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 Hutchinson, Clementine, Clementine from Telltale's TWD
clementine hutchinson
 Posted: 22 Dec 2017, 03:28 AM


TW: Language, death/talks of death, talks about an illness (about someone else), mentions about suicide (about someone else), animal abuse (?? Maybe? Idk if that qualifies), slave labor.

Summary: Clementine is an Orphan - her parents were killed when she was eight in the accident that Thelonius Vadam was a part of, and was then adopted by Lee Everett and lived with him for about a year before he died by Dark Wizards. Was part of some Muggle slavery community for awhile before she and some others escaped, then lived with a Muggle named Kenny until a car accident that stopped him from being able to use his legs and she was taken back to the orphanage. Part of the New Frontier, a gang who will take people in and treat them as family. Was separated from AJ, a toddler she saw as a younger sibling, and now lives with the Minster as one of his fostered children, and now has a goal to try and get back AJ. Personality-wise, she's cold and distant and a bit untrusting. Very detached and closed off and heavy in sarcasm until you can get close to her enough to where she'll trust you. Has a severe lack of trust issues due to her past. Just wants to find AJ back because he's all she has left. Also takes place in Norway.

Clementine Georgia Everett Hutchinson



Clementine Georgia Everett Hutchinson



Member Group


Pref. Pronoun


Face Claim

Madison Pettis

Sexual Orientation








Set 1; Third Year


Blood Status



Blackthorn, Phoenix Feather, 8 1/2 inches


Everyone around her dying or leaving just like everyone in the past did.

Patronus and Memory

Leopard. Her memory is the day she was officially adopted by Lee, going as far as to change her name to "Clementine Everett".

Dementor-induced Memory

It differs depending on the day and the circumstance. There's two memories that she considers both equal on "worst" - the day she was told her parents were "gone", and the day her adoptive father died.

Mirror of Erised

Her parents alive and happy and having never died in that accident, standing behind her with her adoptive father next to her as well, AJ in her arms, alive, happy, and all very proud of her.







Skype: dessyhope98/PM/Discord: LochDessMonster#1758

Other Characters

Rapunzel Gothel

Anna D'Ancanto


Characters (Note: Ages are the ages that they died (if they did). If unknown, or alive, then the ages will be more vague, and also be the age they'd be in current time.):

Edwin Hutchinson: 30, Magical, Auror, Deceased. Birth father.

Diana Hutchinson: 30, Magical, Healer, Deceased. Birth mother.

Sandra: Mid-late 20s, Unknown, Babysitter, Unknown. Was very close to - saw as a sister. Babysat her while her parents were away. Kept in touch for awhile before contact was lost.

Magical Community:

Lee Everett: 37, Magical, History of the Dark Arts teacher, Deceased. Adopted father.

Carley: 28, magical, Reporter, Deceased. Adopted mother (ish). Lee's girlfriend.

Kenny: 48-51, Muggle, Fishermen, Unknown. Father figure.

Katjaa: 38, Magical, Magical Vet, Deceased. Mother figure. Kenny's wife.

Kenny "Duck" Jr. 10, Squib, Elementary Student, Deceased. Childhood friend. Kenny and Katjaa's son.

Lilly: Late 40s, Magical, Auror, Unknown. Didn't know well. Larry's daughter.

Larry: 58, Magical, Retired Head Auror, Deceased. Didn't know well.

Ben Paul: Mid 20s, Muggle, Unemployed, Unknown. Friend.

Christa: Early 30s, Magical, Unemployed, Unknown. Was pregnant. Mother figure.

Omid: 33, Magical, Unemployed, Deceased. Didn't know well. Christa's boyfriend and father of her baby.

Carver's Runaways/Camp:

Luke: 27, Muggle, Art History Student, Deceased. Friend. Part of the group that ran away from Carver.

Sarah: Early 20s, Muggle, Student, Unknown. Friend. Carlos's daughter.

Carlos: 42, Muggle, Doctor, Deceased. Acquaintance. Sarah's father.

Sarita: 35, Muggle, Unemployed, Deceased. Didn't know well. Kenny's girlfriend (after Katjaa's death).

Mike: Mid 40s, Muggle, Worked for Carver, Unknown. Didn't know well. One of Carver's "slaves".

Jane: Early 30s, Magical, Worked for Carver, Unknown. Friend. Escaped with them. Ran off.

Reggie: 40, Muggle, Worked for Carver, Deceased. Didn't know well. Killed by Carver.

Bonnie: Mid 30s, Muggle, Worked for Carver, Unknown. Escaped with the others before separating.

Alvin: 43, Muggle, Unemployed, Deceased. Acquaintance. Rebecca's husband and AJ's father.

Rebecca: 35, Muggle, Unemployed, Deceased. Acquaintance. Alvin's wife and AJ's mother.

Alvin Jr. "AJ": 2, Muggle, Orphan, Unknown. Very close. Sees as little brother. Was taken in by Kenny after Rebecca died. Separated from Clementine.

William Carver: 47, Magical, Leader of the "Muggle Camp", Deceased. Didn't like him. Led the Muggle Slave Camp. Had an affair with Rebecca and thought the baby was his. He was killed during the escape.

New Frontier:

Javier Garcia: Mid to late 20s, Magical, Leader of the New Fronter, Alive. Sees as an older brother. New leader of the New Frontier that Clementine is still a part of. Dating Kate and is David's younger brother. Gabe and Mari's Uncle.

David Garcia: Mid to Late 30s, Magical, Ex-leader of the New Frontier, Alive. Doesn't like too much. Used to run the New Frontier before Javi took over. Gabe and Mari's father - Kate's ex-husband. Javi's older brother. Part of New Frontier.

Kate Garcia: Mid to late 20s, Unknown, Housewife, Alive. Sister figure. Part of New Frontier. David's ex-wife and Javi's girlfriend. Gabe and Mari's step-mom.

Gabriel Garcia: 15-16, Unknown, Student, Alive. Close friend and puppy crush. Part of New Frontier. David's son and Kate's step-son. Javi's Nephew. Mari's older brother.

Mariana Garcia: 10, Unknown, Student, Deceased. Didn't know very well. Was attacked by the old New Frontier members. David's daughter and Kate's step-daughter. Javi's Niece. Gabe's younger sister.

September 22, 2012

"One new message, at six thirty-one AM." [Sounds of distress and screaming in the background, a woman's crying and panicked voice comes on the phone.] "Clementine, baby, if you're getting this, it-it's your Mom. I need you to be good for Sandra, okay? I don't think we're coming back. I-I know we promised we would, but there was... an accident. Your Father got hurt, and we... we can't leave right now. Just... PROMISE you'll be good for Sandra, and whatever happens, be strong, okay? We-we love you, baby. We love you SO much. We lo-" [phone cuts off] "No more messages."

And that was it. That was the last time I'd ever hear my Mother's voice. The last time I'd ever see my parents in general. I didn't know that at the time - I was young. Only in the first grade, a Muggle school so I'd know Muggle basics to be able to blend in easier, until I reached the age to go to a Magical school. I already knew I was a witch - my powers started showing when I was five. They just wanted me to still have Muggle education. That phone call happened while I was in school. And I didn't expect for that phone call to be the last phone call ever.

I didn't know about the call until I got home that day. Sandra didn't want to pull me out of classes for this, because she didn't know what it was or what it meant, so she had kept the message until I got home.

"Sandra was the babysitter, correct?"

Right. She's been my babysitter since I could remember, but was paid extra and allowed to stay at the house while they were away. She was nice and really friendly. She cared about me and made sure I was taken care of. We were pretty close - she was like that older sister I dreamed about. [Faint smile.] Anyway. I had noticed something was wrong when she picked me up from school that day. She was quiet in the car and she looked less happy than usual. She said she was fine when I asked if something was wrong, so I dropped it and continued talking about how the class frog got loose in class and we spent minutes trying to chase him. [Low, short laugh before her face fell again.] Then I got home. I unpacked, took off my shoes, put my things up. And right before I could go to my room and feed my pet Goldfish, Peanut, and play with my pet Hamster - she told me to sit down. Her tone was serious. Not an angry serious, but... worried. Concerned. I'm an intelligent girl, I was at that age - I knew something was wrong. So I sat down. No arguments. And, one more time, I asked what was wrong. Then she played the message.

I heard the screaming in the background, heard the crying in my Mother's voice. I knew she sounded scared, but I didn't know why or what all was happening or why she was crying. My Father's voice wasn't there. Every voice message, every phone call, his voice was always right there by hers. But he wasn't there. He was "hurt". They had promised they would never get hurt. Sandra became more concerned as she listened a second time, and I became scared because my Mom was scared. I began asking questions - "Why was she crying?" "Where is Dad?" "Why is he hurt?" "Is he okay?" "Why is she scared?" "What accident?" "Are they okay?" "Why aren't they coming back? They promised they were coming back!". Every question I asked got the same answer from Sandra: "I don't know, Clem. I don't know, baby. I don't know what happened. I hope they're okay, too.". It didn't help. My questions were going unanswered. I wanted an answer, wanted to call them and hear that it was a joke, a prank, a false alarm. Nothing to worry about, things were fine. False hope.

"I imagine Sandra's answers didn't make you feel better."

What do you think? Would you feel better having unanswered questions to your Mother's crying voice and screams of pain in the background of what should be a pleasant voicemail from your parents at eight years old?

"I was only asking a question."

It was a stupid and uncalled for question. Common sense. Anyway. No, it did not make me feel better. But I was an optimist back then - or at least pretended to be. It was a bit of a mixture of both, really. I was worried for a few minutes, but then I convinced myself that they were fine. It was a false alarm or something. It was a precaution, they all got worried for nothing. There would be a phone call in a few days saying it was a false alarm. I was optimistic that this was the case, and Sandra told me I was right. Thinking about it now, I know she was just saying that to keep me from being upset. At that age, I thought she generally believed me. But Sandra knew better than I did.

"What happened after that?"

[She gives a very short and simple shrug.] I went on with my little eight year old life. Went to school, worked hard on my work, came home and talked about my day with Sandra. Asked if my parents called. She'd say no, I'd chirp out a happy, "Maybe next time!", then I'd do whatever homework I had and play with my toys until bedtime. It was like that for a few days, Sandra going along with me the entire time.

"Then the Aurors showed up three days later."

The Aurors showed up three days later. And that's when things got harder.

September 25, 2012

[There's a couple of knocks on the door. Sandra puts the dolls in her hand down to go answer it.] "Saaaannddraaa. Come back! You said we could play dolls!" "We'll play dolls, Clem. Let me just see who's at the door first, okay?" [Clementine gives a nod and goes back to braiding her Barbie's hair.] "Hello - oh. Can I help you?" [The Auror at the door gives a mournful look, glancing over her shoulder to Clementine before looking back at the babysitter.] "Can we talk? In private, miss?" "Oh - sure. Clementine? Can you go to your room for a second so I can talk to this man here? We can play dolls afterwards, I promise." "Okay." [She stands up, grabbing her dolls and going to her bedroom.]

"Sandra must have already known why he was there."

Of course she knew why he was there. She already knew there was a slim chance my parents were going to actually be alive, she just went along with the idea for my sake.

"Did you know what was being said?"

No. Why would I? They weren't stupid - Sandra took into consideration that I might eavesdrop, so she lead him to the kitchen. I couldn't hear a thing, and I wasn't going to run out there to eavesdrop and risk getting into trouble. So I just... sat down and continued playing with my Barbies. I stayed that way for a few minutes until Sandra and the Auror came into my room.

"I imagine it wasn't happy news."

Oh, no. It was great news. I was practically jumping up and down out of excitement, it was the best news ever. It made me sooooo happy.

"The sarcasm wasn't necessary, Miss Clementine."

It is necessary when you ask stupid questions you should know the answer to.

"Moving on."

September 25, 2012 cont.

"Clementine?" [The door was pushed open, in walking Sandra with a saddened look and the Auror.] "This nice man here wants to talk and ask a few questions. Tell him anything you know, okay?" [The curly haired little girl gave a nod, before Sandra walked out and closed the door, letting the Auror talk to Clementine.] "Clementine, right?" "Yes." [Spoken with a soft voice.] "My name is Officer Locke. I just want to ask a couple of questions, okay? Answer as best as you can." "Yes, sir." "I'm gonna start off with some small questions - what's your full name?" "Clementine Georgia Hutchinson!" [A large, proud smile as she got her full name right.] "Good. Now - do you know where your parents worked?" "Mom was... a Healer! She helped people. Made them feel better when they were like, sick and stuff. Kind of like that one time I got a cold!" "She was, that's right - and she was very good at her job. What about your Dad?" "He was an... Auror?" [A nod from Auror Locke.] "He put bad guys in prison and kept the world safe." "Good job, Clementine. Now - do you know why they left? Did they tell you anything?" [He was seeing how much she knew. For secretive reasons.] "Not much. Only a little." [Her hands fold together as she plays with her fingers.] "They said they had to go on a business trip. To... England, I think. They had to help out on some mission or something. Said they'd only be gone for a few weeks." "That's all you know?" [A head nod from the girl.] "They were on a business trip. But... there was an accident." [The Auror's face fell, and Clementine frowned.] "They... were attacked, and they got hurt. You remember the voice message you got, right?" [A nod.] "Are... they okay?" [The Auror sighs, bracing himself to give her this news.] "No, Clementine. They're not okay. They... were hurt really bad. We couldn't save them." [The girls eyes start slowly filling with tears.] "W-what do you mean you couldn't save them? They're okay, right? They HAVE to be okay." [The Auror shakes his head.] "They're not okay, Clementine. They're... dead. Both of them died during the accident. They're not coming home." [Tears begin falling rapidly, and her head shakes from side to side in denial.] "No, you're - you're lying. They are coming home, the - they promised they would! They promised!" "I know they promised, but I'm not lying. They're not coming home, Clementine. I know you want them to, and I know you don't want to believe me, but they're not. They're gone." "No!" [She begins screaming, head shaking more violently.] "Stop lying! You're lying to me! They're not gone, they're coming back! They promised they'd come back, they're fine!" "Clem -" [His arms reach out to soothe her, but she immediately moves away from him.] "NO! DON'T TOUCH ME! Go away! They're FINE! They are!" [The tears fall harder as she falls into a state of denial, and the Auror gets up to leave the room. Clementine is left crying with closed eyes until she feels familiar arms wrapping around her. Clementine leans into Sandra, face pressed into the shoulder of her babysitter.] "They're not gone. They're not. They'll come back, they promised. They promised." [She stops talking as her muffled cries take over, Sandra rubbing her back and hair and hugging her close.] "I know, baby. I know. It's okay."

"That must've been really hard to handle when you're that young."

It certainly wasn't sunshine and rainbows. I was eight, you certainly didn't expect for me to be happy about the news, did you?

"No, of course not. I wasn't implying that. Now - you said you were in a state of denial? Explain that."

What's there to explain? I had convinced myself the past few days that the voice message wasn't serious. Then three days later an Auror shows up and confirms the fears I didn't want to believe. It was normal for me to go into a state of denial over it. I had the proof that the voicemail was real, my fears were confirmed - but I didn't want to believe it. I didn't exactly understand the word "death" just yet, but I knew they were "gone". I knew they were, I understood fully that they really weren't coming home - I just didn't want to believe it. Even while I was crying on Sandra's shoulder, knowing fully well they were gone - I told myself they weren't. Even though I knew the truth, I felt better believing otherwise, so I kept telling myself they weren't in an attempt to make myself feel better. It worked - up until the funeral.

"Reality check, huh?"

A major reality check. I took it much harder for the funeral than I did hearing the news. I had visual proof that they weren't coming back, and it was hard to take when I had convinced myself they were all wrong and wanted to believe it was a dream and they weren't gone. Seeing my parents dead bodies - or, what was left of them anyway - isn't an easy thing for a little girl to take in. I was psychologically messed up for a few days, and cried for just as long. I had finally gotten better when I went to the orphanage.

"We'll talk about that later. Right now, would you mind talking more about your parents?"

[A shrug.] Sure. My parents were nice people. They were like most normal parents out there - they were kind, and they cared about me. They always made sure I was well fed, had a roof to sleep under, and had clothes to wear. They loved me and tried to teach me the best that they could. How to be respectful to people who were respectful to me, how to cook, how to do a lot of "Muggle" things because they said learning the Muggle way was actually quite useful, despite being Witches/Wizards. They lectured me whenever I disobeyed or broke a rule, and punished me appropriately. I could always tell I was loved, cared for, and protected.

My mother, Diana, was, as mentioned, a Healer. A really good one. She was one of the best, and loved her job. She loved people, she loved helping people, and she was the most positive social butterfly I'd ever known. She was sweet and kind-hearted - loved people. [A light smile appears on her face, seeming to be happy to talk positive about her deceased parents.] She was really good at her job, and I looked up to her a lot. She was... my best friend. She was a Pure-blood, but had taught herself the Muggle way of living because, as she puts it, "You can learn a lot from Muggles". She felt like there were some things Muggles just did better than Magic did, and she adapted to using both in her everyday life. Like cell phones. [A light laugh.]

My father, Edwin, was an Auror. He was well loved by his teammates and crew, and he enjoyed his job. Protecting people, saving the world from criminals. It was his "thing", it was what he was great at, it was what he loved. He was good at his job, and he was just as good of a father. He was protective - taught me how a boy should treat me, how to defend myself if it came down to it. He was a good father, and I wanted to be just like him. He was a Muggle-born, unlike my Mother, and was one of the reasons she started learning "the Muggle way". He loved some things about the Magic world, and that's where being an Auror came in. He was originally from America - Macon, Georgia. That's where my middle name came from. They had moved later when he got his letter to go to a Magical school, and that's how he met my mom. He loved Muggle sports - especially baseball. His favorite team was the Dodgers. [She smiled wider, reaching up to run her finger along the rim of her baseball cap.] He gave me his Dodgers hat before they had left - told me to take care of it. I still have it after all these years. It's one of my most prized possessions - something I can't live without.

"Your parents sound like they were great people, who cared about you very much."

They were. And they did - they loved me a lot. I'm forever grateful for all the love and care they gave me, and I miss them very much. I'm proud to call them my parents. [She's seen inhaling a deep breath, looking down for a few moments.] C-could we move on, please?

"Of course. Could you tell me more about this "business trip" your parents went on?"

Well. At the time I wasn't told much. It was a bit of a secret mission - one they couldn't talk about - so they told me enough to ease my questions, but not enough to give anything away. I just knew they were gonna be gone for several weeks for work. Which wasn't a lie - I just didn't know what exactly they were doing. I knew they were in England - but that was about it, really.

I didn't really find out any other details until the trial, and even then, it was a bunch of stuff I didn't fully understand at that age. I didn't understand it until I researched it later to find the actual information.

Basically. They had went to England, as mentioned previously. They were heading somewhere around the Wall of Hadrian area, and they were both chosen to assist on some excavation for some artifact called the Caledonian Ring over there. I don't know too much about it or what it did, I just know it was there and that's what they looked for. Mom was sent on the site as a Healer. She was one of the best, and they wanted a Healer around at all times just in case an emergency happened. My Dad was sent because they wanted a couple of Aurors around. If something went out of hand, accidents happened, or things went wrong, they wanted a few Aurors there to be able to handle it quickly. Only it... didn't work.

"What happened?"

Did you hear about the accident that happened on September 22, 2012?

"You mean that Inferi incident? Your parents were involved in that?"

They were there when it happened. They were on a "business trip". That voice message was at the exact same moment it was happening. So, yes, they were involved. And that's what killed them. [Her face falls into a scowl - arms crossing over her chest as she leans back into the seat.]

"I... didn't know. I'm sorry."

Don't apologize. That's all I've heard throughout my entire life is apologies and I'm tired of hearing them. It wasn't your fault, anyway.

"So. Tell me more about the accident, for people who don't know."

Okay. [She inhales a deep breath before she starts talking.] They had someone in-charge of the entire Excavation, making sure it went as planned, no mistakes were made, that kind of stuff. Someone to watch over it - make sure people were doing their jobs, which is a usual thing for things such as this. Again, I don't know all the extreme details, but - they located the crypt that the ring was in. What they somehow didn't know was that it was guarded by Inferi when they breached it. I... don't have to explain what Inferi are, do I?

"We know what Inferi are, so no explanation is needed."

Alright. Good. So - the place was guarded by Inferi. I don't know if they just weren't prepared, or outnumbered, but they were attacked by Inferi as soon as they entered the Crypt. Many of the people who were working there, who were sent there to help, didn't survive. My parents included. That voicemail was sent at the same time the attack was happening. That's why there was screaming. Why my Mother was crying, why she sounded scared. There's more to that whole event than just that, but I'm sure you're only interested in the parts that affected me, and affected my parents.

"That's what we're here for. We know the rest of the details about that event; we want to hear your side of things."

[Clementine's face turns somber, her arms moving to her lap and she looks down to play with her fingers.] By time the Aurors got there, it... was already too late. A few people managed to escape, but those few people were not my parents. [Her face turns dark for a few minutes, a clearly unhappy expression, before it goes back to blank as she looks back up at the man in front of her.] From what I was told, my Father was attacked first trying to protect my Mother. My Mother made the voicemail after failing to save my Father, and got attacked during it. My Father died first - my Mother died last. [Her eyes shut for a few minutes as she breathes in deeply, before opening them.] It took a few days for them to identify the bodies with what was left, then hunt down family and that's how I found out three days later. That "accident", [Her fingers on both hands make air quotes.] killed my parents. And I'm just glad the person responsible got the justice he deserved.

"Judging by the air quotes, it seems like you don't believe it was an accident."

I didn't say that. [Her arms cross and she leans back again.] I just want to know how you "accidentally" [She makes air quotes again before crossing her arms once more.] release a bunch of Inferi to kill innocent people.

"Okay. You said the person responsible got what they deserved - are you talking about Thelonius Vadam?"

Who else would I be talking about? He was supposed to be watching the entire thing, wasn't he?

"You don't sound too happy about him."

Why would I be happy about him? I don't like him.

"Why don't you like him?"

Are you seriously asking me that question? [She frowns.] He murdered my parents. He made me an orphan at the age of eight because of it, give me one good reason why I would be happy with him.

"It was an accident, wasn't it?"

"Accident". I don't care if it was an "accident". He was overseeing the project - he should've known something was going to happen. Instead, he didn't, and the "accident" caused my parents to die.

"You sound really bitter."

I am really bitter.

"You do know he teaches at your school now, right? Durmstrang?"

