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 Ministry of Europe Official Launch
Sigyn !
 Posted: 1 Mar 2018, 05:45 PM

Ministry of Europe

Official Launch
The Ministry of Europe is finally complete

Exciting news from the Ministry of Europe today! After months of hard work, the integration of the various ministries of magic throughout Europe has finally been completed, and all major departments are now finally housed under one roof! Jobs have been shuffled and moved to best fit into the new systems, and the respective Ministers of Magic for the individual countries have been allowed to retain their roles as leaders of the country divisions. So it's a win/win for everyone! There are celebrations being held in every ministry building in the continent, varying from parties to networking events, and the Ministry of Europe itself has finally opened its doors (at a secure and unplotted location thanks to magic) so people now working there can enjoy a very relaxed first day while they get to know their new working environment. Congratulations guys, this is a moment in history!

This month's event focuses on the final big step for the Ministry of Europe. From this point on, there will only be one of each of the major departments of the ministries of magic, and they will all be under the one roof of the Ministry of Europe. So rather than a U.K. Department of Mysteries, and a French Department of Mysteries etc, there'll just be the one in the MoE. The only exception to this is the head office of each Ministry (so the Minister of Magic and their closest staff), which will remain in their original Ministry buildings to oversee the leftover tasks for their respective countries.

All members with characters working in the various Ministries of Magic should have been contacted by now (if not you may not be on the occupation claim but just come message me anyway!) and have had the opportunity to change their character's jobs amongst this big shake up. Most people will be continuing on as normal, but the biggest changes are reported below:

  • Gladys Johnson has been demoted from the head of her department to an ordinary technomagic engineer
    "There was a lot of competition for this role as the head of the single MoE department, and she just ending up losing out to someone better."

  • Phoenix Wright has been made redundant and no longer works at the ministry
    "His role was around assisting with the integrated school system, but now the Ministries are integrated this is not a necessary position anymore."

  • Franziska von Karma has been promoted to the new role of Chief Prosecutor of the Wizengamot
    "Franziska is a bright, up and coming star who will do wonders within the Ministry of Europe with the right guidance and structure surrounding her. She will thrive with us."

  • Thomas Shirogane will be moving to an equivalent role as the head of the U.K. division of the Department of Law Enforcement
    "We did offer Tom a promotion, but he didn't like the idea of any further stress on top of a role he was just getting used to, so he will continue with his previous work but with a newly created job title.

As for the event itself, this board can be used for all things relating to this breaking news. Use it as an opportunity to meet your new colleagues on your first day; use it to send angry letters about the news to each other and to your boss (and maybe the papers) and complain about the changes; use it to take part in a compulsory celebratory party because the Ministry of Europe wants you to make sure you know this is a good thing; use it to write a drabble of your character's internal thoughts on this; or use it for anything else you can think of relating to the news. Your characters may be happy, sad, indifferent, but this news will be making an impact everywhere because if you work in a ministry-related establishment (and the schools count, so students will get roped in too), you're going to be forced to take a day out to 'celebrate' the news whether you want to or not.

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