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29 Jun 2018, 06:51 PM
Hi gang!

I have an event coming up in Ed's timeline that I am hoping I can get lots of people involved with to make it into a big scandal! I'll summarise what's going to happen but please do ask me lots of questions too, and then I'll try and tag as many people as possible with ways they can get involved. If you're tagged you don't have to take part, and if you're not you're still totally welcome to, these are just the first connections that came to mind. Mostly I can't think of a way most of the school kids and teachers could get involved because Ed has very little connection with the schools, but they would definitely still be up on the gossip!

p.s. this is something anyone can do with any of their own plots too of course! Bomb thrives off member driven plots, and we encourage you to do something that everyone can get involved with - all I ask is that you make it accessible to everyone by making the plotting public like this, and that if it's something particularly big you just check it by me first so I can confirm it doesn't interfere with future site plots!

After being fired from his job at the Ministry at the end of May, Ed's relationship with Oswald has been incredibly rocky, covering everything from break-ups to make-ups to physical abuse. In the past few weeks he's been told not to leave the house without Oswald's express permission, but even so, Oz suspects him of telling someone in the Ministry about his biggest secret: the fact Oswald killed Ed's parents. After a very bad fight, Ed tries to prove his loyalty to Oswald by saying he would die for him, and is asked to prove it. After cutting open his arm as proof though, Oswald walks out and leaves him there, leaving Ed to pass out from the blood loss. When he finally wakes up again, barely surviving and yet still no sign of Oz, he finally realises he needs to get out of this situation. After leaving a note in the middle of the pool of his blood, he leaves the house and disappears indefinitely...

This happens in the thread It Ends Tonight but basically the main point is Ed is going to go missing, and all the evidence points to him being dead. Even Oz doesn't have evidence he survived, just a note and no body, but he could easily have dragged himself off somewhere else to die. As Chief of Staff and a well-known murderer from his own previous scandal, Ed going missing would be well-reported news, especially coupled with the fact that all evidence points to Oswald killing him. There's no body but a huge blood stain, people knew they were fighting, and Oz is acting suspicious in general. So whether you care about Ed, would just be interested in the gossip, work in the Ministry and are trying to ignore what's happening, or are interested in investigating the murder case itself, there should be a lot of things to do here!

evangeline riot bruce wayne katelyn tanner klarion bleak clementine hutchinson
You were likely at school when it happened, but this potential murder went on in your very home, and whether you liked Ed or not, you can't help but notice he's now very much missing from your little family. Maybe you even find specks of blood that weren't cleaned away properly. Do you believe Oz could kill him? You've seen them fighting before is it really so hard to believe? What's the atmosphere like in the house now? Do you still trust Oz, or do you want to get out of there as soon as you can?

rapunzel gothel harleen quinzel Jonathan Crane morticia addams jim hawkins-wrynn gamora stone
Your friend is missing! Possibly killed by the boyfriend he's been acting very strangely around recently! He's probably barely talked to you in the last month or so too since he's been more and more restricted in what he can do. And when you did get to talk to him he'll have been far more conflicted than normal, far quieter, more subdued, and generally not himself. Whether he shared the details of his troubles with you or not, it's clear to see something was up, and now all of a sudden he's gone missing? Do you think he saw what was coming? Or do you not believe he's really dead?

judith harris clark kent Jameson Locke Nicholas Wilde meg morado l lawliet
There is a murder mystery to solve! Is Ed even dead? If not, where is he? Did the Minister kill him? Was he framed (Ed has a reputation for that after all)? There are many questions to answer, and even if you're not directly working on the case, you might have some thoughts or some input on it!

oswald cobblepot Burke Riegel apollo justice mavis vermillion Archie Aogiri Olympia Vale Adrian Faign vanesa morado
It's impossible to ignore that Ed is now missing, and even if you hated him and think he deserves what ever fate he's got, the atmosphere at work is going to be very different now. If you were unfortunate enough to work close to him then very obviously so, but even if you just work in the Ministry in general you'll notice his absence by all the gossip and the rumours being spread about both him and the Minister of Magic himself. Dannie can talk more about that side of things of course but I know Oz is going to lash out at work and make some very rash decisions so you could all potentially feel the impact - and feel free to check with Dannie or myself if you want to decide some specific details!

Takumi Sumeragi brayden maddox loki laufeyson Sterling Archer talia al ghul Giana Zatara Anastasiya Romanova james barnes astrid hofferson
You all knew Ed, not necessarily for good reasons, so I'm sure you'll have your own opinion on what he deserves and what you think happened. Giana was one of the last people to see him 'alive' since she visited while he was basically on house arrest, Talia might be working with him sooner rather than later while he's still in hiding, and both Sterling and Loki saw him when he'd been kicked out of the house so might have their suspicions about Oz already. Takumi and Brayden have good reasons to hate him so this should at least factor into their thoughts, and then Anastasia is going to bump into hi while he's missing and be sloppily obliviated which opens up some opportunities. Then there's also the wider sphere of things so for instance, Bucky acting as emotional support for Jim while he thinks he's lost a close friend, and random things like Ed polyjuicing as someone to find out the gossip about his death and bumping into Astrid who couldn't care less about it. So there's a lot of options even outside the above if anyone wants to brainstorm with me.

Alright so I think that's everything! Post below with ideas, reactions, thoughts, whatever, feel free to DM me if you want to plot something out in detail or just want more information, and feel free to incorporate references to this into future posts etc. if you'd like to because it is in action from now!
13 Jun 2018, 08:30 PM
[dohtml]<center><img src="">
<div style="width: 350px; text-align: justify; font-size: 12px; color: #000000;">

I think it is <i>crazy</i> unfair that they BANNED me from the stupid nightclub just because I pulled off an amazing impression of the owner and went around telling everyone the drinks were on the house. Yeah, I know because I'm a metamorhmagus that my impressions are sometimes TOO good but what, can the guy not take a joke? I know he's got a bit of a reputation but maybe if he did what I did he'd lighten up a little since people <i>LOVED</i> me for it!
Anyway I got rushed out of here by security so fast last night I managed to leave my phone behind and obviously I need that for all the selfies on it (did you know I met that singer dude, what's his name, the one with the face, that guy, i have a selfie with him on that phone). Lucky me though I remembered what one of the bartenders last night looked like so I just made myself into him and <i>boom</i> straight through the front door. He had a pretty ugly mug though so I'm back to me now while I <i>peruuuuuuuuuuse</i> for my possession. Lucky it's empty in here to be honest so I can take my time searching because there may have been a few drinkies last night and I don't <i>entirely</i> remember when I lost it so i-
Oh shit it's not empty.
Err panic okay, what do, erm, quick, up against the wall and errr, if I just shift my skin to be the same colour as the wallpaper then they won't be able to see me right? Works all the time in those muggle cartoons. It's only one guy anyway so maybe he'll just walk straight through and not notice me and then I can get my skates on and find my phone and skedaddle before he comes back and...
Wait, is that the boss guy? Great, maybe I can apologise and get unbanned in the process too! But err... what's he <i>doing</i>?

