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21 Apr 2018, 11:00 PM
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Vanesa pilar morado
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<h2>Name</h2> <h3>Vanesa pilar morado</h3>
<h2>Age</h2> <h3>nineteen</h3>
<h2>Member Group</h2> <h3>other adult</h3>
<h2>Pref. Pronoun</h2> <h3>she/her</h3>
<h2>Face Claim</h2> <h3>sarah hyland</h3>
<h2>Sexual Orientation</h2> <h3>v in denial bisexual</h3>


<h2>Occupation</h2> <h3>Tutor.</h3>
<h2>Workplace/School</h2> <h3>Former Slytherin.</h3>
<h2>Class</h2> <h3>N/A</h3>


<h2>Blood Status</h2> <h3>halfblood</h3>
<h2>Wand</h2> <h3>9”, elder, dragon heartstring</h3>
<h2>Boggart</h2> <h3>Older version of herself; fear of her future, aging and not having anything to show for it.</h3>
<h2>Patronus and memory</h2> <h3>Butterfly - being the first student to figure out flying on a broom as a first year. and showing off about it</h3>
<h2>Dementor-induced memory</h2> <h3>being pushed (playfully) into the great lake as a first year, classmates finding out she can’t swim; fourth year, confronting a former professor on her grades, feeling a definite power shift, generally helpless and having no time to sort through options.</h3>
<h2>Mirror of Erised</h2> <h3>Living independently in a showy home, acquired on her own, busy at work with something she’s genuinely interested in.</h3>


<h2>Alias</h2> <h3>Dannie</h3>
<h2>Timezone</h2> <h3>Central</h3>
<h2>Contact</h2> <h3>PM for Skype</h3>