Of course I know he's at Durmstrang. I'm in his class. I see him everyday. [She sits up a bit, hands uncrossing.] I walk down those halls every god damn day seeing his face. I sit in his class, listen to his lectures, do the work he gives out every single day. I get reminded every single day of the fact my parents are gone because of him. I'm an orphan because of him. My entire life went to Hell because of him. Yes, I know he's a teacher now at Durmstrang. I'm perfectly aware. And I'm not exactly happy about it. [She leans back again, huffing.]

"How did he ruin your life, exactly?"

Let me explain this to you slowly. [She sits up again.] If he wouldn't have caused the accident that killed my parents, [Her hands are held to one side, one palm open with the hand made into a fist and placed in her palm], I'd never be an orphan. [She points to herself.] If I'm never an orphan, I would never have to watch my adoptive father die. [Her hands move to the other side with the same gesture.] If I would've never had to watch him die, none of the awful shit that's happened would have ruined my life. You get it? [Arms spread out before she sits back again with crossed arms.] Basically, if my parents would have never died, I'd still be living a happy life.

"So you blame him for everything that's happened to you?"

I need somebody to blame and he's the closest one I can. [Her shoulders lift upwards before falling.] Okay?

"Does he know who you are?"

I don't know. I doubt it. He might have known about my parents having a daughter, but I highly doubt he would've known it was me specifically unless my name was spoken, and unless he talked to my parents enough to hear them mention my name, he's probably never heard it before I got in his class. If he does, he hasn't said a damn thing about it. Why does this matter?

"Just curious if he recognized you, is all."

I doubt it.

"Does he know you dislike him?"

Pretty sure he does. I'm not exactly subtle about it. He most likely has figured it out by now. I doubt he knows why - or at least the real reason why - but I'm sure he knows.

"Okay. Moving on. You said you didn't attend the trial - did you get to speak to Thelonius at all?"

No. But I wanted to. They didn't feel comfortable allowing someone of my age to step foot into Azkaban - even just to talk to someone. Especially with my parents just having died, they didn't want to take the risk of the Dementors using the most recent memory.

"What would you talk to him about at that age?"

I just had a question to ask him.

"What question is that?"


"Why? Why what?"

Why me? Why did he have to cause the accident? Why did my parents have to die? Why did it have to be me?

"Did you think you'd get an answer?"

I wanted an answer. I wanted an answer as to why it had to be me. I still want an answer now. Why from that moment, everything else in my life took a turn for the worst. Why I had to go through pain. Why I had to go through heartbreak. Why I had to lose everybody. Why it had to be me. Why the universe hates me so damn much. [There's a crack in her voice slightly, and she sucks in a breath to regain control back over her emotions.] Am I going to get an answer? No. It's impossible for me to get an answer to those questions. But I wish they could get answered.

"Would you ask him those questions now?"

No. I don't want anything to do with him now.

"You know he gave an apology after the accident, right?"

An apology doesn't fix what's happened and doesn't bring my parents back.

"Well, of course, but -"

Can we move on now? I'm not here to talk about "Mister Vadam". I don't want anything to do with him. This isn't about him, and this isn't about my dislike for him. You wanna know how much I'm not too fond of Mister Vadam? I'll write you a book. Now let's please move on.

December 19, 2012

[A dark-skinned man walks through the door, avoiding a bunch of laughing children who are running around and playing. He gets stopped by a woman, she leads him somewhere, and they start talking. After awhile he begins walking around the Orphanage, looking at the children and stopping to talk to a few of them. He spends about an hour talking to all of them - except for one that he missed. After walking around and not being able to find the child, he hears a soft voice on a Walkie-Talkie on the ground.] "H-hello?" [The man picked up the Walkie Talkie, pressing the button and talking into it.] "Hello? Who is this?" "I'm Clementine. I live here." "Hi Clementine. I'm Lee. How old are you?" "I'm nine. Just turned nine November twenty-first. How old are you?" "I'm thirty-seven. Where are you? Why aren't you with the other kids?" "I was playing make believe in the tree-house. See? Can you see me?" [Lee moves to the window, and sees the head of Clementine poking out, waving to him with her free hand.] "I can see you through the window." [Lee waves back with a smile.] "What happened to your parents?" "They died. In an accident, at their job." "Oh. I'm sorry." "It - it's okay." "Do you wanna come down so we can talk?" "Are you nice?" "I'm very nice, yes." "Good. If you weren't I'll have to drop a hammer on your head." [She giggles, before climbing down, walking up to meet a laughing Lee.]

I was only in the orphanage for three months. Shorter than some of the other kids. But - I made friends with all of them. I was tomboyish enough to rough-house with the boys, and girly enough to play dolls with the girls. I was a bit of both - still am, actually. [She laughs for a second, before going back to speaking.] It took a bit for me to get adjusted after my parents deaths, and I had to take a bit of therapy from being traumatized. After a few weeks I recovered and adjusted well. The Lady who ran the place was nice - she took care of me well, and since it was a magical orphanage, she'd help us control our powers. She also had a tutor to teach us other classes - and a Muggle teacher for me, because I wanted to continue classes.

Sandra kept in contact for awhile. She'd call me every once in awhile, send me letters - sometimes she'd even stop by and visit. It helped when I was going through therapy. She kept it up until my birthday, stopping by to spend time with me on it, before she stopped the contact. I think she ended up moving or something and lost the number and address and couldn't contact me. I don't know, but it was nice of her to keep in contact while I was in the orphanage. Even Mister Locke kept in contact. He felt bad and wanted to make sure I was okay - it was nice of them. He was a really nice man, and I'm glad he checked up on me until Lee showed up. It was nice knowing he wanted to make sure I was okay.

"So, Lee was the one who adopted you? How did that go?"

After I went meet up with him, we talked. He talked to me about my parents - what they were like, how they died, and asked me what I liked doing. Talked to me about my home life and what it was like. He was nice. Gentle, sweet, caring - he seemed really concerned for my well being and he seemed genuinely interested in me. We hung out for a few hours - he played games with me, including soccer, but I hated it - he helped me out with Math because that's my worst subject. He read stories to me, and we talked about books, because I enjoy reading. He stayed there for awhile before he had to leave, saying he had work in the morning but he'd come back to visit. He was... so caring. [She smiles lightly.]

"Can you tell us a little bit about him?"

He was thirty-seven, as mentioned. Recently divorced - his wife had cheated on him. Of course back then, I had no clue what that meant, but I understand it now. He was a teacher - he taught History of Magic, so he had magic like me. History is... one of my favorite subjects, because of him. [Small laugh.] He had a new girlfriend - Carley. She was really nice, too. He was smart - taught me a lot. Things that helped me take care of myself when I was on the streets. He was caring, and gentle. He was strict - making sure I followed the rules, did what I was told, and didn't do anything to put myself in danger. He... had a good heart. [Her face falls for a second.]

I... think that's another reason I dislike Mister Vadam so much.

"What do you mean?"

He... [She pauses and inhales a breath.] Reminds me of Lee. With his personality, and the way he carries himself. He's close to the age that Lee would be now if... he was still alive. And knowing that... doesn't feel good. [Another breath inhaled.] He's... wise, and smart, and everything Lee was and... I hate him for it. I hate him for reminding me of the only other parental figure I've had in my life. Being reminded of someone who loved you so much, and someone who you loved in return. Who you cared for with all of your heart, it... hurts. [A hand reaches up to clench at her chest.] It doesn't feel good. It hurts being reminded of Lee, and Mister Vadam is that reminder. With his age, the way he acts - everything Lee would be if he still lived. [Her eyes close for a second as if she's trying to hold something back.] I hate Mister Vadam even more for being a reminder. And that hatred just adds onto my hatred for him killing my parents. It fuels it more, and I hate him for reminding me of all of the parental figures in my life just by being him.

"We'll move on now, if you'd like."


"So, Lee ended up adopting you? What was life with him like?"

He did. He came back the next day after teaching his classes, and I had ran up to greet him and give him a hug. He hugged me back before going talk to the lady who ran the place. I was playing with the other kids when they got back, and when she pulled me to the side, she said Lee wanted to adopt me. Some paperwork got signed, birth certificate, medical information and all of that getting handed and transferred over, and I packed what belongings I had and went home with him. We talked the entire car ride, and he began telling me about his family and telling me about the little community he lived in, telling me about his neighbors and friends who all lived there. There was even a boy my age I'd get to play with.

"Was it a magical community?"

It was. One of those little hidden one's that Muggles can't see and don't notice it's there. It goes through a dead end towards the end of a Muggle neighborhood, and then you enter the little magical village. Not many of those around, but he lived in one. I didn't have to worry about hiding my magic from any of the other kids. There were a few Muggles - either friends of some magic folks, Muggles who knew about it and were okay with it, or Muggles who married into a wizarding family. But they were all pretty accepting and they took me in instantly. We were like... one big family.

"Tell me a bit more about the people in this community."

Sure. [A shrug of her shoulders before she sits up a bit.] There was Carley, Lee's girlfriend - she was nice. She was one of the first to welcome me after I got all settled in, and she even baked me some cookies for a "welcome" present. She was a Journalist, for some Magical newspaper, so she was always kept up with latest gossip and drama. She knew about my situation and about what happened to my parents with the accident, and she was very sympathetic towards me. Said it was awful, that she was sorry, but that I was with some good people now. She always made sure I was feeling well, and was okay. She made me feel welcomed.

There was Larry, and his daughter, Lilly. Larry was a military general, and he was a bit... hot-headed. He was always angry and always yelling at Lee for some reason. He never really seemed happy, and didn't really talk to me much unless it was to make sure Lee was treating me well, and that was it. He loved his daughter, though, and Lilly was... well... she wasn't nice either, actually. She'd talk to me every once in awhile, but I wasn't really close to her, either. Larry had heart problems and bad blood pressure, so she was really protective over her Dad. She'd yell at us if we made him too mad. I didn't like her all that much, and we weren't really... close.

Then there's Kenny and his family. [She smiles, clearly proud to be talking about this next family.] Kenny was a Muggle who was married to a Pure-blood, Katjaa. Katjaa worked with magical creatures - kind of like a vet, only a magic one. Their son, Duck, was a squib, but he was my age and we played a lot. His actual name was "Kenny Jr.", but they called him Duck. [She laughs slightly.] He was a bit... different than me. He was a bit more naive, and while I understood my parents "being gone" and the world around me, he didn't. But we played a lot, and Kenny and Katjaa sometimes even let me sleepover. Katjaa took on the Mother role. I put bugs on his pillows a lot. [Another laugh.]

Kenny was really nice. I saw him a lot because he always came to hang out with Lee. He didn't understand the whole magic thing very well, but he pretended, and he was always willing to sit down and listen to me talk about my magic, or anything I was really excited about. He treated me like his daughter - ruffling my hair, taking me to go fishing and hunting with Duck, and he cared a lot for me about as much as Lee did and about how much he cared about his own son. He was a good father, and a good husband - had a bit of a bad temper, which often put him in quite a few heated arguments with Larry and got into it with Lee a few times. But his heart was in the right place.

The community in general were all really nice people. I made a friend out of Duck, and they all cared about me in their own way - even Lilly and Larry, as much as they didn't show it and kind of scared me back then - but it was nice. I had a family again, which was something I missed in the orphanage.

"You seem happy talking about Lee."

I am. He was the third parental figure I've ever had in my life, and while he'll never replace my parents, he took on the father role when I needed one. And I'm forever grateful for that.

"It must be hard to talk about him."

Of course it is. About as hard as it is to talk about my birth parents. That's common sense. [Her arms cross over her chest again.]

"We're sorry. Anything else you have to say about Lee?"

I'm grateful he adopted me. For taking care of me. For teaching me so many things. [She sucks in a shaky breath.] He called me Sweetpea. [A faint smile.] It was an affectionate term, one I grew used to. Now I use it for everything.

He taught me several things. Taught me about my magic, and how to use it correctly when I finally got a wand, how to defend myself, how to take care of myself if something ever happened to him and I was alone. How to use a Muggle gun, just in case I need it. To keep my hair short, because it'll be easier to move and do things. All things he taught me that I use now, and I will always be grateful. I... miss him. A lot. [Her gaze moves down to the floor.]

May 15, 2013

(Lee = Bold, Lilly = Underlined, Ben = Green, Carley = Italics, Kenny = Blue) "There was no way it was, Carley. It was somebody else. It could've even been someone sneaking into our community." "That's ridiculous. That's what you think?" "Yes." "Okay, fine then. Next vote?" "We don't need all these VOTES! What do I have to do for you to TRUST me? I'll do ANYTHING! Let me stay, please!" "Ben, calm down. Stop panicking." "Do we need anymore evidence than this?!" "FUCK evidence! Stop treating him like this." "Shut up, Carley -- I've heard enough out of you. Ben, you have RIGHT NOW to tell me it was her and not you." [She points to Carley, glaring at her before looking at Ben.] "Stop this. You're torturing him!" "This is about trust and I've never trusted you." "I did it!" [Lee screams to stop the arguing, making everyone turn towards him.] "What?" [Lilly looks unbelieving.] "Yeah, it was me. That get you to lay off the kid?" "I think you're capable of being a real piece of shit, but I know it wasn't you. Not with her in your life." [Lilly gestures behind her to Clementine, who's watching from the doorway and looking distraught at the argument.] "You think you're some tough bitch, don't you? Like nothing can hurt you, but you're just a scared little girl. Get the fuck over it. Take a page from Lee's book and try helping somebody for once." "What the fuck's the problem?" [Lilly pulls out her wand, immediately shooting a spell at Carley and Carley falls to the ground immediately. Lee immediately pins her to the wall of the house.] "DROP IT." [Lilly drops the wand, glaring at Lee. Clementine seems to be hyperventilating.] "Holy fuck..." "She couldn't be trusted, Lee. I swear, please." "You're done." "Done?! Lee, you can't get rid of me! This community is my home!" "I don't care." "You're a murderer, Lilly. We can't have you with us." "I was trying to protect all of us! I don't have anything left!" "Kenny, get her out. Clementine, come on, sweetpea." [Kenny had moved to try and call the Authorities, but before he could do that, Lilly got out of Lee's hold and immediately apparated elsewhere, leaving Lee to take Clementine away and try and calm her and Kenny still trying to get the authorities.]

"She killed her?"

She killed her. One shot into the head and... that was it. It was devastating. I watched the argument, just as a curious little nine year old, but if I knew, and if Lee knew, that Lilly was going to shoot Carley, I - I don't think I would've watched. I don't think... Lee would've let me stay. But he didn't know. None of us... really knew. Carley was like a Mother, so losing her... was really rough.

"I take it that wasn't easy to handle."

You keep asking that question and I don't know why because my answer is always the same. No, it wasn't easy. I was nine. No nine year old wants to see the girl who was like her Mother get shot in the head and killed instantly. I sure as Hell didn't take it easy, just like I didn't take my parents death easy. I had an anxiety attack when Lee took me away to private, and he had to sit with me and calm me down. I had nightmares for a week straight. No, it wasn't fucking easy.

"Sorry. We can move on."

Please. And I really suggest you stop asking that question.

"Okay, why did Lilly kill her?"

She went... nuts. It started after her Dad died.

"Her Dad died? How did that happen?"

He had a heart attack a few months before - around February. Him and Kenny got into a really heated argument and it caused his blood pressure to rise. He just - fell over. She blamed Kenny for her Dad's death and blamed Lee for not trying to help. After that she just... became distant. She kept to herself, hardly ever tried to talk to us anymore, and she just... went fucking psycho.

"So then she killed, Carley?"

It was... more complicated than that. She always hated Carley. I don't know why, but she did. She wanted some sort of reason to be mad at her, and she found the perfect reason when she killed her.

"What was her reasoning?"

Someone was stealing supplies from the community and giving them away or selling them or something. We were a small little community, so it was often we shared supplies - after asking first. If Lee ran out of a specific kind of potion or medicine he'd go over to Kenny and Katjaa's and ask if he could borrow theirs until he could run by and get some. But whoever was stealing from the community weren't asking and weren't keeping them inside. Carley was the first person for Lilly to accuse, and that's how the argument started. She just... didn't like Carley. So when Carley insulted Lilly, she had enough and pulled out a gun. And that was it. She pulled the trigger, and... Carley was dead before anyone could even try to stop her.

"Was she arrested or anything?"

No. Kenny tried getting a hold of the authorities, but Lilly managed to break from Lee's hold and... apparatted away. When they got her, there were no signs or anything on where she may have went. She ran off before she could get arrested or taken in or anything.

"How did everyone else react?"

I wasn't paying much attention to everyone else with my freak-out, but Katjaa was just trying to shield Duck. Kenny was concerned on getting the authorities called and making sure Katjaa and Duck were okay, and Lee was more worried about me. But afterwards... Lee was upset. I could tell he was upset. He loved Carley more than I did, so while he pretended for the sake of keeping me happy and okay, I... knew he was upset about it.

"Did you find out who was stealing the supplies?"


"Ben? You never mentioned him."

[She gives a nonchalant shrug of her shoulders, leaning back comfortably in the chair]. Not much to talk about. He wasn't around long. No one seemed to really... trust him, and once we found out he was stealing from us to give to another community, he was thrown out. No clue where he went after.

"He was a new resident?"

Yeah. He moved in around January after his friend died, and while I considered him a friend, everyone else thought he was a bit off. He had admitted a few weeks after Carley's death that he was the thief out of guilt, and he was kicked out soon after. Our community just kept... getting smaller and smaller. The only one's who were left were me and Lee, and Kenny and his family. After awhile... it just became the three of us.

September 10, 2013

"What's happening?" [Clementine has a sad look on her face, staring up at Lee when he exits the hospital room to meet her on the bench outside. Lee crouches down next to her, placing a hand on her legs with a sad expression of his own.] "Duck is dying." "I know. What are they doing?" "They're telling him goodbye while they have the chance. I'm leaving them alone to do that." "Oh." [Clementine looks down, staring at her swinging feet.] "Yeah. Look, Clem. I know this is hard - Duck was your friend. But these things happen, and it'll get better. I promise." "I just want to stop losing people, Lee. Duck was my friend, and now I'm losing him, too." "I know, sweetpea." [Lee reaches out to pull her into a hug.] "I know. But it's gonna be okay. Things will get better." [Clementine pulls away, looking up at Lee.] "Can I say goodbye to him, too?" "Of course. As soon as Kenny and Katjaa get done." [He stands up just in time as a tear-stained Katjaa and an upset Kenny walk out.] "Clementine wants to say goodbye to him." "Of course. Come on, Clem." [Katjaa brings her inside with a hand on Clem's back, bringing her to meet Duck on his last breaths.]

[Clementine is staring at the floor with closed eyes, not opening them as she starts speaking.] He died later that night. Kenny and Katjaa mourned all night into the morning, and I was upset for a few days. That was... one of the many other difficult parts in my life, and I just wished that everyone around me would stop dying or leaving. It hurt to watch everyone I cared for leave in some way. Duck was my friend, and the only one I knew who was my age at that time. And then I lost him, too. I wish the world was a little nicer.

"What did he die from?"

Cancer. A really bad case of it. The Doctors said there was... no way they'd be able to save him. He was sick for a few months, and we all knew about it. It was just dreading the day where he finally took his last breath. That day came, and... it wasn't easy on any of us. Lee was strong, but he always was. He was... the glue that held us all together, really. I was upset, Kenny was devastated, and Katjaa... Katjaa was heartbroken.

"I'm sorry."

Stop apologizing. That's all I've heard in my entire life, and it never really helps every time I've heard it.

"What happened afterwards?"

What you would expect to happen after you lose someone who was a big part of the family. Things were... quiet. Kenny and Katjaa were still in mourning, and Lee was doing everything he could to make me feel better. I was... really upset. I'd sometimes visit Katjaa and Kenny - sleepover and hang out, just so they could have the feeling of having a little kid around again. It worked for a little while, but Katjaa... never got better. If anything, she only got worse.

"Got worse? What do you mean?"

Katjaa... took it really bad. She was depressed for awhile, and it never really got better. We were all worried for her - Kenny more specifically. One day, Kenny was out at work. Lee hadn't heard from Katjaa one day, so Lee left for a second to go check on her. After some very short minutes, he came running back - saying he needed to make an important call and told me to not go into Kenny and Katjaa's house. I didn't. Instead, I just stood next to Lee's side as he called... someone. I later found out it was Kenny, when he showed up thirty minutes later.

"What happened?"

Katjaa killed herself. The heartbreak was too much, and she couldn't live without her son, so she just... killed herself. I never saw her body. After my reaction to seeing Carley's death, Lee wanted to try to shield me from it. I never knew how she did it. They never told me, and even now, I don't know. I didn't see her body until the funeral, and even then, I was mainly keeping an eye on Kenny as he broke down. He lost both his wife and his son, and it was obvious it was... taking a toll on him. Lee tried to be there, and I tried to make him feel better by staying around so he could still feel a child's company. It worked for a little while, before he... lost it. Katjaa was buried with Duck. [Once again, her gaze moved to stare down at her hands.]

"Lost it? What do you mean by 'he lost it'?"

He went kind of crazy after Katjaa's death. He was angry all the time, always lost his temper. He fought with Lee a lot more than he used to, every time Lee would try to help. He just... lost himself when he lost his wife and daughter. They had gotten into an actual fist fight once because Kenny lost his temper, and Lee had to literally smack some sense into him. He got a little bit better after that, but he was still... lost. It was heartbreaking.

But, we had one good thing happen. When we lost two people, we gained two people. Omid, and his girlfriend, Christa.

"Omid and Christa? Who are they?"

Newcomers. They moved in a few months after Katjaa and Duck's passing. They've been together for three years, and needed a place to settle down because Christa was a few weeks pregnant. They were welcomed into the community, and Lee was hoping that the place would start filling up again. It wouldn't replace the people we lost, but it would be nice to have a full community again.

They were friendly people. Omid was a jokester and was always trying to make us laugh. Christa was on the more serious side, but she loved Omid, and I grew closer to her than I did Omid. She'd talk about baby names and how indecisive her and Omid were, and she told me I could help her with the baby once he was born. Or she. They were nice additions to the community, after losing so many people. Things were... somewhat looking up. At least then they were. As usual with my life, it didn't stay that way.

