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 The Cabins - Edward & Oswald
edward nygma
 Posted: 3 May 2018, 08:37 PM

Edward Nygma - Yesterday at 19:22

Whose stupid idea was this anyway? Actually, why was he asking that, he knew whose fault it was, it was Oswald's, Oswald's stupid idea, stupid Oswald and his stupid idea... It turns out, much like a sun scorched mobile phone or an overheated laptop, Edward's mind did not function quite so well at high temperatures. It had really only take him minutes to decide he did not like this holiday and did not want to be here. So he'd abandoned Oswald at some point and returned to the cabin that at least had the decency to have air conditioning. He'd only been in swimming trunks anyway after an aborted trip to the beach, so had spread himself flat out across the bed and not moved from that spot for several hours now. Stupid Oswald's stupid holiday idea...

Oswald Cobblepot - Yesterday at 19:38
Oswald had not exactly planned on staying out long; unlike his partner, he preferred to cover up more than a pair of swimming trunks (or a speedo, if Oswald had not stopped him). The two of them had to have left the cabin at different times, then, because Oswald had not caught him on the way out, nor while he was out. He did, however, find one of his lover's little riddles. There were times Oswald was not in the mood for them. Usually a combination of sand everywhere , the freckles starting to dot his shoulders, and the expectation to be half-dressed would leave Oswald less than eager to solve them.

But it was cute, they were on vacation, and this was a unique-to-Edward gesture. So he solved it, he found his way to Edward's spot, through the sweat and the sun, only to find his partner not there. Nor was there another riddle in place - he had double and triple checked. He made his way back to the cabin, sighing loudly as he finally found relief from the sun. It didn't take him long to collapse on the bed, directly on top of his partner.

"There you are, I was looking everywhere for you!"

Edward Nygma - Yesterday at 19:44
At the sound of the door opening, Ed only managed to let out a vague sort of whine in response to the rush of heat that was let in with it, otherwise not bothering to react at all. He had entirely forgotten about the treasure hunt he had begun for Oswald back in the earlier hours of the morning when the sun hadn't been a humungous death ray in the sky . He'd intended to gradually lead him up to a romantic spot on one of the lower cliffs where they could watch the waves lapping against the rock but by Merlin that would have taken far too much effort and he was climbing nowhere in this weather. Of course, he hadn't actually removed the riddle he'd left on the beach when he'd first ventured out there which of course Oswald would have seen by now so...

He let out a loud yelp as the other man suddenly dropped on top of him, pressing against a red mark Ed had not quite realised was a sun burn already and causing Ed to bounce upright in an effort to shove him away as quickly as possible. "Well look elsewhere you moron that hurt !" ... Okay, that was cruel, fix that. "I've been here all day, you clearly didn't look very hard." That... that wasn't fixing it...

Oswald Cobblepot - Yesterday at 19:53
Oswald didn't have time to settle with Edward, to rest his head on his partner's chest, because he was already trying to move. The motion did little more than have Oswald half-sitting up against Ed, not minding the sting and heat on his own skin now that he had found him. He would have been content like that, but Edward has his own protests.
"Oh..." He unstuck himself from his partner, shifting to sit next to him instead as he looked over the marks he'd left on his skin.

"I am sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you, Eddie."

He twitched for a moment to take off his own shirt, now in the comfort of their temporary home, but decided against it.
"I had found your riddle, I went looking for you, but you weren't there. You weren't hiding in here, were you? If you needed some alone time, you could have told me."(edited)

Edward Nygma - Yesterday at 19:57
At any other time Ed would have been thrilled to have Oswald so close to him, but skin that was sensitive at the best of times was currently screaming when a fleck of dust landed on it, so it had been impossible to resist the impulsive action to leap away from the contact this time. He did feel a little guilty for it though, especially as Oswald moved beside him with his sad little murmur. But he was far too concerned about his own state to care about apologising right now.

"Oh," he replied in something like surprise as he was reminded of the game he had abandoned. "Well I hadn't finished it yet, you shouldn't have found it yet... It's your fault for cheating."

Oswald Cobblepot - Yesterday at 20:00
"Cheating?" He questioned, trying to calm the flare he had in response to such a big accusation from his partner. Of course, it came up often when the two of them would play games together, but this was a much different situation. "Because I was so looking forward to seeing you, Edward? You had been gone all day, I had no way of knowing you hadn't finished your riddles."

Edward Nygma - Yesterday at 20:04
For something Edward took so seriously when the term was aimed at him, Ed did tend to throw the word 'cheater' around a lot. It was a good catch all to cover 'something you have done wrong that I do not like' and fitted most situations if he tried hard enough. "Hmm, you do make a good point." He couldn't exactly stay angry at a compliment like that though. There were other things to stay mad about though. "It's still your fault though. You chose this stupid place. It's too hot. I can't do anything. Even my technomagic is malfunctioning." He lifted an arm to gesture vaguely towards the cabinet in the far side of the room that was currently making a strange humming noise, hiding bits of projects that Ed had certainly implied at least he would not be bringing with him on a holiday like this one...