oswald cobblepot

<img src=""></center>[/dohtml]
31 May 2018, 04:46 PM
[dohtml]<center><img src="" width="250px">
<div style="width: 400px; text-align:justify; font-size: 11px; color: #000000;">

Ed had always hated being bored. As a child being ignored by busy and uninterested parents, or in school having to go over and over obvious information because some other kid hadn’t quite got it yet, he’d always detested the feeling that came with <i>knowing</i> he could be doing something better with his time. It had gotten him in trouble too many times to count, when the way he chose to engage his brain had a detrimental affect on those around him, and he’d faced enough repercussions for disturbing parents and classmates that you might think he’d have learned his lesson by now. But a slap or a detention was usually worth it to be able to break free of whatever monotony he had been trapped in.
So it was… strange to find himself in a position where said boredom was practically self-inflicted. Or at least, Ed wasn’t too keen to try and break himself out of it, because this time the consequences of doing so really would matter. Despite having quickly run out of things to do in the admittedly large but still limited house, Ed had no plans to try and branch out his activities out of fear that it might upset Oswald. The man certainly hadn’t told him he <i>had</I> to stay in here, but he had wanted to know in great detail wherever Edward was planning to go, and in particular who he was planning to see, which meant it took a significant amount of effort to actually get permission to do anything. And then if Oswald wasn’t completely pleased with his suggestion…
He would just stay here then; it was simpler. And besides, the oppressive nature of his new predicament wasn’t exactly new to him. His childhood had involved staying indoors by command, and he had of course experienced actual prison once already. Even outside of that, Oswald wasn’t actually holding him in a much tighter grip than he had <i>before</i> their short-term breakup, so it really didn’t take too much adjusting to. He did still <i>hate</i> being bored though.
It meant he jumped at any opportunity to do quite literally anything other than wandering the empty house actually. So whenever the doorbell rang he would rush to answer it, and try and get whoever it was to stay and talk with him for as long as was physically possible. Of course all he <i>needed</i> in his life was Oswald, he’d told the man that repeatedly, but it really was nice to experience just a little bit more social interaction than just his boyfriend could provide. Not that he <i>needed</i> it though, that was the important thing… he could stop that too if he was asked to, if Oswald needed him to…
The postman was the usual victim of Ed’s intense craving for human contact, but he’d managed to slip away too quickly this morning for Ed to catch him. Which meant when the doorbell did indeed ring again, Ed was even more eager than usual to answer it before the person could get away. He had been flicking through an old book he had already read cover to cover at least twice when the noise caught his attention, and he practically jumped from his chair towards the door so that he was pulling it open within thirty seconds of the first ring, despite starting from a room on the other side of the house. He didn’t recognise the woman on the other side of it though, but that really didn’t matter by this point. <span style="color:#0F6F4A"><b>“Hello?”</b></span> he offered, never quite sure what one was supposed to say when opening the door to a stranger. He was tempted to tag on ‘Oswald Cobblepot’s residence’ to his greeting but that felt… a little too formal of an opening considering this was technically his home too.

<span style="color:#0F6F4A"><b> </b></span>


<div style="width: 400px; text-align: right; font-size: 10px; color: #0F6F4A;"><b>Giana Zatara / 638</b><br>
hope this works, let me know if I need to change anything!</div></center>[/dohtml]
29 May 2018, 04:07 PM
(continuing on from a scene at The Bar with Takumi Sumeragi, Jim Hawkins and Morticia Addams that was too long to post here)

Edward Nygma - Yesterday at 19:44
-"Oswaaaaaaaald." Ed's arms were wrapped loosely round his partner's neck from behind, so that most of his momentum was coming from the other man dragging him forwards, as Ed's own feet moved sluggishly forwards. "We've been walking for aaaaaages. I don't think this is the way. And you said we were going to have sex but clearly that was a lie because we are not home yet so this was all a ruse and that is unfair and now you're lost or else you're taking me somewhere boring and-" Edward's whining went on almost indefinitely into Oswald's ear as he continued to stumble along behind him, offering absolutely no help to directing him and instead choosing to put all his energy into complaining.

Oswald Cobblepot - Yesterday at 20:08
Oswald gently patted the arm around him as Edward whined his name. This wasn't exactly how he had planned on spending the rest of the evening, either, but a few wrong turns had them buried deep in the jungle. While Oswald didn't have the same mannerisms as his partner, he was still just as inebriated, stumbling every few steps - and Edward would likely come falling with him if he didn't catch himself.
"I wasn't lying to you, Eddie, we will." They just had to find their way home first. "Well then, which way do you think we should go?" There was only a tad bit of a bite to his tone because he hadn't heard Edward correct any of his turns so far.

Edward Nygma - Yesterday at 20:13
"I think we should go back to the cabin," he replied helpfully, tightening his arms against the man's shoulders and wondering for a minute if Oswald was strong enough to carry him. Ed was taller yes, but he didn't weigh too much so perhaps...
Were he not a little preoccupied in his own thoughts, and distracted by the alcohol still clouding his vision, Ed would likely have had a lot of trivia to share about the surroundings they were passing, and in fact he had dropped in the odd comment as they'd walked. But then 'that flower is blue' was not really the sort of interesting titbit he usually managed to come out with. Perhaps during the day this sort of trip could have been almost enjoyable for them, but the humidity was rising as they walked deeper in, even if the temperature remained cool with the night. "You probably could carry me and then I could nap and then I'd be ready for when we got back and then the fact that you got us lost wouldn't be such a bother."

Oswald Cobblepot - Yesterday at 20:19
"I mean which way do you think we should take back to the cabin, if it isn't this way?" He reiterated his question, just in case Edward actually had any idea. He wanted to be back, too, his feet hurt and he had been looking forward to curling up with his partner.
"I probably can't carry you. We could...always settle down here? We are not lost I am only... too drunk to navigate."

Edward Nygma - Yesterday at 20:23
That question made more sense actually. "Oh, then that way," he replied, sticking his arm out to the left because he had a good feeling about that direction. It was entirely possible said feeling came from an internal compass or a memory of something he'd seen that meant his gut was right in telling them to go that way. But it was equally likely he had made it up from nothing.
"You just give up so easily..." he murmured under his breath as Oswald countered his suggestion. "If you cannot navigate and don't know where we currently are then by definition we are lost. But why do you want to settled down here? ... Do y-... I'm not doing it in the jungle Oswald."

Oswald Cobblepot - Yesterday at 20:29
Since Edward had actually given a suggestion, Oswald went as he had said. But as he kept walking the jungle all looked the same. Oswald caught Edward's murmur and gave him a quick glare. "I am not giving up, it would only be a break."

Or at least, if they sobered up enough they could apparate back to the cabin. He was about to argue that he was not lost but Oswald caught his partner's assumption and felt his face flush. "That's not what I meant! I am not, I would never, not in the jungle,. I meant sitting down, maybe cuddling, enjoying the view. That was all."

He carefully unwound Edward's arms and ducked under them so he wouldn't have to worry about making sure neither of them tripped. "There we go. Why don't you lead the way, Edward?