January 8th, 2014

"Hey. I... I might not make it, Clem." [A blood-soaked Lee laid on the ground, a terrified and upset Clementine kneeling next to him, staring at him with blood coated on her face.] "... No, you can't. You can't do that." [Clementine violently shakes her head, trying hard in her attempts to stop the bleeding coming from Lee's side by pressing a blood-soaked towel against it.] "Trust me Clem, I don't want to. I'm trying... I'm trying." "F-first my parents... and now you?" [Her voice is getting shaky, trying hard to not cry.] "PLEASE... please don't leave me, Lee. Please. I... I need you. You can't leave me. Please." [Her voice breaks slightly, begging as her head shakes violently.] "You're strong, Clem. I know this is hard. But be strong." "I... I don't know if I can." "You can. I know you can." [There's a deep inhale of breath, a clear struggle of breathing.] "You have to leave me, sweetpea. You can't stay here." "Lee, no..." [Her voice gets shakier, a few tears falling down her cheeks.] "It's okay. It's okay. I know this is hard. But you're a smart girl, and you're strong. You... you can make it on your own. You can make it without me. You... don't need me." [His voice dropped lower, breathing getting heavier, and Clementine wasn't dumb. She knew it was only a few more minutes before she lost him.] "But..." [The tears are falling more rabidly, and the sadness in evident in her shaky voice.] "Please, Clem. For me." "Okay, Lee. I can do it. I can." "Find... Omid... and Christa. They're outside of town... outside of the portal that makes this neighborhood unseen... to wait for you there. You remember where that is?" "Yes." "Good. They'll take good care of you." [Clementine can't control the tears anymore, and there's now sniffling and the sounds of crying coming from the girl.] "And Clem... Take care of yourself, sweetpea." "I will. I promise." "And also..." [There's several minutes of silence, Lee's eyes starting to drop closed slightly and his breathing gets slower.] "What, what is it?" [Lee wakes up suddenly, looking at Clementine with a sad look in his eyes.] "No, don't worry. All right... I'll miss you..." "Me, too." [Lee's eyes shut, his breathing coming to a stop. The panic shows in Clem's eyes as she places her hands on Lee's arms to shake him.] "Lee...?" [When he doesn't wake up the first time, she shakes him harder.] "No, Lee, please wake up." [The tears start falling down faster than before.] "LEE! LEE, WAKE UP! YOU'RE NOT DEAD! WAKE UP, PLEASE." [Her voice breaks as she's shaking him aggressively, trying to breath through the crying.] "LEE. PLEASE WAKE UP. PLEASE..." [She stops the shaking to fall over his chest and burst into tears. She stays there for a few seconds, before moving her blood-coated hand and giving one final look towards Lee before she runs out of the area in tears.] "Goodbye, Lee..."

[There's a sharp exhale of breath, her eyes shutting and her head tilting away, trying desperately to stop the tears that wanted to fall.] I-I'm sorry. Just give me a minute. Please.

"Of course. Take your time. We know this is hard."

[She takes a few minutes, keeping her eyes closed and taking a few shaky breaths. Once she gets herself under control, she opens her eyes and lifted a hand to wipe under her eyes before looking back at the one in front of her.] I - I think I'm good now.

"Are you sure? You can leave the room and take a break, if you'd like."

No. [Her head shakes.] I need to do this. I can continue.

"If you think you can, we'll continue. So Lee... died that day, right?"

Yeah, he did. He died protecting me. [She looks down again.] Our community was invaded by a group of Dark Wizards. There was very little of us, and a lot of them, so we got split up. I was with Lee for awhile, but when they found us, he told me to run. So I... did. I ran until I had accidentally bumped into one of them, and at the notice I was the only child in the community, they figured they could use me as leverage. They didn't... hurt me or anything. Just took me to an abandoned warehouse outside of the portal where they were gonna try to pull everyone in by keeping me hostage. I wasn't treated badly, I just... wanted Lee.

"Why were the dark wizards there?"

No clue. [Her shoulders lift in a shrug before dropping, her attention drawn back to the interviewer.] They just showed up and started attacking. When we split ways to try to run and hide, that's when me and Lee got separated and I got taken.



I don't know how they found me. I just know I lost my hat sometime along the way, so maybe they used that as a sign? I just know that Lee showed up with Kenny at some point, but then Kenny had apparently stayed behind to cause a distraction so they could get through, and Omid and Christa were left behind to leave the neighborhood and head elsewhere to meet up and try to contact some Aurors. He didn't want to risk them getting injured - not with Christa being pregnant. So it was just Lee, and I knew he was there because he immediately started talking to the dark wizard who was guarding me.

I could somewhat hear what they were saying, but it was mainly Lee trying to convince him to let me go and the other guy not buying it. There was a lot of back and forth for awhile, and I was trying to push on the closet door to open it up, but he had it tied. Lee seemed to notice before his voice got louder and he began pressing the person more to let me go. I cracked open the door and removed the wire that connected me to the door opposite of me, and slowly crept out, waiting for some sign from Lee on what he wanted me to do.

[There's a breath, and she stares down at the ground again.] Lee motioned over to a table with his eyes, where his wand, his gun, a cleaver, a lamp, and an empty bottle sat. He wanted me to pick one and use it. I couldn't pick up his wand, and while Lee taught me how to shoot a gun, I didn't trust my aim enough to not shoot Lee. I don't know how I felt stabbing him with a cleaver, so that left the lamp and bottle. I picked up the bottle, and crept up behind him as he began talking to Lee. In one quick moment, I slammed the bottle onto his head and distracted him enough for Lee to attack.

They fought for a little while - but the other wizard threw a spell at him. I don't know what spell it was - at the time I didn't know too much about magic, and now I don't like remembering it long enough to try and figure out what spell was used. Lee was hit immediately - I noticed his hand fly to his side and blood was spilling from the womb. [She looks down, sucking in a deep breath and exhaling out before she looks back up.] He threw another spell back, managing to kill him, but he fell down against the wall immediately from the amount of blood he was losing. [She pauses, seeming to be holding her breath a bit.]

[The interviewer waits a few minutes, letting her breathe before he speaks up.] "You need a break, or can you continue?"

No, no. I'm fine. [Another deep exhale before she seems to wipe her eyes, looking back up at the interviewer.] Lee knew he wasn't going to make it. I wanted to help him - told him we could get help, and get him back to Omid and Christa on time to get him to a hospital. While I was entirely convinced we could do it - Lee knew better. He wasn't going to give me false hope. He wasn't going to tell me he was going to be "fine" because he knew he wasn't. He wasn't going to do that because he knew he wasn't going to make it that far. As much as he liked my optimism, and my hope - he knew that wasn't the case and he wasn't going to lie to me. He told me that he wasn't going to make it, that he was going to die, and I - I didn't want to believe it. I tried not to believe it, but it... it didn't make things better.

[Another sharp inhale of breath, only this one is shakier.] Sure enough, he died, and I sat there with him for a few minutes, shaking him, convinced I could wake him up. I couldn't, obviously, but I tried. I watched him take his last breath. I... watched him die in front of me. [Her gaze moves downwards again, staring at the floor.] After several minutes of him not waking up, I left. And I ran off.

Eyes covered in tears, I ran about halfway before I stopped. I stopped next to a tree, and I sat there and I just... cried. I cried, and I cried, because for the second time in my life, I lost another parent. And for about the fifth, or however many times, I lost someone else who was close to me. I was broken. I was devastated. I... I didn't know what to do. I was supposed to meet up with Omid and Christa, but I was just... lost. So I sat there, drowning in tears, and wondering where I could possibly go now. I had lost... almost everybody.

Losing Lee was the hardest death out of every one I've been through.

"How so?"

I didn't get to see my parents die. I didn't watch them die, I didn't get to say goodbye, I wasn't there for their deaths. For Duck's, he was already almost gone and we were expecting it. Waiting for it to happen. They both hurt - they hurt a lot. But Lee's hurt in a much worse way that I couldn't possibly explain unless you've lived through it.

I watched Lee die. He died in front of me. I was there for his last breath. I watched his eyes close, I watched his chest stop moving up with each breath as his heart stopped. I watched his eyes fall shut. I watched him take his last breath. He died in front of me, and I saw him die. I watched him die. And that reason alone is why it was so much more harder to handle than all the rest. Why it traumatized me, why it hurt. [There's some tears falling from her eyes, slowly down her cheeks.]

Everyone says that when someone they care for passes, they wish they could say goodbye. I got to tell Lee goodbye, and... it was one of the hardest things I've ever done. Knowing someone really important to you is on their last few breaths, and telling them goodbye is not easy. I sometimes wish I didn't have to tell him goodbye just because it would've been so much easier to handle. And then sometimes I'm glad I got to say goodbye. [She reaches up a hand to wipe some more tears from her eyes.]

I always feel like something in me is... missing. There's an empty hole in my chest from the loss of Lee. From the loss of... having a parent figure taken away. Having someone who was important to me get ripped out of my life. The pain hurts, and I wouldn't wish that on even my worst enemy. Not even Thel. [The tears are pouring, and her eyes shut as she takes in a breath.]

"Take a breath. Calm yourself down. Then continue where you left off."

[Clementine's eyes stay closed for several minutes, taking breaths to calm herself down before she wipes the tears on her arm.] Okay. I'm ready to continue.

"What happened after you ran off? When you were sitting there?"

I saw a silhouette in the distance, and realized it was Christa. We sprinted towards each other, and she wrapped me up in a hug. Omid wasn't with her. I asked, and her face fell into a frown. He didn't make it. His leg got injured, and he fell back. She tried to go save him, but he didn't want her to. He didn't want her to get hurt. So it was just me and Christa... for a few minutes.

"A few minutes? What happened?"

They found us. Christa shoved me behind a bush and told me to stay there. I did. [Her gaze falls once again.]

"Take your time. We know this is hard."

She distracted them so I could leave. I didn't want to leave her behind, didn't want her to risk her life, but she did anyway. As soon as they were distracted, I took off. I ran. I ran, and I ran, and I ran, and I didn't look back. To this day, I don't know if Christa and the unborn baby made it or not. I just know I kept running without looking back.

"Where did you go?"

[Her shoulders lift in a shrug.] I had no clue where I was going. I just kept running until I couldn't run anymore. All I knew was that I was... alone.

"If they were mostly wizards, why didn't anyone just apparate from the Dark Wizards? Our of harm's way?"

I don't think they thought about it at the time? The attack was sudden and out of nowhere - they were panicked and I don't know if "apparating" was their first thought. Plus, they weren't in the right mind set for apparating - weren't focused enough, so trying may have... I don't know... caused problems or something. That, and after I was held hostage by one of them, I don't think any of them wanted to apparate until I was found and safe first. I just... don't think it ever really crossed their minds at the time.

February 8, 2014

(Luke = Bold, Alvin = Red, Nick = Blue, Rebecca = Underlined, Pete = Green, Carlos = Purple) [After large amounts of screaming, a group accompanied of mostly men and one heavily pregnant woman run towards the shed where the doors swing open, staring at a heavily breathing young girl with a hand placed over her arm.] "Holy shit." "What the - "How did it get in here?" [She turns around at this point, meeting the group with a cold glare from her eyes straight towards them.] "That girl is tough as nails. You alright?" [Clementine death glared them for several long seconds before she finally spoke.] "Still. Not. A bad guy." [Her voice sternly spoke out, keeping that glare.] "I never was. And YOU left me out here to die." [The rest of the group look awkward, staring at the ground or rubbing their necks, minus Nick and Rebecca who glared back at the young girl.] "You patched yourself up?" [Stares move to her arm, and Clementine lifts her hand up to show them the fresh stitches before placing the hand back.] "Where did you get that stuff?" [His voice is commanding, and the pregnant woman steps up to speak in an accusing tone.] "Did she steal from us?" [Clementine's glare hardens at the accusation, all while holding her freshly stitched up arm.] "This doesn't change a thing. She hasn't done anything to us." "Says the man not carrying a baby." "You left me no CHOICE." [She speaks in a soft shout.] "You could've just left." [A cold glare is sent to the pregnant woman, before she resumed looking at the rest of the group.] "Relax, Rebecca." "Bring her in and I'll take a look at her arm." "You hungry?" [Clementine stood in front of him, eyes staring off at the backs of everyone walking away, glaring off in complete silence and not saying another word before she trailed after everyone else.]

I was eleven when Lee died, and I was on the run for about a month. I never stopped anywhere for long. I became... cold. I lost everyone I knew - I didn't want to be close to someone else and end up losing them, too. So I just lived on the streets. Becoming cold and distant to... everyone.

"The Aurors never showed up?"

Oh no, they did. They asked what happened and I told them everything, and they sent me right back to another magical orphanage. But I didn't stay there for long. I couldn't do another orphanage, not again. I stayed for about a week, distancing myself from kids, becoming cold to everyone. I was distant to the teacher that showed up to teach all of us at the orphanage, all of it. I went to Lee's funeral, and that's when I just couldn't do it anymore. The night afterwards, I snuck out through a window of the orphanage and I ran. And I never stopped running.

"You weren't in school at that time?"

If you mean a magical school, no. I turned eleven in the middle of the school year, so even though I still got my letter on my eleventh birthday like all kids, I wasn't able to actually start until the next year because of the way my birthday falls. So I wasn't in school yet.

"You said you lived on the street for a month after running away from the orphanage? How did you manage?"

I made it on my own. I hid in abandoned buildings for shelter, I learned how to scrap for necessities. Make my own food. It wasn't that good, but it was something. [A laugh, but it's very short-lived.] I stayed that way for a month before I ended up somewhere else.

"Somewhere else? Want to explain?"

After a while of running, I ran into a group of thieves. They spotted me before I got a chance to hide, so they chased after me. I... don't know why they did, I'm assuming it was to make sure I didn't see anything. But I had to start running for my life, so I ran as far as I could before I finally couldn't run anymore. They had finally cornered me near a river - I didn't have anything to defend myself. I didn't have anything on me, or around me I could quickly reach, and I didn't have a wand because I wasn't in school yet to have one. So I just backed up in fear, but there was only so far I could back up with a river right behind me.

I stepped back too far and slipped. Straight into the river. [There's a pause as she rolls her eyes and shakes her head, flicking one of her braided pigtails as she did so.] The current pulled me downstream, and it was too fast for me to stop myself. I ran into a rock or... something and passed out. I woke up on the bank the next day with a giant headache, and I... didn't know where I was.

"You have no clue where the stream took you?"

Not a clue. I just knew I was near some woods. I don't know how far I went or anything.

"What happened when you woke?"

I walked through the woods for a while. Looked for some sort of shelter or maybe even food. I really wanted a shower. [She giggles - actually sounding her age, for once, before she speaks again.] I was also looking for any sort of sign of where I happened to be. But there was nothing. Just a bunch of woods and plants. And... trees. Lots of them.

I ran into a dog, his collar had the name "Sam", so I assumed that was his name. He was friendly - let me pat his head before he ran off, and I followed after him. He lead me to an abandoned camp - one that I assumed belonged to whoever his owners were. People camped in the woods all the time, so it wasn't that weird. I don't know if they were camping out, or hiding, or what - or whatever happened to them and why they left their dog. There were no bodies or anything - just abandoned and a bit trashed.

"That's a bit odd."

Very. But - I was hungry, and needed shelter, so I was gonna take the abandoned camp while I had it. I found a knife on the ground, that I picked up for safety measures and, well, when you're living on the streets you never know when you might need one. I then looked for food. And, luckily, thanks to digging through the trash - there was an unopened can of beans. Not the greatest thing, and not the type of food I'd prefer, but beggars can't be choosers. I needed food. I'm glad I picked up the knife, because I needed it to open the can. Then Sam started begging.

"The dog, right?"

[A nod.] I felt bad. He was clearly hungry, and so was I, so I decided I was going to share with him. I lowered the can to give him half of it, and he just... attacked. I don't know if he was just really hungry and wanted it that bad, thought I was trying to attack him or what, but his teeth immediately latched into my arm. And it was so painful. I started screaming, dropping the can as I tried to pull his teeth out of my arm. Blood was pouring down my arm, and I couldn't pull him off and take the risk of him ripping my arm off or ripping something out with him latched on as hard as he was. I needed to loosen his grip first.

I didn't want to do it, but I needed to get him off my arm. [Her gaze looks down to her left arm.] I started punching him. As hard as I could, and I kept punching him repeatedly. Until his jaws had loosened from my arm enough, and when I managed to get him off, I kicked him and he was sent flying. My arm was... pretty tore open. There was a pretty nasty gash and it was still bleeding. A lot. I needed to go somewhere to get it fixed, I knew I did. I'd either die from blood loss or infection if I didn't.

[Her eyes never left her arm.] I went looking for the dog, and when I kicked him he... he... [She inhales a breath.] He landed on two pieces of metal. One went through his hind leg and the other went through his ribs. He was squirming, and whining, and I felt bad so I... took the knife I had and put him out of his misery.

"You killed him?"

I wasn't going to just leave him there. I wanted to put him out of his misery instead of just... leave him. I didn't want to. I didn't even want to punch him multiple times. But I had to get him off of my arm, as much as I hated hurting the dog like that. But I did, and feeling very heavy-hearted, I put him out of his misery. I love animals. I didn't... [A breath.] Want to hurt him.

"What happened after? Did you seek help?"

I tried. I walked through the woods for hours, looking for a road or a house or signs of any people for me to stop and seek help. There was nothing. My arm was severely wounded, and no amounts of holding my hand to it or my sleeve would stop the bleeding. The blood loss combined with the hunger and the fight for the dog was causing me to get exhausted. I almost passed out, falling back against a tree and finding myself unable to walk much more. But two people showed up, talking to me a bit before one of them noticed my arm and how weak I was and carried me to safety.

"People? Who were they?"

Luke and Pete. They were the first two people I met before the rest of the group.

"Were they friendly?"

A bit, yeah. They talked to me for awhile, before Pete assumed I was working for someone named "Carver".

"Carver? Who's Carver?"

[Her shoulders lift upwards, then fall.] At the time I didn't know. I told them I didn't work for Carver, that I didn't even know who Carver was. They started arguing over whether I was telling the truth or not. Luke believed me - Pete did not. They argued for a long while up until we made it to their cabin, in the middle of the woods. Any amounts of convincing I did to try and tell them I didn't work for this "Carver" didn't work. After a while, from the exhaustion and from still losing blood from my arm, I passed out. I woke up to find myself surrounded by a group of people, one of them being a heavily pregnant female. They were arguing over who I was - still mentioning this "Carver".

Carlos, their Doctor, starts examining my wound, all while arguing on if I was with Carver or not. They also didn't believe I was bit by a Dog. They thought I was attacked by somebody, or attacked by whoever this Carver was, and I ran off, which would lead Carver to them or I was attacked because I was with Carver and ran away. They were wrong on both accounts.

"Did they help you?"

[Her face immediately turns sour.] No. They didn't want to help me and risk "Carver's gang" or whoever attacked me to find me, which would lead to them. I didn't know at the time why they seemed to be hiding from Carver. They told me that I was going to sleep in the shed overnight, and that if no one came for me before the next day, they'd help me then. I tried to tell them my arm needed medical attention now. I wouldn't make it through the night if it didn't. I'd either die from infection or die from blood loss. They weren't having any of it. So I was locked in the shed.

I waited in the shed, until it just hit nightfall, and I pulled off a board that was being used to cover a hole in the shed. I climbed out, then snuck my way into the cabin through a gap that was beneath the patio. I then got myself inside. I overheard them talking, still deciding on "what to do with an eleven year old girl", but I didn't stay for long before I began searching the house.

"Search for what?"

Supplies for my arm. It had to be treated now - it couldn't wait until the next day. If they weren't going to help me, then I was going to treat it myself. That meant, yes, I was stealing supplies from them. But that's what they got for accusing me of working for someone I've never even heard of before and leaving me to die.

"So you were going to steal from them? Did you even know what you were doing?"

What else did you want me to do? [She leans forward in her seat, eyes glaring.] I needed to get the bite treated, or I wasn't going to make it to the next day. If they weren't going to help, I was going to do it myself. [She leans back again.] No, I didn't know what to do. Christa was a Doctor. She taught me somewhat how to stitch myself up, in the case no one was around or I didn't have a wand. Which, I didn't. I was going to at least try. It was better than bleeding to death.

I snuck my way into the bathroom, finding a first aid kit. I took out bandages, and a needle and thread. But there was one more thing I needed and it wasn't in there. Before I had the chance to get out, I heard someone else coming in. So I hid in the tub behind the shower curtain - luckily it was dark-colored. It was Rebecca. She was distressed, and while waiting for her to leave, I heard her talking. About the identity of her baby.

"Identity of her baby?"

Her husband, Alvin, was part of the group who I saw outside. But she seemed to be questioning if the baby belonged to him... or somebody else. I basically got unintentional blackmail. Rebecca... didn't like me. Once she left, I made my way to the bedroom across the hall. That's where I met Sarah.

"Who's Sarah?"

Carlos's daughter. I didn't meet her until that moment, only because I didn't know she was in there. She didn't come down with the group when they locked me in the shed, or when I was brought to the cabin. She was friendly enough, if a bit naive. Too naive. She was more naive than I was, and she was about two years older. Around thirteen.

She offered to help, as long as I didn't tell her Dad she helped me or that we even met. She asked if we could be friends - I was the only girl her age she's met in a long time, and it made me curious on just how long they've been on the run. I was very hesitant, but I agreed, if only because as much as I didn't want to admit it then, having someone my age around again would feel nice. I missed Duck.

I agreed to being her friend, and in return she gave me a bottle of peroxide. Why she had it in her room instead of it being in the bathroom was beyond me, but I took it with a thank you and a promise to not tell anyone she gave it to me. So since I had the supplies, I left in the same way I had came in and went back to the shed. Then came the painful part. That was one of the most painful things I've ever done. I've never stitched myself up before, and I wasn't at all prepared for the pain or anything. But it needed to be done.

I poured the peroxide all over my arm. And it burned. It burned so much, and there was some screaming from the pain. Yes, I know. [Holds up hand.] Dumping the entire bottle on my arm was not a way to go about it. I wasn't experienced. I didn't know what I was doing. I just knew I had to do it myself or risk dying because none of them would do it. Once I got over the initial pain, I threaded the thread through the needle, and without thinking twice - I stuck the needle into my skin. And I pulled it through. Then I put it back, and pulled it through again. I did that all the way down the bite until it was stitched shut. It wasn't the prettiest stitching ever - but it got the job done. All of the screaming in pain I did made everyone else run back outside. That's when they argued about me.

After I finally spoke up about how they left me no choice, I was allowed into the cabin where Carlos looked at my arm properly. He said I stitched it up pretty good - not the prettiest work, and definitely could have been done better, but I got the job done. He fixed the small amounts of stitching that were messed up, then bandaged my arm. I was wondering for the longest time why he didn't just use magic. I've heard it was easier to heal it that way. They were older adults, they had to have training in magic unlike myself. I didn't realize until a bit later that it was because they weren't magical at all.

