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7 Apr 2018, 09:01 AM
This was not the type of interview Nick was used to. Honestly, he dealt more with innocent people than guilty ones. Or at least, people who hadn’t yet been pronounced guilty, not people who were already behind bars, or… glass? I don’t actually know the layout of Arkham, is it like in Hannibal Lecter with the big window and the chair in the corridor?… Because that gives me a ton more confidence if so… Regardless of what he was walking into, one thing he’d been quick to learn was that the underground in the magical world over here was far more connected than he was used to. The cases he’d worked back in the US tended to have very little overlap, but here, every criminal knew every other. And from what he’d gathered, there wasn’t always a whole lot of loyalty between them either.

And it’s the best lead I have, I can’t just throw it away, I have to see where it goes. That was all that was keeping his legs moving as he was led into a waiting room where a man with glasses and an expression of boredom was already waiting on the opposite side of the table, hands attached to the centre by the cuffs he was wearing that seemed to be made of a glowing silvery chain of magic. Must be some sort of binding spell. Nick cleared his throat as he took a seat opposite him, placing his small file on the table and preparing to leap straight into his first question with no time wasted. “Mr Nygm-“

“A woman shoots her husband, then holds him underwater for five minutes. Then she hangs him. And after that, they enjoy a lovely dinner together. What happened?”

Nick stared at the other man wide-eyed for several seconds, mouth agape and only remembering to close it again when he’d finally managed to actually respond. “Mr Nygma are you… trying to report a crime that you’ve heard about..?”

That only resulted in a roll of the eyes from the prisoner, who even sighed before bothering to answer him. “Well then that settles it. I won’t be answering any of your questions today, I’m sorry this has been a wasted journey for you but do stop by the gift shop on your way out.” Nygma flashed him a shark-like grin, before turning his attention to the cuffs on the table, moving his wrists to watch the magic chain connecting them shimmer.

What just… happened? Nick was almost tempted to just get up and leave now that he’d been dismissed, a little too dazed to realise he was supposed to be the one in charge today. “Mr Nygma, I-”

“But that’s where you keep going wrong, isn’t it?” the prisoner interrupted, sharp gaze flicking back up to Nick and making him flinch in surprise. “That’s not my name. And if you had used my name correctly, you would have realised my stated scenario was in fact a riddle. As you have failed to pick up on such a simple and very common aspect of any interaction with The Riddler you have clearly not done sufficient research to make the most out of your very prestigious encounter with me. So I will not be answering any of your questions because of this, meaning you may as well leave. You may come back when you understand who I am and what you are dealing with, and if you pass my little intelligence test then I may even deign to give you the answers you seek. But until then, we have nothing further to discuss. Good day to you sir, and good luck with your case. You won’t get anywhere without me but you can have a jolly good try in the meantime, can’t you?”

A pause followed those words, both men staring at the other, waiting for someone to blink or make some sort of move. But Nick had been in enough situations where his interviewee would refuse to talk until he could present them with a new piece of knowledge or evidence that would then encourage them to open their mouth. This was no different. Okay, so I need to go away and learn more about this guy’s alias then or… maybe just play his game a little better next time. I don’t mind playing up to someone’s ego if it means they’ll talk. And I’m sure Trucy has a riddle book somewhere at home… Nick broke their stalemate by standing from the table, picking his file back up as he tucked the chair neatly back into place. “Alright then Riddler, I’ll prepare myself properly and come back when I’m ready for your test. Thank you for your time.” That earned him a smug smile from the other man, who nodded approvingly at his suggestion while Nick made his way to the door. “Out of curiosity, what was the answer to your riddle? Since I assume you’ll have a new one for me next time anyway so you know I haven’t just looked this one up.”

Nygma’s brow twitched at the idea that he might simply just read up on answers in the meantime, but he leaned back in his chair nonetheless. “She took a photograph of him and developed it in a dark room. I would have thought that sort of plot twist was right up your alley Mr Wright. Your reputation proceeds you in the criminal world just as much as mine does.”

Despite his better intentions, Nick smiled slightly at that as he nodded goodbye and stepped out of the door to be walked back down the corridor by one of the Arkham guards. He’s not wrong, that does sound like something I’d come up against… I might have to remember that one actually…
1 Apr 2017, 06:11 PM
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<b>"But I already <i>spoke</i> to them!"</b> It felt like he'd been running round in circles all day by this point, like he was following some ridiculous game of tag just a little too slowly so he was never getting to the one who was actually 'it' in time. And now, again, he was being redirected to a different department entirely, and one he'd been to twice today already! <i>Who would have thought it would be so complicated to organise a proper transferal system?! You'd have thought the Ministry would love this kind of thing!</i>
Students were constantly moving between schools as wizarding travel became easier and relocation more preferable as the educational systems seemed to compete with each other more than ever. But there was no actual system in place for this action, or at least, not a constant one. Some schools needed documentation, others <i>cough, Hogwarts, cough</i> just seemed to let anyone in who asked nicely. All he was trying to do was fix that. <i>Not entirely sure when my job because fixerupper for the schools in general but... who am I kidding, I'm in too deep now anyway.</i> He missed court though, and cases in general, but perhaps it was a good thing there weren't too many gruesome murders happening within the schools right now. <i>Or, you know, ever.</i>
The woman behind the desk was making apologies but Nick quickly cut in again with, <b>"No it's ok, I'll just... go back there again."</b> He rubbed his face and gave a quick sigh before attempting a half smile at the woman. <i>It's not actually her fault after all, no point taking it out on her.</i> Instead, he turned tail and headed back out of the office and into the endless corridors of the Ministry again. Back to hunting down who actually dealt with things like Visas in this crazy place. Surely someone must own up to the job eventually.

