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 Morado Inigo, Inigo/Laslow from Fire Emblem
Inigo Morado
 Posted: Mar 11 2017, 10:54 PM

gCW for homophobia references and slurs
Ignacio Rufino Morado



Ignacio Rufino “Inigo” Morado



Member Group


Pref. Pronoun


Face Claim

Brenton Thwaites

Sexual Orientation




Trainee Auror


Department of Magical Law Enforcement at the British Ministry of Magic


Hogwarts Alumni (Hufflepuff)


Blood Status



10 inches, Spruce, Unicorn hair


Himself with his legs broken, unable to dance ever again

Patronus and memory

A swan, his memories as a child of his mother teaching him to dance and in general talking and spending time with her

Dementor-induced memory

Its essentially a giant conglomeration of every time a girl has rejected him and made him feel inferior, into one giant mass of self esteem killing

Mirror of Erised

Dancing on a professional stage, a crowd is cheering for him, his family is visibly proud of him, his mother is crying with tears of joy.







trebletrill on Skype, ask before adding

Other Characters

Thelonious Vadam

Josephine MontilyetTakumi SumeragiCeleste Ludenberg

The relationships that make up a man's life, also make up the man


I was told my entire life my mother was a Squib, that she could never do magic, that she was no better then a Muggle…but when I saw her dance, I swear to God she had the most magic out of all of us.

I was always closer to my mother then my father. My father had so many expectations for me as his first born son (and later it became obvious, his ONLY son, when Reina was born a girl and they decided enough was enough). It is my job to continue the name of Morado. I was named after two of the most important figures in the Morado line, Ignacio Morado and Rufino Morado, to add even more pressure on me.

My father is the only one who calls me Ignacio…he always got mad at my mother for calling me ‘Inigo’ as my childhood nickname, but it stuck, literally everyone calls me that, from my mother to my sisters, to my friends, to even my coworkers. Everyone but my father.

Okay to be honest I don’t get along with my father at all…he thinks I’m not suited for the job I was born to do.

He’s never said it but we all know what he thinks…he thinks I’m…a confirmed bachelor.

Well he’s half right since I’m bisexual but that along with me being effeminate is enough to get people talking as far as he’s concerned. Though I’ve honestly yet to meet anyone that is worthwhile that cares. But men like him care about the opinions of everyone.

My mother however is an actual angel. My greatest memories are of spending time with her in our backyard in Segovia when I was young, and we’d laugh and talk. I am the biggest mama’s boy you’ll ever meet.

One day I asked her if she’d show me how to do the dancing she was always doing around the house. And that is when my life’s passion was born.

My passion for dancing is why I think my father thinks I’m…a confirmed bachelor. But there’s plenty of straight dancers out there (not that I’m straight but my dancing and my sexuality are not correlated thank you very much), but you know once fathers make up their minds about thing they tend not to change them. One of my more Muggle savvy friends once told me there’s a play about a boy who wants to be a dancer and their father doesn’t want them to be. It was called like Bobby Elliot or something The more she told me about it, the more I’m convinced the playwright was spying on me and just wrote my life story down.

Where was I? Oh yeah, I love my mother, I love my father, but I don’t think he loves me…so should I talk about the sisters?

My oldest sister Olivia is a Squib like my mother…but unlike my mother I’m not really close to her. She’s a lot older than me, and we just never clicked very well, she was already out of the house by the time I was old enough to really bond with her. I don’t blame her for not coming back much.

Second oldest is Mariella. In many ways I think she was supposed to be my twin and something went wrong. She’s the one I look the most like, and we both had very similar dreams, hers was singing mine was dancing, be dashed by our responsibilities to our family. I learned to not really care about what others thought but she…she did. And if anything she taught me the importance of being myself, because I saw her suffer from being what our father wanted her to be.

And then there’s Vanesa…lovely sweet Vanesa…

Well not really, she’s a hellspawn, but she’s MY hellspawn...or well my parents hellspawn but you know what I mean. I mean…honestly if I didn’t share a womb with her for nine months I’d probably hate her. But you can’t hate someone you had that intimate of a start with…wait that sounded wrong BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. But no matter how we turned out we were meant to look out for each other.

