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 Heart, Cynthia, Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland
cynthia heart
 Posted: 2 Aug 2016, 05:10 AM

Cynthia Reia Heart



Cynthia Reia Heart



Member Group

Hogwarts Student

Pref. Pronoun


Face Claim

Barbara Ferreira

Sexual Orientation

Bisexual, favoring males more.









Blood Status



(Willow wood, thestral hair, 11 inches)


Being in a Vegetative state.

Patronus and memory

(Future memory) The first time she held her son. Her patronus is a wildcat.

Dementor-induced memory

Trigger WarningHer uncle sexually assaulting her.

Mirror of Erised

Herself as a professional quidditch captain.







Skype: tay.douglas Aim: TayAislinnAdelaide

Other Characters

Chantal Warner


Cynthia is very smug and conceited, well at least she pretends she is. Deep down, she is quite insecure and her need for power stems from her insecurities. She also has a very hot temper and loves revenge. She is very good at grudge holding and she likes to strike when it's least expected for her to do so. She is often seen at functions with a lot of people, she likes to socialize though it is very difficult to become someone she considers an actual friend. Sure, she has a few but she is not looking for anymore. She feels she is mostly better off on her own. As for love, she is completely terrified of love and commitment, but she does like the company of others and will often sleep around a bit. She has been romantically involved with a lot of people. She has a tendency to make people fall head over heels for her and then dump them, which is why she is called the “Queen of Hearts” She is very active and loves the outdoors. She often prefers nature and animals to people, muggle or magical. Surprisingly, she does not find herself in much trouble even though she goes out of her way to cause it. Cyn likes to cause chaos and then step back and watch. She is one of those people that likes to watch the world burn. She is very good not getting caught even after instigating troublesome situations. She is very flirty and tends to always get what she wants, even if what she wants is a person.


Trigger Warning: Child Neglect and Sexual Abuse Cynthia was born to two wizards in Godric's Hollow. She didn't know what a pureblood was when she was younger, though her mother and father quickly taught her that her blood made her superior to others. Despite her blood purity, she was actually a bit of a late bloomer magic wise. Having to overhear her parent's concerns and grievances surrounding what they would do if she ended up a squib instilled deep insecurities within her about her abilities, thus making her dreams become more desirable and less attainable. Her first signs of magic didn't come until age seven, when a boy shoved her down in the middle of a boring game of croquet that her parents had forced her attendance to. She glared at him and though her mallet remained still in her hands, one of the balls flew through the ir and hit him in the back of the head. Neither child was able to accurately recount the event and the boy's parents assumed she had just accidentally hit the ball wrong, so she was ultimately let off the hook but a closer eye was kept on her. Her parents were just joyful that she wasn't a 'dud', as she had heard them call. She always appears confident on the outside and pretends to believe that (very convincingly), but on the inside, she's fragile. She is very insecure deep down about her weight and abilities and often flirts around to feel better about herself, to feel wanted. She received was always on the professors' watchlist at her school from the very first year, but she wasn't often actually in trouble. . . They just knew she was trouble. It was no surprise to anyone when she was sorted into Slytherin. She especially enjoyed Flying lessons in her first year, loving the freeing feeling of having control over something.

By second year, things had started to go bad at home and she began to see school as an escape. She threw herself into her schoolwork to feel like she was doing something about the situation. She passed all of her classes with flying colors this year and she took a special interest in Magical Law. Her interest was not of heroic intent, however, actually quite the opposite. She was always taking notes in class, though the notes were made up mostly of different loopholes in various laws. She passed that class as well and no one has discovered the notebook she kept for it. While she had no intent of using most of these loopholes she had discovered, her home life had started to shift her outlook on life and a thirst for power of any kind began to grow within her.

