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Sigyn !
 Posted: 18 Jan 2017, 04:50 PM

Upgrading to Premum
Results of the Poll

The Results were overwhelmingly in favor of upgrading to premium and we received a great deal of positive feedback person to person outside of the official poll! The majority of members wholeheartedly were "for" the upgrade and many were already stepping up to pitch in towards this goal~ As we said before in the Announcement, donations are ENTIRELY optional but we are eternalyl grateful, no matter how big or how small.

Donations Method & Subscription
Due to the influx of pledged donations we decided it would be easiest to set up a site Paypal account to receive the funds and pay for site things out of that pool. So the yearly premium fee will come out of that. If we have more than enough funds it will just roll over to pay for the next year and so on, as well as the cbox's premium subscription fee which is minimal but still a thing that we've paid out of pocket for as staff thus far.

We said we would always keep you guys in the loop on everything so this is another announcement that will probably be pinned permanently since it has so much information on our premium status and how we'll keep it!

To donate to Bombarda, use PayPal's 'Send & Request' button, and then 'Send to friends and family in the US' (or internationally if you are non-US) to send to

What Will Change?
The information provided by JCINK on premium vs the standard site can be found at this link but we'll try to break it down on what exactly that means for us here. The additional forums bit, ignore that. We'll only be focused on Bombarda - your donations won't be going to other sites (as if we had time to run other sites anyway @_@)! The one exception is the test site we already have for Bombarda will be added to the line up just so things we test there are the same here. But the other features such as additional storage space will come in handy. The bigger we are the more files are uploaded, etc. We need the space to grow!

Content Freedom was by far our biggest motivator! As you can see by the ToS for free forums, they're incredibly restrictive as well as vague. With Premium we no longer have that hanging over us and are free to create whatever content we wish within the reasonable guidelines outlined in the Premium ToS.

As for Content Controls & Age Verification some people are under the impression that going Premium means the site is going to become a smut fest, and that we'll restrict membership to 18+ - that's not the case at all! Premium has options to set either the whole forum as 18+, certain boards as 18+, OR (and this is the method we'll be using) content that is of a more restricted nature will need to go into special BBCode tags that are simply: [*restricted][/*restricted] - without the asterisks of course.

Other minor upgrades that come with being Premium is the fact that we'll be ad-free, have the option to host our own ads if we wish, and will have priority with help desk issues for JCINK if we ever have any problems that crop up. Oh, also bulk emails directly from the site so I don't have to fight with AOL and send multiple emails trying to get them to go through

When Does it Start?
Premium began January 2017 (the day after this announcement was posted), and will continue hopefully forever, or until we run out of funds and it's impractical to continue it.

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