…which means I’m doing a very bad job of being a twin because we haven’t spoken since graduation.

I believe my twin sister is about 20 pecent bad attitude and 80 percent bad decisions. She became pregnant during our seventh year of school and well…its not that our mother threw her out because of that. It was a snowball had been getting bigger and bigger until eventually we just couldn’t take it anymore. We gave Vanesa options, but she refused to take any of them…and well she left. She hasn’t spoken to us much since. We see each other occasionally in the Ministry but…we just kind of exchange glances and go about our businesses. I considered it a victory when she nodded at me once.

It’s a shame though because I’d love to meet my nephew and niece. Uncle Inigo has a nice ring to it and I like to think I’d be a good one...but the opportunity hasn’t really shown itself yet. But I miss Vanesa a lot, I’m surprised by how much I do…we are basically exact opposites. Well outside of our umm…loose reputations. And even then…wait haha that is very offtopic what I was about to say.

So youngest sister is Reina. I would literally do anything for Reina. I think she’s actually my closest sister to me. Like people think I’m effeminate because I like to dance but not really? I do lots of guy things…and Reina was always the one I did them with. She’s the only one of my sisters that can be called a tomboy, and well…its not like my father was exactly playing catch with me. So she was the one I’d play games outside with and get dirty with…

She’s also really sickly…well I guess. She has seizures. I’m the one who caused her to first have one, when I set some fireworks off, and I’ve never stopped feeling guilty about it. I mean its not really my fault but at the time I thought it was and it was really scary. I mean she’s okay but I worry about her a lot. There’s so many things where if you have a seizure during them you could die…but she doesn’t like me treating her like she’s fragile so I try not to. She can handle herself…though I’ll kick the ass of that Stan guy if he ever hurts her.

So that’s the family situation for me…I’m the only boy in a sea of girls, the son my father didn’t expect me to be, but the joy of my mother…it could be better and it could be worse.


My Hogwarts letter arrived on time, and my family was relieved that it was official. I mean I had shown magical ability before, my very first display of magic was when I was five, I lived up to the name “Ignacio” and when I had a severe fever, my pillow got set on fire when I laid my burning head on it. I got away pretty fast before either me or my room got seriously hurt, (I had some minor burns on my face and I had to get a new pillow) but I remember how weirdly happy my grandparents were over it.

Anyway, most families tend to follow patterns when they’re sorted right? Or at least its really common. After all family ideals are passed generation by generation. But I was the second Morado to be sorted at Hogwarts, and Mariella had gotten Ravenclaw which…I didn’t believe I’d get…I mean I’m smart but that’s not the end all be all of existence.

Mariella had told me that the hat talks to you one on one when you are sorted but it didn’t talk to me, all it did was shout the second it was put on my head, “HUFFLEPUFF!”

A lot of people think Hufflepuffs are the losers of Hogwarts but I am very proud of being a Hufflepuff. We just value being nice and fair people, and the world needs more of those.

My father was disappointed by how my sorting went, but he’s disappointed by everything.

I wish I could say that I spent my school years being very studious and putting my nose to the books…well I didn’t. I mean considering I became an Auror, I did get very good marks, but not as good as my father wanted. To get marks that good I’d have had to do NOTHING but study and well there were more important matters.

Like taking my mother’s advice

Okay I’ll back up a bit. I was a very shy boy when I was younger, especially around girls I wasn’t related to. Like Olivia, Mariella, Vanesa and Reina? Like in my mind they were girls but not…”girl girls”. Other girls made me nervous, girls I didn’t know especially when they laughed. I’d always find some way to twist it into thinking they were laughing at me, and I’d just die.

But my mother told me before I went to school, when I was crying over the idea of having to be around so many people my age, “Inigo the fastest thing a man can do to practice bravery is talk to women”

I wanted to be a very brave boy, for my parents and for my sisters, so I talked to a lot of girls, and I dated a lot of girls…and I kissed a lot of girls, oh man did I kiss a lot of girls, like the brave man I wanted to prove I was.