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<h1>abc's of vanesa</h1><p>
v is for vindictive. vanesa is definitely the sort that's prone to being vengeful when someone wrongs her. and probably anyone on good terms with them, as well. vanesa can be pretty ruthless and doesn't mind showing it.
<p>a is for analytical. emotions are second to reason. vanesa is smart, and quick to sort things out in her mind and find the most efficient way of going about something. she'd much rather follow that and risk hurting people's feelings than tiptoe around others' emotions. other people's feelings are second to her own goals, anyway. (sidenote: her logic and reasoning is not always correct, but she’s often too stubborn to acknowledge otherwise)
<p>n is for neat. vanesa really enjoys having her living space tidy. she's not the sort to get attached to items, so it's no problem for her to clear away clutter for her own peace of mind in messy situations. she's very good at organizing things and people and has no problem doing so. she often doesn't need to be told to clean up, because chances are, the cleaning is already done. (whether anyone else considers it clean or not is of no concern to her)
<p>e is for egoistical. even when vanesa is acting in a good way, there's a good chance there's an ulterior motive. she's very selfish and her own needs motivate her the most. she's got no problem stepping over people to get what she wants and vanesa is sure to do so often.
<p>s is for squib. as much as vanesa hates admitting it and talking about it - her mother is a squib. she's the daughter of two purebloods who ended up with no magic ability. vanesa likes to pretend her mother doesn't exist and hates the fact that she's not entirely pure just because her dad fell in love with some stupid squib. vanesa has a non magical older sister, too, and she's a bit embarrassed of her as well. although if you asked her family, vanesa's really the embarrassing one.
<p>a is for athletic. vanesa loves being physically active. she's quite good at quidditch and enjoys playing on slytherin's team. she prides herself in being very quick and is likely to go for a good run or fly when she's feeling down or frustrated. vanesa likes keeping in shape and it's a good way to keep her seething style anger in check.
<h1>an interview (end of 6th year)</h1><p>
"hello miss morado! i'm here with the hogwarts paper, do you have a minute to sit down and talk with me? i've heard that you are quite the interesting person. we're doing a 'people of hogwarts' piece."
<p>she raises an eyebrow at the journalist who is practically panting from the exertion it took to catch up with her quick pace. part of vanesa wants to turn and leave, just to see if the kid will follow her. still, she stays to see what the person will possibly ask her. after leaving a long pause, she sighs, rolls her eyes and then doesn't make eye contact with the kid.
<br>"i suppose i could. what's in it for me, though?"
<p>fumbling with words and unable to get them out, an impatient vanesa lets out a lyrical laugh to interrupt him.
<br>"what sort of girl do you think i am, dear? i don't need anything out of this."
<p> vanesa figured she got enough out of observing his discomfort. she can feel the kid relaxing a bit more, still tense. that was the point of vanesa's condescending tone; she wasn't exactly surprised.
<p>"t-thank you very much. where did you grow up, vanesa?"
<p>"i spent much of my childhood in segovia, spain. my spanish is still flawless, in case you were wondering. is that all you've got? no one would possibly want to read about this. what are you thinking?"
<p>"okay, then. moving on...what is your favorite subject at hogwarts?"
<p>"alchemy is the only subject that moves fast enough for me this year. i need constant stimulation, and herbology just doesn't cut it. flying lessons were fantastic, but they don't exist past first year. if you're like me, classes all go downhill."
<p>"what do you plan to do when you leave hogwarts?"
<p>"whatever i damn please to do. is that really a question?"
<p>"so let's talk about your parents. i know that your mother's a s-"
<p>"how about we don't talk about my mother? she's a bit embarrassing, wouldn't you say? my grandparents think so. i have no idea why my father decided to marry her."
<p>"that's a bit harsh, considering she's your mother."
<p>"my mama is none of your business. how about we leave it at that, hm?"
<p>despite becoming frustrated, vanesa's tone remains level. this is a normal tactic of hers. she finds that losing control of her temper gives too much of a reaction. i f that is what they were going for, she loses. so if vanesa can manage to seem calm right now, she can take time later to get back at him if need be. she even smiles at the student, to try and counter that she’d snapped at him. go ahead, keep talking, but make sure she wants to hear it.
<p>" i 've heard that you're one of the fastest seekers that's been at hogwarts in years. is it true? i have yet to see you play myself, so i can't say."
<p> vanesa laughs again, flipping her hair over her shoulder.
<p>"i suppose that, if you heard it, it must be true. the rest of the team depends on me."
<p>"let's talk some more about your personal life, then. do you have any siblings?"
<p>" i have a brother, and three sisters. i guess they're okay. i'm not particularly close to any of them, i don't think. my twin and little sister are both in ravenclaw."
<p>"you said you grew up in spain. when did you move to the uk?"
<p>"i moved to bristol when i was ten years old. my father decided to move with his job, he said something about a more permanent change of scenery to inspire him. i think it was to be near a more accepting wizarding community for my mother’s sake. i still regularly visit spain to see my grandparents, and other relatives. spain's much prettier than england. i'm not sure where i want to live after hogwarts."
<p>"and finally, what are your plans for this summer?"
<p>"to get away from my family for a while! i'm going to be paying my own rent, with my own job, in london. i am seventeen now and my parents are okay with it. i'm independent enough to function on my own and i think they understand that. if anything goes wrong, i have a sister that lives in london - even though i don't really like talking to her. or thinking about her. it's best to pretend she doesn't exist, but if i need her help, it's good to know she's there."
<p>"well, it was great to get to know you, miss morado. keep your eyes open for your article in the paper, okay? thank you for your time."
<h1>sins vs virtues</h1><p>
lust vs. chastity.
<br>as previously mentioned, even the debbie downer queen herself needs excitement and fast moving activities. luckily, sex happens to be both for her. she's by no means chaste and doesn't regret not being so. she's still picky about who she sleeps with, but she'll definitely sleep with someone if she has the time.
<p>greed vs. charity
<br> now vanesa is by no means entirely generous. but she isn't by any means very greedy, either. she's fine living off of just what she needs and isn't the sort to hoard more than what's required. (though, when opportunity presents itself she’ll take it.) since her parents weren't particularly wealthy or poor growing up, she does understand the need to conserve and will be giving to the few people she likes. or if doing so might get her somewhere.
<p>gluttony vs. temperance
<br>ahhh, indulgence. again, vanesa needs a lot to keep her interested. so she's likely to indulge in substances. she's willing to try anything once, and if she likes it, vanesa's sure to keep doing it. she's not very good when it comes to self control (in this sense) and it's pretty obvious to the people around her.
<p>sloth vs. diligence
<br> if it's something she cares about, vanesa will be one of the hardest workers you know. she's hard working when it comes to her job, because she enjoys getting paid. she's hard working in most of her classes, given she likes the subject and the professor... and the particular assignment. vanesa even puts work into finding shortcuts - which is something common for her, even if it doesn’t always go well - so that isn’t particularly lazy. it can, however, make her seem lacking to people who don’t know her well enough.
<p>wrath vs. patience
<br> as previously mentioned, vanesa's a fast thinking person. she's a fast acting person. she's definitely not patient with people and not patient with her anger, either. she's got a sort of seething rage, rather than an explosive one. as someone who doesn’t shut up, it should be scary when she’s got nothing left to say.
<p>envy v. kindness
<br> this one is blank. i feel like this is where vanesa doesn't have a sharp edge either way. she's got the potential to be jealous, but she usually isn't because she's proud of what she has. she thinks she's better than a lot of people, so she doesn't necessarily desire what others have. she's not entirely without. obviously all of these are going to have some gray to them, but i feel this category does more than the others.
<p>pride v. humility
<br>okay, it's definitely not a secret that vanesa's a proud person. it's not a cover for a low self-esteem. she's actually just really (overly) confident in herself. sometimes this comes back to bite her, when she's stubborn about being right about something. her pride makes her not do well in group projects because she will try to take control of it, and often people do . but she still carries herself confidently and knows that she's as smart and quick as she is.
<h1>a moodboard<h1>

