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 Update 10
Sigyn !
 Posted: 1 Jun 2018, 06:11 PM

Update 10
Staff Change

After a great few months giving us loads of help with all of the aesthetic side of running Bombarda, Kyros is stepping down from her role as a Moderator on the site. She'll still be around as usual though, still writing with her multitude of characters, but the staff team will now consist of Sigyn and Dannie. She will also still be helping out with general site graphics and skins, but on an informal basis, just when she wants to, rather than under the pressures of staff work. Kyros would like to say that she loves everyone and appreciates their kindness, and we just want to say a huge thank you for everything she's done!

Bombarda has been very successful in the past when it was run by just two staff members, so for now we'll be keeping it as just Sigyn and Dannie to keep things simple. If we realise we need more help than this though, we might look for someone to fill the spot towards the end of summer, but if things continue the way they are, then two of us should be fine.

Ministry Category

Since a big portion of our site plot has shifted towards the Ministries, and since the opening of the new Ministry of Europe headquarters has now shaken up a lot for our characters, it seemed only right that the Ministry get a category of its own, just like each of the schools do. There will be four main boards like in all the others, but we welcome any suggestions for sub-boards that you may have - you can request those here. Any threads in the current Ministry of Europe board have been moved into the 'Local Ministries' board of the new category for simplicity's sake, since most were made before the official new building opened so it seems likely most belong there. If you know your thread should be somewhere else, just send Sigyn a message and she'll move it for you.

The Ministry of Europe itself is one large new building hidden somewhere in Europe, where the majority of Ministry workers are now based, and it then has various travel methods to the old Ministry buildings in each country. These are the Local Ministries which is what the fourth board represents, which now just consists of the head office (the Minister of Magic and a few of their closest staff) so all the other floors and departments in those old buildings are now out of use.


Our new events for this month have just gone up! We're letting you try out temporary characters to get a feel for them in our pop up character event, and then you get a chance to test them out alongside our regular characters in our thread roulette event where you'll be paired up and given a prompt for a thread.

As for last month's event, we're going to leave the Discord Event server open for people to continue writing in however they like, and the feedback from this event has been very positive, so keep an eye out for further Discord events in the future too!

Anything Else

The Buddy System thread has been moved to Support Central where it will stay for further sign-ups and for our new members to see. Cissa won our graphics competition with her amazing skin banner which will be featured in our Autumn 2018 skin.

Most of the Birthday Spotlight polls are now over, and the winners can be seen by clicking the trophy just below the site banner at the top of the skin. The only one still outstanding is the Favourite 'Other' Thread voting, which is at a tie right now. The two tied options are now competing in this tiebreaker poll which closes on Sunday night. So you have the weekend to vote for your favourite and get it up there with the rest!

The only other thing to note is that we now have the Discord Widget added into the skin between the two cboxes in the sidebar, which should make it easy for any guests to see how active we are in there. That should be everything, but as always if you think we've missed anything or you just have questions, feel free to message Sigyn or Dannie and we'll do our best to help you out!

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