In her third year, she was taken from her parents after they had been deemed unfit to care for her. They were alcoholics, she had always known that, but it wasn't until a few months before she was removed from the house that she knew the extent of it. Her parents had been slowly drinking all of their money away. Slowly, more and more of their paychecks were being spent on alcohol instead of taking care of their only daughter. Cynthia had more than a couple times gone without food. Hogwarts was a sanctuary to her and at the end of her third year, when it was time to return to that awful place, Cyn was found crying in the dungeons by the Slytherin Head of House. She was hesitant to share the reason at first, but after some coaxing she admitted to her home conditions. She was still made to go home that day, but with a promise of help. Not more than a few weeks later, a social worker showed up to their home and left with the young teen. At this point, Defense Against the Dark Arts became her best subject, though not even close to her favorite. She did continue to love Magical Law with a passion.

Temporarily placed in her Paternal uncle's home during the long and ugly custody battle, the teen finally felt secure and free for once. It didn't take long for that illusion to be shattered. She knew right away that something was off with her uncle. The way he looked at her and spoke to her made her feel uncomfortable and scared, though at least now she knew she would be fed and he hadn't tried anything yet. . . . Until he did. The first incident occurred about a year after her removal from her parents' home when her uncle groped her against her protests and screaming. She wasn't herself for the rest of that summer, but upon arriving at Hogwarts she was surprised at how much better she felt. Besides, she couldn't go through it all twice, could she? Cyn spent as many holidays as she could away from home, but eventually she had to return. The summer after her fourth year, her uncle assaulted her again. This time, he had come to finish what he had started. The young teen freaked and grabbed the nearest item to her, a pen. Lashing out blindly, she managed to sever an artery by stabbing the man in his neck. Panicked and shaking, she called 999 and when they arrived they found the fourteen year old in a full on panic attack, covered in blood and clutching her knees on the floor next to her uncle's body. Of course the situation was scarring, but she still hasn't admitted to anyone that the real source of her panic was the fact that she liked the feeling of killing, of taking a life. The thought terrified her.

She was tried as a juvenile in court and found Not Guilty by means of self defense. She is sure that most of the professors know of her past, though she keeps that part of her life very private from the other students. Her fifth year passed without any real excitement other than receiving good scores on most of her OWLS. After the incident with her uncle she began to play quidditch as a beater in hopes that the sport would get a lot of her aggression out and possibly keep her from snapping like that again.

In sixth year, Cynthia began hanging around a fellow student named Jafar and everyone could see that the two of them were trouble. Though she had feelings for him for a while before she said anything about it. Over the summer of 6th year, she and Jafar became closer and closer and after some drug and alcohol fueled unprotected sex, she found out that she was pregnant about ten weeks in. She hid it for a while, not knowing how to tell him, fearing that he would want nothing to do with her because of the infant. It wasn't until the start of Seventh year, when she could avoid her no longer that Jafar finally found out about the baby. He was irate at first and she thought that he wanted nothing to do with her. She despised the child, or parasite, as she considered it for a while. She believed it was going to ruin her life as she received a lot of backlash from some of the peers and friends she has entrusted with the information of her condition. while she was pregnant, she became more tempermental. Having an already temperamental wand, she managed to give herself a concussion at around ten weeks pregnant, which was actually how she found out about the baby.

Jafar promised her that he would be there and they became an item. Much to everyone's surprise, he stuck around the entire pregnancy and Cynthia had really started to trust him, to let him in. She went into Labor on February 5th, early in the morning and after 20 hours in labor she delivered a little girl at 12:27am on February 6th. The little girl was two weeks premature, but she was perfectly healthy. They named her Alissandra Quinn Heart-Kamal. She looked like Jafar's deceased sister Narissa, with Cynthia's eyes. Cynthia named Rapunzel Gothel her godmother. Things were good for a while, Cyn and Jafar were even fighting less and for once she began to believe that she deserved happiness and that letting someone in wasn't a fatal mistake.