"They were Muggles?"

They were Muggles. Every single one of them. And I didn't find this information out until about five days later, when Carver appeared.

"So you stitched up your own arm? By yourself?"

[She lifts her left arm up, back of her arm facing the interviewer and she pushes her sleeve up, revealing a pretty nasty scar that has zig-zag shapes through it that indicated the stitches.] It's not pretty, by any means, and the stitching wasn't any better - but it got the job done. [She pushes her sleeve back down.] That's just one of the few scars I've gotten over the years to show all the hardships I've had to deal with - at least before I got the hang of magic. Things are much easier when you have magic to use.

February 13th, 2014

[Clementine reaches for the lock, only to get stopped by the door pushing open.] "Hello there." "... Hello." "How are you?" "Okay. How are you?" "Well I'm doin' just fine, thank you. My family and I are set up a ways down the river. Kind of surprised we haven't run into each other yet. What's your name?" [Clementine's eyes move down to his side, where there's a wand strapped in place like a gun would be as he talked, before she looked back up at the older man at the door.] "I'm... Carley." [She's lying, using her dead Mother figure's name - but she didn't know the man and Lee and her parents taught her to not give information to strangers. Judging by his reaction, he didn't know a Carley.] "Carley. That's a sweet name." [Clementine's eyes narrow into an unamused and untrusting glare, making the older man's lips frown and his eyes narrow back at her.] "Mind if I come in, Carley?" [He pushes through anyway, making Clementine walk backwards.] "I've been out all morning and this heat has got me cooked." "Yes, I do mind." [Her eyes narrow into a more deathly glare, but the older man doesn't notice because his head is moving left and right, observing.] "This is a nice place. Is there anyone else around? You don't usually see cabins this big out here. Sure could pack a lot of folks in here." "I'm alone." "Really?" [His eyes narrow, seeming unbelieving.] "Yeah. I take care of myself." [Her arms cross, eyes narrowing again in warning and caution.] "Well, I'm impressed." [A few moments of silence before the older man speaks again.] "Well, I'll cut to the chase. I'm out looking for my people." [He walks around the room, observing, and Clementine's face falls back into a glare.] "Seven of them to be exact. They've been gone a long while and we're worried they might've gotten lost. Maybe you've seen 'em? Couple of farm boys and an old man. A Spanish guy and his daughter. Quiet girl, bit taller than you. Big, black guy." [He pauses, holding his arms out in a gesture to show a big belly.] "This big. And a pretty little pregnant lady." [Clementine knows who the people are, but refuses to give them up. She doesn't know this man.] "I haven't seen them." [She lies, and he looks suspicious for a second before looking like he believes her.] "Hm. Unfortunate." [He turns, walking into the kitchen, and Clementine has a worried expression on her face for a second before it goes back to blank and she follows him.] "Lotta plates for one person. It looks like a damn tornado walked through here." [He leans his back on the counter, and Clementine eyes him for a minute before trying to mimic his posture by awkwardly leaning her side against the island, legs crossed.] "I don't ever do the dishes." [Her eyes subtly flick sideways to the knife on the counter, before her attention draws back to the man.] "Hey, well, I don't either." "... Where do YOU live?" "I told you, just across the river. We're your neighbors."[i] [Her eyes narrow again.] [i]"How long have you lived there?" "A few months, give or take." [Her eyes flicker over to the knife again, only Carver notices it and quickly grabs it, moving towards her and holding it out.] "Where does this go?" [Clementine looks shaken for a few minutes, eyes wide before she points to a drawer.] "Uhm... over there. In the drawer." [The man puts it back, before exiting to go into the living room. Clementine looks nervous before she follows again.] "This is a really nice place. Nice and cozy." [Clementine rubs the back of her neck anxiously before the man notices a plaid shirt on the sofa.] "I know a guy that always wore shirts like this. Doctor. Real smug son of a bitch. But a smart man."[i] [Clementine's arm cross, eyes narrowing again while her head turns.] [i]"I don't care." "You know, you're not really polite for a little girl." "And you're not polite for an adult. This is MY house." [Her voice takes on a more stern tone, giving another death glare.] "Fair point." [There's the sound of stairs creaking.] "What was that?" [Clementine's shoulders lift in a shrug, before there's a sound of a door shutting as they both move upstairs.] "I thought you said no one was here?" "It's... probably just the wind." [The man pulls out his wand, and Clementine looks worried as they make it upstairs into the bedroom. She sees Sarah hiding under the bed, and her eyes widen before her arms quickly crossed and glared back at the man.] "I told you. Nobody's here." "Seems that way. Didn't mean to be rude. Couldn't just leave you here with a good conscious if someone's pokin' around, right?" "Sure..." [Her expression looks unamused and doubtful. He sees a picture of Sarah on the ground and picks it up, holding it out to Clementine.] "Who's this?" "Must be someone who lived here." "Must be." [Clementine glares again, while the man looks suspicious.] "You have no idea who these people are, do you?" "I don't know what you're talking about." "Let me ask you this. When you met 'em, how much did they trust you?" "What's your point?" "If people don't trust you, how can you trust them?" [Clementine glares again and says nothing as he looks around, before leaving the room and heading downstairs to go out the door.] "Well. I think I've troubled you long enough. I'll let myself out." "Don't come back." "You have a real good day now." [She glares after him as he leaves, before Sarah climbs out from under the bed and reunites with Clementine.]

Kenny had actually found us at some point during the few days I was there. He had been on the run for awhile, too, and found his new girlfriend, Sarita, at the same time. She was running from Carver, as well, so Kenny was on the run with her. He knocked on the door one day, saying they needed shelter, and the other members started arguing with him. When I heard the familiarity in his voice, I ran out - and there he was.

"He was alive?"

He was alive. All this time I thought he was dead. Thought that he hadn't made it, but - he did. Standing there, and seeing Kenny's face, seeing him notice me and smile was - it was a great feeling. It was someone I recognized, someone I was familiar with, someone I cared for and someone I knew cared for me. I was greeted with a hug - one of those big, warm one's you get from your Dad that make you feel protected and safe. I was... shocked. But at that same time, I was also happy, again. Knowing that at least one person had survived through all of that and had made it.

Me and Kenny spent some time catching up. He told me how he made it - after he distracted the wizards for us, he had just kept running. Eventually, he had met Sarita, and then they had to be on the run from Carver. I told him about Lee... about his death. He seemed upset that Lee ended up not making it - Lee was his best friend. We bonded - I told him about the group, he told me about Sarita, and we talked about "Carver" for a bit. It was nice, being able to catch up with Kenny. Nice knowing someone was still alive.

"So, who was the man that showed up?"

Carver. The man everyone was talking about. I didn't really know it then because he never gave me his name. I just knew Sarah was hiding - I took that as a sign he was bad news. I didn't find out until everyone got back that he was Carver.

"Where was everyone else?"

They had all left to go get some more food and things like that. Carlos told me to keep an eye on Sarah. I don't know why, because she was a thirteen year old girl who should be able to watch herself. Instead, he wanted an eleven year old girl to watch her. I guess that just shows how very... naive and innocent she was, needing to be babysat by an eleven year old. But, [Her shoulders lift in a shrug.] It was just us two while everyone else went off. Pete... wasn't with us more. He died by a coyote attack a few days ago. Nick had took it hard. There was one less member, but we were still a pretty large group.

"Did you know what he wanted them for?"

Not a clue. He just showed up, striking up conversation and asking questions. I managed to play him for a while, but he eventually figured out that I was lying. Sarah managed to stay hidden the entire time - he never saw her. Which was good. I didn't want to know what would've happened if he found her. He left afterwards, and then the rest of our small group came back about an hour after, bags of food and other groceries.

Sarah had immediately told them what happened, and they all thought it had to be this "Carver" guy. Luke and Carlos suggested we pack up and leave - I didn't know why, but we did, and after packing up what we could into backpacks for each of us, we immediately left. We didn't know where we were going - we just knew we had to leave.

We didn't notice them following us until we were surrounded. It was the man from before - Carver - and he had a few more people with him. They had followed us, and Carver had us all on our knees, hands behind our heads. He was doing an execution. His wand was out and pointed, and this was when I realized they were... all Muggles. He was a Dark Wizard. Rebecca - the pregnant one - had some sort of a fling with him, and Carver thought the baby was his. Once she realized he was a Dark Wizard, she had ran - as did everyone else. He ran some sort of camp, where he took Muggles and put them to work. I was... a bit scared. He must have thought I was a Muggle, I guess.

Alvin and Rebecca tried to talk with me about making some sort of plan - some way to escape. There really wasn't a way to escape. I convinced Rebecca, and all of us, to surrender. We did - but Kenny decided he wasn't going to surrender. He got up, started throwing out threats and Carver warned him to stop. He continued on. Carver executed Walter, killing him instantly, and threatened to do the same with Alvin if Kenny didn't surrender. It... was a stupid decision, but I guess I had a lot of bravery for a little girl, so I... ran in front of Alvin. When he pointed his wand at my neck, I begged Kenny to surrender. He finally did.

He ordered his people to take us "home" - wherever that was - and we were picked up one by one, dragged by the arm out and apparated elsewhere. That's when we were taken to his little "camp". And it... it wasn't a fun time.

February 16th, 2014

[Clementine walks upstairs to Carver's office, a crying Rebecca leaving his office at the same time.] "Rebecca?" "She's a strong woman, surrounded by weak men. I ain't lettin' my kid get raised around that." [His arms cross, before motioning inside.] "Get in here." [Clementine walks into the room and sees Alvin sitting in a chair in a cubicle, on the side of the door. She shouts his name as she runs towards him.] "Alvin! ALVIN!" "He passed out hours ago. He can't hear nothin'. No point in makin' a racket." "You're a bully." [Mumbled at first, eyes turning to glare at Carver when he speaks.] "Come again?" "You're just a bully... I know it wasn't a fair fight." [Her voice picks up - louder, more fierce, and glaring as Carver's arms cross again.] "Yeah, I suppose it wasn't. But life ain't fair most of the time. I wouldn't be so concerned about his well-being if I were you. Not with you being so close to the fire yourself. Now." [He looks at Clementine, before motioning to the desk, and Clementine very reluctantly takes a seat in the chair in front of the desk.] "You make sure and tell me the truth when you're sittin' where you are... and you won't end up over in that chair." [He gestures towards Alvin, before he begins pacing while he talks, and Clementine's eyes narrow into a glare.] "You might not believe this after what happened earlier, but... I liked Reggie. He was a funny guy. He kept things light. You need folks like that... it's easy to let depression sink in these days. But he was weak. And I don't mean just 'cause he was maimed, that wasn't his problem." [His hands fall on the desk, leaning in closer to Clementine as he speaks again.] "He was weak of will. Weak of character." [Carver pulls out the chair in front of Clementine, taking a seat into it as conversation continues.] "And we can't have that around here... not anymore. Not with what we've got at stake." [Clementine's eyes lower immediately into a glare before she starts yelling.] "You're a murderer! You can try and call it something else... but I know what it is. What it REALLY is." [Carver shakes his head and stands up, speaking again.] "Listen, Clementine. It ain't murder. You see, Reggie put us at risk with his incompetence. He's had a string of screw-ups lately." [Carver moves to the front near Clementine, taking a seat on the edge of the desk and looking down at her. Clementine continues glaring at him.] "Killing one in order to save many is part of survival. It's one of the tough decisions that a weaker person couldn't make. It's why it falls to people like us to lead them to safety. Do you understand?" [Clementine says nothing - her eyes only narrow more. Carver takes this moment to continue.] "Well, I wish it was different, I do. But they are weak... and we are strong. That's why it's our responsibility to Shepard the flock... to keep them safe. It's their nature to follow... not to lead." [Clementine's eyes fall to the ground.] "You know what I wish?" "What's that, honey?" [Her eyes lift up to glare at him.] "I wish Kenny had killed you." "And there's all the proof I need, right there. You think anyone out there'd have the balls to say somethin' like that?" "I'm not like you." "I know it when I see it. And we're more alike than you think. In fact, I think you realize it... but you're not comfortable with it yet. There's no way you could've lasted this long otherwise. I realized it back in that cabin. You were scared..." [His face leans in closer, and Clementine leans back as far as the chair allows.] "But you looked me straight in the eye. Kept your nerve. That's what we need if we're gonna get through this. The next generation has to be stronger than the last to... lead us out of this. Kids like you, raised the right way. The way my child'll be raised." "It's not your baby. It's Alvin's." "Well. Even if that was true, it's mine now. Right, now -" [Clementine's eyes glare again as his sentence cuts off by a voice calling him from something, and he leaves to go pick it up, Clementine glaring at him the entire time. Her eyes fall to something that looks like a microphone, before looking back up at Carver.] "Go on back out to the yard. It's almost supper time." [Clementine gets up, exiting without a word and heading back to the others.]

He was escorting us through the little... community, or whatever you want to call it. On the way, we all began whispering while they weren't looking about a plan. Some way to get ourselves away from there. I sided with Kenny about making a run for it. But the minute Kenny had tried to break his binds, I freaked out and admitted that I was scared. I didn't know who this man was. Why we were here. What he wanted. I was scared, and I told Kenny that, so Kenny gave up any ideas on trying to make a run of it, and we just followed along to where we were being lead. We were sent to some place they call the "yard" - it was where wrongdoers, or people who "broke the rules", were sent to spend their days until they did work or other tasks to get back on Carver's good graces. We didn't get to sleep in the houses or nice little beds - we slept in tents, raggedy bunks, or mats on the ground. Outside. It was like prison, only minus the jail cells, uniform, and guards all over. At least... I think it was like a prison. I've never exactly been to prison to find out. There were three other people already there - Mike, Reggie, and Jane. Mike and Jane... are the only people who really made it.

"This camp... or community... whatever it is you were brought to, tell me more about it."

I didn't know much. He really didn't explain anything to us. But it looked like some community of wizards who were using Muggles for slave labor. Until they "earned the right" to live among them. In order to do that, they had to follow orders and do as they were told and eventually they'd earn a spot on the community. That's... at least what I got out of it. We didn't stay there for very long, so we didn't really find out. We just wanted nothing to do with him or this little "community". And Carver wasn't exactly known for giving us any answers or any sort of information. So we... didn't know.

"Odd that he wouldn't give any sort of information or tell you guys why you were there."

Just a bit. But at the time I wasn't really focused on how odd it - and everything else - was. I just wanted to get out. The next morning I woke by Troy kicking me because Carver had an announcement. So we all got up and huddled together once Carver walked in. But I couldn't hear a word Carver was saying because Sarah kept trying to talk to me about her night. I told her to be quiet, told her to pay attention, told her that we could talk about it later but we really should be paying attention. But she wouldn't stop talking. I couldn't understand anything Carver was saying, and when Carver caught us, I tried to defend Sarah. I took the blame, but Carver didn't believe me. I don't know whether it was because I was that bad of a liar, or he actually liked me. He told Carlos to smack his daughter - said she needed to be disciplined. Carlos didn't want to do it. Carver threatened him. So Carlos... smacked her. Hard. Sarah started crying, and I know Carlos felt bad, but Carver ordered him to not apologize. Carver was... not a kind person. I figured that out quickly.

After that we started our "chores" for the day.


All of us were assigned specific chores of helping out the others who already "earned their keep". [Her fingers make air quotes.] That's how we earned our stay. By doing our chores everyday, and eventually we'll be let out of our little "prison" and be allowed to join everybody else. We were being used for slave labor, and in exchange we get food and a place to stay. It was... wrong.

I was taken to work with Bonnie, where we were cleaning wands of the other wizards who were there. She was a Muggle who had been there for a while, but had earned her keep. She told me that it wasn't that bad here, as long as you did what Carver said. I didn't agree. Being a slave for some wizard who thought he was superior than everyone else wasn't right. I didn't agree - but I didn't say otherwise.

I was only working with Bonnie for a bit before another girl came to move me to another job. I was sent up to the Greenhouse on the roof to work with Sarah and help Reggie. Reggie wasn't there, but Sarah was cowering in a corner - she was still in shock over Carlos hitting her. I talked to her, trying to ease her nerves, trying to help her out. She wouldn't talk to me - it was like I was talking to a brick wall. But I tried, up until Reggie showed up and told us what we were doing. We were "picking berries" from the bushes in the Greenhouse. Reggie only had one arm. I never asked him why he did, and he never told us. He didn't last that long.

He told us how to pick them, and then left us alone to get to work. I started picking them, and then noticed Sarah wasn't doing anything. She was still in too much shock. I knew I needed to do my own work, knew I should ignore her and let her face the consequences for not doing her own work. But I felt bad for her, and I had promised to be her friend when we first met. I was keeping my promise. So I abandoned my work, and went over there and helped her. I showed her how to pick the berries - gently - and then told her to follow me. I helped out, even though I knew I shouldn't have.

Reggie started panicking because I didn't get any work done, saying he'd "be in deep trouble". I didn't bother trying to explain that I was helping Sarah. Carver showed up, becoming angry because "Reggie failed his task" - although I don't know how he failed it when he was making us do it. I spoke up, saying it was my fault, but he just... waved it off. He always did that, every time I admitted it was my doing. I don't know why. He just favored me for some reason. He asked us to wait outside, so I grabbed Sarah's hand and pulled her outside. I asked her if she was okay, talking to her before Carver and Reggie walked out of the Greenhouse. Then we watched as Carver pushed him off of the roof.

"Pushed him off the roof? Why?"

[Her shoulders lift in a shrug, moving around in her seat slightly. She's been sitting for awhile now.] I don't know. He didn't say anything after he did it, only said "weakness" and "incompetence" would not be tolerated. I'm guessing that was his punishment for "not following the rules"? I didn't ask. I didn't have time. I only had time to comfort Sarah before I was shoved back to Bonnie. Only for Bonnie to give me a task of bringing supplies to the workers outside - they were apparently working on expanding.

"Seems harsh to push someone off of a roof as 'punishment'".

[She shrugs again.] On my way there, someone grabbed me, hand over my mouth and pulled me into a building. There was a lot of flailing for me to escape, and then when I turned around, I found it was Luke.

"Luke? He didn't go with all of you?"

Nope. He managed to escape as soon as we were brought in. I guess their security wasn't that good. [She grins, arms crossing over her chest as she leans back.] He wanted me to find him some walkie-talkies - something to communicate with. I gave him a hug, before running back out just as Troy started calling me. I was told Carver wanted to meet me in his office. So I headed straight there, and Rebecca came down the stairs crying as she did. I went in, and that's when our conversation happened.

"Why was Rebecca crying?"

I don't know. She never said. I'm assuming because she saw Alvin sitting in the chair in the corner, beat up and unconscious. But she never spoke on it. So I never asked.

"Can you explain further about your conversation with Carver? Why did he tell you all of this? What did it mean?"

He was looking for "strong people". People who had a strong will, were strong mentally. Apparently, Reggie wasn't "strong willed" enough, and that's why he died. He was saying Reggie had killed himself for not being "strong enough". That was bullshit and he knew it. He killed him for no reason at all. But - I didn't argue. I sat, and I listened, just like he wanted me to. He was a dictator. He wanted to control others, and for some reason - some reason I didn't understand - he liked me. He thought I was just like him. I wasn't. I wasn't anything like him, and I was never going to be. He was some Purist Pure-blood who thought he was superior than everyone else. He wasn't a nice man, and I knew I wasn't like him. I hated him.

He thought the Muggles were just supposed to follow us. Us "witches" were supposed to lead them. We were stronger, we were supposed to protect them. They were just supposed to follow us. His idea of "protecting" the Muggles were turning them into slaves for the higher-ups. It was... ridiculous. It was insane. And for him to think I was anything like him... [She stopped, closing her eyes and exhaling out a breath.] I told him I hated him. Told him I wasn't like him. That I wished Kenny would've killed him like he wanted to.

He wanted us "witches" to be raised the right way. Raised in a world of magic. Raised in a world of knowing magic. Wanted them to be raised knowing how to use it. Wanted the "new generation" to be superior against Muggles. He thought Rebecca's baby was his. That confirmed that Carver was the other possible identity of the father. I told him the baby wasn't his. That it was Alvin's.

"How did you know for sure it was Alvin's?"

I didn't. [She shrugs.] I didn't know who's baby it was. I just wanted to make sure he knew that there was no guarantee that baby was his. It seemed to not matter. He was going to take the baby either way. I... didn't want that to happen.

"How did he know you were a witch?"

I don't know if he actually knew. I think he just had a hunch, and was waiting for the time when I'd prove him right. Which never came, because I knew nothing about being a witch. I didn't have time to learn. He just... assumed. But he was very wrong in assuming I was anything like him. He got interrupted by someone talking to him, and our meeting ended, which had me whisked back to the yard with the others. I told them about running into Luke - but they already knew that. We started talking about a plan, to both get the Walkie Talkies and get out. Jane joined us - saying she's been living there a while. She knew the place like the back of her hand, so could help us out. So we talked it over, and then immediately set our plan into action afterwards.

There was a rope that Jane used to bring stuff to the roof - with help from Mike, I started climbing up it. But then a guard showed up, and I had to jump onto the ladder while the others distracted him. I made it up the roof, and climbed down from the skylight to where the Walkies-Talkies were - without being seen by Tavia. I waited until her back was turn, snatched two of the walkie-talkies, then climbed back to the roof through the same Skylight. I jumped off from the ladder, with Mike catching me, and showed them the walkie-talkies. We hid them, and then went to sleep. When we woke the next morning, I was tasked of bringing the talkies to Luke. It always fell to me for some reason. So, we were all taken to do our chores, and while in the middle of being escorted, Bonnie shows up and takes me to work with her. So my plan of going to find Luke took a slight detour.

Bonnie tried talking to me about Reggie and Carver and what happened. I didn't want to talk about Reggie. I didn't want to talk about either of them. I wanted to talk about anything but Reggie or Carver. I started becoming anxious, started panicking, and found anything to talk about but them. I told Bonnie how I didn't trust her. Didn't trust anybody. She allowed me to leave, and I went back to the place where Luke was. But he... wasn't there.

"Where did he go?"