Edward Nygma - Yesterday at 20:32
"What view? It's just trees. You can see trees anywhere," he huffed, practically walking into Oswald as he stopped to untangle them, and continuing to make vague noises of complaint as his arms were removed from his partner's shoulders. "Because I don't want to," he replied, taking Oswald's answer to be a genuine one. "You got us into this mess, you should get us out of it. I am, as always. faultless."

Oswald Cobblepot - Yesterday at 20:42
Oswald was relieved to see that his partner hadn't fallen over when he pried them apart. He would not have heard the end of that.
"They are different trees." He corrected, although Oswald did not care much for the humidity or the bugs that accompanied them. He rolled his eyes at his boyfriend's comment.
"I am trying to get us out of it Edward. You don't recognize anything we have passed by?"
Oz finally sighed himself, reaching back for his partner's hand. "Alright, so we are lost. What do you think we should do now?"

Edward Nygma - Yesterday at 20:46
His eyebrows raised at the retort, clearly not deeming it good enough. "I will buy you a book of tree pictures. They are not a worthy view." He scoffed at the follow on question too. "On the contrary, I recognise every piece of flora and fauna we have passed so far," he replied defensively, though of course that was due to an academic knowledge of the local plantlife, not because he knew where they were. Technicalities though, and Ed wasn't going to bother trying to decipher which of several meanings Oswald had intended for each of his silly little questions.
"I think we should go back to the cabin," he replied again, making the same mistake as earlier while he rubbed his tired eyes with one hand and reached to take his partner's with the other.

Oswald Cobblepot - Yesterday at 21:04
"Would it impress you more if they were made of metal?" He replied dryly. "Yes Edward, I meant if any of them are the same as the ones we passed on the way to the bar. Maybe we should just head back there."
He really did not want to deal with more people now, or have any more to drink. In fact, the drinks were just starting to get to him, a reminder that he wasn't as young as he used to be.
"I KNOW we should go back to the cabin. I just am not sure how to get back to the cabin."
Oswald was starting to get impatient with his partner, but the hand that met his had it quickly dissipate. He turned to Edward, "I did not think you would be so against the jungle."

Edward Nygma - Yesterday at 21:11
His head cocked to the left a little at the odd question. "Well probably, since that would be very out of the ordinary and so certainly worthy of note at least. And yes there's only about two or three variants of species here Oswald so of course they're the same as the ones we passed. The smaller plants have much more variation of course but trees I think only three, yes..." He had turned away to look at the nearest one to confirm his hypothesis, only turning back with a few confused blinks when his partner raised his voice in frustration.
"I'm not against the jungle itself," he replied, "I am against some of the things in the jungle though. Insects and snakes and frogs and all sorts of other venomous and poisonous things, not including the plants themselves of course though they're far less likely to jump out and attack you at least. And they are all... much harder to tell apart in the dark. And when there's two of everything... Besides, when the alternative is wrapped up with you in a warm bed then yes I am against the idea of anything else."

Oswald Cobblepot - Yesterday at 21:49
Sure enough, Edward had answered his other question too. More specifically than any of the questions that could have gotten them out of the jungle. "...Right. So you have no idea where we are, either?"
Oswald wanted to confirm before Edward continued to place the weight of this on him.
"That... is understandable. I can protect you, Eddie, you don't have anything to be scared of."
Oswald didn't admit that he was a little frightened, too, but he did give his partner's hand a tighter squeeze. "We will be out of here in no time, I hope."

Edward Nygma - Yesterday at 21:54
"We're in the jungle Oswald; come on, keep up," he replied with a roll of his eyes, tutting loudly at his partner's apparent oversight of that obvious information. But then his own ramblings had been misinterpreted and he was quick to jump on that before Oswald could get the wrong impression. "I'm not scared sweetheart, I am just wary . I can identify anything the jungle could hold, so there is clearly nothing to fear but it is necessary to be cautious nonetheless. If we don't see what does the damage, we can't know how to reverse it." He did squeeze the hand back anyway though, that comfort appreciated regardless of the motive behind it. "You know, you aren't currently filling me with confidence. And all this walking in circles is making me dizzy." Yes that was definitely the walking and not the alcohol, couldn't possibly have anything to do with that...

Oswald Cobblepot - Today at 14:00
Oswald held his tongue, trying to resist the urge to snap at his partner again. They were both justoverwhelmed. Even if Edward was talking bold, Oswald knew better than to take his words at face value.

"If you are so certain then you can protect me from whatever we come across."

He did glare at his partner again. "You aren't exactly being helpful either. You picked the last turn, remember?"

Edward Nygma - Today at 16:00
"Well of course, I planned to do that anyway," he replied with a smug smile at the fact Oswald had basically just admitted Ed knew more than him. Even in that slightly roundabout way he was going to take it as a compliment. "Just don't touch anything, or let anything touch you, and you've got nothing to worry about."
That didn't seem like it would be quite such an easy task though, as their path seemed to be leading them into a denser part of the jungle, leaves and branches brushing at their arms now as the trail grew thinner. He was just about to suggest they turn around and go a different way, when Oswald reminded him that Ed himself was responsible for choosing this direction. "First of all, not my fault, don't need to help you get us out of your problem. And second, I am being helpful, and this is still the right way. We're just not there yet." Technically if you walked far enough in any one direction the jungle would eventually end... so he wasn't technically wrong about this direction being a way out...

Oswald Cobblepot - Last Tuesday at 18:46
As much as Oswald wanted to drop Edward's hand and tell him he could find his own way out, he kept tugging the man along behind him. Besides, he couldn't leave Ed alone in the jungle. At least Oswald was aware of what he might have trouble with. "I won't have trouble with that. You may have to duck, though." He was only partially teasing, trying to change the tone as he started to dread how long they still had to travel.
"It is not my fault, we had to go through the jungle to get back Edward. I did not place it here, you know. If you are so sure of where we are going then - " His words were cut short as he felt something brush at his ankles, jumping at the sensation and tripping into his partner.
"Edward, did you feel that?"

Edward Nygma - Last Tuesday at 19:14
Ed's attention had wandered over to their surroundings again now that Oswald was guiding him by hand so he didn't need to look too closely where he was going. He did glance forwards again when Oswald suggested he duck, ready to complain about the other man's teasing when he did suddenly have to stoop under a low hanging branch. Alright so perhaps he had a point.
"You did walk us into it though, you were leading the way," he replied, though his rebuttal was only half-hearted, further distracted by the slight change in their environment because some warning bell in his head was trying to tell him something about this new thicker part of the jungle. He just couldn't decipher it yet.
So thoroughly distracted was he though, that when Oswald suddenly jumped backwards and knocked onto him, he lost his own balance in the process, tripping over his own foot to land chest down against the leafy floor, barely catching himself with hands before his chin collided with the ground too. Admittedly that was likely the fault of all the cocktails more than it was his partner's stumble but still, he was ready to snap at the man for not being careful anyway. That was, until he saw a pair of eyes glinting at him from a few feet ahead, forked tongue licking at the air between them. "... No.... but I think I see it..."