Little did she know, it was just the calm before the storm. Some extenuating circumstances caused Jafar to have to drop out to start running his family's company. Cyn and Jafar went to Hogsmeade one weekend with their baby and it was in Hogsmeade that Jafar chose to tell Cyn of this. He offered her a substantial amount of child support and a permanent job, rather than the summer job she had with him before. But Cyn is a prideful being and she saw taking either of those things as weak. She didn't want him to ever delude himself into believing that she needed him. Her views on her daughter changed to more fond feelings towards the end of her pregnancy, but now that Jafar has left her and she has to take care of Alissandra herself, she is absolutely in love with her. That little bundle of joy is all that she has left. She knows she has a tough road ahead of her, but after a few days of searching, she managed to find a job as a bartender at The Outlands Nightclub.

Now that Cyn is single and brokenhearted, she's returned to her old flirty and seductive ways. Though she doesn't enjoy it as much anymore. She just does it so she can stop thinking about Jafar for a while. She doesn't like to show it, but she is sad a lot now. Cynthia has always opted to give her own orders and have others do her bidding. It is assumed that she sleeps with guys to get them to fall for her, but the truth is, with most of them she does not need to go so far. She loves attention and will get it with any means possible. And now, more than ever keeping up this powerful facade is important to her.


I gave her the last name “Heart” because she is the Queen of Hearts.

I gave her the nickname “Queen of Hearts” because that is her canon character in the movie.

Her middle name is Reia because it means 'queen'

Cynthia is manipulative, charming, flirty and can manage to shmooze almost anyone into following her as a leader because in the fandom, she is a queen and she commands an entire army of followers.

I gave Cynthia a thestral core wand because it is known for creating temperamental wands and she is a very temperamental character. The wand wood is Willow because Willow wand owners tend to be a bit insecure even if they don't show it, and often obsession over power like that of the Red Queen's comes from insecurity.

I chose for her to be pregnant and for her to hate it currently because in the fandom, a new person (Alice) came along and disrupted her life, just as the baby is. Alice turned people against her and Cynthia sees her friends turning on her as being the baby's fault and not her own for getting pregnant. Just as I assume the Queen of Hearts would rather point the finger at Alice rather than admit her fault.

I made her very temperamental and violent when she gets angry because the Queen of Hearts' catchphrase in Alice in Wonderland is “Off with her head!” And she uses this whenever she doesn't get her way or someone does not follow her lead.

I made her parents alcoholics and her uncle abusive so that I could have her removed from the situation as her family is never mentioned in canon and I wanted to remove them from her life without killing them as most other Disney stories have. Also she was neglected by them to teach her that the only person she can count on is herself, which leads to her being very distrustful of others. Also having observed the weak minds of alcoholics at work, she has come to realize how little it takes to manipulate people and plants the idea in her head that she could potentially in the future gain a gaggle of followers to do her bidding.

She killed her uncle herself and with a Muggle object rather than magic because as she was only in fourth year, she did not have the influence yet to have others do her bidding and she was also not allowed to do magic outside of school at this age. Her interest in Magical Law lead her to have the knowledge necessary to know that Magic was much more traceable. Also, she beheads in a canon which is a very Muggle way of excecution. The accidental murder was put into her history as a way to give her a taste of what being evil was like and give her the potential to go dark in the future.

I chose to put her in Slytherin because Slytherins have a reputation of being very very proud, conceited even and extremely cunning. It is also the House with the reputation for the most former students to become Dark witches and wizards. Having been an evil queen in the fandom, I can see her as being more than a little drawn to the Dark Arts.

I chose Barbara Ferreira for her playby because she shares all of the basic attributes of the Queen of Hearts while also being a plus sized model and fitting in with the larger stature of the canon

I chose for her to be a beater on the Quidditch team because she is an aggressive character and that seemed the most suitable position. I figured it could be something she started after the incident with her uncle in order to keep herself from harming another again. At this point in her life, she is trying to be good still.

Her interest in Magical Law is put in there because to gain power, especially if you don't care how, one must know how to skirt laws when you pursue less than legal means of fame and power. Even though at this point, she is not yet fully considering an outlaw life, her background creates a gradual change from childish, naive Cyn and her adult form, which her background, lack of love and now morbid outlook on life may mold into a Dark Witch. Also, a queen is a political figure, so I figured she should know more than the average about laws.