<P><img src=""><img src="">
<P><img src=""><img src="">
<P><img src=""><img src="">
<h1>a closing interview (end of 7th year).</h1>
<p>on the way out a classroom, vanesa is promptly stopped in her tracks by a zit-faced gryffindor.
<p>”haven’t you come a long way, vanesa.”
<p> she vaguely remembers him - a fifth year or so, experience with the paper, they’d spoken nearly a year ago. the glare she sends him doesn’t get him to move out of the way. the way he worded his greeting could have a few meanings (and she recalls that he certainly wouldn’t have dared speaking to her this way last year) - how she has changed since last year, a way to count her (might as well face it) losses, or that he couldn’t find a more creative topic than her very obvious pregnancy.
<p>please go away.”
<p>”people are talking about you even more now than they did before. i couldn’t resist a follow-up story. i’m sure you’re happy with the attention, so why not get a word in on the rumors, miss morado? was this the grand plan we all thought you had?”
<p> ”plans… occasionally... are interrupted. they have to remain open ended and flexible, and mine were, so i will work through this just fine.”
<p>”was it on purpose? for the attention or so your sugar daddy wouldn’t leave you? it’s interesting how that played out.”
<p>they were not part of the grand plan. i would, in fact, appreciate if you didn’t give me this attention. are we finished here?”
<p>”are you going to marry him? what if you have a squib?”
<p>”seeing as he is not the father i don't see the importance of that question. squibs are, statistically not very likely.”
<p>”statistically, so are twins. is it familial? don’t you have two squib relatives?”
<p>”we’re done here.”
<p>it’s more difficult to sneak around him now. she opts for giving him a light shove to the side, and then disappearing down the corridor without a look over her shoulder to see where he was. this wasn’t where she wanted to be, and if he was going to quote her word for word, everyone else would know too. even stalking away, she could hear the boy’s irritating comments.
<p>”what do you have left now? it’s going to be hard to find a new boyfriend like that. will you be able to play quidditch when you’re juggling twins on your own? how are you holding up in your classes?”
<p>she almost turned back to answer him but nothing she could use in response would help. it was best to move on, and take care of this later.
<P><H1>the aftermath (wip)</h1>
<P>the first job interview.
<br>vanesa was so paranoid that she was going to be late fo this interview that she arrived an hour early. it was some stupid desk job, she wouldn't care, normally. but now that she did't have a real source of income, and two extra people to take care of, she had to remedy the situation as soon as possible.
<P>it started out pretty normal. vanesa didn't hesitate with any response, words coming to her quickly. it was about halfway through that the urgency of her situation hit her - and that's why vanesa switched mindsets. there was always an easier strategy to getting her way.
<P>while her outfit couldn't do much of the talking this time, vanesa had no problem batting her eyelashes, and changing the nature of her responses. <br>"what do you hope to et out of this work experience?"
<p>"oh, well you know, i am just a young woman trying to make it in the world. you seem like you could teach me a thing or two, and i would love to learn from you." her gaze had obviously shifted, she had leaned in closer, and that was all vanesa was able to do before she was interrupted.
<p>"do you think you can flirt your way into this position? we are not that sort of business and this interview is over. you can walk yourself out; first door on the left."
<P>building the resume.

