2), Meg Morado (and Meg #2), Talia al Ghul (and Talia #2), Gwendolyne Parker (and Gwen #2), Isabelle Desrosiers (and Belle #2)



When Gamora was a child living with a series of No-Maj foster parents, she was dead-set on becoming an astronaut when she grew up. She wanted to explore space and have adventures out among the stars, and she sometimes dumped her pet fish into kitchen bowls so she could wear the fishbowl on her head and pretend it was a space helmet. When she told her father she wanted to become an astronaut, he told her he wouldn’t allow her safety to depend on a non-magical contraption like a space shuttle, and she never spoke of it again.


Gamora isn’t happy with how her life has turned out so far. She often escapes through reading, art, or athletics. She has a hard time accepting that she’s stuck with her father at least until she comes of age, and she only ever calls him “Dad” to his face. When she talks about him to anyone else, she calls him by his name.


Gamora is confident in herself and in her abilities. She’s a highly skilled duelist and martial artist, and she isn’t afraid of much. In fact, the only thing she’s really afraid of is her father. Otherwise, she’s pretty sure she can take on whatever enemy decides to provoke her. She doesn’t go looking for fights, though. She has a lot of pent-up rage to release and prefers to do so during actual duels. She never hurts people on purpose. Having dealt with her share of pain, she doesn’t like inflicting it on others, and when she accidentally hurts someone in a duel, she also helps get them to the school nurse or performs a healing charm on them herself. Gamora views power as something that should be used to help people, not to hurt them.


Gamora is extremely intelligent and an excellent strategist. She does very well in her classes when she cares about them, though when she doesn’t like a class or has other priorities, she finds it hard to work up the will to try. She’s so seldom been allowed to do what she wants in her life that she hates to waste time on things she hates.


Gamora is just beginning to accept that she is a seer and is trying to embrace it. From the time she was a young child, she’s given prophecies, though she has no idea what most of them were, as she entered trances and recited them to No-Maj foster parents who were too frightened by what was happening to pay attention to what she said. Her father later made sure some were recorded. Gamora is terrified that he will use her gift against her.


Gamora is slow to let people in. She has been burned by too many families who gave her up upon realizing she wasn’t a “normal” non-magical child, and she still holds a lot of uncertainty in her heart about her birth parents. She doesn’t know why they gave her up, and part of her fears that she wasn’t good enough for them to love. She does love her adoptive father deep down, though one would be hard-pressed to get her to admit it. She hates him at times, especially when she lets herself think about what he’s put her through. She desperately wants to meet her birth family, and she dreams that they will take her away from Thanos.


One of Lucy’s earliest memories takes place at her first foster home. The Sanders family, she thinks it was, but the names blur together after a while. She remembers the mother trying to smile and how fake the expression looked, but at least the woman tried. She’d explained that the taxidermy beaver she held had been left with Lucy as a baby—left by her birth mother. Lucy was too young to understand that the beaver was dead; all she knew was that it was from her mom. She didn’t know why her mom had left her, and she spent countless tear-filled nights hoping she would find her way back to her real family.

For reasons Lucy didn’t comprehend as a child, none of her foster families seemed to quite work out. She bounced from home to home in the Boston area, never connecting the strange little occurrences that happened when she got overly emotional with the families deciding they weren’t ready to take on the responsibility of another child at the moment. She herself was fascinated by the way clocks stopped when she was angry and butterflies or bubbles sometimes materialized when she was excited, and these occurrences followed her and her little stuffed animal wherever they went. She didn’t realize that she sometimes entered trances and recited prophecies, which scared any No-Maj who happened to overhear her. When she was five, however, she happened into the care of her first magical foster parent, and everything changed.

To all outside appearances, Thanos was the perfect candidate to not only foster a daughter but eventually to adopt her. He was a prominent politician within MACUSA, and he was powerful and well-respected by his coworkers and constituents. At first, Lucy was elated that he’d found her. It was clear that he cared about her, though his rules were stricter than any she’d ever encountered before. He even had her name legally changed, which made her feel like she finally had a real father and a strong connection to him—he called her Gamora. He explained to her for the first time what happened when she saw the future, and he encouraged her, telling her she had a rare gift that needed to be cultivated. He enrolled her in gymnastics and martial arts classes while she was still in elementary school and made her practice until she was covered in bruises, which he then covered with charms to ensure no one thought she was being abused.

It was shortly after Thanos was elected President of MACUSA that the abuse began in earnest. Gamora was sorted into Wampus upon beginning her schooling at Ilvermorny, and Thanos used his governmental influence to persuade a few key employees to turn the other cheek when he pushed his daughter to begin dueling practice at home during breaks. He said he knew she was destined to become a powerful warrior and that he had to do what was necessary to push her toward that destiny. When she failed to deflect what he considered a fairly basic offensive spell, he lashed out in anger and used the Cruciatus Curse against her.

