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 dropping in unannounced, Tag! Hook!
Marceline Abadeer
 Posted: May 17 2017, 04:09 PM


It had been roughly six days since Marceline's week long stint at Hogwarts had finished. She'd managed to get quite a lot done, only had eight kids have to go to the hospital wing, so that was a success. Since then she'd been working on tracking down an elusive wizard who was wanted for turning a school bus full of muggle children into doves, she had an inkling he wan an animagus, though had yet to find anything concrete. Regardless she was working, working, working and then suddenly hit a wall. She found herself unable to concentrate, to really focus on anything because these incessant memories kept flickering through her mind. She'd be on a complete roll and then zone of in the middle of scribbling something down and then there he was, grinning at her with his pretty face and his stupid teacher robes. Honestly it was getting to the point where she was rather fed up.

There was only one solution.

Pushing herself up Marceline moved from her study in one of her many, many safehouses, and reached for her wand. Closing her eyes she muttered under her breath and like a flash found herself outside the Hogwarts grounds. Making her way toward the castle she found a familiar pair of eyes on her and turned her crystal clear gaze to a large oak where Hambo perched peering down at her, “I was wondering where you've been.” She noted, frowning at the raven who cawed and shuffled his wings. She seemed to pout a little bit at the unheard but heavily implied accusation, “I'm not that predictable, am I?” She wondered. No, there was no way he was waiting here for her because he knew she'd return to see- No. Stupid raven, what did he know? Nothing.

With that done she made her way into the school, teaching robes on despite not actually being here on business. She had already decided she was just going to wander about under the pretense that she was checking in or doing some sort of school... stuff? Really she hadn't put that much thought into it by the time she reached the opened door to James' office. Leaning oh so casually there as he had once done to her she didn't bother clearing her throat or announcing her presence before speaking: “All work and no play makes James a dull boy.” Her tone was almost airy as she let her gaze slide over him. Yeah, she was totally in control here. Nothing weird about her showing up unannounced. She didn't want to see him or anything, she was just... you know... around.

Save me if I become my demons
for james hook// Notes
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