Oswald Cobblepot - Yesterday at 20:11
Oswald sighed again, though it was not the sigh of relief he had entered with.
"Yes, I do, because your assumption was silly. Did you not think I would be able to figure it out or find it, Edward?"
He didn't exactly have to keep being hurt by what his partner had said, although maybe the heat had gotten to him as well.
"You are not supposed to be working on your technomagic... projects, Edward, you are taking a break, remember? No working. Vacation. I can't control the weather, though we could charm something?"
Oswald did not exactly understand what was so urgent about getting back to the gadgets anyway. There was plenty to do.
"Maybe a swim, Edward, to cool off?"

Edward Nygma - Yesterday at 20:18
"Nothing I do is silly!" The familiar squeak of indignation punctuated his statement, but his sudden need to defend himself did at least remind him that he was supposed to be apologising here. "No I had just intended to distract you until I was finished but... too hot." He reached a hand out, intending to pat Oswald on the shoulder as though that gesture had the same effect as the word 'sorry'. Which it might have done if he hadn't missed, considering his eyes were closed again after falling back flat on the bed a moment earlier, leaving him to pat air for a moment before dropping his hand.

"It's not work," he grumbled back, but knew already this was not one worth arguing (hence why he'd snuck the things with him rather than fought for permission to bring them). "Swimming would involve leaving this lovely air conditioned room and walking through the oven that is this island to only partially submerge and risk burning further. You can go take a cold bath if you want to splash around Eudyptula ~~."

Oswald Cobblepot - Yesterday at 20:34
Oswald didn't bother arguing the silly comment. He could let go of that one. Oswald had missed his partner's gesture, only catching the hand on the bed and reaching to take it, despite how his last attempt to hold Edward had gone.
"You should have left a second one. It is no matter now, though, I am happy I found you."

His tolerance quickly changed at the timing of the pseudonym that was usually accepted. Oswald was going to comment on it, not appreciating that specific comparison. He sighed a third time, "So you would rather just stay in here and be miserable?"

Edward Nygma - Yesterday at 20:41
Though he kept their fingers loose, and kept their palms apart, Ed didn't entirely remove his hand from Oswald's when it was taken gently by his partner. Not until his comment anyway, when on the declaration that he should have left a second riddle, it retracted quickly, a frown ghosting Ed's expression for a moment before he smoothed it out into something more neutral. Yes he probably should have done, should have continued, should have finished it, should should should . But regret and guilt for not completing what he'd started wouldn't help him now so no point doing anything but gulping down that flicker of emotion and pretending like Oswald hadn't said a thing.

"Basically yeah," he replied, his hands lifting to tuck behind his head now instead so they couldn't be unceremoniously grabbed without warning again. After all, he had been reasonably happy cooling down in here before he'd been interrupted

Oswald Cobblepot - Yesterday at 20:48
As Edward pulled away, Oswald's hand hovered to touch him again, because they were here to have fun, to relax. His hand fell, too, and he did nothing to disguise his glare at his partner's reply.
"Really? The whole island to explore, all of the options we have, and you would rather stay here in mope?"
Of course Oswald could have given in and stayed to mope with him. But this was his vacation, too, and he worked hard enough - whether Edward saw it or not - as it was.
"I can heal you."

Edward Nygma - Yesterday at 20:53
He paused for a moment, giving the situation a quick consideration before confirming, "Yes." After all, what was there to do, really? Or at least, what was there to do that wouldn't result in actually melting? "We can go out at night when it's cooler. Unless there's mosquitos. Then I'm not going." The offer to heal his burn was kind but Oswald seemed to be missing something here as well. "If you were to heal me now you would simply be giving me more motivation to stay inside where I am not in danger of replicating the damage that was caused by leaving. While I am already burned I could only make it worse - if I were healed, I would have a state of health to maintain."

Oswald Cobblepot - Yesterday at 21:34
"All this way, and all you want to do is stay here, Edward? You know, I did do this for you, too. I thought you would enjoy some time away."

Oswald was aware at how all of that sounded but he did want to get across just how annoyed he was with his partner's reaction.

"We can find something to do indoors. I am fine staying in here, really, but not if you are going to be grumpy the whole time."

He could find somewhere else to be and something else to do. Oswald didn't mind setting off on his own, but it hadn't exactly been the intention.