Troy brought me back to the Yard, and that's when I saw Luke - captured and his hands bound, Carver standing next to him with his wand pointed. He held up the talkie, demanding that whoever has the second one give it up or he'd kill Luke. I was about to hold mine up - but Kenny snatched it from me, holding it up and taking the blame. He... didn't want me to get whatever punishment Carver was going to give out. And I found out why when Carver got angry and started brutally beating Kenny. Carlos was holding Sarita back up, keeping her from going to help Kenny. I couldn't stand there and watch Kenny get beaten, so instead of helping restrain Sarita, I ran up and tried to pull Carver's arm back from Kenny. As I did, Troy bashed me with something heavy - heavy enough to make a cut on my cheek. Carver only stopped beating Kenny to death when Bonnie showed up to break it off, warning about some people trying to escape and Carver had left to go investigate. Kenny... lost his eye from the beating. It was messed up pretty bad.

Bonnie fixed up my wound before saying she was going to help us escape. The next day, Kenny was unconscious. Carlos was checking him out to see if it was permanent or not while we all decided a plan. And, as usual, I was the one chosen to carry out the plan.

"What was the plan?"

I was going to sneak my way back in Carver's office and turn on the PA system. We were gonna use that as a distraction to make our way out, following Jane's instructions on a way out and how to do so. It seemed like a good plan that would go off without any problems, so as soon as Kenny woke up, we got started. I climbed the rope and made my way to the roof. Got into the office through the skylight, turned on the PA system, and sure enough all of his crew left to go search for the problem. Alvin woke up - telling me to take care of Rebecca and the baby. I tried getting him to come with us, but he refused. Instead - he sacrificed himself so I could quickly exit the office. He... was a nice man. He would have been a good father. [She looks down, staring at her hands in her lap.]

Of course, the plan didn't go as expected. I exited the roof to go into the stock room to meet them, as planned, and found all of them captured by Carver. Because nothing can go as planned, right? I stayed where I was, standing high up on some storage crates. I needed a distraction - needed to turn his attention away from the group. I did, by pushing over a box, and his attention turned towards me. Then I saw Jane pull out a wand. And she first took Carver's own wand from him, then used another spell. It was... one of the Unforgivable Curses. I don't remember which one, but it was one of them.

"Jane was a witch? Why didn't she do anything sooner?"

They took her wand when they brought her in. She was being punished for trying to help the "enemy" - which were the Muggles. She couldn't use wandless magic because she didn't want to freak out any of the Muggles who were there. When I came in, she knew I would be the one to help get them all out. They passed by the room where the wands were kept on the way, and she retrieved hers, and was able to use it to kill Carver.

Everyone but Rebecca and Kenny walked out as Carver was dying - I did, too. As much as I wanted him to die, I didn't want to stay there and watch it. So we walked back outside, and as soon as they were done, Rebecca and Kenny walked back out to meet us. But the rest of the group showed up and started firing spells at us - Jane managed to shield all of us with a shield charm so we could make our way out. Carlos died, and I had to shout at Sarah to start running instead of trying to go to her father. She wanted to mourn, and I get that, but now wasn't the time. Sarita was the second one to be hit, and I had to drag Kenny away by the arm. He got really mad at me and pushed me away, and I became caught in the middle of the firing spells and lost sight of where everyone went. I was alone again.

Even if they left me behind, I still didn't look back to go to any of the bodies. I just managed to meet up with Jane and Rebecca, and just ran until we had ran into the others again, or... something.

"Did you find them again?"

Eventually. Not after being separated for awhile.

February 20th, 2014

"We need your help. With Rebecca's baby." [She peeks over her shoulder, staring back at the room where everyone else, including the baby, were at.] "No one else knows what to do." "You know what it feels like to get beaten almost to death?" [Clementine's mouth hangs open, eyes widening as the words were exiting Kenny's mouth.] "Peaceful. It feels peaceful. It was like I was floating away, watching the whole thing happen to me." [She frowns, a deeply saddened expression at the fate of her closest friend.] "And then I woke up again, and nothin's changed. I'm still takin' a beating, every day." [His voice and expression get angrier, fist slamming into his hand.] "Duck. Katjaa. Sarita. No peace. No rest." "I know, it's hard. For everyone. But things will get better." "Why the Hell couldn't Carver just have finished me off? Obviously I ain't helping anyone by being here." [Clementine's expression turns to one of concern, taking one step forward to Kenny before stopping.] "Well he didn't, and you're still alive, whether you like it or not." [Her tone and gaze get harsher, just as Kenny starts speaking with heavy sarcasm.] "Oh, you're right. I guess I should be celebrating, huh?" [Clementine glares at his back.] "I'd throw a party, 'cept my guest list is lookin' a little thin these days." "There are people out there who are scared. Who don't know what to do. You could be helping them, but instead you're just... sitting in a dark room, feeling sorry for yourself." "'Sorry for myself'? The hell do you know, Clementine?" "I watched Lee DIE." [There's small drops of tears, and Kenny frowns for a split second.] "So don't be an asshole and pretend you're the ONLY ONE WHOSE LOST PEOPLE!" "I don't need to hear this shit." [He stands up, back towards Clementine.] "I can't even look at you right now." [He turns and pushes past Clementine, exiting the room as Clementine looks heartbroken.]

I met up with Rebecca and Jane first - the others had ran on ahead. We walked through the forest for a bit until we got farther enough away, but Rebecca started lagging a bit. She said the pregnancy was making her tired, and I was worried for her. We needed to get her somewhere safe - for the safety of the baby. We stopped for a few minutes to let Rebecca rest, before we finally met up with the others at the edge of a city that they had stopped at. With all of us together, we were able to continue - in good time, because Rebecca started having pregnancy pains.

"She went into labor?"

She did. We got up to the hospital in the area, and after that we were left just... waiting. All of us, waiting for Rebecca to give birth. Kenny was... depressed. After the events we went through, and after Sarita dying, he just... fell apart. He wouldn't talk to anybody, even me, and it took several more days before I could get him to start talking. Start explaining himself. But he... wouldn't. So I just waited with everyone else. Waited for the baby to be born. And, he was - it was a boy - but Rebecca died during childbirth. She lived long enough to see her son, and to tell the Nurse where she wanted him to go - and that was it.

"Wanted him to go? What do you mean?"

Alvin and Rebecca had no other family. She didn't want him to go to the orphanage, so she chose someone else to take him. She chose Kenny. Kenny had the most experience with babies out of all of us - he had Duck. She thought that, out of everybody, her son would be safe with Kenny. Legally, he'd have to go to an orphanage - but Kenny was able to "adopt" him from the orphanage and take him in. I was hoping having a baby around would lift Kenny's spirits up. Bring back the Kenny I knew and loved. It... took awhile, but eventually he picked back up. It took me yelling and cursing at him, to get his head up and tell him we needed help with the baby because none of us knew what to do, but he came back. He... apologized to me, but I was just glad he had went back to normal.

Jane had left a bit after Rebecca's birth and death - she never said why, but she came back a few weeks later. Bonnie and Mike left completely - we never heard from them again. We decided to name him Alvin Junior, after his father, and called him AJ for short. His middle name was Lee. I... wanted to honor Lee.

"That was sweet of you."

[She shrugs.] It just felt right to honor him in some way. He took such good care of me when he was around. It was only right. It was just me, Kenny, Jane, Luke, and AJ for awhile, until there was an... incident that got Luke killed.

"What incident?"

I woke up one night from the little apartment we were sharing because of the sound of banging. I didn't know what it was, so I stepped out quietly to investigate - maybe AJ was awake. I left my room and passed by the living room, stopping when I realized the sound was coming from there. So I made my way into the living room, only to freeze up at the sight of a robber. I was gonna try to make my way back to the bedrooms to wake Kenny and the others - only he saw me. He was a Muggle, as evident by the gun he was pointing at me. I held my hands up in surrender, doing what he was telling me to do, but Kenny had woken up and went into the hall. The robber panicked and pulled the trigger on the gun - hitting me in my right shoulder. I fell back on the ground and could see Kenny screaming, and from the corner of my eye I saw Luke running up to the robber and could hear Jane's wand being pulled and AJ crying - but I didn't see anything else before I had immediately passed out.

I woke to the sounds of Kenny and Jane arguing outside of the door, in a hospital bed. One of the Doctors in the room noticed me awake and came and explained what happened, calming me down before I could panic. After a few minutes, she let Kenny and Jane in the room and Jane was holding AJ, and Jane explained that the bullet went all the way through my shoulder. It'd leave a scar, but otherwise I was going to be fine as long as I was careful. That ended up being the last time I saw her, because she disappeared on us one night and never came back. Not that it matters - if she never had intentions to stay permanently, she could just leave. I had Kenny and AJ - I didn't need anyone else.

"So she just... left? What happened after she left? What happened to you, Kenny and AJ?"

We went on with life. I stayed with Kenny, and he rented a two bedroom apartment and found work again - like nothing happened. I stayed in the hospital for a few more days before I was released, and after I was I was extra careful doing things while the wound healed. Once I healed, I was able to be myself. Well... sort of. I was still distant and not quite as... lively as most children my age would be, because of past experiences, but I took up a big sister role for AJ. We lived a comfortable life, really - adjusted well. Of course, Kenny was a Muggle, so when it came to my magic he was clueless. But that summer, it... finally happened. I got accepted

"Happened? To a wizarding school?"

Yeap. I was going to Durmstrang - they accepted me. When I told Kenny about it, even though he had no idea about dealing with magic, he was excited for me. He went with me - and AJ came, too - to get the appropriate supplies I needed before the year started. He was clueless, but always pretended to understand for my sake. It was very nice of him to do so. So, we went and bought all of my supplies, and I hung out at the house until the year started. When it did, I left and was off to Durmstrang.

"What about the school integration? How was that?"

When I started my first year, the schools had JUST integrated. I didn't really need to... adjust to anything, but I heard some of the higher years complaining about the "joining of the schools" and the fact Quidditch and Clubs were cancelled for the year. I... didn't see the problem? But I didn't have to re-adjust to anything, and didn't have the chance to try Quidditch or any Clubs before they were cancelled because it was my first year. I adjusted quickly to the combining of schools - didn't make many friends, but that's because my distant and cold... persona made it hard to befriend me, I guess? I don't know. I was a bit of a loner, but the integration part didn't take very long to adjust too. I just knew there were three combined schools, and people from all schools came into the other schools for classes. Otherwise - it was fine in my eyes.

"How were the classes? Your grades? How did all that go?"

They went... okay. I wasn't really the best at any of my classes, and I had a hard time... adjusting.

"What do you mean?"

While I adjusted to the integration part easily, the magic I didn't. I didn't... have magic when I went through everything I did. When Lee died, when Carver kidnapped me, when I got bit by that dog - I didn't have magic. I didn't have a wand to be able to swoosh in the air and make things easier for me. I didn't have magic to rely on to make things less hard because I didn't know HOW. I lived like a Muggle. I was surrounded by Muggles, I lived around Muggles for so long - I did things like a Muggle because that's what I was used to seeing. What I was used to doing to survive. Even with Jane - there was only so much she could teach me without having a wand. I was used to the "hard" way - the "Muggle" way - not magic to make my scars magically disappear. To defend myself. Having MAGIC, and even knowing how to USE it, was incredibly hard for me. Depending on an easier way of doing things was hard when I've depended on the hard way for so long. Having magic was just... really hard to adjust to when I've been surviving without it, through all the hardships, like I did.

It took a lot of adjusting to get used to it. Through my entire first year I either needed help, or just... forgot that I had Magic and that now I could actually use it. Things would have been so much easier if I could have used it beforehand, but I didn't have it then. I messed up (and failed) a few of my classes my first year because I was just... so unused to it. But come second year, I got better, I grew more accustomed, and then in my third year I made it to set one. It took... A LOT of time, and I'm certain the teachers were SO frustrated with me with all the help I needed and stuff... but I got it, in the end.

"Besides the trouble of using your magic, how did the rest of schooling go?"

Well, besides being bad at magic, it went as well as it could. I didn't have much friends, but I guess it's hard to befriend someone who keeps herself distant and... cold. I went to my classes, I worked as hard as I could and studied as much as possible despite being kind of bad at it, and that was it. I managed to explore the other schools a bit (with some sneaking out), and my year just... went on like that. It was boring, compared to how my life was up to this point - but I wanted it that way. It was... much better. Happier. I was happier.

June 20th, 2015

[Clementine's head is against the glass of a vehicle, blinking groggily as she wakes herself up. She picks up her head, blinking in front of her and noticing how the car crashed into a tree. There's pain above her right eyebrow, and she lifts her fingers to touch it, wincing as she pulls back and notices blood. She doesn't know how long she was out. She hears the sound of crying, and she panics, whipping around.] "AJ?!" [AJ is noticeably safe, and she sighs in relief.] "Oh, god. You're okay." [She looks towards the driver seat, and she panics again seeing it empty.] "Kenny?!" [She sees the glass in the passenger side window is broken, and sees Kenny laying on the road. She rushes out, getting on her knees next to him and grabs his hand. Kenny's head turns slowly.] "Oh, shoot! Are you okay, Kenny?!" "I'm fine! I'm fine!" [He pushes himself up.] "Is... AJ okay?" [Clementine nods her head, looking worried.] "Shit. Help me up." [Clementine grabs his arm, trying to pull him up, but Kenny immediately falls on his back. Clementine looks worried.] "I don't... I don't feel anything." "Th-that's good..." "No... Clem, I don't feel... anything. I... I can't feel my legs. I just... can't get up..." [Clementine's face falls into deep worry, trying to keep another panic attack from happening.] "Just give it a second. Maybe... maybe they'll work." [Kenny's head shakes.] "No, Clem. I don't... shit. This ain't gonna work, Clem!" [Clementine immediately starts crying.] "I'm not gonna make it very far, Clem. Not without my legs. I want you to take AJ, go find an ambulance, or a hospital, something. Take care of yourself and him." "AJ will be safe with me." [She's sobbing, almost incomprehensible words as she stands up.] "I'll take great care of him. I promise." "I know you will, Clementine. I wouldn't trust AJ with anybody else." [Clementine runs back to the car, pulling AJ out and holding him close. With clenched teeth, she immediately runs off, crying harder.] "AJ... come on!"

I went through my first year without any problems. Minus being... kind of bad at magic, and failing some of my classes because of it, it went generally well. I got to go home on the holidays to be with Kenny and AJ, and while Kenny's eye never got better, we were still happy. We were like a weirdly made family. I was happy again, and it was... nice. But as all good things that happened in my life, at some point, they had to come to an end. And it happened that summer.

"What happened?"

Kenny... got in a car accident. He was taking us on a vacation, for a vacation, and it was raining. He was driving a bit too fast, and the car slid on the wet road. It spun out of control, and while Kenny tried to get it back in control, he couldn't control the wheel. The car crashed directly into a tree, and I passed out for like ten seconds. My head hit the window, and the glass cut my head. [Her fingers reach up, touching the scar above her right eyebrow.] That's how I got this. There wasn't any glass stuck into it or anything, it just left a very nasty cut, and eventually, a scar. [She lowers her fingers.] AJ was crying, and I looked back to check on him. He was fine, but Kenny... was gone. He wasn't in the driver's seat. I looked through the window to see him laying on the road. For a moment... I thought he was dead.

"But he wasn't."

[She shakes her head.] He woke up a few minutes after I got there, but he couldn't move his legs. He couldn't feel or move the lower half of his body, and... and I didn't know what to do. I was devastated. I couldn't lose Kenny - I wouldn't lose Kenny - I didn't want to lose Kenny. Part of me almost wanted to try and heal his legs - use the healing magic I've been told we could do. But I was bad at magic, I knew I was, and I didn't want to take the risk of making it worse. So I stayed there with him, until he told me to grab AJ and run to find help. I knew leaving him there was a pretty bad idea, but he was persistent about me leaving. I wanted to pick him up, to carry him, to drag him back to the car - but he told me to grab AJ and leave. So, I pulled AJ out of the vehicle, and I ran in tears to go find help.

Kenny was taken to the hospital, and my head wound was seen about. It wasn't anything too bad, so after checking me out and checking AJ, we were sent to wait in the waiting room while they worried about Kenny. I tried calming myself with AJ - bouncing him, talking to him, anything to keep my thoughts off of the fate of Kenny. We were waiting for hours, but it felt like days before I was finally given some sort of answer on what happened to him.

"What happened to him?"

I... I don't know.

"What do you mean you don't know?"

Being in a Magical school that had my name registered apparently meant that the Orphanage I ran away from was able to find me. I begged them to let me stay, but with the state Kenny was in, they didn't think that was a good idea. If he did make it, there was a large chance he wouldn't be able to walk again, and by time they got to him he was unconscious. They weren't even sure if he'd wake up. I was going to be sent back to the orphanage, and AJ was going to go to one, too. They wanted to separate us... because I was going to a magical orphanage and AJ was a Muggle. It took begging for me to convince them to let me at least be able to visit AJ. Lots of begging. But they allowed us to at least see each other, and we were put into separate orphanages. I wasn't eager to go back to the orphanage life, and I still snuck out. But it was never for more than a few days before I was brought back home, threatening to take AJ away from me if I did it again. I'd wait a few weeks, do it again, get found a few days later. They were keeping a closer eye on me because of my sneaking out the first time. But I was... tired of being an "orphan". Living in an orphanage. And I still didn't bond with the other kids.

But I was stuck. It was still the summer so it's not like I had Durmstrang I could stay in. During one of the nights I snuck out - one of the older kids there always helped me, they knew how to bypass the magical security. They also tried to cover for me, at least until they figured out I had help. I did run into a girl named Ava. She was part of some group who called themselves the "New Frontier". [Her hands lift up to make quotation marks.] She noticed the fact I was a runaway, and offered for me to join this... gang, or whatever it was you called them, but I was hesitant. I didn't want to do anything that would risk me losing AJ, but she told me they could arrange for me to still be able to see AJ. I didn't know how they were gonna do that, but I had accepted to join this... "group" - they were mostly wizards, so I at least didn't have to worry about hiding anything from them. But whoever joins the New Frontier, gets branded.


[She lifted up the sleeve of her left arm, revealing a red, burn brand symbol on her forearm.] They branded all of their members that way they'd know who were part of it so no strangers come in and also as part of the "initiation". They were nice, at first. What I didn't realize until later was the reputation that they had - it wasn't a very good one. They had the reputation for stealing, and vandalism, and the moment I found that out, I had left. I didn't want to get involved in all of that, I just wanted a safe place to stay that wasn't the orphanage - and I thought that was it. But I ended up getting kicked out for "defying the rules", anyway. So I went back to the orphanage, where I got a stern lecture, but got accepted back.

July 15th, 2015

"Did you think I'd just give him up?! AJ means everything to me! I'd do anything to keep him here, I don't want him to leave!" [She holds AJ tight against her chest, his head on her shoulder.] "We can't let you see him anymore, Clem. We're sorry." "He's the only person I have left! He NEEDS me! You can't take him!" [She's practically screaming at them, holding AJ tight against her and trying desperately not to make him cry.] "He NEEDS me!" [She repeats as if that will help.] "He doesn't need you, Clem, you just think he does. Now come on, Clem, he can't stay with you. Hand him over." [The other person speaking is holding their arms out, but this just makes Clementine start backing farther away.] [i]"No." [Her head is shaking.] "Get out of my fucking way. Right now! You can't take him!"[i] [i]"Let him go, Clem." [AJ is yanked from her arms as Clementine is pulled back by her arm by another person, AJ beginning to cry as soon as he was pulled from Clementine.] "Nooooooo!!" [She screams out, reaching for AJ and yanking her arm away, tears starting to fill her eyes.] "You monsters!!! You can't take the only thing I have left from me!!" [Her voice is shaking, trying to keep herself from crying.] "You can at least say goodbye, Clem. We owe you that much." [Taking deep breaths, she walked over to AJ, grabbing onto his small hand and giving a smile.] "I love you, goofball." [She leaned in to kiss his cheek.] "I love you." [Turning around she began walking, only to hear AJ speak. "Clem..." [Looking over her shoulder to see AJ reaching over, she turned back around, sniffling and walked away.]

[She inhales a deep breath, her eyes closed. The interviewer waits, giving her a few moments to wait until she's ready.] I'm - I'm good.

"Are you sure? We can stop."

I made it this far, I should just continue. [He nods, and Clementine breathes in once more before continuing.] He was taken away from me the month after I had met the New Frontier. Because of the Magical/Muggle thing they were told he couldn't see me anymore. I tried to fight - I did, but they had rules to follow, and they had to follow them. They looked upset at needing to take him away from me, but they had no choice, they had to. That... was the first time AJ talked was by saying my name. As I was walking away, hearing my name leave AJ's mouth hurt me. My heart broke in two, but I couldn't go back no matter how I wanted to, so I just walked away, trying to ignore the way AJ's voice trembled or how he cried when he was ripped from my arms. [Her gaze moved down to her lap, staring at her hands.] That was the last time I've seen AJ since. Now, I... I don't know what happened to him. If he's still there or what.

"I'm sorry."

[Her head shakes, hand reaching up to wipe at her eyes.] It's fine. This is just my life, I'm used to it. I'd just like to know where he is and how he's doing, you know? He was like a little brother to me. I miss him. A lot. He... was supposed to be the one who stayed.

After that, I just became more distant than I was before. I was mad at everyone for taking AJ away. He was all I had left. But I was stuck at the orphanage, and with no AJ to make me stay put, I ran away more often than I did before. I hated it there. I didn't want to be there, didn't want to be an 'orphan'. I didn't bond or be friends with any of the kids - I didn't want to be there. But I didn't want to live on the streets again, New Frontier kicked me out, and I had no where else to go. But... I did meet people during one of the times I had ran away. I guess you could sort of consider them friends.

It was about a month before school started back up, and it was one of my many nights of sneaking out. I ran into Javier while I was there, and I was very cold and kind of rude to him. He asked me for help in finding his family - his girlfriend and his niece and nephew, who he lost while they were heading home when they were attacked. I kept denying him, telling him I had better things to do, I wasn't interested, to go somewhere. But after awhile I eventually gave in, promising to help him find his family and in exchange he'd keep it a secret that I had ran away again. He gave me the last location he saw them, and I left to try and go help him find his family. Why he trusted a child like me - I don't know.

By time we found them, the people who attacked them had already left - but not after killing his Niece, Mariana. [Clementine visibly frowns.] We discovered later that they were members of the New Frontier. I was lucky that they had left before we got there, because if they would have recognized me, I - I don't know what I would have done. His girlfriend, Kate, was injured, so after grabbing him and his nephew Gabriel, I helped him carry her over to a hospital. I... also found out later that was actually David's wife. One of the "Councils" of the New Frontier. The people who help run the place.

