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 Birthday Spotlight Nominations
 Posted: 15 May 2018, 06:33 PM

Birthday Spotlight Noms
Celebrating Bombarda's History!

It's time to nominate for Bombarda's Birthday Spotlight! The categories for this special round of spotlights are focused entirely on the best threads Bombarda has ever had, and so encompasses everything from the site's grand opening to now. We want to show off our favourite interactions throughout our two year history to show the world the best moments on Bombarda, for those new members or even passing guests who might want to dip into our history, as well as take a peek at our current creations. Instructions are below the list of nominations, so be sure to read them carefully!

Favorite Rapid-Fire Thread:

First Year of School, First Year of School! with vanesa morado, ty ericson, & Nagito Komaeda-Ward
Weird Friendless Kid with edward nygma & Jonathan Crane

Favorite Happy Thread:

It Feels Like A Thousand Eyes with ty ericson & Melanie Raskoph
cause we're speaking nonsense with phoenix wright & miles edgeworth

Favorite Sad Thread:

Another Hero, Another Mindless Crime with Takumi Sumeragi & katelyn tanner
Follow You Into the Storm with edward nygma & evangeline riot

Favorite ‘Other’ Thread*:

The Good, The Bad, And The Dirty with edward nygma & katelyn tanner
All Eyes On Me with edward nygma & Takumi Sumeragi

Favorite Thread Overall:

Sir Blue Knight with phoenix wright & edna mode
We're Like Fire in the Rain with edward nygma & oswald cobblepot

* ‘Other’ includes any thread that was considered in the future, in the past, or an AU. *

So here’s how this is going to work. Reply to this thread with one nomination for each category. You have until 11:59 pm central time on May 24th to do this, so if you want to wait and make your decision later, you may. If your first choice is already up, you can nominate them again and it will be counted as a 'second' (or ‘third’, ‘fourth’, etc.) for that nomination.

The other change for this time is we want you to nominate your own threads! We want as many nominations as possible, even if that means we have to split the votes into bracketing, so we want you to fill out the above categories for threads that you have personally been a part of. When it comes to voting, it'll be different. and we'll ask you to vote for threads you were not in, to encourage you to read some of our other site highlights, but for now, go back through your history of threads and pick out all your favorites!

When nominating a thread, please include the full names of the characters participating, a link to the thread, a brief summary of the thread (2-5 lines) and why it's your favorite. Failure to follow these instructions for nominations may result in your nomination being thrown out. So be sure to have all the necessary info in before the nominations close!

arya tritan
 Posted: 17 May 2018, 04:49 PM


Favorite Rapid Fire Thread: First Year of School, First Year of School! - With vanesa morado, ty ericson, & Nagito Komaeda-Ward

Recap: Ty is set loose goes off to explore Diagon Alley, and runs into (literally) Nagito on his way. Vanesa and her twins join them and the five of them go off to get potions ingredients.

Why it's my favorite: I can't even with Ty sometimes, istg. But like, this thread as far as it went was so adorable and <3 <3 I nearly put it for happy thread but I saw it was a Rapidfire! This was also Ty's first thread on site, so it was also a learning experience for me to learn just how Ty talks and writes (he's very stream of consciousness).


Favorite Happy Thread: It Feels Like A Thousand Eyes - With ty ericson & Melanie Raskoph

Recap: It's the first night at Hogwarts, which means all the first years are getting sorted! Including Ty, who cannot be more excited and nervous and literally everything in between. A lot of this thread is his reaction to everything, culminating in Professor Raskoph setting the sorting hat on his head and proclaiming him a Gryffindor.

Why it's my favorite: Freaking Ty. I'd say that's enough said but I like gushing about that child. This was more of me getting used to Ty's voice, and being able to write about what it's like to be sorted into a Hogwarts house. Like, the Harry Potter Mystery game and Pottermore do a good job of giving us the experience, but being able to write about it through the eyes of someone else was just so much fun. And again, freaking Ty. I mean I knew what I was signing up for making a character based off of Tigger, but he's just so bouncy and innocent and he's excited about everything and ahhhh he just makes me so happy when I get to write replies for him.


Favorite Sad Thread: Another Hero, Another Mindless Crime - With Takumi Sumeragi & katelyn tanner

Recap: Takumi comes back to work after a raid against The Riddler that leaves nine Aurors dead, and is sent to filing. Nothing crazy for a first day back, only to get a case file on the wandmaker who had sold him his wand (a twin to the Riddler's) and a Kate walking in to him dealing with that. They hug, they laugh, they cry, Kate gets super pissed at one point, it's a bittersweet thread.