<br>"vanesa" is the spanish form of the greek name "vanessa", meaning butterfly. i found this fitting considering vidia's a fairy - a similar small, winged creature.
<br>"morado", her surname, is the spanish word for purple, a color associated with vidia in the movies/books.
<p>the fast flying fairy.
<br> iconnected this aspect of vidia into vanesa's interests in quidditch and flying. ifigure that being able to fly comfortably, and quickly, on a broom was a good alternative. i also made her quick thinking and acting, similar to vidia in the movies.
<br> in the fairies of pixie hollow movies, vidia mentions that she helps control forces of nature. since vanesa oooobviously can't do that, i gave her interests in alchemy to mimic that.
<P>the twins
<P> "it was my winds that brought you here" - vidia had a part in fairies' "birth". and "creating forces of nature" translates to babies in this case ~
<p>the family.
<p>while all the other fairies live in the home tree, vidia lives on her own in a sour plum tree. similarly, vanesa has decided to put distance between herself and her family (voluntarily at first).
<p>the wand.
<br>elder wood - “the rarest wand wood of all”, vidia considers fast-flying a “true rare talent” and so it seemed fitting for vanesa to have something more to brag about rare as well.
<br>dragon heartstring - produces wands capable of powerful and flamboyant spells, fitting for vidia’s showoff-ish nature. they learn quickly as well, which is once again tied into vidia’s fast-flying talent. additionally, these wands are temperamental and prone to accidents, which vidia is also shown to be in the books/movies.


<div class="bc_appmain2">
<input type="radio" id="bc_appmain2-8" name="bc_appmain2-group-2">
<label for="bc_appmain2-8">SHIPPER</label>
<div class="bc_content">

<div class="bc_ship"><div class="bc_ship2"><div class="bc_ship3">

<br><br><br>So! Miss Vanesa Morado is now returning to the real world; AKA her maternity leave is just about over. She will be working as public health educator with the Ministry of Magic (it's not exactly what she pictured herself doing, but it's something, okay?). She somewhat dropped off the face of the earth when she graduated, but she's back in business now, no worries. Vanesa may seem like a changed woman - or people make the assumption that she is bc #momthings - and while she has changed a bit, she remains stubborn, conceited and egotistical. However, she's more keen to making new (or rekindling) old connections friendships.
So image is still important to Vanesa, however significantly less so. She lost a good number of "friends" over the course of her pregnancy - either people she had previously cut off or those who no longer had a decent reason to put up with her bullshit. So now is her chance to try for a fresh start. She is less picky than she was before, and a lot more wiling to keep quiet on her thoughts about certain subjects/groups of people. This area is open to other ministry employees (whom Vanesa will def try and rub elbows with, bc she is still power hungry af), older students (whether she met them at school or if they think that she is now #totallyrad younger!faculty), and coworkers (of any age tbh). Van is still adventurous af, and up for having a fun time. She can be charming when she wants to be (also see: manipulative), and probably won't have a hard time making acquaintances at the very least. Closer friends are definitely a more difficult tier to get to.


As confident as Vanesa is about most areas of her life, love is the one thing she isn't as sure about. She knows that sex, seduction, etc. can be used as a tool/weapon - and as a former chronic sugar baby, she has utilized it for sure. This definitely still applies and she is not above flirting (or otherwise) with a coworker who might have good connections or who might give her helpful information. Vanesa is definitely guarded when it comes to actually falling in love though - for one, she thinks she's undesirable now because of the "young mother" thing, and suitors will likely be met with suspicion. And she hates the idea of being vulnerable in any way, shape,, or form. She's a tough nut to crack and has some very suppressed feelings towards a galpal friend of hers. Pls throw hookups, fwbs, and even crushes at her because I think they'd be super fun to plot out.


There are definitely still going to be a lot of these. Vanesa can have trouble keeping her mouth shut and she also has a knack for zeroing in on insecurities. This combination can often result in scathing comments that lose her friends and can quickly bump someone into this category. People who can see through the fact that she is using/has just used them can also fall here. And those who think Van's ego's too big, have other issues with her personality, etc. are also here. There are likely to be old enemies from her school days and also ones she makes afterward. Enemy plots are my fav and she's absolutely going to have them, so pleaseee hit me up.


Other potential interactions definitely exist.
<P> Van's from a large wizarding family so distant relatives are chill. Or people she knew growing up either through her chill parents she is now estranged from, or through her purist grandparents. Former teammates from her Quidditch days (she was a skilled seeker and GREAT on a broom). Students she is tutoring. Students she interacts with through her health presentations. Also, she is supposed to have her door open for people to ask questions so feel free to have someone just randomly pop by/heckle her/whatever tbh.