Kate came out fine. Her leg was injured, but otherwise, she was fine. I went with them to help bury Mariana, and afterwards, Javier told me how he saw one of the attackers with a tattoo. I knew what the "tattoo" was - I had the same one. I debated whether to tell him this or not, but I admitted who they were and that I knew them. He wasn't angry - just shocked - and asked if there was anything we could do to stop them. I didn't know. We started by going to talk to David, and he didn't know about anything that was going on with the gang. The "reputation" I talked about wasn't actually a reputation - it was just a group of teenagers who were rebelling by vandalism and stealing, and Mariana had died on accident - the kid didn't mean to do it. David didn't know that was going on. I pointed out who the kids were to him - I had got in a fight with one of them over it, that's how I got kicked out - and the kids were kicked out. That's when I got accepted back in, after Leadership of the New Frontier was passed over to Javier.

"Why Javier and not David?"

David and Javi had... issues. I didn't like David, and Javi's relationship with his brother was... poor. I didn't know the details, but they didn't get along all too well, especially when David noticed Kate was with Javier. David was... temperamental. He had anger issues, he was rash, they didn't think he was fit to take over the New Frontier. It came down to a vote, and Javier was the one that was chosen. David pouted, but didn't argue. That was that. Under Javier's rule, New Frontier was ran better and the teens kept better in line - they still branded people, were still a gang, but more of the good variety. They took in runaways, people who needed a home, or just in general people who wanted friends. I... went back to the New Frontier. Well, when the orphanage would let me visit them, anyway, and things... were looking up.

September 18th, 2015

[Clementine is sitting in a chair, hat placed on the table and swinging her feet. Javier was behind her, pair of scissors to her hair.] "I used to do this for my niece." "That's nice of you." "She thought I was terrible at it." [Clementine's tone takes on a hint of amusement, the first time in awhile.] "Were you?" "None of your business." [Javier matches her amused tone, clipping away at her hair.] [Clementine looks down to her hands, staring at them before she speaks again.] "I'm really gonna miss, Gabe. I mean - he's super annoying sometimes, but... I've gotten used to having him around. At least, to have someone to talk to. Even if he is a total dork." [Javier grins.] "Not that he said anything to me in-particular, but... You know the guy's got a mondo crush on you, right?" [Clementine gasps, her head pulling away from Javier's scissors to turn to the side.] "Agh! He does not!" [Javier makes a mock gasp, eyes widening.] "Oh my gosh, you have a crush on him, too!" [Clementine's head ducks, trying to hide the blush.] "I do not!" [She's obviously defensive, and Javier laughs.] "Ah, well, you both have my blessing." "I'm going to stab you with those scissors!" [She jokes, letting out a laugh as Javier continues cutting and they start idle talk.] "You'll be missed, Clem. By all of us." "I'm gonna miss all of you, too." "Just make sure to write us everyday, alright?" "As long as you guys do the same, I will. I promise."

"How was your relationship with Javier and his family?"

Javi was nice. I didn't trust him at first, but as I hung around him more, he became a friend. He loved his family, and was protective and caring. He filled a sort of... older brother role. One I didn't know I needed until I started trusting Javier more. I eventually told him everything - my parents, Lee, Kenny - and he was sympathetic, but made sure to get the point across I was always welcome in the New Frontier. I'm thankful for that.

David was... well, I talked about him a bit already. He was temperamental, and had anger issues. Him and Javi didn't get along that well, and his relationship with Kate was strained since she got with Javi behind his back. His niece was gone, his own nephew wasn't a fan of him... part of me felt bad. But I wasn't much of a fan of David, either. We had our issues, and I was friends with Javi. If Javi didn't like him, neither did I.

Kate was sweet. She was someone I talked to when I had... "girl issues"... or girl problems, since there wasn't very much other females I knew well enough to talk to. Like Javi, she took on a sibling role. She was like the older sister I never have, and I was glad she recovered from the surgery well enough to be able to move around again. She was a good Mother figure to Gabe - and Mariana, when she was alive - and she was good for me to talk to when I needed to talk specifically to a female.

"What "female issues" are you referring to?"

[There's a nervous laugh, fidgeting in her seat a bit.] Just... some girl stuff I had going on that I didn't know about or understand that she helped me with. I don't want to discuss it. It's... awkward.

"Alright. Now the last person is Gabriel. Tell me about him."

[She smiles - a soft, genuine one, before her cheeks turn a light tinge of pink and she looks down at her lap.] Well - Gabe is my age. He's a year older, but close enough. It's been awhile since I've met someone my age, so meeting Gabe was nice. He's... nice. A little bit moody and has a bit of an attitude, but don't most teens? [The interviewer shrugged his shoulders, giving a simple nod before Clementine continued.] He's a little bit of a dork, and a little bit annoying, but... I liked him. We were friends - good friends. Closest person I'd ever consider to be a friend really. I still see him whenever I go home and stuff, but. I... still miss him, sometimes. He taught me how to play Euchre - a card game.

"Javier accused you of having a crush on him. Is that true?"

[Her head shoots up, eyes wide and her blush darkens. She immediately gets defensive.] N-no! I do not!

[The interviewer raises an eyebrow.] "Are you sure? You're getting flustered."

Yeah, I'm sure! It's not a crush. He's just a... a friend. That's all. [Her arms cross, trying to stare at him with a stern expression, but the blush is still there.]

"Okay, okay. We'll move on." [The interviewer laughs slightly.] "What happened after... everything?"

Well. Life went on, basically. That conversation with Javier was my last one before I went back to start my second year. He was cutting my hair - I asked him to. Lee always did it for me because I liked my hair short. Javi was an older brother to me, so I wanted him to do it. We talked - about Gabe, and about a bunch of other things. After that, I stayed in the new orphanage a few more days before I went off to start getting supplies. Then I went start second year.

"How did second year go?"

[A shrug.] Similar to my first. I was slowly getting a bit better at magic, once I started staying after-school for classes so I could get better. That, and I promised Javi and Gabe I'd do my best and try to pass all of my classes, so I was putting my all into it. Clubs and Quidditch were available this year, and so I had actually took a few Clubs. I took Dueling and Book Club - pretty fun. Both of them. I'm still in them, now, in my third year.

"Do you enjoy the clubs?"

[Clementine shrugs.] I do. It's something to do and something to keep my mind distracted for... whatever reason it needs to be distracted. Book Club is quiet, except for the occasional conversation about the book we're reading. Dueling isn't as quiet, but it's active and... fun. I do enjoy them both.

"So your second year went by without any problems?"

Pretty much. Compared to the last few years, it was... boring, I guess? Not that I minded. Boring was nice. I went back to the orphanage on breaks and during that summer, but otherwise it was easy sailing. As the year progressed, I got a better handle on using magic, to the point I got bumped to first set in my third year - current year. Things were getting... better. Slowly.

Current Time

"I will find you, AJ."

"So, you said your second year was boring. Literally nothing happened?"

Things happened, but compared to my previous life, it was boring, yeah. This was my first year taking Ancient Studies, and I didn't know Thel was teaching it until after. I didn't know who he was at first, until he introduced himself. Then from that point... I just hated him. I still hate him, now, during my third year. Still angry at what he put me through. How he made me an orphan.

"Why are you still in his class, then, if you still hate him?"

Because I like the class. I'm not gonna quit just because I hate the teacher. I love the class, just... not him. So I deal with it, as much as I'm not too keen on having to see him everyday.

"I hear you got adopted in the middle of the second year? By the Minister?"

Not really much of an adoption, he just... fosters me. I'm not actually adopted. But yeah, I live with the Minister. He pulled me out of class and talked to me, because he knew I was staying in an orphanage and knew I was "problematic", [Her fingers make air quotes.] Because of my sneaking out. He gave me the offer to live with him, and I was asked for a few days to think it over. He came back, and I had made my decision. I agreed. So I was helped with moving my stuff in, got to meet some of my new "siblings" and gained a few more over my time there. [She shrugs casually, shifting in her seat again.] I've been staying there since then.

"What's living with the Minister like?"

Nothing special like you're thinking. He doesn't... interact with us much. Occasionally checks in to see how things like... school grades and stuff are going, but otherwise he's not very involved. His Mother takes care and interacts with us, and she's... cool. She's very Motherly, and it's nice having that feeling again, but it's nothing extravagant. I just live there and kind of... do my own thing.

"What's your opinions on him releasing Edward Nygma from Arkham to work with him?"

I don't want to talk about that. [Her arms cross, leaning back.] Can we move on?

"Okay. Sure. Since you won't talk about him, want to tell us about your siblings?"

They're not really my siblings, but I guess I can do that. [She shrugs, sitting up straighter before she starts speaking.]

Klarion is the oldest, but I don't... talk to him much. He's a bad weird - talks like he's an Alien from another world or something, and he gets mad when you call his cat... a cat. I guess he's okay, compared to some of the others, and he was very welcoming when I arrived there. He's just a little bit... odd. More than a little. He's very odd, and sometimes it... makes it hard to really talk to him.

Evan is... she's okay. Sometimes she gives off a vibe of being better than everyone else because she lived on the streets. It doesn't make her that special - I lived on the streets a bit, too. She's close to the Nygma guy, from what I can tell, but I don't talk to her much, either. I tend to distance myself from everyone there, but she's at least not as weird as Klarion is. Just... I don't know. Full of herself, I guess? I can't find another word to describe her.

Asuka... I don't really like Asuka much. [Her arms cross again.] She's annoying. Anytime we're in the room, all we do is argue about who knows what. She believes she's the most adult person out there, but she's really not. I'm more mature than she is and I'm younger than her. I normally try to avoid her to the best of my ability, but it's hard. We hardly ever have a civil conversation, and she's just... annoying. So I avoid her.

Lastly is Bruce. He's... quiet, a bit like me. He doesn't really talk to me, and he's close to my age, but we don't really... speak. We give an occasional "hello" when we pass in the hall, and that's it. He does his own thing, and I do mine. He's more on the quiet side, so talking with him is easier than everyone else. But I never do much talking to anybody. I still... keep myself distant.

"Sounds like an interesting bunch."

[She shrugs again.] I guess so.

"Since you've been in the magical world for a few years now, have you thought about healing your scars?"

I tried healing them myself. But I wasn't experienced enough, so because of that, I didn't know what I was doing. I messed up. So instead of getting rid of them, I just made them permanent. [A shrug.] So now I'm stuck with them.

"One more question, then I think we're done. You're in your third year - how is it so far, and do you have any plans?"

It's going fine. I was bumped to set one! [A smile - she seems proud of that.] I'm still trying hard in my classes, still a bit distant. Still... in Ancient Studies. [She huffs.] My life isn't as bad as it was a few years ago. I'm... doing better. Sort of. As for plans, the only thing I have... is getting AJ back. Bringing him home to me where he belongs.

"How are you gonna find AJ?"

I don't know. I just know I am going to find him and bring him home. No matter what it takes.



Name: "Clementine" is her canon name from the game, but that's the only name we were given. We were never told a middle or last name, so those were left to me. "Georgia" is her given middle name from her parents, which is after her birthplace in the game "Macon, Georgia", and her Dad's birthplace here, that she kept, and "Everett" is the last name of the Protagonist in the first game, who took care of her and kept her safe throughout the game, Lee Everett, and who was her adoptive father here. She has two middle names, because while "Everett" was her last name while she was adopted, Lee was really the only other parental figure she had in her life, so I feel like she'd want to honor him. Thus, I made "Everett" her second middle name not only in honor of the character, (RIP Lee), but also because while her name was "Clementine Georgia Everett" after she was adopted, I feel like when he died she probably added his last name as a second middle name to still have him as a part of her in some way since he did raise her as much as her parents did. Finally, "Hutchinson", which is her parents last name, comes from her voice actress Melissa Hutchinson.

Face Claim: Honestly, I was stuck between Madison Pettis and Amandla Stenberg. I finally went with Madison, because while Amandla would have fit a baby Clementine PERFECTLY, I felt Madison fit more for the pre-teen Clementine. A lot of Amandla's pictures and gifs make her look too young or too old, while Madison seems to always look thirteen. She has a larger gif range, and more pictures from when she was around 13-14 due to being in a few Disney channel shows. I also wanted someone who looked young yet also could pass as mature for her age, and somehow looked older at the same time. Clementine was 13 in canon, but looked more 15-16 due to stress from the apocalypse, so I went with someone who could pass as both ages. I'm also in love with Madison's curls, which Clementine actually has canonly (when her hair isn't in pigtails or cut short). She also has A LOT of sassy gifs that fit her personality, and I think her appearance fits quite well. (I was also going for "deceptively cute" for Clementine because she's adorable but it's very deceptive because she can bite your hand off, and Madison is adorable as well). Thanks to Claire, she also has a nice little picture with her forehead scar from Photoshop. (Face claim will probs change once she reaches actual teenage years - like 15-16).

Class: I chose Set 1 because in the game, Clementine was always a very intelligent and mature girl for her age, even in the first game when she was only about 8. She was able to improvise in situations (example being in episode 1 of the first season, "A New Day", when she helped Lee close the door with his Dad's cane when the walkers start closing in). She was also able to pick up on subtle things at a young age most kids wouldn't, and wasn't quite as oblivious to the surroundings like some kids her age would be, (an example being in episode 2 of Season 1, "Starved for Help", when Clementine admitted that she knew her parents were gone, but wanted Lee to say otherwise because it was more comforting to hear). She was always a quick-learner, and adapted quickly to the zombie apocalypse (in episode 3 of Season 1, "Long Road Ahead", Lee taught her how to use and shoot a gun and she learned very quickly. Another example is episode 4 in Season two, "Amid The Ruins", when Jane teaches her how to quickly and quietly kill zombies, and loot their bodies for any useful supplies). She also figured out how to do things quickly when it was a demanding situation, (example being in episode 1 of Season 2, "All That Remains", when she stitched up her own arm after a dog attack leaving a huge open gash because nobody else would do it, believing her to have been bitten by a Walker and locking her in a shed until the morning where they would "fix it if she didn't turn", and she would bleed to death if it wasn't healed, so she stitched it herself to avoid dying from blood loss or from infections). Throughout all three games she was very intelligent, learning quick and picking up on things quickly, especially who to trust and who not to trust, so I feel Set 1 works for her because I feel like she'd learn well in her classes and would definitely make some good grades.

Blood Status: Due to plotting purposes with Claire (thank you Claire!), I made her a Pure-blood because of that (It made it easier to decide her blood-status because I'm lazy /shot). She much prefers the Muggle way of doing things, but she IS a Pure-blood. That and the fact she just, Idk, gave me a Pure-blood vibe. xD

Wand: Her wand was a difficult choice for me, but I finally went with Blackthorn for the wood. From the Harry Potter wiki, Blackthorn is described as; "a very unusual wand wood, has the reputation - in Garrick Ollivander's opinion well-merited - of being best suited to a warrior. This does not necessarily mean that its owner practices the Dark Arts (although it is undeniable that those who do so will enjoy the blackthorn wand’s prodigious power); one finds blackthorn wands among the Aurors as well as among the denizens of Azkaban and Death Eaters.

The wands made from this wood appear to need to pass through danger or hardship with their owners to become truly bonded. Given this condition, the blackthorn wand will become as loyal and faithful a servant as one could wish". Clementine has been through several different hardships, both before and after she got her wand, and she could most definitely be described as a "warrior". She's been through a lot of hardships and came out strong throughout all of it, and can be described as a warrior for that alone.

Phoenix Feather is described as; "This is one of the rarest core types. Phoenix feathers are capable of the greatest range of magic, though they may take longer than either unicorn hair or dragon heartstring cores to reveal this. They show the most initiative, sometimes acting of their own accord, a quality that many witches and wizards dislike.

Phoenix feather wands are always the pickiest when it comes to potential owners, for the creature from which they are taken is one of the most independent and detached in the world. These wands are the hardest to tame and to personalize, and their allegiance is usually hard won". This pretty much describes Clementine. She acts on her own accord, not because she was told to but because she wants to. She's not exactly "detached" from the world, but she's very independent and has been from a very young age, and like the Phoenix feather itself, earning her loyalty is a task in itself because she does not trust easily.

Boggart: Her Boggart is something that was shown, subtly, through the third game, just in different words. Everyone she's known and has been close to has either died, or disappeared in some way, or just straight up left, so her fear is just having more people up and leave her like everyone else did. Her parents by dying, her adoptive father by dying, her friends, everyone she's cared for having left in some form, so it's always a present fear of everyone leaving her.

Patronus and Memory: Another thanks to Claire for helping me out with this! Her Patronus is a leopard because it is said to have these virtues: "Independence, fearlessness, bravery in the darkness, survival skills, intelligence, shape shifting, and dignity". Clementine is very independent, believing that nothing good comes from being in a group, that everyone either dies or leaves you and causes those bonds you make to hurt, and usually stays to herself unless it's a necessity to get help from others. She's been proven to be fearless on a large number of occasions, never backing down from danger and even willing to put herself in danger if it's someone she cares deeply for. She has been a survivor, gaining survival skills due to her past and doing whatever it takes to survive in hardship and stay alive. She's heavily resourceful, relying on her surroundings, and willing to defend herself to survive with all the hardships she'd been through. As mentioned previously, she's a really smart girl who learns quickly. She's willing to put on a false persona if she has to protect herself and people she cares for, which is where shape-shifting comes in. She's also hella persistent and stubborn. All in all, leopard fits her pretty well.

Dementor-induced Memory: Okay, so, basically the Memory is two of the worst moments in her life. (The worst, because she's had a lot of bad one's). She has two of them because they're equally the same on the "worst" scale because it was the death of all three parental figures. The first is when she was 8, and when she was told by the police that her parents "were gone and they weren't coming home". The other one happened a bit later, when her adoptive father was attacked and murdered right in front of her. Of course, there's several other bad memories she has that could be pulled out and used against her, these are just the two she considers the "worst" and that would have the most reaction.

Mirror of Erised: This is also something that's been mentioned/reflected a few times during the latest game. The one thing she wants is for her parents to be alive, and joined with her adoptive father to be one big, happy family. She also wants to get AJ back, to be part of that family and for everyone to be alive, for them all to be proud of her, for all of them to be happy. Obviously, she can't have that.


Personality: Clementine's personality has changed throughout all three games. In the first game, she was shy and a bit scared of the world around her. She was dependent and unable to really defend herself, and I tried to reflect that through her flashbacks. In the second game, she was a little more hard-assed and less dependent, but still had fear every now and then. She was still too trusting of those around her, and I tried reflecting that, as well. In the third game, she was very much a loner. She was stubborn, a hard-ass, cold and very distant. She didn't trust easily and she was often sarcastic and snappy, and I tried showing this throughout all of the app as best as I could. I hoped it worked.

History: IMPORTANT NOTE: The communities/people aren't QUITE as segregated from each other as it looks. It just feels that way to Clementine because that's what it's felt like since she's kind of... moved around a lot and has been with a lot of different people, especially given her young age. It feels like they're much more segregated, but they're really not, it's a subconscious thing. They're not that segregated.

Oh, boy, the fun and confusing part. As you've noticed, this style is different from my usual app writing. I was trying to branch out of my comfort zone, and Idk how good I did or how good it is, but I like it. xD The third game (the newest) had a lot of flashbacks, one in each episode, so I wanted to implement it here. Then, I went to a narrative, the character's point of view type style to go with the second game, where Clementine was the protagonist and therefore the game was in "her point of view", with some flashbacks for the third game and also an interview format at the same time, to go with the first game where she was the deuteragonist and was asked a lot of questions by the protagonist xD. I hope it works out??

There's a lot of stuff that happens in these games, so I'll try to explain everything as best I can to not confuse anybody. I'll link videos to certain things from Youtube, and even pop a Wiki link at the very end of everything in case you are confused so you can understand it better. But I'LL TRY, AND I HOPE THIS APP IS GOOD AND NOT CONFUSING AND I'M SO WORRIED??

So the app starts off from Season 1, Episode 1; A New Day. The first flashback with the voice message from her Mother is based on the similar voice message from the very start of the game (Here's a little link here. It's the final message that appears towards the ending of the video). That flashback was the basis for what the interview was about, and I used the interview to go more in debt about it. Now, not much was known about Sandra in canon - all we knew was that she was Clementine's babysitter while her parents were gone and they seemed to have a close relationship. In canon, she was turned into a zombie and she attacks you a little after the voice messages, but I refrained from killing her off here. I just went in dept about Sandra and showed the relationship between the two. After Lee finds Clementine, she generally believes (for awhile anyway) that her parents are alive, so this is mimicked here with Clementine thinking the voicemail was a prank or just a false alarm and believes everything is fine and they'll call back in a few days. This obviously does not happen. The second flashback section is just another little thing I added because I wanted more Clem sass. The part about the pet Hamster and Goldfish was random little facts Clementine told Lee throughout the first season, so I just put them in.

OKAY, SO. Now for the next portion. In canon, Clementine's parents were attacked and killed by zombies on a vacation. Clementine was left with her babysitter, Sandra, who was killed in the beginning of the game. I didn't kill her off in here, so the beginning flashback definitely did not happen in the game because everyone was kind of dead by zombies, but. xD "Officer Locke" is Greenie's Jameson Locke. Talking on Discord, she mentioned about how Jameson was an Auror for the Inferi thing too, so with her permission I had Jameson be the Auror who gave Clementine the emotional news. (You get to join this pain, too - also got Greenie's permission to include Locke). The denial in the flashback was similar to her denial until the last episode. In the game she knew her parents were gone, she just kept telling herself otherwise because it sounded better (episode 2, "Starved for Help", where she tells Lee she knows her parents are gone, she just wants to be told otherwise because it makes her feel better), up until she saw her parents as zombies (episode 5, "No Time Left"). Similar situation here - she knew they were gone, she just wanted to believe otherwise so she told herself otherwise. Her parents funeral was the "reality check" she had in the game. Only instead of seeing them as zombies, confirming them dead, it was seeing their dead bodies.

The part where she talks about not understanding "death", but knowing they were gone reflects the game. She was smart enough to understand they were "gone", and weren't coming back, but still had childlike innocence so didn't understand that they were "dead". A good example that shows her intelligence, but at the same time shows she still had childlike innocence at that time. The comment "or what was left of them anyway" was kind of my way on reflecting them turning into zombies. Instead of seeing her parents as zombies, she saw "what was left of them" - meaning the Inferi destroyed quite a bit of her parents' bodies. My idea of making her parents learn both the Muggle and Magical way and teaching it to Clementine is because of the fact she adapted so quickly to the apocalypse world and anything else that happened really well. She's an adapter - she adapts to the world and her environment so she can survive, and she does this because she's a survivor, so having her adapt to both of the worlds is kind of similar to her living the "live" world and then having to "adapt" to the ruined world. She's lived both, and she lives both because she's a survivor and that's what she does.