Why it's my favorite: Okay, first, Claire is amazing to write with. This was actually the first thread I wrote with her, and Kate and Takumi just clicked from the get go. If you go back and read this, the first five replies were all written in the space of a day. And other members were reading and excited for replies and ahhh. <3 This thread also brought my muse back, cause til January I knew my activity was hit and miss, so yeah, this thread is pretty special to me. The thread also made me think more towards Kate's future, and how and what she's going to be once she graduates from school. Because there are events that happen between now and this thread (which is like, three years in the future iirc?), and considering those possibilities along with things that have been plotted made me put all of that into perspective with this thread.


Favorite 'Other': The Good, The Bad, And The Dirty - With edward nygma & katelyn tanner

Recap: The thread is set in an alternate universe where Katelyn quits from the Auror department after the raid in "All Eyes On Me," because the Aurors would not allow her to work on The Riddler investigation due to her past ties to him and Oswald Cobblepot. She had since decided to take matters into her own hands. This thread starts out with Kate getting a riddle from the one person she had yet to cut out of her life *cough* Takumi *cough*, and subsequently solving it to find one of The Riddler's old puzzle rooms, and The Riddler himself (live on a big screen). She now finds herself way over her head, playing The Riddler's games, because at some point they have to lead back to him.

Why it's my favorite: I was torn between this and "Hell Hath No Fury" (which is basically the same point of time but Kate's not losing it and Oz is involved). But I chose this thread because of the "what if" of it all. Like, I have not written stuff like this before. Kate is not a dark character. She's depressing sometimes and her canon story has one (1) dark arc, but she's typically pretty happy. It's a "what if Kate stopped caring," "what if she did this or that," "how does she play the game" and I'm loving how everything is unfolding. And Ed-sorry, The Riddler a Trip to write with in this point of his timeline too. He's reimagined himself as the magical super villain, and the tech /puzzles he's come up with to get there and remind people of just who he is is awesome. Sigyn ! does a freaking amazing job writing him. This thread also hold two milestones for Kate: her 100th post (!!!!), and the longest reply I have written to date. Like, that sucker is nearly 2,000 words long, because how Kate plays his game has already nearly gotten her killed once thus far, and walking the wire takes some words.


Favorite Thread Overall Sir Blue Knight - With phoenix wright & edna mode.

Recap: Phoenix goes to get a set of Wizengamot robes, and ends up with more than he bargained for. They banter, Edna makes tea, Edna scares him by throwing tea (different point in the thread!), and Phoenix has some snazzy new suits.

Why it's my favorite: I am Sentimental As Hell, for one. This was my first thread on Bombarda Maxima, and it was my first writing after about a couple months in a funk. And honestly it was just so much fun to write. Like, I was learning Edna's voice, and Phoenix is such a sweetie, everything about it was just enjoyable. Also like, there are some amazing one-liners in here, both based on Edna's canon quips and stuff that kinda just happened. This thread was also my official introduction to Bomb, and I have felt welcome writing here ever since, with Edna, and all the beans I've created since that June.
Sigyn !
 Posted: 19 May 2018, 11:41 AM

Weird Friendless Kid with edward nygma & Jonathan Crane

The summers between school years were quite lonely for Ed, so when he found himself a fellow bookworm at the library, he couldn't resist inviting himself back to his house to continue to build on this budding friendship. Neither of the boys are fantastic at that sort of thing though, and a somewhat awkward trek through conversation and tours takes place, before Ed finally stumbles upon the Crane family secret hiding away in the basement of this rickety old house...

One of the reasons this is my favourite rapidfire is because it's with Kon and she got me into writing in the first place about twelve years ago now, so to have the chance to write with her again was just amazing. As for the thread itself, I love seeing kid versions of adult characters, and kid Ed and kid Jon are so fun to see together. Jon has his creepiness already, and does surprisingly well at dealing with the strange child that followed him home. And then the TWIST at the END because Kon is as evil as me, clearly was just wonderful - such a strange shock but also weirdly in keeping with Jon's character? A weird and wonderful journey from reluctant friendship to what the actual hell.

cause we're speaking nonsense with phoenix wright & miles edgeworth

After a surprise reunion in the Ministry, Phoenix and Miles decide to meet up outside of a work situation for once, after a conversation about 'good food' spiraled into almost a dare. After a fairly common faux legal battle over a pair of keychains in their possession, the two head to a fast food joint, where Edgeworth is forced to attempt to order a burger for the first time...

I was torn between which of the two Wrightworth threads to nominate for this since I knew it would have to be one of them. I settled for their actual date because there's some really funny moments and it's more light-hearted without the added tension of them seeing each other again for the first time, so the whole thing resonates as more happy. I love this duo, their banter and chemistry is fantastic, and I;d love the chance to write them again if Data manages to get some free time. If you like this thread though, I'd definitely recommend you read i guess that's déjà vu as well!