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24 Dec 2016, 11:41 PM
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If he was being completely honest with himself, he wasn't actually surprised that Edgeworth hadn’t turned up to the markets that morning. <i>Although at least for once it’s not because I couldn’t contact him!</i> He’d text the other man a couple of days ago, asking if he wanted to come and explore the fancy new Winter Markets that had popped up out of nowhere in the middle of Champs Elysium, and he’d got a positive sounding response at first. It was going to be a group trip, Larry, Trucy, Maya and himself, just wandering and exploring and celebrating the start of the holiday season. But when they’d all met up, there had been no sign of the prosecutor.
But again, Nick wasn’t surprised. A tiny bit disappointed perhaps, it would have been a great outing with all of them there together… But Christmas was a difficult time for Edgeworth (<i>understatement of the century</i>) and Nick wasn’t going to force him into doing anything he didn’t want to do.
However, that also didn’t mean he was going to let his old friend hide away on his own indoors for the whole month either. No, he’d just have to find a different way of engaging with him instead. Which was why Phoenix was now knocking loudly on the door to Edgeworth’s apartment, a plastic bag slung over one arm containing a random assortment of Chinese takeaway boxes, and a handful of old Global Studios DVDs in his free hand. <i>Will he even have a DVD player? Most wizards don’t. Oh well, we’ll work something out.</i>
If Edgeworth wanted to stay inside and mope then fine; he was just going to have to do it with company.

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13 Dec 2016, 10:37 PM
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It was actually quite impressive how much mess Phoenix had managed to make in the tiny kitchen in the space of only about twenty minutes. He’d only been preparing stuff too, weighing out bowls of ingredients so they’d be able to add them all together quickly and easily when they were ready to start. But somehow in the process of that, the flour had gone, well, everywhere. And that included all over the counter, into the other ‘clean’ bowls he’d laid out ready for the rest of the ingredients, in great streaks down his trousers and somehow, also, into his hair. He hadn’t noticed that yet of course, but when he’d reached up to scratch the back of his head while he considered what the next thing was that he needed to prepare, he’d left a lovely big white hand print along the spikes that he’d touched.
It would all be worth it in the end though. The run up to the winter exam period at the schools had managed to take up far too much of his time (<span style="color:#A52A2A"><i>which makes no sense considering this is the second year of the program. Did they just shred all the stuff I did for it last year?</i></span>) which had meant several late nights and early starts. It had meant he’d had very little time to spend with Trucy, either personally or on her studies. He’d left her some books to read but that was about it really, and a clever little girl like her had probably got bored of those within minutes. So that’s what today was about! He was going to make it up to her by using his entirely free Saturday to kill two birds with one stone: teach her something, and get to spend some family time with her too. Which, actually, come to think of it… <span style="color:#A52A2A"><i>Oh hell I was supposed to come up with something educational about all of this! I completely forgot! Right, ok, I’ll have to think on my feet then.</i></span>
They were about ready to get going actually, as Phoenix counted the eggs again for the five hundredth time. If his nerves didn’t give it away, Nick wasn’t great at baking. Or cooking of any kind really. <span style="color:#A52A2A"><i>That’s not true. I can make toast really well. And I am a master at ordering pizza, that counts, right?</i></span> Thinks just seemed to burn in his presence, and clearly his main skill was in making as much mess as possible instead of any finished products. So that explained why he was checking everything far too many times as he waited for Trucy to get home. He’d told her what they were going to be doing and she wasn’t late or anything. But while he had a few extra minutes to think about things, he was starting to reconsider the actual plan for the day. <span style="color:#A52A2A"><i>Ok, so maybe we don’t do a gingerbread house. Maybe we just do gingerbread men. Or gingerbread cookies. Or maybe I throw all this away and just go out and buy some.</i></span>

<span style="color:#A52A2A"><i> </i></span>
<span style="color:#A52A2A"><b> </b></span>


<div style="width: 400px; text-align: right; font-size: 10px; color: #A52A2A;"><b>@trucy wright / 510</b><br>
Thread title from What Christmas Means to Me lyrics ^_^</div></center>[/dohtml]
20 Oct 2016, 08:48 PM
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<div style="width: 280px; font-family: 'Mrs Saint Delafield', cursive; font-size: 22px; color: #000000; line-height: 90%; letter-spacing: 1px;">Miss Gringoire,</div>

Had a meeting with the Minister's Aide and she said we can start investigating the Elite system at Beauxbatons!
Just looking into things now, nothing concrete yet but we have somewhere to start at least.
Also, I'm sending this from L.A. so it took like four different owls. Hopefully it's still legible since they chewed up the last one I tried to send...

<div style="width: 280px; font-family: 'Mrs Saint Delafield', cursive; font-size: 22px; color: #000000; line-height: 90%; letter-spacing: 1px; text-align:right;">- Phoenix Wright<br>
(spikey-haired lawyer from the picnic)</div>

<div style="with: 300px; font-family: courier new, serif; font-size: 4px; line-height: 70%; text-align: right;">x</div></center>[/dohtml]
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