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Thomas Shirogane
 Posted: 30 Jun 2017, 05:43 PM

There are loads more ghosts and characters available than whats listed. If you want to play them, go for it! Also if you need help with face claims, I'm happy to help!

Kid at death
Casper is the most obvious cartoon ghost you could have. He's a kid, he's friendly, what's there not to love? He would definitely be a school ghost I think. Probably Hogwarts. Hell maybe he is even HUfflepuff's house ghost. It's up to you really. Same with his background since it's left pretty open. I'd just love to see more ghosts.

Also his uncles are encouraged if you are inclined to make them!
Another giggly child ghost. Again, could be a school ghost. Since she was at an all girl's monster school perhaps the girl's dorm ghost at Beauxbatons? She's kind of high pitched, energetic, and bubbly, so she'd be one of the nicer ones I'd imagine. Her age is up to you, but she appears to be a tween-early teen in the movie. Still, it's really up to you. Tadashi is willing to be the big brother to all the kid ghosts!
Young at death
Danny Phantom Ghosts
All ages
There are so many options to choose from with Danny Phantom's canon. Ghost chicks, ghost dudes, ghost kids, a ghost who changes ages, another who shape shifts. Hell there's even a dragon or two around there! They don't have to be good, or necessarily hang around a school. Skulker could be a magic creature poacher who passed on, Desiree could've been a seer in her life time. It's really all up to you.

Though if you want a lot of school interaction some might include Young Blood, Sydney Poindexter, Penelope Spectra, Bertrand, Lunch Lady, Box Lunch.

I don't really know much about this show. I've seen a couple of cringe worthy episodes with some poodle-man and hick cat spirits with leaves on their heads ordering fast food. Really though, the characters are Yokai, or Japanese spirits. Just personify one and bam, you have a ghost. There's loads of wacky characters to choose from. Some may be more ridiculous than others (I'm looking at you weird pee inducing elephant).
Yokai Watch
Any age

Spirit Divison
Natsume Yuujinchou
Student/ministry worker/other
This character is from a lovely slice of life show called Natsume Yuujinchou's Book of Friends. Pretty much a kid who sees ghosts, and has a book with the names of Yokai written in it due to his grandmother winning fights with them. He is able to release them from the contract to serve by giving their names back. He doesn't really want to fight yokai. He'd rather be friends or have nothing to do with them.

I imagine he could be a student getting harassed by the ghosts around him. Perhaps if still a student, he's an intern in the spirit division? As an adult working there is encouraged, but he could also just be a guy who puts up with a lot of ghost shit too.

Like Yuujinchou, he's a guy who can see stuff other people can't. In his canon it's demons, but they can always just translate to spirits in the Bombverse. He's a trouble child, but after loosing his foster father, he promises to be the best exorcist so he could slay satan. He's a typical Japanese-punk-with-a-heart-of-gold character. He may be stupid but he also shows a lot of talent.

Since in canon he is a student who goes to exorcists cram school, I can definitely see him being a student and obnoxious intern. He's loud and runs head first into everything, how can you not love that?

Also pretty much any other character from Blue Exorcist is welcome. They all could be well adapted to being in the spirit division of the ministry. Bon, Shima, Konekomaru, Shieni, and Izumi could all be part of an intern program while Yukio, Shura, and other adults can be actual professionals working with them. Plenty of opportunity.

Rin Okumura
Ghost Hunt Characters
All ages
If you haven't seen Ghost Hunt stop what you're doing and watch it now. It's a simple but beautiful anime about this girl breaking equipment and getting into ghost hunting to pay the guy back. It has a lot of great characters.

There's Kazuya Shibuya AKA Naru the Narcissist. He's the young owner of the ghost hunting company who gets his equipment broken. He is serious, kind of full of himself, and rather cold towards people letting him down. He knows people have talent though, and will respect and work with them. He's kind of mysterious and a jerk.

Mai Taniyama is a student who got dragged into it. She does possess some psychic ability, and eventually learns how to properly help with research and investigations. Being new to it, she can be started by the spoopy easily. She's compassionate towards the clients and coworkers, but also easily annoyed by their antics too.

Monk (that's not his real name it's his profession but idk his actual name cause no one uses it) is a laid back guy who tries to help calm the mood. He's well informed about spirits, and is one of the older people of the group, sort of taking care of the others as a big brother figure.

Masako is a young medium who clearly crushes on Naru. She gets hurt or ill in almost every investigation and seems totally useless. Her way of helping is by sensing the aura of the room, where the spirit might be, and it's feelings. I clearly don't like her but don't let that stop you from apping her if you want.

John Brown is an australian priest. He's polite, nice, and is always trying to help where he can. He tends to assist by blessing items or water for protection. He is very empathetic towards others and the ailing spirits, making him a good middleman.

Last but not least is useless lady number two, Ayako. She's one of the older characters as well, and a shinto priestess (I think that's what she is? idk). She is hot tempered, often having snide remarks and occasionally even hitting Monk when he makes his own comments. Most of her conclusions are "it's an earth bound spirit." Her exorcisms also don't seem to work very often because her ritual requires a connection with a tree spirit or something like that.

How could I leave classic characters out? The original four are all in cartoons and video games. Unfortunately Holtzmann and the crew are only mentioned. But there are new playable characters in different video games, some of which are female! (and one looks like Holtzmann just saying) I don't think these guys really need explaining though.

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ginko tokoyami
 Posted: 20 Jul 2017, 08:15 PM


Bumping cause my Spirit Division guy is officially here!
Tadashi Hamada
 Posted: 10 Feb 2018, 04:09 PM


Bumping cause Ginko and Tadashi are the only ghost-y people and they're lonely!
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