Oswald Cobblepot - Last Tuesday at 19:25
Oswald would have given his partner another reply but he caught him stumbling a few moments later. He made a delayed attempt to stop his fall, but it was already too late.
"Oh! Hold on, Edward," He reached for his partner's hand in an attempt to pull him upright, or at least away from where he had fallen. Oswald didn't see the eyes his partner had, simply focused on making sure he could dust his partner off before he had any complaints.

Edward Nygma - Last Tuesday at 19:34
"No no no, wait !" He had been at somewhat of a stalemate with the snake hiding in the shadows of the overhanging vines, stuck in a staring competition that neither of them seemed to want to break, and so long as he could maintain that, he was fairly sure he was safe. The snake would lunge given provocation, but right now, he had time to think of a plan so long as he just stayed still. But then when Oswald suddenly yanked on his arm, jerking him somewhat upright before he could shove the other man away, their truce was broken, and the thin creature struck.
He had just enough time to close his eyes (though his glasses would have provided an effective shield anyway), as the coiled wire sprung forwards, and a moment later felt a pang of sharp heat against his cheek as he was dragged from the floor. By the time his eyes opened again, the snake was gone, though whether it had simply lost its grip or had voluntarily decided one quick bite was punishment enough, Ed couldn't tell. In fact, he couldn't even see the bite himself, no matter how much he tried to swivel his gaze down towards it, and his hands latched on to Oswald once he was back on his feet. "Okay so are you happy now? I'm going to die."

Oswald Cobblepot - Last Tuesday at 19:40
Again, Oswald was late to catch what his partner was saying - and he was so set on making sure Edward was no longer sprawled across the jungle floor that he likely would not have waited anyway. He looked down in time to see the snake dart at his partner before it slinked away.

He was quick to accommodate Edward's hands on him this time, only reaching his own to trace the outline of the bite that was already swelling up. He reached for his wand but didn't take it out. "What?! What, no, you are not - I don't exactly know this type of healing magic, though...Edward, what do we do? Are you alright? Please be alright,"

Edward Nygma - Last Tuesday at 19:47
"No I am not alright there is venom sinking into my veins Oswald !" It was doing a particularly good job of sobering him up though - adrenaline in response to a fear for your life would do that. He slapped the hand away that went to trace the mark, though his own fingers lifted to do the same thing a moment later, as he bit his lip to try to hold back his panic. "Did you see what it looked like? It moved too fast, I don't think I saw it well enough." Not that that would actually help all that much - his knowledge of snakes in general was fairly surface-level, and his frightened mind was merging fact and fiction together in an attempt to regurgitate everything it had ever learned about snakes in general. Although their exact usefulness in potions was not the sort of data he needed right now...

Oswald Cobblepot - Last Tuesday at 19:55
"I know, I know, I am so sorry, Edward!" He pulled his hand away as Edward wanted him to, though it still hovered near Edward as he figured out what to do. "It... was small... shaped like an 's'..." he tried to think about what he had seen, but shook his head. "I do not know much else, it was too dark."

With that he did retrieve his wand, though, only to light the area they were in as he stared at the ground, hoping the snake would still be there. "I don't see it...what do we do? I won't let you die, Edward, please, Eddie - you can sit down for a moment, do not waste your energy?"

Edward Nygma - Last Tuesday at 20:28
He blinked incredulously at his partner's vague and entirely useless description. "... So a snake then..." He groaned in pre-emptive defeat, and tried to stir his own usually far more powerful brain into some form of action. The fact he wasn't dead already ruled out a few options, and then the location they were in narrowed ti down further of course. It was hard to be able to identify the bite when he couldn't see it of course...
Oswald was trying to help at least, though Ed's heart sank again when he was told the creature was long gone. He kept his mouth shut rather than admitting he didn't know what to do, and reluctantly leant back against a tree rather than sitting on the clearly very dangerous ground. "So, just to recap, we are entirely lost in a jungle who knows how far from other people, and I have been bitten by some unknown snake that was, and I quote 'shaped like an S'. At least the damn thing is hopefully drunk off its face now considering the blood it must have tasted..."
He looked back up at his jittery partner, fighting to maintain his own panic as sarcasm and irritation because that felt like a stronger portrayal than admitting he was scared. "... How does it look?" he asked wearily, as though half expecting a skull and crossbones to have manifested on his cheek in the meantime

Oswald Cobblepot - Last Tuesday at 21:30
Oswald knew better than to ask his partner how his reply felt - given Edward wasn't exactly providing useful answers earlier. It was easy to resist this time, though, because he was busy fussing over whether his partner was going to be okay or not.
"Yes, I know, I am sorry Edward."
He was happy to see Edward take some of his advice. "Yes, it appears that's what is happening. You do not happen to have some alcohol still on you, do you?" Oswald meant to disinfect the injury, a little trick that his mother had picked up somehow, and he assumed Edward would pick that up as well.
Oz couldn't hide his wince when he looked at the wound on his partner's face, but he tried to wave a hand in dismissal anyway.
"It is not terrible. Is there a plant I should find you? Do you need something?"

Edward Nygma - Last Tuesday at 21:46
The idea to disinfect the wound wasn't a bad one, even if Ed only just managed to catch himself from chastising Oswald about wanting to drink away his worries at a time like this - the revelation had come late but thankfully not late enough for Ed to embarrass himself. His eyebrows furrowed slightly at his partner's response to the sight of the wound, trying to work out exactly what it meant before he reacted to the expression himself. Presumably it was because the wound was bad but you know... maybe... it was more positive than that somehow...
His head dropped into his hand, thumb and forefinger rubbing at his eyebrows as he tried to think. "Some bites you're supposed to suck the venom out of but I imagine it's too late for that now. And without knowing what the snake is I don't know what the antivenom would be, so I don't know what you could find." Though his thoughts were certainly faster than they had been they were still painfully sluggish in comparison to his usual processing speeds. "I can't feel anything beside the bite yet though so maybe it wasn't even venomous... Or some snakes can fail to inject even..." The more he convinced himself he was fine, the calmer he would be, and the easier he'd be able to think.
"There are... cure-all types that could probably delay whatever the effects would be, I just need to think what would be growing in this environment..." Luckily Ed had memorised a whole host of random textbooks while he was at Beauxbatons, and had not skimped on the Herbology section. "There's a variant of that one that grows in these conditions... Look for wide leaves, almost circular, with thin white veins on them. They'll grow low to the ground near the base of trees, very cold to the touch. I'll just... sit here a second while you look..." He slid himself a little lower against the tree he was leaning on, the panic finally dissipating at least but quickly replacing itself with exhaustion.

Oswald Cobblepot - Last Wednesday at 12:10
His brow furrowed at Edward's first solution, confused at the notion. "I am sure I would have done it for you if it were not." He attempted to assure his partner, although Oswald was not entirely certain that was the case. It was right about then that he wished he had looked up some useful magic before he had taken Edward on the trip, but Oz never had plans to end up this deep in the jungle.
He sighed with relief when his partner couldn't feel anything. "Oh... Are you sure? I don't know Edward, I would rather be safe than sorry."
Oswald listened as carefully as he could manage while his partner explained what to find. He leaned to give Ed a peck on the other cheek, reaching to give his hand a squeeze again. "Whatever you need, Edward. I will be right back, hold on, okay? Look out for more snakes."