Follow You Into the Storm with edward nygma & evangeline riot

Many years in the future, Ed is now The Riddler full time, and Evan is living alone, and the pair don't often get a chance to interact. Ed is keeping an eye on her though, so when she gets attacked in an alley by a ghost from her past, Ed swoops in like a hero to save her... Except he acts a little too rashly, and Evan finally gets a glimpse of the dark, violent side of her closest friend That, on top of the stress of what had happened before he'd arrived, make this a very difficult thing to process, and Ed has never been great at helping with emotions...

This thread was heartbreaking, and I think i am right in thinking it made Jonsie legitimately cry, so I knew it had to be my nomination. The fact that Evan has to face her old attacker would make it worthy of a nomination alone, but then pile onto that watching her deal with whether this man covered in blood in front of her is even still her Ed, while Ed tries his hardest to figure out what the right thing to do here is, both characters have a lot of internal suffering to go through, and it hits a chord of sadness I don't think any of my other threads have reached.

All Eyes On Me with edward nygma & Takumi Sumeragi

Set in the future when Ed is The Riddler and Takumi is an auror trainee, a group of aurors walk straight into a Riddler trap, with their little trainee being left alive as a plaything for the criminal mastermind himself. After a fair amount of back and forth, leaving the boy with both mental and physical scars, a surprise connection between the wands of the two opponents gives Takumi a chance to escape, as Ed explodes over his own wand no longer being 'special'.

You may have noticed a theme already in me nominating future Riddler threads, but it is my favourite era for him and this is just a perfect example of that. Takumi is a great foil for him, with just enough of a personal connection to allow for teasing and toying rather than a straight up kill, but not enough that Ed feels any reason to hold back - meaning this thread gets brutal at points. And then the matching wand cores was a stroke of genius by Claire and the temper tantrum at the end is probably his worst to date. And in between all of that you have Takumi trying to handle this impossible situation, trying to be strong (but not always managing ti which is what I love about Claire's take on the character - he's realistic, he's not invincible), so this is definitely my favourite of my Riddler threads.

We're Like Fire in the Rain with edward nygma & oswald cobblepot

A collection of various domestic scenes in the lives of The Riddler and The Penguin. Set about 15 years in the future from the current timeline (often referred to as 'Fire era'), Edward and Oswald are a couple again, and much more successful than their first attempt at dating considering they now seem to actually understand each other. Of course, between coming home injured, celebrating criminal victories, and conducting petty squabbles in every conceivable location, life is a lot less boring for them this time around as well

This could have gone in the top category but honestly it#s not just my favourite rapidfire thread, it's my favourite in general. Between how much I love seeing Ed and Oz as their true criminal selves, the joy of seeing them in an actual functional relationship considering what they've been through so far, and the fact it's not 18 PAGES LONG (which I think makes it the longest on site), it's just always my favourite thing to not only tag but to plot for. Me and Dannie have a list of a good ten more scenes at least so it doesn't look like it'll be stopping any time soon either.
jim hawkins
 Posted: 21 May 2018, 06:10 PM

Favorite rapid fire a whole new world with loki laufeyson and talia al ghul
It's the first time that talia and loki come across each other and the chemistry between them is already starting to show. They talk about little things really but the chemistry is there.

Why it's my favorite: because it shows their personalities and their demons but also how they are better apt at leaving them behind when they speak.

Favorite happy thread oh so charming with bruce wayne and evangeline riot

Bruce and Evan start talking about a botched charm on Bruce's part and they realize that it's rather easy for them to interact with one another and it's the beginning of their friendship.

Why it's my favorite: they interact rather well and I'm a sucker for threads in which Bruce makes friends

Favorite sad thread: this hurts my heart with jim hawkins and edward nygma
It's part of the villains taking over au event and jim has gone to find Ed and volunteers to take his test if in return he'd leave people alone. It's very sad cause while he turns against Ed and their life choices lead them to take their separate ways it's painful for both of them.

Why it's my favorite: so much angst. It's painful for both of them and I almost died when Jim admitted that he sees Ed like a son.

Favorite "other" thread: things don't always go as planned with loki laufeyson and talia al ghul

In this thread talia storms in Loki's house accusing him that he's been messing with her head and that he had manipulated her into having feelings for him through being a half veela. While screaming at each other they admit their feelings for each other and end up spending the night together.

Why it's my favorite: the way in which they admit their feelings is so unhealthy plus Loki in love is a hopeless mess. I've been rather curious about how he'd be if he fell in love with someone and i got my answer. Plus so much drama possibilities for the future and that's always a big bonus.

Favorite thread overall: ehm... Hi? with bruce wayne and Edward Elric

Edward and Bruce meet up for a technomagic project they have to work on together and gradually while they're distant at first they start talking about things that go beyond their project and start hitting it off.

Why it's my favorite: it's a very fun thread and I've enjoyed it from beginning to end. Neither of them is easy in making friends and I love that they've begun their friendship there. Plus as I said before I'm a sucker for Bruce making friends threads.
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