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 Addams History
morticia addams
 Posted: 11 Jul 2018, 11:49 PM


Addams Family History

As created by data

Below you will find the history of the Addams Family as it fits into the Bombarda Maxima universe. This history was actually created by a former member who created Gomez Addams. Data created such a wonderful backstory that I felt I must pay homage to it as I play Morticia on board. With admin approval I have created this to help any that may wish to create any of the Family on board, or who wish to create characters that are tied to the Family.

This section comes directly from the app linked above if you do not wish to read the whole app.

The Addams Family Lineage - The Addams family is ancient and diverse, able to be traced back further than possibly any other magical family. This is primarily because the Addams family started from a wide base and has branches all over the world, so even potentially lost records had copies around the globe. Not only that, but the Addams family is especially good about keeping and telling old stories about their ancestors, which has been a tradition for over a millennia now. Whether or not some of these stories are true, or if they're skewed a bit is unknown. As the story goes, the first member of the Addams family - obviously named Addam - was a wizard from English antiquity who worshiped Magic (which he believed to be a distinct being, equivalent basically to an elder god). He was widely regarded as a madman, but was mostly left alone until he began to collect followers (collectively called Addams), who where all otherwise considered outcasts, either scorned by their family or without one. This eventually lead to the establishment of a cult coven, which very quickly became powerful. Historically there's a point of contention over whether or not the groups attempted extermination was due to them practicing Dark Magic (which was true), or because they were giving value to those deemed valueless (also true), but the first instance of the Addams being murdered on principle was carried out by other wizards. Addam himself was publicly executed, but not before one very bloody battle and not before he was able to adopt every member of his coven into his family and establish exactly what being part of a family meant. It meant looking out for one another, accepting one another, and most of all, not letting each other down. His last words are unknown, but rumored to be the source of the Addams family creed: We gladly feast on those who would subdue us.

The rest of the Addams family history is just as bloody as its start, and its honed itself remarkably over the centuries as the members of the family grew. Addamses are at the center of many wars, massacres, plagues and famines - sometimes causing them, sometimes just enjoying them. As they were pushed out of wizarding society, several of them began to interact with muggle society, which actually is what started some of the myths about dark witches. Many these rumors were true (yes, even those myths), just not for Wizarding society as a whole. As a group they continued to practice taboo magicks, seek the unknown, and find kindred spirits in the outskirts of society, and for that they were very often victims of witch hunts or sought as captives for those who desired the benefits of dark magic. Most Addams could probably name more family members who died horrible, tortured deaths than other people could name family members period.

But, the rage, fear and hatred that came with that kind of history really negatively affected the family's morale. Though the Addams stuck together (because in many cases this was the only family they knew) they became less cohesive and the negative emotions allowed the Dark Magic they practiced to gain more control over them than the other way around (a well-known risk for those who practice it). Somewhere around the 10th century, a direct descendant of Addam, and member of the main house, Terror Addams, decided to do something about it. They were going to conquer fear - and they were going to do that by conquering what they feared. He introduced the long-held Addams practice of torturing oneself. In a new interpretation of the Addams creed, the family began to actively consume the methods used to subdue them. They burned themselves at the stake, drowned, crushed, impaled, stretched, cooked, and stoned one another strategically - in small enough doses that their bodies, and magic, could get used to the sensations - a practice which, naturally, took some time to catch on, but eventually lead to incredible results. The methods became less terrifying and family members who inevitably got caught were more often able to keep their heads clear enough to escape. The reduction of fear, hatred and desperation led to fewer outbursts of uncontrollable Dark Magic as well, which would eventually lead to the Addams family's unusually steady control over that type of magic. This didn't really reduce the number of tragic and bloody incidents surrounding the Addams family, but it did help overall morale.

The practice of torturing one another expanded to all sorts of ills that could be used against them (including poisoning and humiliating one another) and generation by generation the practice became more and more normalized. Just 3 generations later, the younger Addamses began to make the practice into a game, and by the present time the practice has become synonymous with childhood play. The practicality of it still exists as well, as the Addams family is still very good at handling attacks without panicking, but the unintended side-effect has been that they have a harder time distinguishing when someone is attacking them and when someone is just being playful. The Addams strange way of seeing things is due mostly to this sordid history.

What this means in a nutshell is if you want to pick up an Addams or someone tied to the Addams' clan there is a lot of history to cover. I am also leaving a bloodline list that Data started but unfortunately could not finish the family tree before she left the site.

I'm making them a family tree but, hoo boy is it a complicated mess. The Addams actually have a very spread out heritage for a pureblood family (and several branches of it aren't pureblood at all), but one interesting thing to consider is that the Addams are not all connected by blood. The family founder Addam had 12 "adopted" "children" and one legitimate son, which made the first Addams Family. So the Addams refer to 13 distinct bloodlines, with the Main House being the blood descendants of Addam - which Gomez is. It's... it's a cult coven, is what I'm saying. That being said - there's every chance that other purebloods might be linked up to this family - however, there are a few things you need to know...

1) The Addams were highly persecuted since their inception in the 600s. Like people literally tried to exterminate them on multiple occasions and others have tried to control them. But, like at least 70% of Addams die via homicide.

2) Because of this they moved around a lot, and branches of the Addams family have sprung up all around the world.

3) The Addams original belief is that Magic is a separate sentient entity/ies who's vastness is incomprehensible, which all life is merely a tiny part of. Cult.

4) The reason they were persecuted is primarily because they a) practice dark magic or b) accept those otherwise cast out by society. These two aspects managed to get like 99% of the world against them.

5) A high percentage of the extended family are criminals and/or deranged.

6) However, there is also a much higher percentage of birth anomalies in Addams' (conjoined twins, extra limbs, werewolf-syndrome, various disabilities, squibs), but not because of inbreeding - it's because they marry-in. Half-breeds like part-giants and goblins are pretty common too, as are werewolves and vampires. They also have a very high diversity in gender and sexuality. They're just really supportive??

7) Anyone who marries into the Addams Family is consumed by it. Regardless of gender. They Become an Addams. It changes them - which, I mean, they're joining a cult so... But, basically for this reason, most connections to Pureblood families will be through relatives who were either burned off the family tree, or never heard from again.

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