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 MORADO, DALIA, Chloe Bourgeois from Miraculous Ladybug
dalia morado
 Posted: 29 May 2018, 03:07 AM


dalia morado



Dalia Morado



Member Group

Hogwarts Staff

Pref. Pronoun


Face Claim

Tatiana Maslany

Sexual Orientation




Muggle Studies Professor




None (attended a Muggle school)


Blood Status

Halfblood Squib




Her Boggart will always take the form of a family member; specifically one that believes she's a shame to the Morado family. .

Patronus and memory

Bee (A little girl sitting on her mother's lap, listening to her stories. She's completely engaged and believes every one of them. This follows on to the girl running around in a tiara and princess dress)

Dementor-induced memory

A girl staying up on the eve of her eleventh birthday, waiting for her letter to arrive. She waits all day but nothing comes and she cries herself to sleep that night.

Mirror of Erised

Dalia able to wield magic, her family proud of her and her extended family unashamed of her. She's a hero to people and there are two people behind her, a witch and a wizard giving her thumbs up. Both are Aurors, one is her best childhood friend and the other is her best's friend's crush and her idol.








Other Characters

Mavis Vermillion

Sakura Sumeragi

Serena Tsukino

if she were a color, she would be gold

The color with the sheen of jewelry, of expensive items and praise for it's beauty. It caught the eyes of all those around no matter who they were with everyone turning to look and see what was attracting them so. And Dalia Morado has always attracted attention.

For better or for worse

Aside from her mother and father,the entire Morado family looked at her with distain. There were no family reunions for her, no meeting with other members of the family. Even if she did it was for a short amount of time with people snickering and talking behind her back. One, she tried to speak to her similarly-aged relatives. To try and join in with their games and fun. Not knowing it was all a trick. That it was all a lie.

They pushed her in the mud and that was the moment she realized she wasn't normal

She was meant to shine. An only child. A girl her parents loved more than anyone and that was true. So why?! Why didn't they see that she was a nice person? A beautiful person who could keep up with them too? There were no tears. It was worth crying over; just a walk back inside covered in mud to request a shower. Prim. Propper.

A beautiful golden flower

if she were a shape, she would be a diamond

Rough around the edges, but strong. Boring and basic with the potential to be so much more. She was Daddy's little Diamond, Mommy's little Flower. If left unattended, disgusting and not worth anyone's time. When cared for, a true diamond in the rough.

In denial, that's what she was. Oh yes she wanted to be noticed but not like this, not with all the magical community pointing at her and whispering behind her back. 'Squib' they whispered. Her and her mother. They were different in a bad way. Somedays she cried herself to sleep, but outside she would puff out her chest.

She was proud of who she was.

For a while, her pride extended to her mother. Yet unlike her, the beautiful golden Morado flower, the older woman did not share the sentiment. Kept herself away, along with her father's help. It disgusted her more than not being able to weild magic. That was her greatest shame, one she wished to hide away from the world because she was more than what they thought she was.

That was about the time she met him; another child from another pureblood family. Unlike Dalia he had magical potential but didn't rub it in her face. Rather he included her, showing the beauty that magic provided. Letting her experience it for herself despite not being able to cast spells. That boy from France was her best friend and her pillar of strength.

if she were an animal, she would be a lioness

It was the holidays when she was 16 years old and her only magical friend asked her for help on his History of Magic assignment which apparently involved him interviewing a Squid as a direct source of information...

"Hey thanks for letting me ask you a few things for my class at Beuxbatons!"

"That obviously because I'm the best person you could've asked. With my help you're bound to get an A."

"'s called an O actually.... but that doesn't matter! OK my first question is what's it like being a Squib in a Pureblood family?"


"Sorry.... what that"

"Of course not. I was just preparing my answer that's all."

"......" He decides to ignore the flinch.

"I don't hate it. I'm proud of who I am because I'm beautiful and no one can convince me otherwise. One thing I do hate is my mom she doesn't take pride in who she is at all and I'm not allowed to see my extended family because of that. It's completely stupid."

"You're so strong Dalia.... I'm jealous."

"I know. Everybody wishes they could be like me."

]"So I know you've got three siblings at the moment; Meg, Vanessa and her twin right? Do they treat you any differently?"

"Ugh do we have to talk about this? I know that Vanessa's embarrassed of me. She's s purist and Meg's a kissup to everyone around her - especially her professors from the stories I've heard. I don't care what they think of me. I might be at a muggle school but I'm doing well for myself."

"Right.... got it. Do you ever feel out of place at a Muggle school? Is it weird?"

"It's not like magical schools if that's what you're saying. What? Of course I've heard stories about what all the schools are like. Meg's attending Hogwarts and those stupid twins are certain to get their letters. It's no different from any other sort of place. It's. A. School."

"Y-yeah.... so just one more thing. How did it feel when your letter didn't arrive?"

"Everyone expected it. Everyone saw it coming. It's not like I really care I'm still living my life the way I want. Plus I'll be graduating that school in a few years which means I can really leave the world behind me. Stupid purists thinking they're better than everyone else. I bet they can't even write a decent science essay."

if she had a title, it would be queen

She was seventeen, as was he, when they lost contact. It was the final year before he was due to graduate from Beauxbatons when his mother died from illness. As his best friend, she was asked to go with him to the hospital while she was on his deathbed. A trip to Paris; she'd never say no. But knowing that she was going to the city of love with someone she loved as a close friend to support him as his mother passed away.... she couldn't shake it.

Waiting outside as the hours ticked by knowing that inside that room were the last goodbyes exchanged between a family. It hurt, like sharp needles penetrating her heart but never would Dalia admit it. She was strong, nothing could hurt her now.