<div class="merc_cred"><a href="">merc</a></div>

19 Jan 2018, 04:44 AM
[dohtml]<center><div style="width:300px; text-align:justify; font:11px georgia; color:000000; line-height:100%;"> Since Vanesa wasn't really fond of actually teaching, she did like to find roundabout ways to still have a class. She was hardly prepared to teach, anyway; her training hadn't gone on long and she wasn't quite sure what her subject was exactly about. Because the program at the school was still being ironed out, it was easy to claim she was just being experimental in her methods.
<P> LIke accepting whatever guest speaker would come her way. She didn't mind it - the woman was able to sit behind her desk to try and listen to their topic. Vanesa did honestly try, every time, but most of the time she ended up "grading" - really, just doodling in a notebook. It was something that the students usually did, but Vanesa had found herself spacing out.
<P> Maybe it was because she was tired. He wasn't hard to look at, that was for sure, but she fond herself covering up a yawn anyway. It wasn't until the kids were filtering out, dropping off their notes on her desk, that she tuned back in.
<P>"Thank you for coming in. I'm afraid even with your talk today, I never caught your first name?"

rochlan procyon
9 Jan 2018, 06:29 AM
[dohtml]<center><div style="width:300px; text-align:justify; font:11px georgia; color:000000; line-height:100%;"><center><img src=''></center>
<P> It seemed after all of these years Vanesa still found herself wandering places she shouldn't be. There was something about this part of the Ministry that seemed generally unwelcoming - probably because it was for people ranked far above her. She wasn't fond of this new hierarchy, where she hadn't yet made it to the top.
<P> This little visit was different though. She had made an acquaintance. An honest acquaintance, Vanesa didn't have any ulterior motive in spending time with Burke. He was getting ready to be a parent, she had some experience with that, and his office had cozy chairs.
<P> She had brought some food with her this time, to share and to make sure she didn't fall asleep. He hadn't seemed happy the time she entered his office without knocking, so she made sure to pause and knock this time.

Burke Riegel
20 Dec 2017, 07:38 PM
[dohtml]<center><div style="width:300px; text-align:justify; font:11px georgia; color:000000; line-height:100%;"> Vanesa had tried to use every excuse in the book to get out of meeting with her brother. Nothing had worked, and when the day they'd set finally arrived, she tried to talk her way out of it again.
<P> He was nearly as stubborn as she was so it was still no use. So, Vanesa had sighed and bundled up with the babies before she headed to the markets. She used to hate the cold, but now it meant she didn't have to bother changing her top because it would be covered by her coat and the toddlers in their sling.
<P> Obviously meeting at the muggle markets hadn't been her first choice. But then, Vanesa wanted to make some sort of point that she coud handle it. Her children had been going to a muggle daycare, she had been living in a muggle village, so it couldn't be too hard.
<P> The first thing Vanesa noticed when she finally arrived is that her coat was not as warm as she thought it was. The next, was just how heavy her twins had gotten. She had to place an arm around Auden as she felt the sling loosening - something that a few charms usually prevented.
<P> Vanesa put a little effort into hiding her discomfort as she wandered to find her brother, knowing he would get a kick out of it.
<P>"I made it, are you happy now?"
wil morado
2 Oct 2017, 08:09 AM
[dohtml]<center><div style="width:300px; text-align:justify; font:11px georgia; color:000000; line-height:100%;"> <center><img src=''></center>
<P>Since Vanesa didn't exactly get the summers off, she had no problem getting back into the swing of things as the school year had started up. And now she was almost a year into her training, so she was perfectly capable of handling this work on her own. Not that she wasn't, earlier, she was just... okay, maybe the training had helped a little.
<P> Only a little.
<P> She had left her office to get something to eat in between classes. There was some wonderful sort of freedom to being faculty instead of a student - even if it meant she was back in the school she swore she would never set foot in again. And she didn't even have anythign to show off yet. Oh well, she was making money, and that little detail was becoming more, and more important each day.
<P> Vanesa was a little concerned when she got back to her office and found the door handle unlocked. It wasn't rare for her to forget to lock it - but she was always worried that there would be that one time she regretted it.
<P> ...And by the person moving about the room, it seemed like it was going to be this time.
<P>"Can I help you with something?"
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