I had a lot of girlfriends from third year to sixth year let me see...Kelly, Morgana, Cindy, Nora, Nathalie, Celeste...


I'm pretty sure me and Celeste started dating in sixth year just to piss Vanesa off...she HATES Celeste Ludenberg, who is everything our family is against, she was an illegitimate child from a Muggleborn mother, basically raised as a Muggle and I know my grandparents hated the fact I was dating her (mostly because Vanesa tattled to them about it first). And maybe thats why I kept doing it.

But honestly one of the worst days of my life is when she invited me over to the Room of Requirement, because she wanted what was going to happen then to remain a secret. I thought I was going to lose my virginity, I had condoms in my wallet and everything

Instead she tells me I made her realize she was gay.

She quickly corrected herself, saying it was really because I was so nice and kind and she loved me as a person...but felt weird when she kissed me and never wanted to have sex with me but...god. GOD. How do you recover from that? I haven't dated since that day, because...I don't even know where to go from here... We're still friends though and remained friends past graduation and somehow it isn't that awkward. I hear she has a new girlfriend now and she's happy.

But honestly my best friends in school? Didn't even actually go to school with me. And thats the Squib Squad.

Okay so after the school integration right? Kids from Durmstrang and Beauxbatons were now taking classes with us. I was taking Muggle Studies with Professor Rick Stevens...hardest class in my life. But I wasn't the only one struggling... there was a girl from Durmstrang, Severa Axelsen. Her mother was a big time in the Norwegian Ministry, from one of the most distinct pureblood families in the area, her mother was an Auror and now a major politician in Norway and did everything perfectly.

But Severa was a Squib and Durmstrang isn't very kind to Squibs, she was immedietely put into Set 3, and treated like an idiot, which gave her a...complex. She was really grouchy but if you got to know her she was the coolest person...and well she was as bad in Muggle studies as I was...which was so embarrassing for her cause technically she is one.

But luckily Professor Stevens set us up with a tutor...Owain Edwards. Owain was two years younger then me, and Severa is one year younger then me, so he was the youngest of the three of us which was kind of embarrassing. And Owain as a person is really...he's really...

...he's Owain. He thinks he's the chosen one, and thinks his destiny is to be the savior of wizardkind. Like its like he lives the sort of play pretend games we all grew out of, but like...he believes it. And somehow he was one of Professor Stevens best students.

And well me and Severa humored him and...well we became inseperable. We learned that Owain's mother was a Squib too, and we all had that connection to Squibs, either one gave birth to us or we were a Squib. And while I wasn't an outcast in the way Owain and Severa were...well they were the friends I needed. We got into all kinds of shenanigans together, and we tended to find out way into detention more then we did studying. And Vanesa? Absolutely HATED both of them, which is funny cause Severa reminds me a lot of her...just with no magic. But who cares about what Vanesa thinks? I sure didn't.

Despite that we did pass the class, me and Severa. And after that it was time for me to leave my Squib squad behind and go down the "dark depressing path of adulthood" as Owain called it.

I mean...he wasn't wrong...


Like most ideas of mine, my father did not like the idea of me being an Auror.

He had many reasons, he didn’t think it had much chances for advancement, constant corruption in the department could become scandalous if I got involved with them…but his main reason? “Aurors die all the time, you’re too important to die, Ignacio.”

I just scoffed, “Is that all I am to you, a walking Morado sperm bank?”

He immediately got mad at me being so vulgar, but my mother was quick to shush him and said, “…Son I think you’d be a wonderful Auror.”

It was her opinion that mattered to me.


The first time I met Xander Marius, the man who’d open so many doors for me, he was sitting in his office looking over papers. He took one look at me as the Department Head introduced me to him and said, “Vermillon, the body isn’t even cold yet”

“If you don’t take him, then he’ll have to wait till Dougherty is done with Dinkley.”

“Fine…I can tell he wouldn’t last long with Tom anyway…thanks Vermillon I’ll talk to him.”

It astounded me how he talked to the department head like an equal and with such confidence, and she didn’t think anything of it.