Her first sign of magic involves a Croquet ball hitting another child in the back of the head to reference the scene with the Croquet game and the flamingo mallets and also to outline the fact that her temperament has always been violent, aggressive and all around just awful.

Her boggart is herself in a vegetative state because to her, that is the ultimate embodiment of vulnerability and powerlessness.

Introduce your shipper here.


Fill in for friends.


Fill in for lovers.


Fill in for enemies.


Fill in for any other relationships.
Sigyn !
 Posted: 8 Aug 2016, 01:44 PM

Welcome to
Bombarda Maxima!

Brilliant m'dear! I can see the famous adult Queen of Hearts perfectly forming within this younger version of the character, and it's clear to see which traits will grow and which will shrink as time goes on. I particularly love the part about Alice being represented by a baby, that's a brilliant way to show her abhorrence of change!

I know you have plans with a friend to play Jafar so references to him are fine for now, but if someone else makes a Jafar before then, then the one in your app will have to just be an NPC but I doubt that'll be a problem. So in which case, she's all good to go!

post in the claims board, and then reply to your app when you're done to get your member group changed so you can start posting!
lance ramirez
 Posted: 6 Sep 2016, 05:21 AM

Lance is an absolute sucker for a pretty face and would be one of the easiest people to manipulate. All Cynthia would have to do is pout, bat her eyelashes, or pretend to cry and Lance would do anything she wants him to. Within reason, of course! He's also part of the Dance Club so these two would have had lots of time together.

He will, however, have mixed feelings when she starts to show. Lance is all about loving who you love and your life being your own, but to him children are precious and should only be created after serious thought between two people who love each other. And until like he knows for CERTAIN Cyn will love her son he will be EYEING her.

... Also he very very very much wants to claim Honorary Uncle. Because he's That Guy.
cynthia heart
 Posted: 6 Sep 2016, 08:11 AM

@lance ramirez Yeah, that could be fun. However, she is actually already showing a little. We should thread them for sure!
vanesa morado
 Posted: 15 Sep 2016, 06:46 PM

@cynthia heart
Ok so I def have reasons to throw both of my girls at Cyn so I'm going to xD

Vanesa & Cynthia
These two for sure would have known each other bc they're in the same house and only a year apart in age. And to make things ~extra special they're somewhat alike. I feel like Van wouldn't regard her as competition in any way, and also probs make it v clear that they're not equals despite others possibly comparing them. This is likely to increase once news of Cyn's pregnancy gets out; Van would probs have a lot to say. I think she'd think of Cynthia as "sloppy" in her methods before this, annnnd she would make that obvious too even if it's not in those words. Idk, I feel like they could have an interesting dynamic; lemme know what you think?

Esmeralda & Cynthia

And these two now have very obvious reasons for interaction as well. I imagine they'll have a lot of clashing in dance club but Esme would hold back a little because she doesn't want the members to know about the obv points of tension i feel are inevitable. She's definitely okay with splitting duties but idk how Cyn would feel about that.

So I'm just rambling in these 15 minutes before class and feel free to lemme know what you think, add/edit/delete, also message me on skype if you'd like? (danniekaaye)
cynthia heart
 Posted: 17 Sep 2016, 07:03 PM

@vanesa morado]

Vanesa + Cyn:
Totally, though I must make it very clear that Cyn is a character with aggression and anger issues. She doesn't think they're equals either, because she thinks she's better than everyone else. Was Vanesa not pregnant at one point as well? Cyn would def throw that in her face if she said anything she didn't like about Cyn's baby.