"We could sit with each other then, though. Or a cold bath, or shower, or something."(edited)

Edward Nygma - Yesterday at 21:59
"Distance is irrelevant... magic..." Full sentences were effort that he could not be bothered applying right now, but the gist of what he was meaning was clear. "I am enjoying lying here. See. Look. I am not working. I am resting. You should be pleased." One eyelid did open reluctantly though, finally registering the growing irritation in his partner's voice though not quite sure what to do about it. Or, perhaps, more accurately, what he was willing to do about it.

The other eye opened at the desperation in the final word as his eyebrows dipped into a frown. The easiest solution would be to agree to do... literally anything right now, but then that would involve moving, and he was fairly certain he was stuck to the bed again by now anyway. Perhaps a distraction? "Your cheeks are red too, you'll burn soon as well..." He paused squinting a little closer at the cheeks in question before adding "Actually that's going to be quite inconvenient..." though apparently mostly to himself.

Oswald Cobblepot - Yesterday at 22:26
""You are... not in your work environment, so it is different."
And Edward went on to explain just why he was right. Oswald didn't sigh this time, instead resisting to thread his fingers through his partner's hair.
"Exactly. But if we were home, where you could leave to work - in the house or outside of it - you wouldn't be resting. I am pleased with that."
He felt some comfort when Edward noticed his burn, too. "I can heal myself, Eddie, don't worry." The little gesture was almost sweet enough that Oswald didn't notice his additional comment, "Wait, what, inconvenient?"
He reached for his wand as he repeated the word back at his partner, using one of the first healing spells he learned to clear away some of his own burn. That way, Edward could make up his mind.

Edward Nygma - Yesterday at 22:33
"You complain a lot for someone who's pleased," he mumbled back, somewhat reluctant to make this bickering into an actual fight but equally not willing to drop this without having the last word.

His own wand was well out of reach, so Oswald had healed himself before Ed could even get to it (a side effect of too long as a muggle and a hands-on perfectionist nature meant it was often not on him like it should be). "Well I can't tell if you're blushing when your cheeks are already red," he replied with a somewhat cheeky grin. "That's usually how I know I've done something right." After all, a compliment being met with a blush usually meant Ed was about to get his own way - he didn't want to lose that clear sign that he was winning behind a sunburn and be forced to guess how Oswald was reacting.

Oswald Cobblepot - Yesterday at 23:04
Oswald resisted replying to Edward's latest retort and held back the pout that so badly wanted to form. He was pleased that he had though, because Edward's next comment would have made him regret it. Fortunately, OSwald did not find the heat returning to his healed cheeks - Ed would have been too pleased to see that.
"I didn't realize that you paid any attention to that."
He turned to heal Edward, then, although he hadn't received any confirmation that he wanted it.
"Alright are you feeling any better? Have you had anything to drink - you don't need to get up, I can get it for you -, can I lay closer to you now?"

Edward Nygma - Today at 20:17
"Of course I do," he replied with another smile, reaching to trace a finger along Oswald's cheekbone and actually not missing this time. "This is my little scoreboard you see. Every time you light up, I know I'm winning." There was a decent chance he would get in trouble for saying that, but then there was also the possibility Oz would find it cute enough to forgive - it was always a bit of a risk to be honest.
He didn't stop the healing spell, somewhat assuming his partner would have got to that at some point anyway, and instead let out an exasperated sigh as he played up to the other man suddenly offering to do things for him. "A little perhaps but yes a drink would be lovely. And then I suppose I could let you lie with me at least."

Oswald Cobblepot - Today at 20:53
The little gesture left Oswald with goosebumps, and he responded as Edward had hoped to see.
"I did not realize there was something to win here, Eddie." He teased, though he wasn't certain Edward would catch the tone of it. It didn't' matter though, he could drop it if Edward decided it was a challenge. He held back a chuckle at his partner's sigh, getting up to get the drink as soon as he had confirmation.
"Is there anything else you would like before I sit down?"(edited)

Edward Nygma - Today at 20:59
He grinned wide at the reaction he got, fuelled slightly too much so by it so that his next words were even less thought through. "Of course there is, but it's okay because I am the master at this game. You're not too bad but I think it's very clear to see who's on top here."
His eyes closed again as Oswald moved away to get the drink, considering moving over on the bed so there was more space for his partner to join him - but no, he was comfy here, Oz could squeeze in. One eyelid did lazily open again at the question though. "I would like ice in the drink. And a straw. And an umbrella. And then you can just hold it for me while I drink it too if you really want to make me feel better." His requests had started off quite serious, and it was honestly quite hard to tell where the teasing started in that, if in fact it ever did...

Oswald Cobblepot - Today at 21:02
"Careful, Edward, I am not sure if you want to make that one a challenge."
He was teasing, still, and any competition of that sort would be in good humor. Or, he hoped it would be, but knowing them it could easily dissolve into another little argument. He made do as he could with Edward's little requests, returning to him and sitting on the edge of the bed.
"I will not be able to hold you or give you a back rub if one hand is busy holding your drink. Are you sure about that?"

