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 Ability/Other Being Information, Details on the abilities/beings avaiable
Sigyn !
 Posted: 15 Nov 2017, 08:07 PM

Abilities/Other Beings

  • Legilimency is the act of 'traversing the layers of one's mind'. It is not mind reading, it's much deeper than that, and involves actually navigating through a person's mind to get to the information one is looking for. It is usually very invasive, but those that have mastered the ability may be able to glean some information from their target without being detected.
  • The most advanced legilimens can look through someone's mind efficiently enough to read surface thoughts and feelings, but it's not the literal words they are thinking, just the feeling of what they're thinking about. They can also create dreams in their target, and the most skilled practitioner can briefly possess their target too though this is very painful for the target. A weak or learning legilimens will be able to detect simple things, like whether their target is lying. They can also delve into memories but this is a very invasive process that the target will be easily able to detect.
  • This is a very difficult and somewhat illegal ability that takes a long time to master. Very few practitioners ever master the art, and the Ministry carefully monitor those they know are learning as the ability represents a serious breach of privacy.


  • This is a learned skill that can broadly be thought of as 'closing one's mind'. It prevents a legilimens from accessing your mind in any way, and it can also help a person resist the effects of potions such as veritaserum.
  • In order to master this ability, one must have a very tight control of their emotions and their mental state. Someone very in touch with their emotions would really struggle with this skill, whereas someone who is skilled at shutting down their emotions would find the skill much easierto learn.
  • Advanced occlumency can be used to hide specific things in a way so subtle even a trained legilimens wouldn't know they were doing it. However most of the time, an occlumens presents only a 'blank slate' when probed.


  • Seers have the ability to predict the future in the form of prophecies. These are often vague statements that will come true at some point in the future, and they are stored in the Ministry within the Department of Mysteries whenever a new one is stated.
  • They are naturally talented at divination, which covers all the other areas usually associated with Seers, e.g. reading tea leaves and crystal balls. This does not mean they are always correct with their predictions from these methods, but it does mean they're more accurate than most.
  • Most Seers can't force their prophecies, they just come to them at random. And some don't remember saying them at all, they simply 'black out' for the duration.


  • Pretty simple, they can talk to serpents of any variety, and can understand what the serpent is saying back.
  • The language is called Parseltongue, and though one is born with the ability to speak it, it is possible to imitate it - though a snake is likely to judge you for your accent if you try.
  • Since most known Parselmouths can trace their heritage back to Salazar Slytherin, it has a reputation for being associated with dark wizards which brings with it a certain stigma of course.


  • These are humanoid creatures who take the shape of beautiful women. Their looks and their dancing is magically seductive to those who view it.
  • All full Veela are female, but a half-Veela (Veela mother, human father) can be born male or female. They are still known for their allure and their charm, though it's not quite as strong as their full Veela brethren of course.
  • When a full Veela is angered, they transform into a harpy-like form with sharp beaks and scaly wings. Half-Veelas do not have this ability, but are known for having violent tempers.


  • A squib is a non-magical person born to at least one magical parent (since the magic 'gene' is dominant) - so basically the inverse of a muggleborn. They cannot perform magic of any kind, but due to being brought up in the magical world (in most cases of course) they are more in tune to magical things. For example, they cannot see dementors but they can recognise their presence, where a muggle would just feel a shift in emotion.
  • Thanks to the integration, squibs can now take classes at all three of the schools - however they cannot take wand classes (e.g. charms, transfiguration), they can only take wandless classes (e.g. potions, history of magic).
  • Even now, squibs are seen as an 'embarrassment' to most wizarding families, though they are slowly growing more accepted over time.