Esmeralda + Cyn:

We definitely need to plot them and I can almost guarantee tension. Cynthia feels like the chair should be hers and hers only and having to split the little bit of power she managed to gain might make her wary of ever liking Esme. I have a feeling she holds resentment against her, but who knows?
vanesa morado
 Posted: 20 Sep 2016, 04:19 AM

Vanesa & Cynthia

Oh totes xD I gotchu; and ye, she is legit brand new~mom (insert trademark symbol) and already messing up many ways tbh. I think this could be fun?

Cynthia & Esmeralda

Oooo interesting for sure. I could see additional tension where Esme would rather have it run like a ~democracy, getting opinions from their classmates/club members, etc. Could definitely prove to be interesting also!

Lemme know fi you want to do anything w/ them ~
cynthia heart
 Posted: 23 Sep 2016, 03:47 PM

@vanesa morado We should thread Vanesa and Cyn first, but both eventually!
ender carnow
 Posted: 25 Sep 2016, 11:24 PM

@cynthia heart So, Ender may actually try to reach out to Cynthia, though I'm sure it will go so poorly. He's the child of a woman who got pregnant her last year of Hogwarts as well, and was raised by her his entire life with no father figure. Ender cares deeply for his mother and might identify with Cynthia's plight, but Ender is known for almost killing someone at Durmstrang and is difficult to get along with the best of days. These two are both just terrible, and I imagine Ender's one selfless idea will end with them screaming at each other.

Or maybe she tries to seduce him and fails miserably. Or maybe maybe they can reach a shared understanding based on their violent pasts and their fears about what the future holds for both of them. They have a lot of similarities and can really help each other out, if they'd just allow themselves to do so. I've been trying to figure out how to word a reply to your ad for a long time, because I really think they'd be interesting to pair together in the long term.
cynthia heart
 Posted: 27 Sep 2016, 01:04 AM

@ender carnow I think this would be a fun duo to thread, though I think ay attempt to reach out and help her might be greeted with her snapping at him that she doesn't need help. Lol
vanesa morado
 Posted: 27 Sep 2016, 04:52 AM

@cynthia heart

I'm totally down! Feel free to PM me or add me on skype (danniekaaye) and we can discuss thread/plot things/
mani phanthittra
 Posted: 29 Oct 2016, 05:28 PM

@cynthia heart - OKAY I HAVE AN IDEA FOR HER AND MANI. I don't know if Cynthia would've been involved with any of this, but Mani is a Slytherin who, over the winter break of last year, got the Pureblood family of her boyfriend arrested because they'd been kidnapping Muggles and using them as slaves. Most of the friends she had in Slytherin view her as a "blood traitor" now and make her life a living hell. We have two options here:

a) Cynthia is one of these former friends, and now bullies Mani, ransacking her room, stealing her things, and generally playing dumb whenever questioned on it; Cynthia does not participate in this, maybe driven by her own fears with her pregnancy, and might be one of Mani's few allies. Mani wouldn't really know how to handle the Queen Bee taking her under her wing, and I get the feeling that their alliance would be uneasy until they can figure out how to relate to each other.

Mani is also the Senshi known as Venus, so she would be all for trying to smooth over Cynthia's pregnancy and boy issues... which I'm sure would just go fantastically for her XD There's a lot we could do so I'm excited!
cynthia heart
 Posted: 30 Oct 2016, 05:06 PM

@mani phanthittra

Ah, yes! I would love to thread them. Hopefully they could become sort-of friends. Cynthia doesn't think Muggle beings are inferior to Wizards and should be treated as lesser. She just thinks all beings are inferior to her. So I would see her gaining a bit of respect for Mani for throwing away her reputation to help the Muggles.

We still have to thread Ender + Cyn too so maybe I start one, you start the other?
mani phanthittra
 Posted: 30 Oct 2016, 08:13 PM

@cynthia heart If you start the Mani/Cyn one, I'll start Ender/Cyn today!
Sameli Nuuskamuikkunen
 Posted: 30 Nov 2016, 04:28 AM


@cynthia heart & Sameli: I believe they would have some classes together, and Sameli is very openminded. Having so many little siblings, when she does have the baby he wouldn't mind helping out.
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