“Morado is it?” he said, “Ignacio Morado.”

“I prefer Inigo, Mr. Marius.

He smiled at that, “I prefer Xander, Inigo.”

The info I had received before told me his name was Alexander Marius, if he went by a nickname it was okay for me too right?

“Your marks on all the tests are very good…equally as good as my last trainee.” He said as he motioned for me to sit in the chair in front of his desk.

“How did they do?” I asked

“He died last week. He was about a month from getting certified.

Oh. That was the body he was talking about. I wasn’t really afraid from hearing that…just really embarrased

“This is a dangerous profession, Inigo. Are you prepared for that?”

“Yes sir.”

He smiled again, “Then lets get started.”


I do paperwork all day

That was the first crack into all this, I do a lot of things for Xander, mostly paperwork related things, and I did a lot of physical training, which I excelled at compared to many of my peers.

“What do you do to be as strong as you are” Xander asked me once, after a physical evaluation

“What do you mean?”

“Well you’re obviously physically active”

I gulped “I umm…I dance.”

Xander raised his eyebrow, “You dance?” he repeated

I began dancing for him, he looked impressed as the moves became more complicated and he legitimately gasped when I ended it in a splits. “Oh my god doesn’t that hurt.”

“Nah not if you do it right. I have flexibiltiy”

“More like you have no balls, boy.” A voice said from behind us, accompanied by sarcastic clapping. Its hard to describe how clapping can be sarcastic, but it was.

Xander gave the most exaggerated eye roll I’ve ever seen, “You haven’t met Tom Dougherty yet have you Inigo?”

“No sir, I’ve met his lovely trainee though,”

“Yeah,” Dougherty said, “I heard you were harassing her, and I came over to give Xander a little chat about it, and instead I find a demonstration of you being a giant queer.”

I frowned at that, “Well I am bisexual but I don’t think-“

“Okay first off, Dougherty, don’t call my trainee a queer, what the fuck,” Xander said, “Two, Inigo were you harassing Velma?”

“I flirted with her once and she told me to go away so I did…I didn’t mean to offend her, she is a lovely woman, and I apologize for any trouble I caused” It was the kind of apology I was taught by my mother to say, and it seemed to work at least for Xander.

Dougherty seemed less convinced, “Find a beard that isn’t my trainee, boy.”

What part of bisexual did people not get? It was like my father all over again.

Velma Dinkley came up to me later in the week to apologize for her trainers behavior, “You weren’t that bad” she said, “You know how to take no for an answer…do you really dance?”

“Yes I do…a bit of a weird hobby I know…”

“I collect cactuses, at least your hobby is a bit more useful then mine.

She was such a charming woman, it was a shame I didn’t get to know her better. There are a lot of regrets I have in the Auror department, and I haven’t even been here a year.


I didn’t think much of Edward Nygma at the time, and I wholeheartedly blame Owain for that.

When your best friend is Owain Edwards (I MEAN LOOK A THE NAMES IS THAT JUST A WEIRDO NAME) a man who named his wand Misstletain and thought having a birthmark on his arm made him a wizard hand picked by God t to save the world, you tend to think a man who talks in riddles and doesn’t seem to know how to not breathe through his mouth seems pretty dang normal in comparison.

And maybe I reached out to him because I saw a bit of Owain in him. First time I came to deliver some paperwork while Xander was busy I found him removing something from what looked like worms…and it turned out he was just “surgically removing the onions from his takeout”. That sounds like the sort of thing Owain would do, I remember him eating mangled pancakes once and explaining to me that he had removed all the blueberries because he thought that eating too many blueberries made his mother a Squib. Like some people just live in totally different worlds, and they just take you along for the ride. That’s what I thought Nygma was. I’d talk to him sometimes and he’d…tell me riddles and weird facts and I’d just…say hi. He gave me facts about how in many cultures dancing was in fact a masculine pursuit as if he was trying to make me feel better about Dougherty teasing me. I thought he was a kind of funny sort of guy, He wasn’t around very long, he left around Halloween to go to Azkaban.

That was also around the time Dougherty ‘left’ and at the time I didn’t think much about it…but then Velma left…and hten Aoi Asahina.