  • This is a skill a witch or wizard can learn, which will allow them to transform into one specific animal. This animal often matches their patronus but not always, and will have some kind of connection to the person even if they don't know what that is. They have no control over the animal they become, and the age/injuries etc of the animal matches the age/injuries etc of the person. It cannot be a magical creature, for example a unicorn or a dragon.
  • It takes a lot of time and effort to master this skill, and it has been known to go horribly wrong for people. The process involves holding a mandrake leaf in one's mouth for a whole month, creating a potion, and chanting a spell every day. As such, it's very unlikely for anyone school age to master this ability but it is possible. Students at Uagadou however, are taught this skill before the age of fourteen.
  • All animagus forms have a distinct marking relating to the person themselves, and these are recorded on the Ministry register. It is a criminal offence not to be registered, but of course, some people do skirt that law and risk being sentenced to Azkaban.


  • These witches or wizards have the ability to change anything about their external physical appearance, from age to sex to hair style. They can make themselves look like any other person, or like someone entirely new. They can also do some small gimmicky things like turning their mouth into a beak, but nothing ore than that (i.e. they can perhaps make one animal part at a time but they cannot transform into an animal unless they are also an animagus).
  • This is not a skill one can learn: metamorphmagi are born and begin exhibiting their ability (a little uncontrollably at first) from very soon after their birth.
  • This ability is very strongly affected by the person's emotional state. The appearance of a metamorphmagi will often reflect their emotional state (for example, a sudden change in hair colour), and they will struggle to use their abilities at all when they are depressed or grieving or feeling some other strong negative emotion.


  • A werewolf is created when an existing werewolf in wolf form bites a human. From that point on, the person will transform into a humanoid wolf on a full moon, during which time they will not be in control of their actions, though they will remember all they've done when they change back.
  • By drinking Wolfsbane potion, a werewolf can retain their mind during their transformation. They will still turn, but they will still be thinking like a human for the whole duration. This is a difficult potion to brew, but the Ministry will provide it to registered werewolves as a way to encourage them to register. The transformation is a very painful process, even with Wolfsbane potion.
  • Werewolves are still very shunned by society, often viewed as dangerous even in their human form. As such, they find it hard to keep jobs and so on, so many would prefer to remain unregistered and hide their condition instead.
  • As lycanthropy is a disease one gets during their life, it is not hereditary and so is not passed to offspring.


with thanks to Data!

  • Ghosts are incorporeal, but can be seen as a transparent image by wizards although they cannot be seen by muggles.
  • Ghosts cannot be hit by physical objects, and can float through walls. They can also float through people, but it leaves the living feeling cold and clammy.
  • Ghosts typically stay at the same stage physically, mentally and emotionally as when they died. They typically choose to haunt one location, often where they died, but they aren’t bound to that location and can move around.
  • Ghosts can be affected by some magic, though it doesn’t always work correctly. For example, ghosts can’t die (obviously), but they can be petrified. They can no longer use their own magic anymore though.


with thanks to Kyros!

  • A vampire’s bite is lethal and incurable, and humans die as a result of being bitten and drained of blood completely. If only bitten, the human will return to life as a bitten vampire through a process called ‘reanimation’. If the human was a witch or wizard before being bitten, they are still able to perform magic but to a lesser degree. Talent-based skills do not change; wand-based magic abilities are halved.
  • Bitten vampires live upwards of 2000 years or more. Dhampirs live upwards of around 1500 years.
  • Bitten vampires are only able to successfully reproduce two or three times in their entire lives. Female bitten vampires have a gestational period of fourteen months. Female humans carrying vampire offspring have a gestational period of nine months. A bitten vampire mating with a human creates a dhampir. The mating of two bitten vampires creates the equivalent of a bitten vampire.
  • Vampires drink blood, but due to the taboo that surrounds drinking human blood, law-abiding vampires feed on animal blood. Dhampir require both food and blood to survive.
  • Vampires and dhampirs have aversions to garlic and holy water, and a fear of fire. If vampires stay out in the sun too long, the burns will kill them. If it is overcast, vampires can move around in the daytime by taking appropriate precautions. Dhampirs are able to move around in the daytime, but not for long periods of time

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