He wandered further down the path, letting his wand illuminate the path in front of him (and wondering why he hadn't thought about that earlier). He paused when he came across what looked like his partner described, and picked a handful. But then, there was something that looked similar too, so he took them just in case, ignoring what plants may have been near them.
Oswald returned as quickly as he could manage, and held out the leaves to Edward. "I am assuming it is one of these?"

Edward Nygma - Last Wednesday at 16:53
"...Not sure enough," he conceded a moment later, hesitant as always to admit that he didn't know something. He gave a half-hearted attempt at a smile as his partner leaned to kiss him, and sighed at his suggestion to look out for more snakes as he rushed off to find what he'd been sent for. It did at least give Edward a minute to think, though his head was starting to throb already - easily identifiably as a side effect of the cocktails and not the snake bite though at least... probably. He still didn't exactly trust himself to apparate, but there were other, less dangerous methods they could use to find their way back out again now that Ed was actually putting his mind to the task and not simply trailing after Oswald like a howling puppy.
He had retrieved his own wand by the time his partner returned, and was in the process of casting a locator charm, so that a thin golden string soon set off from his wand to swerve between trees and leave a trail for them to follow. "One of?" he queried as he turned back towards him, and frowned at the leaves in his hand. He took one, and slapped the other option out of Oswald's hand, with a grumpy, "I thought I told you not to touch anything," coming out of his mouth rather than a 'thank you for your effort'. He folded the leaf up and pressed it against the bite, feeling an icy chill spread across his cheek from where it had made contact. "We can follow this trail out, it leads back to some of my work in the cabin. See what we can achieve when I'm the one doing the thinking?" After all, Ed had learned the hard way that following a path to a large mechanical object was a better plan than trying to summon it towards you if you couldn't quite remember where it was...

Oswald Cobblepot - Last Wednesday at 17:16
"Yes, I wanted to make sure I had anything that might have been. I did not want to come back without what you needed."

And the admission that he wasn't certain was more than worth Edward being okay. He wasn't in a rush to pick up the ones his partner hadn't wanted, as much as he wanted to figure out what the rest of them had been. Oswald paid close attention to his partner's expression as he pressed the leaf against his face. "Is it helping, does it feel any better?"

He was ready to continue voicing his concern, but Edward had already found them a way back. Oswald bit back any comments he had, because his partner was probably just in a lot of pain and not thinking of what he was saying. "We have done plenty with my thinking, too." He finally added, reaching again for his partner's hand before they continued their journey. "I wonder what time it is... If you ah, are still in the mood when we get back, and when you are feeling better, I will keep my offer?"

Edward Nygma - Last Wednesday at 17:28
"I gave you very clear instructions," he grumbled, somewhat wanting to drop the potential argument but not quite being capable of doing so. "And I told you there are enough dangerous plants in a place like this that you shouldn't be picking random leaves." Hopefully Oswald would just let it slide, even if Ed himself wasn't doing...
He smiled a little at the question though, trying to make himself look a little more hopeful. "A little yes, it's mostly just a stalling tactic until I can find some actual antivenom... or work out the snake or.... something..." That plan still wasn't completely confirmed yet, but maybe his memory would be clearer in the daylight...
He let his free hand be taken by the other man, but raised an amused eyebrow at his musings. "Really? So snakes and near-death experiences work for you do they? Interesting, I'll bare that in mind," he teased, squeezing the hand to try and get his joke across a little better. "I would rather try and work out the antidote to this bite first if you don't mind, just so I don't die in the middle of it because that would be rather inconvenient for both of us. But then to celebrate...?"

Morticia - Last Wednesday at 18:59
Morticia was having an enjoyable evening among the trees and the animals. She had seen several different poisonous plants and animals and had collected several of each variety. It would be useful later on, not only in food but also in antitoxins and toxins. As immune as she had become since being married to Gomez she knew there were others that weren't. As she was walking along she came across some poison dart frogs, including a golden one. She expertly gathered them with magic and placed them in a container to take back home. She thought she heard some voices and turned in the direction of them and was surprised to recognize Edward and Oswald's voices. How odd, this didn't seem to be their place. As she walked she found a boomslang in the trees and carefully gathered it up and headed towards the two men. "This is certainly a surprise, what brings you two out in the jungle?" She noticed the fact that Edward was holding a leaf to his cheek, "What happened?"

Oswald Cobblepot - Last Wednesday at 20:48
Sure enough, Oswald did let it slide. It was amazing what his partner could say while he was hurt. He hoped Edward wouldn't catch on to just how much he would allow - or if he did, that he didn't try and take it much further.
"Oh, good. Oh, that's right. Are you sure there is no magic way to go about this?"

He was pretty certain the answer was no, but maybe his muggleborn partner had trouble considering magical options sometimes. Oz wasn't sure, but he would never suggest it out loud. Oswald blushed again at his partner's comment, but he squeezed Ed's hand back to prove that he understood.
"Yes, of course once you are okay! To celebrate."
He was pleased that their conversation had stopped there because Morticia had found them. "Oh, hello Mrs. Addams. Ah... we took a few wrong turns, we have been here quite a while trying to return to our cabin. He was bitten by a snake. You don't happen to know anything about the sorts in this jungle, do you?"

Edward Nygma - Last Wednesday at 20:59
He bristled at Oswald's latest question, his brain inevitably hearing it as an accusation of him not thinking about every option, rather than a helpful suggestion. So he snapped back,"Of course I'm sure!" far too quickly, despite the fact he really had no idea off the top of his head as to whether there was a magical solution available to them. He'd research as soon as they were back of course, but for now there was nothing he could think of, and since Ed obviously knew everything important that there was to know in the world...
He smiled at the enthusiasm in his partner's voice, pleased that his delay suggestion hadn't put him off at all. Quite frankly it was not something he could really think about right now, because between the headache from the alcohol and the exhaustion from the panic, he was not feeling quite so excited about time alone with Oswald anymore, despite how cheerily he'd bounced away from the bar at the prospect of it.
To both of their surprise though, a moment later they bumped into one of the other holidaygoers from what was now probably 'the night before'. That must be a good sign of course, it must mean they were getting closer to the resort, and Oswald was quick to explain their situation while Ed considered that fact. "I know what's in the jungle here Oswald, I don't need help with that. I just need a reference book or just... a moment to think properly." Because obviously he was mere seconds away from solving all of their problems and clearly needed no help at all despite how long the pair of them had been bickering with no solution thus far...

Morticia - Yesterday at 17:54
Morticia moved over to the pair and tilted her head a bit at their words. "What sort of snake?" Of course that was the time the boomslang lifted its head 'The one in green isss tasty.' She sighed, "Never mind, my friend here just told me. It seems Mr. Nygma you've been bitten by a boomslang, do you happen to have a headache, feel nauseous or dizzy?"