Gamora had never felt such intense pain before. She’d thought she was dying, and she couldn’t understand why her father had done such a terrible thing. Even though he tried to maintain her favor by doting on her and making sure she had everything she could ever want, she never fully trusted him again. It grew difficult for her to trust anyone; she’d been abandoned by her birth parents and by too many foster families to count, and now that she’d finally found someone who wanted to remain in her life permanently, she never knew whether he planned to help her or hurt her. The second time he used the curse, Gamora had had enough. When she returned to school, she told Ilvermorny’s matron about what had happened, and the woman was horrified. She reported what Gamora had told her, and after a thorough investigation—during which Gamora ignored her father’s many owls alternately demanding and begging that she recant what she’d said—not only was Thanos found innocent, but the matron was found guilty of mis-administering potions to her students and was relieved of her post.

The investigation was kept under wraps at the highest levels of MACUSA, and though no official word was released from MACUSA on Thanos harming his daughter (he said it was too ridiculous of an accusation to dignify with a response), a few tabloids got word of the story and used it to smear his name. Thanos firmly denied any wrongdoing. Meanwhile, Gamora was trying to go about her studies while constantly worrying about when she would be returned home to her father. She took out her frustration and rage in dueling club, because if her father had managed to teach her one thing, it was that she was a good fighter. She quickly became a dueling prodigy, and she did well in her classes, though she found it hard to focus on her studies while under so much stress.

After Gamora’s second year, Thanos’s term in office was up, and he didn’t run for another. Instead, he took his daughter and relocated to England, where he could work his way up through the Ministry and expand his power again without rumors pursuing him. He hoped they would be considered nothing more than a smear campaign by his opponents and published by disreputable sources. He swears he’s forgiven Gamora for passing on what he did and that he loves her. She believes the second part. In his own twisted way, she knows he loves her and wants her to succeed. But she’ll never trust him, and she anxiously awaits the day when she graduates from Hogwarts, where she’s a Gryffindor. She excels at Divination.

She hasn’t given up on finding her birth family. She keeps the taxidermy beaver in her dormitory and doesn’t know that the mother who left it was Harleen Quinzel.


Name: Gamora is her first name both in canon and here. Harley has a daughter named Lucy, which I have as Gamora’s birth name, before Thanos changed it. Her middle name, Titania, is a reference to Marvel canon, in which her father Thanos is called “The Mad Titan,” and her full canon name is "Gamora Zen Whoberi Ben Titan." Her last name, Stone, is another reference in that her father is known for his pursuit of ultimate power through the Infinity Stones.

Patronus: Her patronus is a deer. In canon, one nickname given to her was “Bambi Long,” so this is a reference to that.

Abilities: In canon, Thanos used technology to enhance Gamora with superhuman strength and trained her in forms of martial arts from across the galaxy. Here, her martial arts training is intact, and she has been trained by her father to become an accomplished duelist. Gamora has wielded the Time Gem, an Infinity Stone, in the comics; this gave her precognitive abilities. Here, this manifests in the form of her Inner Eye. She hasn’t trained as a Seer yet, but she hopes to hone this skill.

Abuse: Thanos trained Gamora to kill, and at one point in the comics, she found out that he was planning to destroy the universe and tried to kill him. Instead, he stabbed her, and she was only saved by Adam Warlock pulling her spirit into the Soul Gem. Instead of having Thanos try to kill her, here, he’s used the Cruciatus Curse on her. The tabloids spread this, which damaged his reputation, in reference to the public considering him mad in canon. His (former) prominent position within MACUSA is a translation of how powerful he is in canon and his “Titan” status.

House(s): She was in Wampus at Ilvermorny, as she is a warrior in canon and here, and is in Gryffindor now that she’s at Hogwarts. She’s a superhero in canon, demonstrating her bravery.

Beaver: In canon, Harley Quinn had a taxidermy beaver from an old boyfriend that she kept with her. After discussion with Kit, it was decided that she left it with Lucy. We’ve talked about everything, and I’ve gotten it all approved with her.

Fondness for Space: Gamora wanted to be an astronaut when she was a child, until her father squashed that dream. In canon, she’s part of a superhero group that travels the galaxy fighting evil.

Introduce your shipper here.


Fill in for friends.


Fill in for lovers.


Fill in for enemies.


Fill in for any other relationships.
 Posted: 17 May 2018, 11:30 PM

Welcome to
Bombarda Maxima!

Fantastic app Cissa! I really enjoyed the format, you really did pack a lot of information into it. I have a great idea of Gamora and her life in Bombarda's universe. The connections were clever and well thought out, too. I look forward to seeing what you do with her onsite!

post in the claims board, and then reply to your app when you're done to get your member group changed so you can start posting!
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