Edward Nygma - Today at 21:10
His curiosity was certainly engaged by the pseudo-warning he received, and he found himself watching Oswald for a moment before replying "Oh I don't know, I might." The only thing holding him back from following that idea through was that his partner hadn't yet countered the suggestion that Ed was winning at their relationship. And he intended to keep that for as long as possible.
He paused at the question, clearly giving it some serious thought, before eventually sitting up with far more energy than he had been implying he had, and reaching for his wand. With a quick flick, the drink left his partner's hand to hover just beside them, as Ed settled back down again with his back to Oswald. "There, problem solved. So, about that back rub..."

Oswald Cobblepot - Today at 21:38
He didn't hold back his chuckle at his partner's reply.
"How would we even sort this one out, who can make who happier?"
Honestly it wasn't an awful idea. Oswald had no problem making sure Edward was more than pleased. And he hoped that the reverse was true as well. He laughed again as Edward accepted his other offer, moving closer to him and placing a gentle kiss on his shoulder before he went on to give his partner a backrub.
"So tense, Eddie... we are on vacation."

Edward Nygma - Today at 21:49
"That does sound like a wager I wouldn't actually mind losing..." Well, he could say that now of course, but... he was over-competitive at the best of times, so chances were he'd still want to win this little challenge even so.
He let out an appreciative hum as soon as hands were on his shoulders, his skin not quite burned there but still radiating heat nonetheless. "I've never been very good at vacations," he replied as his eyes slipped closed again and he had to fight to keep himself upright and not just fall into the arms that were currently working out the knots he'd been carrying. "I think I could learn to like them though."

Oswald Cobblepot - Today at 21:58
Oz was finally starting to feel like he was on vacation. It was nice, being in the cabin with his love, sitting close to him (now that they were both healed), with his own work far away, as well.
"So does this mean you will not complain if I win that one?"
Perhaps that was going to ruin their little mood but Oswald took the risk anyway. Besides, Edward seemed happy enough with his back rub so surely they wouldn't argue over something like that.
"I plan to help you with that. Let me know if I can make any of it better for you."

Edward Nygma - Today at 22:05
His brow creased into the slightest of frowns as he opened his mouth to claim he did not 'complain', but he knew immediately he wouldn't have gotten away with that one. "I am simply saying we should try, and we'll find out, won't we?" Wasn't that sort of how their day to day life went anyway? Vaguely competitive shows of love and affection? Or maybe it was only Ed who kept score of who did the last 'romantic thing' when.
"Good, teach me," he said through a soft sigh. "Just... when it's cooler, that's all. Besides, I don't want the sun to bleach my hair too much or it'll go... it'll not look as good." Because actually, Oswald didn't need to know too long in the sun would bring out the ginger in his hair...

Oswald Cobblepot - Yesterday at 16:41
"I am sure you will not be disappointed either way."
Oswald felt the same - he would be happy to let his partner win this one. Although he wasn't sure whether there would be lingering guilt or not for not doing more for Edward than Edward did for him.
"Of course Eddie. I am sure your hair looks lovely bleached."
And he hadn't yet mentioned the freckles that peaked through the collar of his shirt, so Oswald didn't want to direct his attention there. And it wasn't like Oswald was going to be quite as undressed as his partner so he could handle going some time before Edward noticed.
"Should I assume you are not going to finish the riddles you had left, then?

Edward Nygma - Yesterday at 16:45
He grumbled something inaudible under his breath as Oswald tried to assure him he would still look lovely - sure he thought that now but considering his penchant for green things, Ed was extremely unwilling to go through any more ‘reverse carrot’ analogies than he already had.
There was a long pause at the question though, as his need to finish things he’d started fought against his desire to never ever leave this room again... maybe he could levitate the riddles into position from here and then Oswald could just enjoy the view alone... ”I’ll finish them,” he replied with a sigh, knowing he’d cave to that eventually anyway. ”I’ll just have to get up early or something...”

Oswald Cobblepot - Today at 19:41
He folded his hands in his lap, considering himself done. Oswald settled down next to Edward, cuddling closer to him.
"You don't have to finish them, Edward. I can pretend they were never there. I would rather be with you than track you down with your riddles."

Edward Nygma - Today at 21:17
A small whine escaped Ed's mouth as the hands were dropped, interrupting the purring he'd devolved into when his noises of appreciation had dimmed to a low buzz. But rather than using his words to request his partner continue, he simply leaned back into the other man instead, so that as Oswald moved to cuddle beside him he was already sunk down half into his arms. "No but I... want to..." His words were interrupted by a stifled yawn, though considering how quickly he was sinking into the other man's arms, it really didn't seem worth trying to hide it. After all, they'd already established ti was too hot to do anything right now. There was no harm in just having a short nap while they waited for the weather to cool down a little
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