The names of her parents are taken from canon. Well, sorta. Her Dad's name was only ever "Ed" so I made it a nickname. In canon, her Mom was a nurse - obviously the career path here that fit was a Healer. Clementine's father was an Engineer in canon, but I made him an Auror here because it fit better with her background. The reason I made him a Muggle-born and have Muggle connections is because of the baseball cap, which I will explain here in a bit. Making her Dad from America, and from Macon, Georgia, was because Macon is where Clementine was born and where the beginning of the game took place. NOW, the Muggle sports is the reason I made Clem's father a Muggle. The baseball cap she mentions (and the one you see her wearing in both pictures) is a huge part of her appearance - she wears it in every single episode for all three games. She was hardly seen without it. It was such a huge part of her and a huge part of her character that I didn't feel right not having it in. The Dodgers were her Dad's favorite Baseball team in canon, and his favorite team here. This was done so I could still reference the hat because I didn't feel right not having it included since it was such a big part of her appearance.

Big thanks to Claire for collaborating with me on this part (I've thanked her a lot), but here is how I was able to include "zombies" into it. In case you haven't figured it out, Clementine's parents died in the accident Claire's character Thelonius Vadam caused, and got permission to include him in. Inferi are similar to zombies, so when she offered Thel's backstory up for me to use, it was perfect. I wanted zombies in SOMEWHERE at least once just because the games so heavily revolve around them, so I wanted at least one mention. This was perfect. In canon, her parents went on a vacation to Savannah, got attacked, and died there. Here, they went on a business trip to England to assist in the search for the Caledonian Ring, Diana being chosen so they had at least one healer on the job, and Ed being chosen so they had a few Aurors around just in case accidents (like the one that happened) happened. I had her Mom call her with a voice message while the attack was happening, because that's how it happened canonically. Basically, they were two of the many people who died during that accident, and the bodies were damaged, which was my tie in to them being "zombies". Her father being attacked first is just like canon - in one of the voicemails, Diana talks about how Ed was attacked and they were in the hospital. Later, she calls and tells Sandra to take Clementine out of town. The last voicemail is the voicemail from above, then after that it's assumed she died.

I had an entire Thel section just to show how much she wasn't fond of him. (All for you, Claire. Clementine's dislike for Thel is similar to her dislike with... well, everything in the games. More specifically her dislike to the zombies/backstabbers/people who turn on her or lie to her in general. She's very clearly bitter for Thel killing her parents, but knows Thel has no clue who she is or why she constantly glares at him. One of the reasons I sent her to Durmstrang is because Thel works there, and I wanted to torture them both by putting her there, too. And I wanted to torture her further by making her take his class. xD Thel "reminding" her of her parents' death by seeing him is similar to the constant reminder she gets of her parents' (and several other people's deaths) by the zombies by seeing the zombies. Her belief of Thel ruining her entire life simply by killing her parents is similar to the zombies killing her parents is what caused everything else to happen to her. Plus - she needs someone to blame. In the game, she blames the zombies for everything that happened. In here, she blames Thel. She blames Thel because she wants something to be angry at. Somebody to be angry with. Because blaming somebody else is easier than thinking the universe just hated her. She wants someone to be angry at, someone to hate, and Thel was the closest one she could find because he's the reason her parents died (I love Thel, I promise, I do). Her "I'd ask him why" question is... basically the one question every single person in the games is wondering/asking: why this happened, why it had to happen.

For the next section, the entire flashback with the Walkie-Talkie is similar to how she met Lee in the game, with a few dialogue changes. You can watch that scene here. The comment about "dropping a hammer onto his head" was a funny little moment she had shared with Lee at one point where she told him that if he was one of the "monsters", she was gonna drop a hammer on him. Her birthday was speculated, as in episode three, "Long Road Ahead", it's speculated she had just turned nine in that episode. In "No Time Left", the man who kidnaps her tells Lee that she was nine, and her "birthday was two days ago", which is, episode three. From there it was speculated it was sometime during the fall, going by the leaves and trees, so I made her birthday November 21. The "playing make believe in her tree-house" is something she told Lee she liked to do.

Lee is the Protagonist in the first game, and the one who takes care of Clementine throughout most of the game. The way Clementine describes him is basically how Lee was towards Clementine (if you make the right dialogue choices). Her little note towards hating soccer was another little fact that was mentioned to Lee. Her worst subject being Math is also a random fact, same thing as her love of reading. His age is his confirmed age in canon (at that time, anyway), and his wife cheating on him is also canon. I just took out the part where he supposedly murdered the dude she cheated with and was being hauled off to prison when the apocalypse broke out, because it was never actually CONFIRMED that he did it, you just assumed. Canonically, he was a History teacher - so I translated that to "History of Magic" because it worked perfectly. Carley is a character you're with up until the fourth episode, and while they weren't dating, there were signs of chemistry/something there between the two, but she died before anything could happen (FUCK YOU, LILLY). So I made her his girlfriend.

Yes, look, okay, I know she doesn't need to be ANY angrier at Thel, BUT HEAR ME OUT. Thel reminds me of Lee in a bunch of different ways, so I knew Clementine would see it, too. She's always reminded of the fact he was the one who killed her parents, getting reminded of ANOTHER person she lost in her life simply for acting similarly to him is not a fun feeling. She hates him for that reminder, and so adds more fuel to her hatred and just dislikes him even more. (She's a bitter child, I'm sorry). Also, if you do some math, Lee WOULD be pretty close to Thel's age now, so that just adds more reminders she really doesn't want.

The "community of people" she talks about is basically everyone that she meets and becomes part of their little survival group. In canon, they all came together and formed a base, with their own jobs and everything to survive, basically becoming a small little community. I translated this over to a small little magical community. I tried not to say too much about that besides basic info, since the game was about Lee and Clementine and they were all more side characters, but I kept them in because they were important to the story. Clementine's relationship with the other characters that weren't Lee were mainly off-screen, so you didn't get a good idea of how they got along. So this is basically me bullshitting and putting down what seems fitting based on personality and how they saw/talked about Clementine to Lee.

Carley was, as mentioned previously, a girl who had a lot of chemistry with Lee. She was a News Reporter and knew about Lee being accused of murder, but seemed to decide that he didn't do it and trusted him. I translated "news reporter" into "journalist", and had her tracking Thel and the accident instead of tracking Lee. Again, Clementine interacted with her off-screen, but Carley seemed to care about the girl and would give her items to entertain herself/make sure she was the first one to get food. She seemed concerned for Clementine's health, and admired how Lee cared about her.

Lilly and Larry WERE a daughter/father duo. (I hated them both). Larry was a retired military general, who said in the canon that he had high blood pressure and heart problems. Lilly was really protective over her father for this reason, and also picked up his short-temper. Story short - Larry was an asshat and Lilly was a bitch and I hated them both. xD Clementine didn't talk about them much - Larry just threw out a bunch of threats about killing Lee if he "put Clementine through any harm", got in several arguments with him and a few fist fights, and Lilly just generally tried to keep Clementine distracted. She didn't seem close to either of them.

Kenny is the only other person she was really close to. Her and Duck were close, being the only other kid around her age who she can interact with. Katjaa took on a Mother role up until her death (Screw you, Telltale), and Kenny cared for her like she was another child, all the way until he finally died in the last game. (I wouldn't have picked that ending in the second game if I knew he was gonna die, ASSHATS). He was the only other person she was ever really close to besides Lee, and he plays another really big part in her life. Katjaa was a vet in canon - so I made her a vet for for Magical Creatures, too. My decision to make Duck a squib is because of how he acted. He was a lot more childish than Clementine was, and he was very naive to the world around him. While Clementine knew the world was bad, and knew her parents were "gone", Duck didn't know or understand that, having more of an air of constant positivism. Thus, Clementine saying she was smarter than him. She's not being egotistical - she just saw the world for what it was better than he did, even at her age.

Kenny's personality is close to canon. He was caring and cared about her and his family, but had a pretty big temper. Every decision or idea he made was in an attempt to protect his family, his temper just got in the way a few times and caused a few arguments and some fist fights - even a fist fight with Lee after Duck and Katjaa died. (Why did I play this damn game? SCREW YOU ALL). His heart was generally in the right place - his temper just got in the way.

Lee was definitely just as much of a father figure as her parents. He took care of her when they died, watched her to make sure she didn't get in trouble, and went out of his way to protect her (like the final episode, "No Going back" -cries-). "Sweetpea" was an affectionate name he called her all throughout the game, and it was sweet and sincere and showed how much he generally cared for Clementine.

The things she mentions about being taught are all things Lee taught her in canon. In episode three, "Long Road Ahead", Lee teaches her how to use a gun for protection in case something happened to him, and told her to keep her hair short because it's safer. Lee did the same here - he still taught her how to use a gun, but also taught her a bit about Magic and other means to defend herself like in canon. He also tells her about always keeping her hair short, because it's safer and easier to manage like in canon.

The next section's beginning flashback, is close to the scene that happened in the game in episode three, "Long Road Ahead" (See: here). In canon, Lilly went bat-shit crazy after her father died (the bastard), and I did the same thing here. She accuses Carley of stealing some supplies from the camp, and here I translated that to stealing food/other belongings from the community. She goes psycho and kills Carley by shooting her directly in the head without warning (Fuck you, Lilly), so the same similar scenario happened here. In the game, you have the choice to let her get in the RV with you or leave her behind. I went with what my choice was - which was leaving her ass behind (Because I hate you so much, Lilly), and translated that to her being kicked out of the community.

Her mentioning about having a bit of a panic attack after watching Carley get shot in front of her is just how I saw the scenario. I'd imagine, with her being so young, it was probably a bit of a traumatizing experience to see the woman who was like your Mother get shot. It was probably very hard for her to handle - more hard to handle than her parents dying. I took out pretty much all of episode two, "Starved for Help", because the cannibals were weird the first time and I didn't know how to interpret that. Only thing I took out was Larry having a heart attack, and I made it from really high blood pressure from a heated argument with Kenny because the two were always at each other's throats and it made sense. xD

Ben moving in is similar to how he moved into the group in episode two, "Starved for Help". Ben being the thief is like in canon, when he admitted to Lee in episode four, "Around Every Corner". He didn't have much interactions, so I just had him be kicked out and moved elsewhere because he wasn't really of that much importance. But he did steal everyone's belongings like he stole the supplies in canon.

The next flashback sequence is partially taken from the scene in episode three, "Long Road Ahead", when Lee tells Clementine about Duck (See: here. Be prepared for tears). In canon, he was bit by a Zombie and they had to put him down because his parents didn't want him to turn. Because I can't do the zombie thing, I had him come down with a really bad case of cancer that there was no way to help him for, and he eventually passed. The "beginning" stages of turning into a zombie can be described/seen as a really serious illness as first, so that's what I used.

Katjaa committing suicide is very similar to what happened in canon, in episode three "A Long Road Ahead". Katjaa said she couldn't live without her son, so when he started dying, it was too much for her to handle. She couldn't live with that emptiness in her heart, so she killed herself. Now in the game, Clementine wasn't there to see it - she was only told they were both gone. For this reason, I had Clementine not know how she died or have seen it to mirror canon where she wasn't there at all. Therefore, the flashback is her conversation with Lee about Duck. The "Kenny going crazy" section mirrors canon where Kenny lost control of his self and his temper a lot. He argued with Lee a lot, and there's even a scene in the game where they get into an actual fight on the train, and that's the "fist fight" Clementine talks about. This is what Clementine means by "he lost it".

In episode three, "Long Road Ahead", the group meet up with Omid and Christa while on the train. Not much was known about them, and Clementine was only shown to be close to Christa. They joined the group for the last two episodes, so I had them be "newcomers" that moved into the neighborhood after they lost people. Christa was a few weeks pregnant in canon, so she was a few weeks pregnant here.

-exhales deeply- Okay, now for this heart-wrenching section. The next flashback section is, Lee's death. The dialogue is similar to the scene at the very end of the game, with some minor changes, in the fifth and final episode, "No Time Left" (Watch here. Have tissues at the ready, and prepare to get your heart ripped out).

I combined the last two episodes into this one. Instead of "zombies" and getting kidnapped by some random creep, I had them invaded by a bunch of dark wizards and Clementine be taken as leverage because she was the only child in the community, and they knew holding a child hostage would have the needed effect. She wasn't hurt or treated poorly or anything, because she wasn't hurt or treated poorly in the game when The Stranger kidnapped her in episode four, "Around Every Corner". Instead of being held in a random hotel room in an abandoned hotel, she was taken to an abandoned warehouse that was just a little ways outside of the "portal" separating the magic neighborhood from the Muggle one.

Just like in canon, Lee got evidence that she was missing by her hat being on the ground. Instead, I just had her notice the fact her hat was missing since she wasn't around when Lee found it. Lee has the in-game choice of choosing between Kenny, or Omid and Christa. In my game, Kenny went with him, and then later sacrificed himself to some walkers as a distraction while Omid and Christa were left behind, being presumed dead. For here, Kenny still went with him only to make himself a distraction for the other dark wizards for Lee to get in, being assumed dead, and Omid and Christa ran out of the portal and past it to try and find a safe spot to meet up.

The fight with the man is similar to the fight in the game with The Stranger in the final episode, episode five, "No Time Left". Lee kept talking to him, and while he did that, Clementine was able to sneak out while the dark wizard was distracted and not looking. Just like in the game, Lee motioned to the table to grab something to use as a weapon. In my game, I went for the bottle, so she made the same choice here. Just like in canon, the distraction from being hit with a bottle allowed Lee to immediately attack.

The first episode ended with Clementine, alone, sitting next to an abandoned car and staring off, crying. She looks into the distance and sees two silhouettes, who have been proven to be Christa and Omid at the start of Season 2. Omid died in the very beginning of Season 2, episode one, "All That Remains", so I had it to where he didn't make it past the dark wizards. Christa, also "disappeared" when causing a distraction so Clementine could get away from the bandits in the beginning of Season 2, also showing her non-pregnant and no clue as to what happened to the baby, and it was never stated if she lived or died. Here, she made a distraction so Clementine could escape, sacrificing both her and the baby, but Clementine didn't see if she lived or died. She just ran. Her being "alone" is how the beginning of Season 2 starts out; she was wandering off, alone.

The next flashback starts Season two, and the scene referenced is taken from the beginning of the game in episode one, "All That Remains". (See here. TW warning for gore and blood). The dialogue is similar to the dialogue that showed in the last few minutes, with a few changes, of course, to fit better for this verse.

She was eleven in the start of the second season, and the timeline worked out perfectly to make her eleven again. Her excuse for not being in a Magical school yet is because her birthday falls in November, which is in the middle of the school year, so she wouldn't have been able to get her letter right when she turned eleven. She didn't get it until the following Summer, so she started Magical school a bit later than most.

Being on the streets is basically what happened in the beginning of the season. She was on her own for a while after Christa disappeared, so I made her be on her own for a little while here, too. The orphanage bit was just to make it a little bit more realistic - then her "running away" from the orphanage is equivalent to her "running away" from Christa. Enough to know how to live on the streets, to replicate the fact Clementine could handle herself being on her own, and I felt like that was a good representation.

The "group of thieves" she ran into is in replacement of the bandits Christa had distracted in the beginning of the episode. Falling into the lake is canon, and happened pretty similarly, as well as waking up on the bank and walking through the woods until she found an abandoned campsite. The dog is also canon (RIP doggo D8).

She finds a can of beans just like in canon, and Sam starts begging for food. You have the choice of giving it to him or not, and since for the app I've been going with what my decisions were, Clementine tried to share her food with the dog. Sam attacks and latches onto her arm no matter what choice you make, and you can either stab him with the knife or punch him repeatedly (I did punching because I FELT SO TERRIBLE), until he loosened off her arm to where she could kick him off. Then... yeah... the dog got stabbed by two pieces of metal through his ribs and hind leg. You can choose to leave him or put him out of his misery, and I felt bad so I put him out of his misery. So ALL OF THIS is pretty similar to canon (I'M SO SORRY, DOGGO, I DIDN'T WANT TO, BUT THE MEAN GAME MADE ME D8).

Just like in canon, Clementine was by herself trekking through the woods for a while with a bleeding arm. She did almost pass off from exhaustion, only in canon she ended up cornered by a bunch of zombies and that's how she was found by Luke and Pete. Since I couldn't do that here, I just had her collapse against a tree and find herself unable to walk much more without passing out. Then she gets found by Luke and Pete, who carry her off (literally, she was actually carried) to their cabin, like in canon.

They did argue, only they argued over her bite. They assumed it was from a walker, despite Clementine telling them it was from a dog, and they argued over if she was telling the truth or not. She then actually did pass out, waking up to be surrounded by a group of people arguing, both here and in canon, arguing over if she worked with Carver. I changed the bite part out, and instead had them assume she was attacked by either Carver's crew or because she worked for Carver instead of saying it was a Walker bite, but the argument over whether she worked with Carver or not is accurate.

The part about being locked in the shed is pretty accurate to canon. Only difference is they refused to help her because they assumed the "dog bite" was a "walker bite", and locked her in the shed to see if she'd pick up that fever that meant she was infected. For this verse, I had it be that they locked her in the shed to see if anybody came for her during the night, proving them right that someone was after her. They still refused to give her the Medical attention she needed, in both verses. The way she leaves the shed and sneaks her way into the house is the same way it happened in canon, from everything to pulling off the board and climbing through a trap door, and then eavesdropping on the conversation in the kitchen like it happened in canon.

In canon, she had found a roll of rags, and a needle and thread because there was no First Aid kit. It was a zombie apocalypse, good luck finding those. I changed it to where she just took the supplies out of a first aid kit in the bathroom, and the next event with Rebecca coming in and her having to hide is just like in canon. Rebecca talked about who her baby's father was both here and in canon, and once she left, Clementine went looking around again. She met Sarah in a similar way in canon to how she met her here, only you have the option to decline her friendship offer or accept. In my game, I had accepted, so Clementine accepted here. Sarah is Carlos's daughter, and she was just as sheltered in game, only more because of the zombies outside instead of the fact she was running from people. Clementine being the first girl her age in a long time was because of most of the people in the world being turned into zombies, children included. I just had it implied here that they were on the run for a very long time. She gets the bottle of peroxide, promises not to tell anyone, then goes back to the shed in the same way she came in. Then came the cringe part.

You guys already have a link to the scene of her stitching her own arm, but Clementine did it in this verse, too. She didn't have a wand, and didn't know how to use magic, so she was left resorting to more Muggle means. The scenario is pretty much the same, only I left out the part where she got attacked by a Walker. So instead of the group running in because of the commotion of her fighting a walker, they ran in at her screams of pain. I know most eleven year old girls don't know how to stitch up a wound, but she was just kind of winging it like she did in canon, which is why it looked really bad and is not the prettiest thing ever. She didn't know what she was doing, she knew what could happen if she messed up, but it was a risk she was willing to take because she wouldn't make it the next day if her arm wasn't fixed. So she did it herself.

The argument in the little flashback happened, and Carlos did look at and fix up her arm on the parts she did mess up on in canon. My idea to make them all Muggles is because (spoiler alert) literally none of them make it past this game, so it was easier without me having to do magic backgrounds. That, and a plotting purpose for Carver. And there's a reason this entire "section" based off the second game has hardly any magic/wizard mentions, I have a perfectly good reason for that, just wait until you get to it, lol. xD And the reason she has a scar from that wound, is because she has the scar in the newest game (see the picture on her left, and look at her arm).

This flashback scenario is similar to a scene that happened in episode two of Season two, "A House Divided" (Link here). The dialogue here is different from the clip, but you'll see the choices as options to choose in the game, and of course, I'm going by the options I've picked personally. The gun is replaced by a wand, and yes, that is indeed Carver, the person everyone has been mentioning here. Once she realizes this, especially when he described his "group" he was looking for and realized it was the people she's with, she tries hard to not let out who they are - despite him finding out anyway. She wasn't mentioned much in the flashback, except for one part, but Sarah was hiding under the bed here just like she was just trying to hide in canon - showing how bad news this guy was.

They actually met Kenny and Sarita when they were walking up at a winter lodge type place, and there was a bunch of extra scenes before Carver found them at the lodge. For simplicity's sake, I left out the entire lodge part and had Carver follow them instead of meeting them at the lodge like in canon. But an argument still broke out like in canon, telling them that they need to "leave", and they argue for a few minutes before Clementine immediately recognizes Kenny's voice. She pushes through the crowd, seeing him with both shock and happiness on her face and sharing a bittersweet moment (I screamed happy screams when Kenny showed up, I swear to god, I was so happy). Sarita is another foreign woman (Kenny clearly has a thing) that Kenny met.

In the canon material, they didn't go out for "groceries", obviously. They had instead went to go look for Alvin and Luke, who were sent out to look for Clementine, Pete and Nick (where Pete was bit and killed). To fit more in this verse and timeline, I had changed it to a casual shopping trip to go find food. Carlos did ask Clementine to watch over Sarah, which had me taken aback because Sarah is like... thirteen and should really be capable of taking care of herself, but whatever. Sarah was naive and a bit too innocent - Carlos completely hardcore sheltered her from the walkers and how the world was, making Sarah seem a lot more childlike than she should be for her age. She didn't know what was out there or how dangerous it was. Think of it like - Clementine and Sarah's ages got swapped. Sarah, the thirteen year old, acts more like the eleven year old in this situation, while Clementine, who's the eleven year old, acts more like the thirteen year old. Clementine knew what the world was like, knew it wasn't completely "good" like Sarah thought and had been through enough hardships in her life to know the world was genuinely fucked up. Sarah was "pure", and didn't see the world for as messed up as it was, and didn't see just how dangerous the walker situation was, portraying a very childlike innocence. The situation in this verse was similar, only without the zombies. So in the Bomb scenario - Sarah is "pure" who genuinely believes the world is bright and good and couldn't possibly be dark, because her father heavily sheltered her. Clementine knows that isn't so, because she's seen enough death, has done stuff children her age shouldn't do (like stitching up her own arm), and saw the world can be very dark and scary and completely opposite of Sarah's belief. Which is why Carlos had an eleven year old watch his thirteen year old daughter - Sarah is just too pure.

Pete dying actually had a lot more to it, and he had actually got bit by a walker instead and there was a whole scene for it, but I didn't find the death that important. Because of that, I just had him killed by coyotes and didn't go too far into his death here. I'm saving it for the more important scenes (to make a slightly shorter app, lol), or the parts that I felt like really impacted her character/the game in general. I didn't feel like his death had impacted her too much to be worth putting into great detail throughout the app, which is why I cut it out.