I remember asking Xander about all of this…and he just looked me in the eye and said, “Don’t ask those questions to anyone else.”


“The higher ups don’t like it…just focus on whats your own business Inigo, for your own sake. Don’t get involved with things that aren’t for you to be involved with.


My very first real field assignment was to assist with securing the perimeter at Beauxbatons following the arrest of Nagito Komaeda for the murder of Tom Dougherty and of Les Amuse Bouche writer Tom Bones. I didn’t get to handle Komaeda, that was up to the actual Aurors, I just observed and kept the students from getting too rowdy

Among the rowdier students was Owain, who pushed past everyone to get into my face

“Inigo you and your cohorts are making a grevious mistake!"

“Owain don’t talk to me while I’m working, this is serious.”

“How does a Squib take down an Auror huh?” he asked.

“…Well I mean I’m pretty sure Severa could kill me if she wanted to,” I joked.

Owain nodded at that, “Okay perhaps…but my senses say that this isn’t right. “

“The evidence says it is, now Owain fuck off, you’re a civilian.”

“You will incur the wrath of the Guardian of the North Sea Fortress for this action, Inigo Morado, and I pray that you survive it.

“…Jensen Ward?”

“Yes that’s what most call him.”

“…Never call him that again Owain…”


Xander only ever called me ‘Morado’ if I was on his nerves so I was quick to go back and do whatever he said.

I honestly felt bad for Nagito Komaeda…but the evidence pointed to him. I hoped that maybe it was a crime of passion somehow, that maybe it was an accident, second degree murder, anything that’d make things a little easier for this crying hysterical boy being handled by my trainer…but I couldn’t even fathom at the time that we’d arrested the wrong man…how could we?


The “Guardian of the North Sea Fortress” called me two days later. On my personal number

Keep in mind I’ve never even been in the same room as Jensen Ward in my entire life, I didn’t even know who it was until he introduced himself, and my jaw honestly dropped.

“H-how did you get this number Mr. Ward?” was all I could say.

Apparently I’d come very highly recommended from…Celeste?

I’ll be honest my first thought was that Celeste had lied to me that day when she said she was a lesbian, and had been Jensen Ward’s ex too. I mean…what else was I supposed to think? (keep in mind my sister is Vanesa Morado so…maybe my perceptions about how women interact with men are a little skewed)

He asked me if I could tell him any weird things going on in the Auror office…and well I did. I really shouldn’t have, Xander would have beat my ass if he knew, but it sounded urgent and I didn’t want to say no. But it was mostly stuff he already knew, about all the reshuffling after Dougherty died. He seemed especially interested in Edward Nygma though, who was now his assistant.

“The last day he was here, he was really jumpy I remember. I came over to say hi and he just pointed his wand at me like he was about to curse me, poor guy was sweating bullets, I thought maybe he was just having a bad day, didn’t sleep well, it happens…”

It didn’t occur to me until after I hung up that maybe he was asking about Edward because he thought he was the killer…but that’d be silly. Ed was just like Owain, a nutjob but totally harmless.



Jensen Ward’s call unnerved me but the trial basically made me lose hope in humanity

It was a sham, the entire thing was a sham. The actual concrete evidence was buried by actual bullshit, that was accusations based on the personal lives of both Nagito Komaeda and Jensen Ward…at some point it just turned into attacking Jensen Ward for his personal life. It also happened way too soon, trials are supposed to happen months after the crime, to be fair to the defendant. But we did it only days after Komaeda’s arrest, and the beginning of our investigation wasn’t long before that day.

It was bullshit and it made me angry, and Xander could tell.

He approached me one day in the break room, “Inigo you’ve lost that spring in your step,”

We were the only ones in the room, and I just simmered for a bit as he prepared his own lunch and I just stirred mine over and over. But eventually I had to speak up.

“Xander, how do we know Nagito Komaeda did it?”

He just scoffed at me, “Is that whats been bothering you? Inigo, he wouldn’t have been tried and sentenced if we had any doubt.