But then his mother asked to see her.


Kneeling beside the bed hurt, but she couldn't move from that spot as forced words reached her ears. They brought tears to her eyes because she was asking her to do the impossible. Anyone else could do this but not her. The squib who was faking strength and shrugging off insult to protect herself. Because her friend's mother had asked her to protect him always in her steed.

She drove him away shortly after because he didn't want to protect himself. It hurt, and reminded her that this was the pain she was shielding herself from.

if she were to travel in time, she would go to the past

One regret she always shouldered was telling no one of her suffering as she continued to separate herself from her family, from her friends, and from her classmates. The rest of the year she spent in agony and solitary company, studying to pass above the others. People stayed away, she stopped speaking to anyone aside from to assert her dominance as a cry for help.

Dalia Morado didn't want to be alone.

Graduation soon passed and she left immediately for France. Even if she couldn't see him anymore, even if his father would never allow it she intended to keep her promise. To protect him the only way she knew how. Not that she knew where he was or what he was doing anymore, but somehow she would find a way.

Employment was a tricky find for her; no muggle job suited her and none in the wizarding community saw any value in her skills. It was stupid and preposterous yet she continued to apply time and time again to no avail. Only the money she took with her from home kept her in the apartment she had bought with food on her table.

Years she spent doing odd jobs for people, everything she tried it all to keep the money coming. Enough to make it through on her own merits magic or no. She was twenty-one when she finally found a job that she kept for an extended period of time.

The advert for Hogwarts. A Muggle Studies Professor was required. Such an idea - originally - repulsed her. Teaching stupid magical kids about muggles with them sneering and teasing her. She'd had enough of that from the Morado family, who had moved to the UK in the time she'd been gone. But she sent in her application anyway, deciding that she needed a well-paying.

A Squib among the faculty of Hogwarts, moving to the UK soon after her application was accepted to begin work. There was something they called a 'Training Program' she had to go through. YEARS she spent assisting the Professor that wanted to leave. YEARS that she could've been giving a far better education to the kids. All that time she didn't want to interact with a single 'fellow' Apprentice, so she didn't. They would whisper behind her back, she was sure, but it didn't matter. It would never matter.

In London, she thrived even if she spent most of her time at the school. Truthfully she was enjoying her life, even if it meant leaving her ex-best friend on his own. He was strong her to survive.

But no one was as strong as Dalia Morado.


NAME: 'Dalia' is a Spanish name meaning 'Flowering Branch'. This was changed from 'Chloe' (meaning 'blooming') as the Morados are a Spanish magical family. Both names also roll off the tongue.

SQUIB: within the Miraculous canon Chloe is an important figure to the city as the Mayor's daughter but is often viewed in a negative light to everyone except her father, but as she's usually the target for the series's Akuma (which transform people into supervillains) she's also surrounded by superheroes. I feel as though being a Squib reflects that aspect of being surrounded by more powerful people. It also presents a reason for her to purposely distant herself from others, which I'll go into further later.

PATRONUS: it's confirmed by the creators at ZAG that at some point in the future, Chloe does come into possession of the Bee Miraculous and becomes Queen Bee. In order to reflect this, her patronus would be a Bee if she could cast one.

MIRROR OF ERISED: Chloe is seen to be a very detached person from everyone else and doesn't form connections with any other student aside from enemies. This choice was made to show her hidden desire to be loved by others, which is also a canon secret that Chloe has.

APP STYLE: The style for the titles was designed to give a glimpse into how Dalia - and Chloe - sees herself. Someone who shines brightly, who's a beautiful diamond, who's strong as a lioness, who sees herself as a queen and ruler. These haughty images reflect Chloe's selfish and arrogant outer appearance.

(EX)BEST FRIEND: representing Adrien Agreste. In the canon universe Chloe did have a childhood friendship with Adrien but it was broken off - just like on Bomb - because his mother left the family. His father kept him inside and didn't let him out, UNLIKE bomb where it was Dalia's fault they stopped being around each other.

CHLOE HEADCANON: this is a personal headcanon that I love which has been flying around the fandom about Chloe. The headcanon says that she was the last person to speak to Ms Agreste before her disappearance and swore to protect Adrien. This is why in the Origins episodes she tries to teach him to be rude and show dominance over others so he won't get hurt in the future. I converted this so it happened ono Bomb as well because I adore this headcanon to no end.

Introduce your shipper here.


Fill in for friends.


Fill in for lovers.


Fill in for enemies.


Fill in for any other relationships.
 Posted: 3 Jun 2018, 05:23 PM

Welcome to
Bombarda Maxima!

App looks great Nara! We get a really good idea of what Dalia has been through an how she feels bout it. Go ahead and take care of claims. I am looking forward to plotting with her! <3

post in the claims board, and then reply to your app when you're done to get your member group changed so you can start posting!
james barnes
 Posted: 18 Jun 2018, 02:08 PM


dalia morado is so sweet i love her <3 i feel like maybe she could get to know bucky, i mean with the integration system and such he probably wanders over to hogwarts occasionally since he used to go to school there and he has a lot of good memories there. so maybe he's there checking out some of his old classrooms and stuff, and sicne he's the caretaker at beauxbatons now, he's like...walking around with his lil dog who is his very own mrs norris and IDK in school he really liked potions but also really liked muggle studies, and he's fascinated by it all and even to this day he's really interested in the muggles and such so maybe she could tell him about new muggle inventions and they can sit and talk and be really sweet and buddies kinda? whether she knows about bucky's past and his mix up with the ministry and ending up in azkaban is up to you, most of his trial and sentence was secret, but since he was released as innocent its a little bit more known now, though still on the down-low so its up to you! feel free to add/subtract anything c:
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