Oswald Cobblepot - Yesterday at 18:04
Oswald raised his hands in surrender. "Yes, yes, I was asking, just in case the bite had distracted you."
Before he could bother arguing with Edward's insistence that he could figure it out on his own, Morticia had already solved the problem. He cast a sidelong glance at his partner before smiling gratefully, "It does look like we were lucky enough to have the company of a parselmouth. Thank you, Mrs. Addams." She didn't seem too concerned, so Oswald did relax a bit more. "Is he going to be okay, then?"
Turning to his partner, Oswald did notice that the bite still looked pretty bad. But he put more effort into hiding the instinctual expression every time his gaze landed on it. "See, Edward, she did know a little bit more about snakes than you."

Edward Nygma - Yesterday at 18:13
He grumbled something under his breath about how a little scratch wasn't going to dampen his genius, but he was far too interested in what Morticia had to say about their predicament to focus on this petty squabble. After all, the potion's mistress was the perfect person to assist them if things were... not quite as positive as Ed was hoping they were. "I never knew you were a parselmouth," he interjected with a curious smile. "But anyway, you can tell your friend I'll incendio it if it so much as looks at me again." A little rash perhaps, but he was rather stressed right now.
He frowned slightly as she listed potential symptoms, and paused before answering. "Well yes, I have a headache but I would put that more down to the bar's wonderful Grasshoppers than anything else. Same with any nausea." Possibly wishful thinking but it was still a possibility and he wasn't going to assume the worst until he had to. He dropped the leaf down from where it had been soothing the bite so she could see it more clearly.
Oswald seemed to be glancing towards it too, but it was his words that really caught Ed's attention. "What, how? Just because she spoke to the one who bit me? That's entirely cheating, that's not knowledge, if I had been able to locate the snake I would have had just as much information as she has on the matter!"

Morticia - Yesterday at 20:18
"A side effect of marrying into and accepting the Addams magic. They've had such a large family that all sorts of magic manifest in everyone differently. One of the distant cousins was a skilled Parselmouth healer many generations ago. As for your partners predicament. Boomslang poison while slow acting can cause coagulation issues as well as headaches nausea and dizziness. If left untreated, it will cause Mr. Nygma to die. I can make the antidote, but it will take a few hours to finish. Though the leaf was a good short term fix I commend you on finding it."

3 May 2018, 08:37 PM

Edward Nygma - Yesterday at 19:22

Whose stupid idea was this anyway? Actually, why was he asking that, he knew whose fault it was, it was Oswald's, Oswald's stupid idea, stupid Oswald and his stupid idea... It turns out, much like a sun scorched mobile phone or an overheated laptop, Edward's mind did not function quite so well at high temperatures. It had really only take him minutes to decide he did not like this holiday and did not want to be here. So he'd abandoned Oswald at some point and returned to the cabin that at least had the decency to have air conditioning. He'd only been in swimming trunks anyway after an aborted trip to the beach, so had spread himself flat out across the bed and not moved from that spot for several hours now. Stupid Oswald's stupid holiday idea...

Oswald Cobblepot - Yesterday at 19:38
Oswald had not exactly planned on staying out long; unlike his partner, he preferred to cover up more than a pair of swimming trunks (or a speedo, if Oswald had not stopped him). The two of them had to have left the cabin at different times, then, because Oswald had not caught him on the way out, nor while he was out. He did, however, find one of his lover's little riddles. There were times Oswald was not in the mood for them. Usually a combination of sand everywhere , the freckles starting to dot his shoulders, and the expectation to be half-dressed would leave Oswald less than eager to solve them.

But it was cute, they were on vacation, and this was a unique-to-Edward gesture. So he solved it, he found his way to Edward's spot, through the sweat and the sun, only to find his partner not there. Nor was there another riddle in place - he had double and triple checked. He made his way back to the cabin, sighing loudly as he finally found relief from the sun. It didn't take him long to collapse on the bed, directly on top of his partner.

"There you are, I was looking everywhere for you!"

Edward Nygma - Yesterday at 19:44
At the sound of the door opening, Ed only managed to let out a vague sort of whine in response to the rush of heat that was let in with it, otherwise not bothering to react at all. He had entirely forgotten about the treasure hunt he had begun for Oswald back in the earlier hours of the morning when the sun hadn't been a humungous death ray in the sky . He'd intended to gradually lead him up to a romantic spot on one of the lower cliffs where they could watch the waves lapping against the rock but by Merlin that would have taken far too much effort and he was climbing nowhere in this weather. Of course, he hadn't actually removed the riddle he'd left on the beach when he'd first ventured out there which of course Oswald would have seen by now so...

He let out a loud yelp as the other man suddenly dropped on top of him, pressing against a red mark Ed had not quite realised was a sun burn already and causing Ed to bounce upright in an effort to shove him away as quickly as possible. "Well look elsewhere you moron that hurt !" ... Okay, that was cruel, fix that. "I've been here all day, you clearly didn't look very hard." That... that wasn't fixing it...

Oswald Cobblepot - Yesterday at 19:53
Oswald didn't have time to settle with Edward, to rest his head on his partner's chest, because he was already trying to move. The motion did little more than have Oswald half-sitting up against Ed, not minding the sting and heat on his own skin now that he had found him. He would have been content like that, but Edward has his own protests.
"Oh..." He unstuck himself from his partner, shifting to sit next to him instead as he looked over the marks he'd left on his skin.

"I am sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you, Eddie."

He twitched for a moment to take off his own shirt, now in the comfort of their temporary home, but decided against it.
"I had found your riddle, I went looking for you, but you weren't there. You weren't hiding in here, were you? If you needed some alone time, you could have told me."(edited)

Edward Nygma - Yesterday at 19:57
At any other time Ed would have been thrilled to have Oswald so close to him, but skin that was sensitive at the best of times was currently screaming when a fleck of dust landed on it, so it had been impossible to resist the impulsive action to leap away from the contact this time. He did feel a little guilty for it though, especially as Oswald moved beside him with his sad little murmur. But he was far too concerned about his own state to care about apologising right now.

"Oh," he replied in something like surprise as he was reminded of the game he had abandoned. "Well I hadn't finished it yet, you shouldn't have found it yet... It's your fault for cheating."

Oswald Cobblepot - Yesterday at 20:00
"Cheating?" He questioned, trying to calm the flare he had in response to such a big accusation from his partner. Of course, it came up often when the two of them would play games together, but this was a much different situation. "Because I was so looking forward to seeing you, Edward? You had been gone all day, I had no way of knowing you hadn't finished your riddles."

Edward Nygma - Yesterday at 20:04
For something Edward took so seriously when the term was aimed at him, Ed did tend to throw the word 'cheater' around a lot. It was a good catch all to cover 'something you have done wrong that I do not like' and fitted most situations if he tried hard enough. "Hmm, you do make a good point." He couldn't exactly stay angry at a compliment like that though. There were other things to stay mad about though. "It's still your fault though. You chose this stupid place. It's too hot. I can't do anything. Even my technomagic is malfunctioning." He lifted an arm to gesture vaguely towards the cabinet in the far side of the room that was currently making a strange humming noise, hiding bits of projects that Ed had certainly implied at least he would not be bringing with him on a holiday like this one...