“Xander that trial was bullshit and we both know it…I saw how you looked everytime you had to restrain that poor boy.”

His eyes narrowed, and his voice while loud, wasn’t really yelling or even angry, just very stern.

It reminded me of my father, and I cringed immediately before he even finished his first word.

“Inigo, if you want a job where you’re always happy and you always do the right thing that you believe in? You’re in the wrong place. We are not the jury, the judge or the executioner. We take people into custody, if we suspect them of crimes. That is where our role ends. We will always have to do things we don’t want to do, because its out of our hands. And if you have a problem with that Inigo, you can leave. If you don’t want to leave, don’t talk to me about this sort of thing again understand?”

I wasn’t done though, “So do you think it was wrong that he was sentenced?”

“GOD INIGO I DON’T KNOW OKAY,” now he was yelling, “Look I’ve said it before, if we rock the boat? We’re gone. Look at what happened to Velma and Aoi. I can’t afford to shuffled around. You’re an eighteen year old boy with no people depending on you, I have a wife and a son at home that need things to be stable, I can’t be going around asking questions, and you doing the same reflects badly on me as your trainer. Please Inigo if you don’t want to do it for your sake, which you should do it for me. “

I literally had no idea what to say.

“Inigo please,” Xander continued, “I am not the bad guy. But we can’t afford to be too opinionated about cases. Look I understand you want to go and change the world and make it better, but you’re in the wrong place for that. You are a talented recruit, god I feel as proud of you as I do my own son, you know that? I don’t want to lose you like I did…” it had been almost a year and he still couldn’t’ say my predecessor’s name.

I didn’t mention the name of Nagito Komaeda again to him after that day. He was right I couldn’t dwell on it…justice had been served of some form and it was time to move on.


Name: Inigo is from canon, I decided to have it short for Ignacio since that name seemed to fit in better with his sisters more fanciful names. His middle name Rufino is the Spanish form of “Rufus” which means “red”. Based on his Japanese name being “Azur” most people believe the name Inigo in English was chosen because its similar to indigo, a shade of blue. So his name is basically “blue, red purple”

[b]Sexuality: user posted image]

Occupation: I wanted to make an Auror actually there is a good connection for this. If Inigo stays a single pringle, in his epilogue slide in Awakening, it mentions that he dedicated his life to going to help people who were in trouble, which in the Fire Emblem verse probably means fighting bandits and marauders. It felt like someone who’d spend their life doing that would be a great Auror.

House: : Inigo is ridiculously loyal, in Awakening to Lucina the princess of his land and literally time travels with her not knowing what will happen, on the chance that he can help her and in Fates he is a royal retainer to Prince Xander, and outright says that his loyalty to him outstrips anything else, and obeys direct orders in order to save his liege out of loyalty. He’s also in general really nice and generous and very Puffy in personality.

Wand: Spruce is literally Inigo as a wand wood. Its only able to be made into wands by very deft hands with lots of coordination, and also tends to choose users that are that way. They favor those confident in themselves and those with good humor, and are very flamboyant about how they produce magic. Unicorn hair is used in wands that tend to have trouble falling to the dark side, and there isn’t a bad bone in this boys body

Patronus: I chose a swan because its probably the sort of thing that’d raise eyebrows for those that already think he’s kind of a pansy, but there is a deeper meaning to it. Swans symbolize a lot of things in pop culture that pertain to him, his growth from being an awkward shy boy to who he is now could be considered an ‘Ugly Duckling’ story, and “Swan Lake” is probably one of the most famous ballets ever, which connects to his love of dancing. One explination of a swan Patronus from the Tumble PatronusMeanings also describes him very well “ Those with the white Swan have a beautiful heart and are often sensitive. This can cause those with the white Swan to be easily hurt by people with ill intentions. Those with the white Swan are courteous with others and have a very pure soul.

Most of the family stuff is simply based on the other Morado bios and doesn’t have a lot of canon connections…there is one however.

