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 Desert Island Discord, May 2018 Event
Sigyn !
 Posted: 1 May 2018, 07:41 PM

Desert Island Discord


For the month of May, we have opened a new Discord server, inside which we will be running our first server-based event. The server will be used for short, fast roleplay posts from characters in a particular setting, reminiscent of the old MSN and AOL roleplays some of us started out on, and are simply a step further from the rapidfire type threads we do on site.

This is in-line with Bombarda's second birthday halfway through the month, since we wanted a way to celebrate the fact that our community exists and thrives both onsite and off, and we really do appreciate the server plotting and the IC games as well as the actual threads on site. This was thought up as a compromise between those two things to try and tie them together more thoroughly.

The setting we have chosen is the classic desert island, though why your character has ended up there is entirely up to you. It could be anything from a nice holiday to a kidnapping to a portkey gone badly wrong. The server is split into six IC areas to write in, as well as a general OOC area for discussions, and an area for rules and updates in case anything changes as we get feedback throughout the month. This event can be considered to be Alternate Universe, by which I mean anything that happens in the event is not considered to have happened canonically to the characters on Bombarda unless otherwise stated by the members themselves - so don't worry about trying to fit a sudden holiday into your character's current timeline if it doesn't make sense to do so, it can just be entirely AU for them!

For those of you with a Discord account already, the server invite code is FTNmvZB. Simply press the + button at the bottom of your server list, click 'join a server', and paste that code into the box. Alternatively, CLICK HERE. For those that don't have an account, read the 'With Regards to Discord' section below for details of our Guest account and more.


  • Your display name should be your character name
    This should be set to the character you are currently writing as, and if you swap to a different character you should change your name to reflect this. To change it, right click on your name in the list of members in the right hand menu on the server, and click 'change nickname'

  • Do not post OOC messages in the IC areas
    In order to keep things flowing, the only things that should be posted in the IC areas are actual roleplay posts. Any OOC chatter or plotting or even just notes to the person you're writing with should be posted in the 'OOC notes and chat' area. If it's aimed at a specific person, you can tag them in the message by using @username. If you absolutely have to post something OOC in an IC area, please post it inside double brackets (( like this ))

  • IC posts should be in the style of regular site posts
    This means posts should be written out in third person past tense like a regular roleplay post, with described actions and speech in quotation marks. There is a character limit on messages in Discord which should stop you writing anything too long (posts should definitely not be split into two messages), but please bare in mind we only expect a line or two from you for most posts.

  • For chat-style interactions, use the ICC
    The site's IC cbox can be used for the type of interactions where the main feature is speech, and actions are written inside punctuation, -like this- *or this*. The setting for the ICC can be anywhere within the desert island. A direct link to the ICC is HERE

  • You can save your roleplays in this board
    As scrolling back through the server to find previous interactions can be difficult and arduous to do, you can save your Discord server roleplays in this board in any format you want. In fact, we encourage you to do so so that other members who weren't involved at the time can read back and see what else is going on in this event. It's not compulsory though, just highly recommended.


You do not need to have a Discord account to take part in this event. Not everyone has one or wants one, so we have set up a guest account that you can use to take part even if you're completely new to Discord or have no long term interest in it. Only one member can be using this at a time, so if this proves to be very popular we can set up further guest accounts to be used as well. The login details are as follows, email: & password: bombardamaxima

You do not need to download Discord to take part in this event. The webapp for Discord is just as good as the downloaded version, so all you need to do is log in HERE with your own account or with the guest account details given above.

This event takes place in a separate server to the usual Bombarda Server. This is not for OOC chatter between members, that will stay in our usual server. Therefore, you can still join this server and participate in the event even if you have no interest in joining the actual server. If you'd rather not use your actual Discord account (or if you don't want people to know you have one) then feel free to use the Guest account.

If you really hate Discord, you can still take part in the event using the ICC. For the month of May, the IC cbox will also be incorporated into this event, so if you don't want to use Discord at all. This will be operating as usual for chat type interactions, but the setting will be the same desert island as the rest of the event.

If none of the above helps, talk to Sigyn. We want this event to be special and different but it should still be accessible to all members. Therefore, if the above points still don't make you feel like you can take part in this event, please talk to Sigyn and she will try to think up better solutions or other ways to get involved in the event. These things are for you all to enjoy and it doesn't work if some people are left out so she will be thrilled to brainstorm something further for you!


Since this is new, it's entirely likely there will be kinks and bugs to work out, so if you think any part of this isn't running smoothly or could be done better, please let staff know as soon as possible so we can get on fixing that! If this sort of event proves to be popular then we can do it again, and other less conventional style events too, but if it falls flat then we'll know to avoid it next time, so feedback is always super important to us, whether it's positive or negative!

One final note, as it is Bombarda's birthday on the 15th of May, keep an eye out for more things popping up to celebrate our anniversary on the day itself!

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