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25 Jun 2018, 04:17 PM
[dohtml]<center><div style="width:300px; text-align:justify; font:11px georgia; color:000000; line-height:100%;"><center><img src=''></center>
<P> Perhaps apparating to Rapunzel's home instead of her workplace was a mistake, but Oswald was not in his best frame of mind. He wanted to help Edward to stand up straighter, but he was nervous to touch anywhere that may move the pipe going through him.
<P> He called as loudly as he could manage, turning briefly to Ed but remembering he should emphasize their urgency. "We have an emergency. Please be here, please."
<P> He turned to Edward, finally, "You are going to be alright. I will keep talking with you okay? You will be fixed up nice and quickly and then I will kep taking care of you."

edward nygma rapunzel gothel
19 Jun 2018, 10:29 AM
AU Premise: Oz is a King in Unnamed Country; sorta hung out with whipping boy Ed as a kid. Since then, Ed has been working for carpenter father and Oz has been requesting his work quite often. This time, Oz has a very different request.
[dohtml]<center><div style="width:300px; text-align:justify; font:11px georgia; color:000000; line-height:100%;"><center><img src=''></center>
<P> It had been a very long day for Oswald. He had no choice but to love the life he had (somewhat) been born into. He had seen the alternatives before, so Oz knew better than to ever complain about the life he had. Still, he was tired from a long day's work. He had a good plan to relax today, though - truth be told, Oswald was lonely. He had a wife, a court, everything he should desire in his position, but when he had set his eyes on Edward some odd years later Oswald knew he wanted something more.
<P>If everything had gone according to plan, Edward should have been waiting for him in the - and he was! Oswald couldn't help but beam at the man in the bath.
<P>"Hello, Edward. How are you doing today?"

edward nygma
13 Jun 2018, 11:54 AM
[dohtml]<center><div style="width:300px; text-align:justify; font:11px georgia; color:000000; line-height:100%;"><center><img src=''></center>
<P>It was actually not too common for Oswald to have lazy days like this one with his partner. Usually, one or the other was busy, and more often than not when they did return it was in the evening. But Oswald did love waking up with Edward curled up beside him, and having the opportunity to stay like that.
<P> Eventually, they ha gotten out of bed, but only to resume how they'd been laying on the couch instead. He had his arm wrapped around Edward, talking through his plans for the week so maybe Edward would drop by during his freetime. Then, he heard a ring at the doorbell.
<P>Oswald sighed, but gave Edward a kiss on the cheek as he got up, "I will be just a minute, my love."
<p> He was shortly back to sit back down next to his partner, sifting through the mail in his hands as he did. An amused smirk lit Oswald's features for a moment, "You think this one is generic, Eddie?" He waved a flyer for wedding dresses in front of his partner's face. "As if either of us are going to need a dress."

edward nygma
13 May 2018, 10:06 AM
[dohtml]<center><div style="width:300px; text-align:justify; font:11px georgia; color:000000; line-height:100%;">
<P>It had been significantly different going to work without Edward. Oswald hadn't noticed as much after they had separated the first time, because he did not have Edward to come home to, but now it felt like another thing he should feel guilty about.
<P> He had fired his boyfriend. And not done much to help him find another place to work - although Oswald hadn't heard any complaints about the lack of. He was sure Ed had kept himself busy, with his puzzles and robots. He had tred to take Edward to the Ministry with him, as a sort of comfort, but it had completely backfired. Especially given all the significance many rooms of the Ministry carried for them.
<P> So he had already been on his toes at work, between the Ministry of Europe and longing to just be home with Edward where everything wasn't a reminder of his absence. It hadn't been quite this hard when they were actually broken up, so why was it now?
<P>Oswald knew he would go back to work under any condition. He needed his job - what he had worked all of his life for, clawed to keep and hold onto over the yearrs, there was nothing that would stand in his way. Not even Edward.
<P> So when he was politely informed that there was a new investigation opened about him he found himself absolutely fuming. What did they know, what was it that someone could have possibly discovered? Oswald knew he hadn't always stood (entirely) true to the law in his time as minister, but it felt odd that there would be any retroactive investigations. It was like someone wanted him out. If the Ministry of Europe did, they would have just done it. So who?
<P>It should have been more of a relief to finally come home, but Oswald was starting to feel equally weighed down in the office and outside of it. Which likely had more to do with circumstances than anything else. He had tried very hard to show how much he loved his Edward, following the nigtht haat had brought him together that was always too clear in the back of his head.
<P> So he was sure to greet him when he came home - unsure of where his partner was, he had no issue calling out into the home nad hoping Edward would hear him.
<P>"I am home, Eddie, if you would like to spend some time together, now?"
edward nygma
13 Apr 2018, 10:33 PM
[dohtml]<center><div style="width:300px; text-align:justify; font:11px georgia; color:000000; line-height:100%;"> Oswald was having a slow morning. Edward had apparently woken up before him, and instead of touching base with him, he decided to make breakfast for the two of them.
<P> A nice little gesture to show that all was well between them - back to normal. It was not as grand as letting Edward know he wanted him back into the room, but to Oswald even the smaller gestures were very important. So he hoped Edward would feel the same way, even if it was a simple meal.
<P> The Minister in his pajamas was a rare sight, even for people who lived with Oswald (Edward being the exception, of course); pants that were a bit too long, a shirt that was a bit too tight, and a robe that might have kept him too warm. But Oswald was comfortable, and he wasn't at work, or leaving for work anytime soon (thank Merlin for time off), so he had no plans to change.
<P> ... But if Edward questioned him on it, Oswald would definitely put on something else.
<P> As he made it to his kitchen, he was feeling oddly light and content. And as he entered, he noticed that one of the many children who inhabited his home was already there.
<P> "Oh, hello. Good morning - or is it afternoon yet?"
<P> He chuckled, mostly to himself, as he searched for something to make.
selina kyle edward nygma
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