There's a bunch of small little scenes for Sarah and Clementine before Carver showed up, but I kept them out because they were more on the small side and not completely relevant to the important parts of her background. They probably did happen, I'm just not saying they did. xD Sarah had found a camera and had snapped a picture of Clementine and then of herself (or, Clementine takes the picture if you choose that option), which is how Carver found the picture on the ground. Sarah saw a silhouette out the window and thought Luke had came back, so dropped the photo onto the ground in hurry and excitement. There was also a little moment where you can teach Sarah how to use a gun, and Clementine teaches her in the same way that she was taught by Lee (RIP), but that and the camera are the two moments that I left out. I did include the entire Carver conversation, and I left it pretty close to canon (with some dialogue changes, of course).

The entire crew came back a while after Carver had left in canon, as well, and they packed up what very little belongings they had and immediately headed North. Again, I changed this up a lot from canon by skipping the ENTIRE ice lodge scenes and meeting Kenny there, having Kenny show up earlier, and having Carver had followed them instead of finding them at the ice lodge. Simplicity's sake.

They were ordered on the ground, like in canon, and Alvin, Clem and Rebecca started making a plan, and you get the option to either tell Rebecca to surrender or go look for Kenny. I chose surrender, because I didn't want to risk being caught trying to leave, so she told Rebecca to surrender here. In the game, Kenny had a rifle and shot one of Carver's men - for the app I changed it to just having Kenny refuse to surrender, and having Carver getting pissed off from that instead of the gun. Clementine being threatened and therefore making Kenny surrender is also canon. He then orders for his crew to take them "home" in both verses.

Once again, dialogue is similar to this dialogue (mild TW for some blood, but it only lasts for the beginning) in episode three, "In Harm's Way". Carver calls her into his office after killing Reggie (that will come up later), claiming that she's "like him" and it's "people like us" who have to protect others. I think the best way to describe Carver is - for those of you who have read the comics or watched the TV series (if neither, then you'll still be clueless, so don't bother, lol), think of Carver as a... bit of a toned down version of Negan. He's evil, ruthless, and he runs this "community" where everyone who he thinks are lower than him (in this case - all of the Muggles that are there doing the work), do the work to provide for him and the people he thinks are "equal" or just not as "low", and in return they get shelter, food and protection. He doesn't go around killing people with a nailed baseball bat (he just either beats the shit out of them or throws them off the roof), so he's not quite as bad as Negan, but the best way to describe him personality-wise is a slightly toned down version of Negan. He doesn't like people "lesser than him" (such as how Negan hated the zombies/hated other people he thought weren't up to par), he's harsh (such as he when he slapped Clementine across the face for disobeying him, and made Carlos slap his own daughter), and he's mean and somewhat heartless (beating Alvin to near-death, pushing Reggie off a cliff), so I definitely always saw him as a slightly toned down version of Negan from the comics/series.

Only difference is they were brought back onto the van - here, because they were Wizards, they were all apparated instead of being brought by van. The conversation about "making a plan" happened on the van, so in this verse, it just happened while they were being escorted into the little "community-ish place". Meeting Reggie, Mike and Jane is also canon.

There's a section where you look around the area, but that was obviously cut out. The scene where Sarah talks to Clementine over Carver's speech is pretty much exactly how it went to canon. You can choose to be polite or tell her to be quiet - I told her to be quiet. You choose to defend Sarah or not, which leads to Carver's disbelief and Carlos smacking his daughter as ordered. The scene was pretty much entirely how it went in canon. Clementine then gets taken to her first chore, just like in canon conversation. And you really didn't get much information on what the place was and why exactly you were there. Hence, Carver not telling them anything.

When she met Bonnie, they were actually in an Armory loading Magazines. But because of the Wizarding aspect, I had it to where they were cleaning wands instead. They have a little conversation where she apologizes, and you can choose who to blame - I chose Carver. She was pulled to be moved to help out Reggie just like in canon. You really weren't given a reason for why he lost his arm - you just knew he lost it. The entire scene where she's working with Reggie in the Greenhouse is entirely canon - from making a decision to help Sarah or not help Sarah (I chose to help Sarah), to Reggie being pushed off of the roof and Clementine going back to Bonnie.

There was a little scene cut out where she ran into Kenny and Mike fighting as she walks with the supplies, a window becoming breached and letting in walkers. Troy kills one that attacks her, and then she continues on. Getting snatched by Luke and her conversation about the walkie-talkies is canon. Then there's the conversation with Carver, that I already explained previously. You weren't given a reason for Rebecca's crying, and Alvin is unconscious in the chair just like canon (but only if he's saved in the episode before. Otherwise, the chair is empty). She goes back to the yard after the conversation and talks to the others about Luke afterwards - also canon. My explanation over her conversation with Carver is me fitting it with this verse. Carver was a controller who took people into his "community" and offered them shelter and food in return of working and providing for him and his crew. But he was not a nice man. This translated to him being a "Purist" - he thought all Muggles were lower than them, and only provided them safety and food if they provided for the witches. Anyone who helped out the Muggles - like Jane - were seen as lesser for "helping someone lower than them". It was pretty much a slave camp for Muggles, being ruled by a Purist Overlord.

The way she grabbed the walkie-talkies is all entirely canon - from climbing the rope and entering through the Skylight. They discuss a plan, then get taken to their chores, and Bonnie makes Clementine work for her, interrupting her path to Luke. They talk about Reggie and Carver, and when Clementine becomes anxious, Bonnie lets her go. Everything from Luke not being where he was last, to Kenny getting beaten for taking Clementine is canon (There was no choice here, no matter what option you chose for Clem, Kenny always took the blame to protect her). You have three different choices - help Carlos restrain Sarita, go help Kenny, or do nothing. I chose to help Kenny, which caused Clementine to get hit. Bonnie interrupts just like canon, only instead of saying "someone was trying to escape" she said there was a breach. In this verse it wasn't a breach. Kenny also did damage and lose his eye in canon, too.

She goes in to turn on the PA system, like canon, and gets a short conversation with Alvin before he sacrifices himself so she can get out. Clem causes a distraction for Carver, and the only difference here is instead of a wand and "magic" and using an unforgivable curse, they disable his legs and Kenny beats him to death in canon. I, instead, had Jane use one of the Unforgivable Curses to kill him instantly. You have the choice to stay and watch or walk out - I walked out. I cut out a scene where they covered themselves in walker guts to get through the horde, and where they get stopped by Troy before Jane shoots him and leaves him as a distraction. That was cut out. The "rest of Carver's group showing up and shooting spells at them" equals in canon when Carver's crew started trying to shoot them from the roof. Carlos was killed, just like in canon. Sarita actually died from a walker, so for here I just had her die around the same time as Carlos. They then get separated, and the episode ends.

Starting episode four, "Amid The Ruins", the next flashback/dialogue is taken from here. The dialogue is pretty similar, only I didn't put him in a tent - instead, I had him just sitting in a dark room. For this section, I combined the last two episodes to make things easier, and also because I cut a lot of the last two episodes out. She did find Rebecca and Jane first, although in canon there were a few zombie-related scenes. I cut those out, obviously. The walk through the forest and concern for Rebecca and the baby is canon, only instead of stopping at a city, they had stopped at an abandoned museum, and Luke and Sarah hadn't arrived yet, unlike here where they all met up at once. There's another scene where she tries talking to Kenny, and then they go for Luke and Sarah, but ALLLLLL of that was cut out.

Rebecca did go into labor like in canon, only it was a lot more hectic than on Bomb. Zombies, trying to help her give birth and fight the zombies - very hectic. It was made much more calm here. She did die later, from not being treated properly after giving birth and turned into a zombie. I had her die after childbirth here. My "adopting" of Rebecca's baby is because when Rebecca died, Kenny took on responsibility of the baby - Kenny and Clementine. Kenny had experience with babies because he had a son, so he was often the one who took care of him after Rebecca had passed - the others helping out every now and then, but usually leaving it up to Kenny or Clementine.

There's another scene (the one where Rebecca dies) where the group run into another group, and a gun fight breaks out, but I left that part out, also. Keeping the one's I deem more important. Now, the final episode, "No Going Back" had them holding a Russian boy hostage. Jane had left during the last episode and came back, which is why I had her "disappear" some point after Rebecca had her baby and show back up later. The naming of "Alvin Jr" is canon, and in the third game, if you get the Jane ending, you get different names to choose for his middle name. It made sense for Clem to honor Lee by using Lee. There's another scene where they end up at a power station, but I left that out. There was a scene with them going to some half-finished cabin, having to cross a frozen lake, and that's where Luke died. I cut all of that out and had him die differently. There's some extra scenes (mostly talking), but they've been cut out. The bit about the "robber" is sort of accurate, only replace "robber" with "Arvo" and include Bonnie and Mike running off and leaving Clem to bleed. Luke also didn't actually die here, he died earlier, but I did it that way because it was easier/made more sense. But she did get shot in the shoulder, passed out, and everything - that's all accurate. There was a dream sequence with Lee that was cut out, as well.

"Waking up in the hospital" and hearing Jane and Kenny argue is a tie-in to her waking up in the back of the truck, with Jane and Kenny arguing in canon. Jane disappearing is a reference to the ending where, depending on your choice, she either dies or you leave her behind. Because of her death being determinant, I didn't kill her off and just had her sort of "disappear" out of nowhere with no knowledge of where she went. Now, there was a lot more to this episode, but I cut a lot of it out. There was a fight between Jane and Kenny, and then a whole scene where you choose to kill one of them, and who lives is determinant. There are also 4 different endings to the episode - one where you stay with Kenny, stay with Jane, either kill them/leave them both behind and go alone, or go to Wellington. I stayed with Kenny, which brings me here to living with Kenny after the events that happened.

Her "life going back to normal" is because, in the last game, Clementine was seen with Kenny, and had stayed with Kenny for about a year. They were about as "normal" as possible in a zombie apocalypse, and they did resemble a family - Clem seeming to take on an "older sister" and sometimes even a "motherly" role with AJ. NOW, this is where all of the magic comes in - I explained her reasoning for Durmstrang already. The year Clem started her first year is the same year the schools first integrated, so I used that to say that she handled it pretty well because she didn't need to re-adapt to anything. She didn't know about the Quidditch, or Clubs, or anything because she didn't get to experience it beforehand, so it was very easy for her to adjust.

Okay, NOW here's the magic, and here's my explanation for it. Throughout the first two games, Clementine spent most of her time on her own - everyone she met either died, betrayed her, or disappeared. Come the third game, when she found Javier and met his people, she was already used to not relying on others and only relying on herself. She didn't rely on groups anymore, she didn't stay in groups, she didn't depend on others to help her - she relied on herself, and herself alone. So, when she met Javier, and he actually wanted to help her, and was on her side, and didn't back-stab and didn't die, it was something she wasn't used to. It took her a bit to realize she HAD someone willing to help her. She left a lot during the game, always ending up coming back, and always insisted on doing things by herself and Javier would help her anyway. She wasn't used to it, so when Javier told her she could stay with them at the end of the game, she still left to go find AJ, but promised she'd come back and stay with him for good. She wasn't used to a group, wasn't used to others willingly helping her - it was a shock and something she had to grow accustomed to.

So, this is similar to her and Magic. She lives a bit of her life not knowing how to perform magic - not having a wand, or knowing how to hold one, or anything. So, when she started her first year and actually learned how to use magic, she wasn't sure what to do. Similar to how she readjusted to working with people/being part of the group in the game, here she to had to adjust to using magic. She was surrounded by Muggles for so long. She lived like a Muggle. Kenny, who raised her, was a Muggle, and so was AJ. She's used to the Muggle way of doing things, so when it came to being a witch - she didn't know how. She had no clue. Just like in the third game when she still did things on her own despite having a group, she still did things the Muggle way despite having a wand and knowing how to use it. She's not used to Magic, so the Magic world is all entirely a new experience after being surrounded by the Muggle world for so long, which is why I went through most of the app WITHOUT magic. I wanted her to feel the difference between the two, just like the difference between the "normal" world and the apocalyptic one. I wanted her to go through all of these hardships without making things easy, which is what Magic would have done, because going through hardships is the biggest reason she's the way she is. And just like she had to get used to being a part of a group again after being alone for so long in canon, she has to get used to being a Witch and using Magic after living like a Muggle for so long here. Honestly, most of it for her is a subconscious thing. She thinks she's bad at it simplly because she's a Pureblood who should be better at it than she currently is. If she stopped that - she's not as bad as she thinks she is. That, and she prefers the Muggle way of things, so because of that she's a bit... shaky... with magic.

This next flashback starts the third game/final one (until next year), "A New Frontier". The flashback starts with episode one of the game, "Ties That Bind". The dialogue is pretty similar to what happened in the game (See here). Minor dialogue changes, of course. I cut quite a bit out of this game, and I also had to mix some of the episodes up to make more sense because of the flashbacks that appear through episodes 1-4. The flashbacks actually change depending on what ending you got in the second game - so there's 4 different sets of flashbacks to go with the 4 different endings. I replayed the game 4 different times to get all the possible flashbacks (and endings), and I'm going with the one's I liked best since there's different options. My first play-through, I got the Flashback you see in the video with Kenny's death, and I liked that out of all of the one's shown with the episode so I went with it. Kenny's death is actually determinant - he's either "deceased" or "unknown", so because of this I didn't have to strictly kill him off and just had her be taken away and never really seeing him again, to make him be "unknown" if he lived or died instead of straight up killing him like the flashback did.

The car crash is pretty similar to canon, only I had Kenny driving instead of Clementine. The "forehead" scar that she gets both here and in the game also changes. She had four different "scars" depending on the ending of the second game, and they get shown each flashback. There's a scar on her forehead, a scar on her cheek, a tattoo on her hand, or the loss of a finger (You can look all of these up). I liked the forehead scar best because it looked bad-ass, which is also why I went with the Kenny flashback. And thanks to Claire doing some photo-shopping, Madison now has the scar, too! And, as mentioned above, I had her be "taken away" from Kenny because of his condition to make what happened to him "unknown" instead of killing him off, since in canon his death is determinant. As for AJ, after Kenny's death Clem had ran off with AJ and took care of him on her own. That didn't seem quite as realistic in a world where you're not trying to hide from zombies, so I had it to where she just got frequent visits with him so they wouldn't be too separated.

She didn't talk about joining the New Frontier until "Ties that Bind Part 2", but I combined the episodes a bit into one section since they were a "part" anyway. She did a flashback sequence of where she met Ava, but she joined because AJ was sick and needed medicine, not because she thought it was safe like she did here. She did get kicked out for breaking the rules (for stealing), only AJ got taken from her in game. AJ didn't get taken from her until later here. New Frontier were sketchy, and they did steal, although in canon it was stealing supplies from other communities and burning the communities down versus just stealing and other crimes in this verse. (They also don't burn down communities like in canon, they aren't that bad). The brand mark is the exact picture of the mark in canon, and she did have one on her arm in canon (see the beginning of this video). It was another part of her character, so I wanted to keep the branding.

The next flashback is from episode four, "Thicker Than Water", and the dialogue is loosely based off of this scene. In the game, the New Frontier actually took AJ away, but in this verse, it was the orphanage who did it. Her descriptions on how she felt when AJ was taken from her is how she portrayed the feeling throughout the game. You could tell something was wrong, and when she talked about it, you could tell how upset she was. Her commenting on how she "doesn't know what happened to him" is because in the game, up until the last episode, she didn't know where AJ was at when David had gave him to someone else. She thought he was dead before then until David told her. The "like a little brother" is because Clementine took on a very motherly/older sister role to AJ throughout the entire game. And her comment "He... was supposed to be the one who stayed", is similar to a comment she made in the game where she says "He was supposed to be the one who lived", because she thought he was dead and had lost pretty much everyone. Her being distant and standoff-ish is because she was like that in the third game, being very closed off and distant and very much a loner until the last episode, when she realizes she can trust Javier.

Clementine met Javier in the middle of the first episode, "Ties That Bind", although the way she met him was more... complicated. He was kidnapped and she made the car swerve off of the road by knocking a tree down, and then she basically interrogated him a bit afterwards. The part where he asked her to help look for his family IS canon, and they did get "attacked" (although in a different way). In the game, she offered her taking Javier's vehicle after finding his family, but here, it was just the promise to not mention that she was seen. Mariana did die (unexpectedly, mind you, fuck you Telltale), and Kate did get injured. New Frontier attacking them in canon, as is Kate being David's wife and then showing an interest in Javier (determinant, of course, but I hated David). Everything else in the episode has been taken out.

Clementine was with Javier as Mariana was buried, and she did end up confessing to being part of the New Frontier. The "getting the Aurors" is my way of putting in the small little crew/army they had gained during the game to meet with the New Frontier. The Aurors showing up to handle the New Frontier is equivalent to Javier and his crew arriving at the doors and fighting the New Frontier. The "bad one's" being eliminated is to equal the fact that the only bad one's were some of the one's on the council - David, and everyone else, weren't involved in the crimes, so they were allowed to stay in the New Frontier.

Javier did become the leader like in canon, and David and Javier had a strained relationship. Now, I didn't kill anyone off because of the fact EVERYONE except for Mariana are determinant if they live or die. There's an ending (it's really hard to get) where everyone lives, so because of this I had them all living and just had David sort of... distant from everyone else. Clem "going back to the New Frontier" is from when Clementine agreed to go back to them at the end of the game, after she finds AJ. All of this happens in the last two episodes, "Thicker Than Water", and "From The Gallows".

The next flashback of dialogue is taken straight from the ending of the game (with some things added), and you can watch that here. Her description of her relationships with them is how she acted in canon. Javier was like an older brother. Once she got used to him, he joked with her, he teased her - everything an older brother would do. Clementine had a... poor relationship in canon with David. She wasn't fond of him, and therefore isn't very fond of him now. Kate took on a sisterly role - she seemed to talk to Kate for everything. The "woman problems" she mentions is because Clementine starts puberty (her period) in canon in episode four, and didn't know what was happening due to the lack of a Mother figure, or not finding girls to explain it to her with the zombie apocalypse. After David tried helping as much as he could (very awkwardly), he told her to talk to Kate, and with an off-screen conversation, Kate helped her.

Her description of Gabe is what she called him in canon, and the 'crushing on Gabe' part is also canon. The interactions between Gabe and Clementine had showed hints of "crushing" on both sides, and she got defensive when questioned by Javier. He also taught her how to play Euchre in canon, too. The two clubs are what I feel like she'd be interested in. She had said she liked reading in the first game, and the Dueling is because of how much fighting she does in the third and second games. Her being upped to third year is because Clementine was proven to be quite intelligent, so I imagined she ended up getting the hang of magic and making good grades in her classes once she actually focused.

So, I had talked to Dannie about Clem being an Oz orphan, and she said yes, so here she is. I explained the reasoning for set one, and I explained how she feels about her "siblings" or who she lives with. The beginning quote about AJ is the same quote she said at the ending of the game, and her talking about "bringing him home" is from her going to look for him in the game (which is also what the third game is about - her hunt for AJ). This will probably be updated when the third game comes out, but for now, here it is!


Clementine, is a distant, quiet girl who doesn't talk much or put herself out there. Very closed off and very distant, she's hesitant to make friends because she has trust issues. If you can break through her cold exterior and not get put off by extreme sarcasm and attitude, she's actually a very loyal and caring person who is fiercely protective over those who manage to get close to her. She's just... cold, detached, and sarcastic, so get through that first.


Making friends is really hard for her, because she has severe trust issues. But if you can somehow manage to get past her cold exterior, and her detached manner and extreme sarcasm, you'll find she's very loyal. She's very caring and will remain loyal as long as you don't wrong her in any way. She'd also be very protective, and will protect her friends at all costs. You just have to break through her shell first, and while it's a challenge, it proves worth it in the end.


She's only fourteen, so I'm expecting mostly puppy crushes for now. This will prove more of a challenge than being her friend, because even if you managed to be her friend you still have a whole other wall to break down to get her to agree to date (when she gets there). It'll be a challenge to get that far, and actually being in a relationship will prove to be harder, but if you can manage to deal with her, her attitude and her baggage, work with her and still stay with her, she'll be just as loyal a girlfriend as a friend.


No doubt she has a lot of these while she has few friends. She's not easy to get along with, especially with the sarcasm and detached manner. She's also blunt and outspoken and tells it like it is, usually, which has probably earned her... not many friends. Her detached and cold manner makes her also seem stand-offish and make her seem non-approachable. She will also, without a doubt, punch someone, so she probably has SEVERAL of these.


Hates Thelonius Vadam. Doesn't really consider the Minister her dad or the other kids her siblings. Otherwise; throw stuff at me! Also, here is the Wiki link in case you need it!


Oswald Cobblepot - Foster dad

Edward Nygma - Foster dad

Klarion Bleak - Foster brother

Evangeline Riot - Foster sister/Close friend

Asuka Soryu - Foster sister/Dislikes

Bruce Wayne - Foster brother

Thelonius Vadam - Dislikes

Ty Ericson - Younger brother figure

Jameson Locke - Trusts/Friend

Selina Kyle - Acquaintances/Friend-ish

Sigyn !
 Posted: 8 Jan 2018, 07:20 PM

Welcome to
Bombarda Maxima!

I've not re-read the app from top to bottom again admittedly, but I've read the things you pointed me to, and we had a good discussion between us about most of the details anyway. I think the summary and the character list will be super helpful to keep things clear for people who are coming to check Clem out so they don't have to scour through the whole app for details. And I think the little changes we've come up with slot her a bit more neatly into the wizarding world. There are still a few unusual things in her history of course, so expect some confused and maybe disbelieving people if she ever tells her story, but then that just makes things more fun!

Just so this doesn't get swallowed up in the pend too: Your connections are intricately detailed which shows how much thought you've put in, her personality shines through loud and clear, and you've covered all the important points in her history including Bombarda canon things. I can also say having read your connections that you've done a very good job of toning down a lot of what happened and fitting into into this universe, and the way you've replaced the walkers is great.

Any other concerns with anything relating to the app in the future, let me know and I can chat through things with you again since it was fun to hear it all from you in Discord too!

post in the claims board, and then reply to your app when you're done to get your member group changed so you can start posting!
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Shadowplay Candyland Couture RPG-D


Rise of the Believers X-Generation: X-Men Roleplay


skin created by Jenna of shine, caution, atf, candyland, and wecode.