Oswald Cobblepot - Yesterday at 20:11
Oswald sighed again, though it was not the sigh of relief he had entered with.
"Yes, I do, because your assumption was silly. Did you not think I would be able to figure it out or find it, Edward?"
He didn't exactly have to keep being hurt by what his partner had said, although maybe the heat had gotten to him as well.
"You are not supposed to be working on your technomagic... projects, Edward, you are taking a break, remember? No working. Vacation. I can't control the weather, though we could charm something?"
Oswald did not exactly understand what was so urgent about getting back to the gadgets anyway. There was plenty to do.
"Maybe a swim, Edward, to cool off?"

Edward Nygma - Yesterday at 20:18
"Nothing I do is silly!" The familiar squeak of indignation punctuated his statement, but his sudden need to defend himself did at least remind him that he was supposed to be apologising here. "No I had just intended to distract you until I was finished but... too hot." He reached a hand out, intending to pat Oswald on the shoulder as though that gesture had the same effect as the word 'sorry'. Which it might have done if he hadn't missed, considering his eyes were closed again after falling back flat on the bed a moment earlier, leaving him to pat air for a moment before dropping his hand.

"It's not work," he grumbled back, but knew already this was not one worth arguing (hence why he'd snuck the things with him rather than fought for permission to bring them). "Swimming would involve leaving this lovely air conditioned room and walking through the oven that is this island to only partially submerge and risk burning further. You can go take a cold bath if you want to splash around Eudyptula ~~."

Oswald Cobblepot - Yesterday at 20:34
Oswald didn't bother arguing the silly comment. He could let go of that one. Oswald had missed his partner's gesture, only catching the hand on the bed and reaching to take it, despite how his last attempt to hold Edward had gone.
"You should have left a second one. It is no matter now, though, I am happy I found you."

His tolerance quickly changed at the timing of the pseudonym that was usually accepted. Oswald was going to comment on it, not appreciating that specific comparison. He sighed a third time, "So you would rather just stay in here and be miserable?"

Edward Nygma - Yesterday at 20:41
Though he kept their fingers loose, and kept their palms apart, Ed didn't entirely remove his hand from Oswald's when it was taken gently by his partner. Not until his comment anyway, when on the declaration that he should have left a second riddle, it retracted quickly, a frown ghosting Ed's expression for a moment before he smoothed it out into something more neutral. Yes he probably should have done, should have continued, should have finished it, should should should . But regret and guilt for not completing what he'd started wouldn't help him now so no point doing anything but gulping down that flicker of emotion and pretending like Oswald hadn't said a thing.

"Basically yeah," he replied, his hands lifting to tuck behind his head now instead so they couldn't be unceremoniously grabbed without warning again. After all, he had been reasonably happy cooling down in here before he'd been interrupted

Oswald Cobblepot - Yesterday at 20:48
As Edward pulled away, Oswald's hand hovered to touch him again, because they were here to have fun, to relax. His hand fell, too, and he did nothing to disguise his glare at his partner's reply.
"Really? The whole island to explore, all of the options we have, and you would rather stay here in mope?"
Of course Oswald could have given in and stayed to mope with him. But this was his vacation, too, and he worked hard enough - whether Edward saw it or not - as it was.
"I can heal you."

Edward Nygma - Yesterday at 20:53
He paused for a moment, giving the situation a quick consideration before confirming, "Yes." After all, what was there to do, really? Or at least, what was there to do that wouldn't result in actually melting? "We can go out at night when it's cooler. Unless there's mosquitos. Then I'm not going." The offer to heal his burn was kind but Oswald seemed to be missing something here as well. "If you were to heal me now you would simply be giving me more motivation to stay inside where I am not in danger of replicating the damage that was caused by leaving. While I am already burned I could only make it worse - if I were healed, I would have a state of health to maintain."

Oswald Cobblepot - Yesterday at 21:34
"All this way, and all you want to do is stay here, Edward? You know, I did do this for you, too. I thought you would enjoy some time away."

Oswald was aware at how all of that sounded but he did want to get across just how annoyed he was with his partner's reaction.

"We can find something to do indoors. I am fine staying in here, really, but not if you are going to be grumpy the whole time."

He could find somewhere else to be and something else to do. Oswald didn't mind setting off on his own, but it hadn't exactly been the intention.

"We could sit with each other then, though. Or a cold bath, or shower, or something."(edited)

Edward Nygma - Yesterday at 21:59
"Distance is irrelevant... magic..." Full sentences were effort that he could not be bothered applying right now, but the gist of what he was meaning was clear. "I am enjoying lying here. See. Look. I am not working. I am resting. You should be pleased." One eyelid did open reluctantly though, finally registering the growing irritation in his partner's voice though not quite sure what to do about it. Or, perhaps, more accurately, what he was willing to do about it.

The other eye opened at the desperation in the final word as his eyebrows dipped into a frown. The easiest solution would be to agree to do... literally anything right now, but then that would involve moving, and he was fairly certain he was stuck to the bed again by now anyway. Perhaps a distraction? "Your cheeks are red too, you'll burn soon as well..." He paused squinting a little closer at the cheeks in question before adding "Actually that's going to be quite inconvenient..." though apparently mostly to himself.

Oswald Cobblepot - Yesterday at 22:26
""You are... not in your work environment, so it is different."
And Edward went on to explain just why he was right. Oswald didn't sigh this time, instead resisting to thread his fingers through his partner's hair.
"Exactly. But if we were home, where you could leave to work - in the house or outside of it - you wouldn't be resting. I am pleased with that."
He felt some comfort when Edward noticed his burn, too. "I can heal myself, Eddie, don't worry." The little gesture was almost sweet enough that Oswald didn't notice his additional comment, "Wait, what, inconvenient?"
He reached for his wand as he repeated the word back at his partner, using one of the first healing spells he learned to clear away some of his own burn. That way, Edward could make up his mind.

Edward Nygma - Yesterday at 22:33
"You complain a lot for someone who's pleased," he mumbled back, somewhat reluctant to make this bickering into an actual fight but equally not willing to drop this without having the last word.

His own wand was well out of reach, so Oswald had healed himself before Ed could even get to it (a side effect of too long as a muggle and a hands-on perfectionist nature meant it was often not on him like it should be). "Well I can't tell if you're blushing when your cheeks are already red," he replied with a somewhat cheeky grin. "That's usually how I know I've done something right." After all, a compliment being met with a blush usually meant Ed was about to get his own way - he didn't want to lose that clear sign that he was winning behind a sunburn and be forced to guess how Oswald was reacting.

Oswald Cobblepot - Yesterday at 23:04
Oswald resisted replying to Edward's latest retort and held back the pout that so badly wanted to form. He was pleased that he had though, because Edward's next comment would have made him regret it. Fortunately, OSwald did not find the heat returning to his healed cheeks - Ed would have been too pleased to see that.
"I didn't realize that you paid any attention to that."
He turned to heal Edward, then, although he hadn't received any confirmation that he wanted it.
"Alright are you feeling any better? Have you had anything to drink - you don't need to get up, I can get it for you -, can I lay closer to you now?"