Dancing and his mother : Inigo’s canon mother Olivia, is a “Dancer” which is a unit that’s very weak and has only the ability to invigorate units in combat so that they have the ability to attack again after their turn is used. While Inigo can’t become a dancer, in his supports he’s very much into dancing and wishe to be as good of a dancer as his mother, who he adores. To reflect this I made Mrs. Morado talented in dancing and inspiring her son to take it up as a hobby and talent. He’s also the ultimate mama’s boy just like his canon spirit. The placeholder name for the oldest Morado sister also comes from his canon mother, to kind of honor her (even if later it'll be changed into something else)

Serial Dating: One of Inigo's biggest character traits is that...he is the most flirty mottherfucker moving from woman to woman to charm. As in canon, on BM this trait came from him being shy when he was younger and his mother giving him advice to talk to girls more (the actual advice in the bio is a direct canon quote from the support conversations with his mother). All the names of the girls (outside of Celeste) are based on the non Severa options to be his girlfriend in Awakening, Kjelle, Morgan, Cynthia, Noire and Nah.

Owain and Severa: (I am aware of the fact I might have to rewrite these sections in the event these two are taken) Owain and Severa are Inigo's canon best friends. These two are the other two characters who became royal retainers in Fates under new names with him, and had to adjust to the new universe with him. I adapted this as them adjusting to the school integration system with him, and especially to new classes and oppurtunities. Also the backstories given match the canon backstories for Owain and Severa, Owain's mother Lissa, was the only one in the royal family in Awakening to not have a special mark denoting her as royalty (until Owain's birth there were even rumors she was a bastard) and I adapted this as her being a Squib in a pureblood family. With Severa, her entire character schtick revolves around her being jealous and angry at her 'perfect' mother Cordelia and what better way to really drive that home then having her mother be magical while she isn't? (yet again these can be changed if anyone takes their characters)

Replacement for Xander: As mentioned earlier, Xander is Inigo’s liege in Fates, and on BM his Auror trainer. In Fates, support conversations reveal that Xander had two retainers before his current ones Peri and "Laslow" that were killed protecting him. I decided to add that “replacement” dynamic to their relationship on BM too

Introduce your shipper here.


Fill in for friends.


Fill in for lovers.


Fill in for enemies.


Fill in for any other relationships.
Sigyn !
 Posted: Mar 23 2017, 01:21 AM

Welcome to
Bombarda Maxima!

accepted by Dannie

yayyy welcome to the morado fam!

very nice to see what you did with him, and the connections helped me get an idea of the canon that i'm not too familiar with. the format was fun too!

post in the claims board, and then reply to your app when you're done to get your member group changed so you can start posting!
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 Posted: Mar 24 2017, 12:39 AM

Am I allowed to post on this when it's still in the Registrar's Office? It's been approved so like???? And claims are done??? And if I don't post I'll forget so I'm SORRY if this isn't what I'm supposed to do.

@Inigo Morado -- Okay so we've already kinda discussed this a little bit on Skype but I really would love to build some backstory with these two - especially since Kyler was an almost-auror when Inigo entered the program. Kyler's family name is pretty well known as being one of the pureblood families. He was the one to watch in his class in the training program because of the name he carries with him. Maybe Inigo is curious as to why he quit? Maybe he tries to get Kyler to come back? So many possibilities, what do you think?

Inigo Morado
 Posted: May 18 2017, 07:02 PM

Kyler Weylyn forgive me for letting this fall to the wayside forever!

I could totally see this. While Inigo didn't take the advice as seriously as his twin did, Inigo knows to at least attempt to try to make good impressions with important people, and the Weylyns might have been one of those families his family would prefer him to hang out with as opposed to *hand gestures at his entire friend group* . And he probably would be curious, but considering he's a bit disillusioned with the system himself I don't think he'd think its like...absolutely bizarre Kyler quit.
Kyler Weylyn
 Posted: May 18 2017, 07:50 PM

@Inigo Morado -- So with his parents/family pushing him to hang out with a more 'reputable' person that Inigo's preferred people, I can see their background being one of slight tolerance of each other, as Kyler probably didn't see a reason to really keep Inigo around as much as Inigo's family wanted him to. They were definitely aware of each others' existence at school, and maybe they tolerated each other more during the Auror training?
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