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 party with the U.S.A, open to all the students!
Serena Tsukino
 Posted: 24 May 2017, 02:37 AM

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Serena's throwin' a party!
Moonlight Densetsu

Can I say sorry if I'm Not honest?

The way Durmstrang was set up totally sucked. Sets based on Academics, being away from all her friends either from School Separation or Sets was just plain mean. Oh sure she was fine with it on most days because it meant none of the teachers would judge her while sleeping in class or chowing down on as much food as she could manage. There were even others in the school (granted in a higher Set) who were fine with hanging out with her in the Great Hall or something like that. At least there were some students who didn't care. Completely unlike Matteo or Rini who loved rubbing it in her face that she was in a lower Set!

But today was the day when she got to rub something in their faces! Compared to the higher Sets there wasn't really anyone there. Sure there were some people hanging around but it meant that the Common Room was totally available for use! You see the blonde's plan was to throw an epic party that would make the Set 1s jealous. Not only were those she knew from Durmstrang invited, she'd extended the guests to Hogwarts and Beauxbatons as well! Actually what she'd done was just throw fliers around both campuses but it was essentially the same thing. Gosh she hoped that one of her friends would come along.

There were balloons and streamers hanging from the ceiling (along with a broken chair which had snapped while Serena had tried to hang up the decorations). She had heard that some of the students from Hogwarts enjoyed baking, so she'd convinced them to create a whole array of treats for anyone who might walk in the door. Cakes, Fudge and all kinds of goodies were sitting on a table waiting. In the far corner was also a Music Station should anyone want to come in and dance. Yessss this time she was ready! The Winter Dance had fallen flat for her but this party was gonna blow it off the map!

Now the only thing she could do was play the waiting game. The Common Room was completely set up but no one had arrived yet... the blonde was sitting in the middle of the room, almost staring at the door as she waited for someone to come in.

This is open to anyone from the different schools! Serena's basically decided that she wants to get as many people who either know her or don't into the Set 3 Common Room for a party because... well she wants something to rub in both Matteo and Rini's faces. I'm sorry for my child ^^||
alfred jones
 Posted: 28 May 2017, 04:48 PM

"I just need a little bit of magic!"
Alfred wasn't about to turn down an opportunity for a party, especially not one thrown by a friend of his that people from all schools could attend! He'd invited Bern to come along as his date of course, but it remained to be seen whether Bern would actually come or not. He didn't always come to events like this, not that Alfred could entirely blame him. He had a feeling that Bern needed to feel as though he had a good hold on what was happening around him in order to feel safe, and it was hard to do that at a party. That said, Alfred had every plan to look out for Bern if he did come.

In the meantime though, he greeted Serena with a huge grin as soon as he entered the Set 3 Common Room. "Yo Serena, how's it going? Love what you've done with the place. Is the broken chair part of the aesthetic too?" In retrospect it would seem like a silly question, especially as Serena accidentally broke the chair while decorating, but Alfred was curious nevertheless and in social situations like this often said the first thing that came to mind..even if he regretted it soon afterward. As Serena hadn't provided an answer yet, though, he didn't have a chance to regret it!

Then he noticed the food. Of course a party Serena was throwing wouldn't go light on the food, he knew that Serena loved food just as much as he did! "..I know where I'll be spending a lot of my time. Looks great! How long did this take?" He was talking too much. He often talked too much, especially when he was surrounded by multiple others. Part of it was that he felt a need to perform to some extent..the more people noticed him the more friends he could make, and the more friends he made the fewer awkward silences!

..but he wasn't going to let his thoughts even dare to go down that sort of path. The thought of an awkward silence made him squirm subconsciously. Instead he diverted his attention to of the few things always guaranteed to cheer him up (the other three things being space, Quidditch, and Bern). Hopefully the others would come soon, before Alfred and Serena ate the whole spread..
by UmbrellaRain from BTN and GS.
anna d'ancanto
 Posted: 22 Jul 2017, 09:43 PM


You've been watching
since the moment we walked in.
One of the Set Three girls was throwing a party in the common room. Anna knew Serena Tsukino, and while she was in set two, she wasn’t gonna ignore the chance to go to a party. So making sure to dress up to look nice, hair being made in perfect curls, she marched her way down to the Set three common room. She hoped the party didn’t get too started, because she definitely wanted to be involved.

The place looked great. Balloons and streamers were decorated on the ceiling, a broken chair in the corner that kind of actually fit the place well, fudge, cakes and all kind of other baked goods on a table. There was also a Music Station against one of the walls, and Anna was feeling ready to get this party started. It was only Serena and Alfred so far, but Anna grinned and lifted up a hand to wave. ”Hey Serena, hey Al! Leave it up to ya to head to the food first.” She joked with Alfred, noticing him staring at it, and grinning. ”The place looks nice, Serena. How long did it take ya?”

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