Edward Nygma - Today at 20:17
"Of course I do," he replied with another smile, reaching to trace a finger along Oswald's cheekbone and actually not missing this time. "This is my little scoreboard you see. Every time you light up, I know I'm winning." There was a decent chance he would get in trouble for saying that, but then there was also the possibility Oz would find it cute enough to forgive - it was always a bit of a risk to be honest.
He didn't stop the healing spell, somewhat assuming his partner would have got to that at some point anyway, and instead let out an exasperated sigh as he played up to the other man suddenly offering to do things for him. "A little perhaps but yes a drink would be lovely. And then I suppose I could let you lie with me at least."

Oswald Cobblepot - Today at 20:53
The little gesture left Oswald with goosebumps, and he responded as Edward had hoped to see.
"I did not realize there was something to win here, Eddie." He teased, though he wasn't certain Edward would catch the tone of it. It didn't' matter though, he could drop it if Edward decided it was a challenge. He held back a chuckle at his partner's sigh, getting up to get the drink as soon as he had confirmation.
"Is there anything else you would like before I sit down?"(edited)

Edward Nygma - Today at 20:59
He grinned wide at the reaction he got, fuelled slightly too much so by it so that his next words were even less thought through. "Of course there is, but it's okay because I am the master at this game. You're not too bad but I think it's very clear to see who's on top here."
His eyes closed again as Oswald moved away to get the drink, considering moving over on the bed so there was more space for his partner to join him - but no, he was comfy here, Oz could squeeze in. One eyelid did lazily open again at the question though. "I would like ice in the drink. And a straw. And an umbrella. And then you can just hold it for me while I drink it too if you really want to make me feel better." His requests had started off quite serious, and it was honestly quite hard to tell where the teasing started in that, if in fact it ever did...

Oswald Cobblepot - Today at 21:02
"Careful, Edward, I am not sure if you want to make that one a challenge."
He was teasing, still, and any competition of that sort would be in good humor. Or, he hoped it would be, but knowing them it could easily dissolve into another little argument. He made do as he could with Edward's little requests, returning to him and sitting on the edge of the bed.
"I will not be able to hold you or give you a back rub if one hand is busy holding your drink. Are you sure about that?"

Edward Nygma - Today at 21:10
His curiosity was certainly engaged by the pseudo-warning he received, and he found himself watching Oswald for a moment before replying "Oh I don't know, I might." The only thing holding him back from following that idea through was that his partner hadn't yet countered the suggestion that Ed was winning at their relationship. And he intended to keep that for as long as possible.
He paused at the question, clearly giving it some serious thought, before eventually sitting up with far more energy than he had been implying he had, and reaching for his wand. With a quick flick, the drink left his partner's hand to hover just beside them, as Ed settled back down again with his back to Oswald. "There, problem solved. So, about that back rub..."

Oswald Cobblepot - Today at 21:38
He didn't hold back his chuckle at his partner's reply.
"How would we even sort this one out, who can make who happier?"
Honestly it wasn't an awful idea. Oswald had no problem making sure Edward was more than pleased. And he hoped that the reverse was true as well. He laughed again as Edward accepted his other offer, moving closer to him and placing a gentle kiss on his shoulder before he went on to give his partner a backrub.
"So tense, Eddie... we are on vacation."

Edward Nygma - Today at 21:49
"That does sound like a wager I wouldn't actually mind losing..." Well, he could say that now of course, but... he was over-competitive at the best of times, so chances were he'd still want to win this little challenge even so.
He let out an appreciative hum as soon as hands were on his shoulders, his skin not quite burned there but still radiating heat nonetheless. "I've never been very good at vacations," he replied as his eyes slipped closed again and he had to fight to keep himself upright and not just fall into the arms that were currently working out the knots he'd been carrying. "I think I could learn to like them though."

Oswald Cobblepot - Today at 21:58
Oz was finally starting to feel like he was on vacation. It was nice, being in the cabin with his love, sitting close to him (now that they were both healed), with his own work far away, as well.
"So does this mean you will not complain if I win that one?"
Perhaps that was going to ruin their little mood but Oswald took the risk anyway. Besides, Edward seemed happy enough with his back rub so surely they wouldn't argue over something like that.
"I plan to help you with that. Let me know if I can make any of it better for you."

Edward Nygma - Today at 22:05
His brow creased into the slightest of frowns as he opened his mouth to claim he did not 'complain', but he knew immediately he wouldn't have gotten away with that one. "I am simply saying we should try, and we'll find out, won't we?" Wasn't that sort of how their day to day life went anyway? Vaguely competitive shows of love and affection? Or maybe it was only Ed who kept score of who did the last 'romantic thing' when.
"Good, teach me," he said through a soft sigh. "Just... when it's cooler, that's all. Besides, I don't want the sun to bleach my hair too much or it'll go... it'll not look as good." Because actually, Oswald didn't need to know too long in the sun would bring out the ginger in his hair...

Oswald Cobblepot - Yesterday at 16:41
"I am sure you will not be disappointed either way."
Oswald felt the same - he would be happy to let his partner win this one. Although he wasn't sure whether there would be lingering guilt or not for not doing more for Edward than Edward did for him.
"Of course Eddie. I am sure your hair looks lovely bleached."
And he hadn't yet mentioned the freckles that peaked through the collar of his shirt, so Oswald didn't want to direct his attention there. And it wasn't like Oswald was going to be quite as undressed as his partner so he could handle going some time before Edward noticed.
"Should I assume you are not going to finish the riddles you had left, then?

Edward Nygma - Yesterday at 16:45
He grumbled something inaudible under his breath as Oswald tried to assure him he would still look lovely - sure he thought that now but considering his penchant for green things, Ed was extremely unwilling to go through any more ‘reverse carrot’ analogies than he already had.
There was a long pause at the question though, as his need to finish things he’d started fought against his desire to never ever leave this room again... maybe he could levitate the riddles into position from here and then Oswald could just enjoy the view alone... ”I’ll finish them,” he replied with a sigh, knowing he’d cave to that eventually anyway. ”I’ll just have to get up early or something...”

Oswald Cobblepot - Today at 19:41
He folded his hands in his lap, considering himself done. Oswald settled down next to Edward, cuddling closer to him.
"You don't have to finish them, Edward. I can pretend they were never there. I would rather be with you than track you down with your riddles."

Edward Nygma - Today at 21:17
A small whine escaped Ed's mouth as the hands were dropped, interrupting the purring he'd devolved into when his noises of appreciation had dimmed to a low buzz. But rather than using his words to request his partner continue, he simply leaned back into the other man instead, so that as Oswald moved to cuddle beside him he was already sunk down half into his arms. "No but I... want to..." His words were interrupted by a stifled yawn, though considering how quickly he was sinking into the other man's arms, it really didn't seem worth trying to hide it. After all, they'd already established ti was too hot to do anything right now. There was no harm in just having a short nap while they waited for the weather to cool down a little
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